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Healthy People 2010: What Next?
The official comment pe- messages to documents of be searched in various
riod for Healthy People 75 pages or more. The ways, including by
2010 objectives closed in 3,000+ people who submit- • word
December, but the work is ted comments included lay
far from over. people as well as health • focus area
More than 3,000 people providers, health officials, • objective
from the United States and academics, and representa- • population
several foreign countries tives of advocacy groups.
• setting
submitted some 10,000 Kidney patients and
comments on the 700-page nephrologists, firefighters, • city, State, or ZIP Code
draft of Healthy People ob- school health nurses, and • name of organization
jectives for 2010. Com- advocates on behalf of • type of organization
ments arrived by courier, people with sleep disorders
mail, fax, and e-mail as well all mounted letter-writing • individual name.
Volume 13: Issue 4 1999

as through personal testi- campaigns. If you submitted a com-

mony during the public Comments arrived from ment during the public com-
hearings. And now, work- every state in the U.S., as ment period and want to
groups are reviewing the well as from the District of confirm that it was posted,
comments to assess how Columbia, Puerto Rico, and check the Web site at www.
best to integrate the infor- eight foreign countries, in-
mation into the focus areas. cluding New Zealand, Paki- If your comment has not
The Office of Disease stan, and the Republic of been posted, e-mail the
Prevention and Health Pro- Korea. webmaster (see instructions
motion, coordinator of the Six public hearings— under the section “Contact
Healthy People initiative, is held in Philadelphia, Chi- the Staff”).
analyzing what improve- cago, New Orleans, Seattle,
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

As Prevention Report
ments if any could be made Sacramento, and Washing- goes to press, the Healthy
to the overall 2010 frame- ton, D.C.—attracted more People workgroups are re-
work itself. than 2,000 people. tooling objectives based on
To take advantage of public comments. Those
modern technology and comments deal with all
WHAT CAN YOU DO electronic communications, aspects of the objectives
RIGHT NOW? the draft objectives for and the text, including, but
Help us create a logo. 2010 were posted on the not limited to:
We’re holding a public World Wide Web, enabling
• adding new objectives
competition effective people to comment over the
through April 30, 1999, Internet and read what other • deleting or altering
for anyone to submit an people said. Of the com- existing objectives
original design for the ments received, approxi- • re-evaluating the targets
logo for this dynamic mately 20 percent were sub-
• adding new select
initiative. For the official mitted directly over the
rules and an entry form, Web.
see inside. All public comments are • rewriting to improve
now searchable and avail- reader-friendliness.
able to use in planning, de- To contact the work-
Comments on Healthy signing, and implementing group coordinators, go to
People 2010 objectives local health improvement
ranged from short e-mail efforts. Comments can (continued on next page)
(continued from page 1) Healthy People Tobacco current policies on the use
the Web site and check out of antibiotic prophylaxis in
the section titled “Contact “Healthy People 2010”: Neighbors for a Smoke dental treatments need to be
the Staff.” Please note that National Health Objec- Free North Side: Evalua- reconsidered.
more than one contact is tives for the United States. tion of a Community
R.M. Davis. British Organization Approach to HIV
listed for some workgroups,
in which case it is best to Medical Journal 317 Promoting Smoking
(November 28, 1998): Cessation Among African Home Sample Collection
contact all. Tests for HIV Infection.
The results of the work- 1513-17. Americans. E.B. Fisher, et
National health objec- al. American Journal of B.M. Branson. Journal of
groups’ revisions will be the American Medical
presented at the April 23 tives such as those con- Public Health 88 (Novem-
tained in the public com- ber 1998): 1658-63. Association 280 (November
meeting of the Secretary’s 18, 1998): 1699-1701.
Council on National ment draft of Healthy A community organiza-
People 2010 represent a tion approach emphasizing HIV prevention strate-
Health Promotion and gies, such as HSC tests and
Disease Prevention Objec- potentially effective strat- local authority for program
egy for improving public decisions and involvement immediate access to test
tives for 2010 in Washing- results, could greatly affect
ton, D.C. [This meeting, health. of informal networks can
lower smoking rates among the AIDS epidemic.
while open to the public,
has limited seating and re- Can Data-Driven Bench- residents of low-income Respiratory Diseases
quires advance notice of marks Be Used to Set the neighborhoods.
attendance; if you wish to Goals of Healthy People Respiratory Tract Viral
2010? J. Allison, et al. Occupational Safety Infections in Inner-City
attend, call Phyllis Carroll
at (202) 205-8611 or e-mail American Journal of Public and Health Asthmatic Adults. R.L.
pcarroll@osophs.] Health 89 (January 1999): Atmar, et al. Archives of
61-65. Return to Work Following Internal Medicine 158
Meanwhile, work on the Injury: The Role of
launch has already begun. A data-driven bench- (December 7-21, 1998):
mark method for defining Economic, Social, and 2453-59.
Save this Date: January Job-Related Factors. E.J.
25-28, 2000! That’s the date realistic, achievable goals The high frequency of
for specific objectives is a MacKenzie, et al. Ameri- respiratory tract viral
for the Partnerships for can Journal of Public
Health in the New Millen- suitable alternative to the infections (RTVIs) identi-
consensus-based approach Health 88 (November fied in association with
nium conference, which 1998): 1630-37.
will be a joint meeting of used in Healthy People asthmatic exacerbations in
2010. Interventions at the adults from the inner city
the Healthy People Consor- patient, employer, and
tium and the Partnerships suggests that strategies for
Nutrition policy levels may improve preventing RTVIs should be
for Networked Consumer the chances of resuming
Health Information. The The “Age +5” Rule: targeted to this population.
work in individuals at high
conference will be held in Comparisons of Dietary risk for delayed return to
Washington, D.C., and will Fiber Intake Among 4- to The Relationship Between
work (RTW) after injury. Asthma and Obesity in
highlight the release of the 10-Year-Old Children.
Nation’s third generation of J.S. Hampl, et al. Journal Oral Health Urban Minority Children
disease prevention and of the American Dietetic and Adolescents. J.
health promotion objec- Association 98 (December Dental and Cardiac Risk Gennuso, et al. Archives of
tives. 1998): 1418-23. Factors for Infective Pediatric Adolescent
For information, contact Children who increase Endocarditis: A Popula- Medicine 152 (December
the Office of Disease Pre- their intake of high-fiber tion-Based, Case-Control 1998): 1197-1200.
vention and Health Promo- food can reduce their risk of Study. B.L. Strom, et al. Asthma is a risk factor
tion, U.S. Department of future chronic disease. Annals of Internal Medicine for obesity in children and
Health and Human Ser- 129 (November 15, 1998): adolescents.
vices, Room 738G, 200 In- 761-69.
dependence Avenue, SW., Because few cases of
Washington, D.C. 20201, infective endocarditis
call 1-800-367-4725, or would be preventable with
visit the Web site on the antibiotic prophylaxis,
front page.

Prevention Report
10th Annual Art and Science Online To look for jobs, intern- Immunization and
of Health Promotion Confer- ships, and fellowships, Infectious Diseases
ence: Balancing High Tech visit the Public Health
with Human Touch in Health Respiratory Diseases Employment Connection The Hide & Seek! Web
Promotion. Amelia Island, at site at www.healthmedi
FL. Sponsored by American Health professionals can
phemploy.nsf. A form is provides informa-
Journal of Health Promotion analyze problems related to
available for posting jobs. tion and products to help
and Wellness Councils of long-term asthma manage-
For more information, con- prevent the spread of infec-
America. (248) 682-0707. ment with the Asthma
March 1-16, 1999. tact the site administrator, tion. Videos and posters are
Management Model Sys-
John Youngblood, at Emory available in English and
Prevention 99: Scientific, Po- tem at www.nhlbisupport.
University’s Rollings Spanish on topics such as
litical, and Social Priorities com/asthma/index.html.
School of Public Health, handwashing. Neckties are
for the 21st Century. Arling- Users can formulate re-
ton, VA. Sponsored by the, also available for purchase,
search questions and access
American College of Preven- or call (404) 727-8323. with proceeds going to fund
databases, retrieve the latest
tive Medicine and the Associa- research and help eradicate
treatment guidelines and
tion of Teachers of Preventive Although his findings infectious diseases.
published literature, obtain
Medicine. (703) 917-8966. proved that genetic material
continuing education cred-
March 18-21, 1999. is DNA, Oswald Theodore
American Association for
its, and browse and down-
Avery never won a Nobel
In Print
load materials. The site
Cancer Research 90th Annual also features online forums prize. However, his work is
Meeting. Philadelphia, PA. now being recognized on Nutrition
(215) 440-9300, fax (215)
and discussions.
the National Library of
440-9313, or e-mail Two new dietary books are
Crosscutting Medicine’s new Web site, April 10-14, available from Family
“Profiles in Science,”
1999. Your Guide to Choosing Health Publications. The
Pacific Rim Perinatal Con- Quality Health Care is Doctor’s Pocket Calorie,
The site features scientific
ference on “The Impact of now available at www. Fat & Carbohydrate
discoveries including the
Substance Use and Its Im- Counter (1999 Edition) in-
unpublished writings, let-
pact on Families.” Honolulu, qntool.htm. The Guide is cludes an 80-page fast-food
HI. Sponsored by March of ters, and lab notes of great
based on research about the section, a free Food Infor-
Dimes, Chapter of the Pacific. scientists.
information consumers mation Service, and an in-
(808) 536-1045. May 6-8, want and need when mak- Sexually Transmitted troductory weight control
1999. Section. The cost is $7.00,
ing decisions about health Diseases
National Rural Health Asso- plans, doctors, treatments, plus shipping and handling.
ciation 22nd Annual Confer- hospitals, and long-term The STDGEN Relational The Food & Exercise Diary
ence: “Tools for a Healthy Database, www.stdgen. allows individuals to record
care. A limited number of
Future.” San Diego, CA., organizes genetic food and exercise patterns
(816) 756-3140, e-mail free printed copies of the
Guide are available through information about a variety for 10 weeks. The cost is, or visit
the Agency for Health Care of sexually transmitted dis- $4.00. Both books are
May 27-30, 1999. Policy and Research Publi- ease-causing organisms, in- packed in display packs of
cations Clearinghouse; call cluding viruses, bacteria, 10 books, and discounts are
“College Health: Establish- and protozoa. The database
ing Priorities for the 21st (800) 358-9295. available for larger quanti-
Century.” Philadelphia, PA.
translates DNA sequences ties. To order, write Family
Sponsored by the American into gene-product se- Health Publications, P.O.
College Health Association. quences and then organizes Box 1616, Costa Mesa, CA
(410) 859-1500 or visit these into logical groups, 92628, call (949) 642-8500, June 2-5, such as outer membrane or fax (949) 642-8900.
1999. proteins that are likely can-
American College of Sports didates for vaccines or diag-
Medicine. Seattle, WA. (317) nostic tests.
637-9200. June 2-5, 1999.
National Wellness Coalition
Annual Meeting. Stevens
Point, WI. (715) 342-2969.
July 10-16, 1999.

Prevention Report
Environmental Health Cancer In Funding Clinical Preventive
“What You Need to Know “Los Mamogramas y El
About Pfiesteria Piscicida” Cáncer de Los Senos” Educational and In partnership with the
(publication number EPA (publication number [FDA] Community-Based W.K. Kellogg Foundation,
842-F-98-011) is available 98-4269S) discusses the Programs the Colorado Trust has
from the National Center purpose of a mammogram, awarded Denver Health a
for Environmental Publica- recommendations regarding Nine States have received $2.4 million grant to im-
tions and Information at mammograms, risk factors Youth Development State prove access to health care
(800) 490-9198. The 6- for breast cancer, tips for Collaboration Demonstra- services for Denver’s
page brochure answers such self-examination, and treat- tion Project grants. Ari- medically underserved
questions as “What is ment of breast cancer. For zona, Colorado, Connecti- population. The 5-year
Pfiesteria?” “How does a free copy, write Publica- cut, Iowa, Maryland, Mas- grant for “Community
Pfiesteria affect fish?” tions Orders, Food and sachusetts, Nebraska, New Voices: Healthcare for the
“Where has Pfiesteria been Drug Administration (HFI- York, and Oregon will each Under-served” will fund a
found?” and “Can Pfiesteria 40), Rockville, MD 20857, receive $120,000 to help targeted public outreach and
cause human health prob- or visit identify, develop, and awareness effort, a user-
lems?” strengthen effective youth friendly system designed to
HIV development strategies. Ef- ensure that eligible patients
Heart Disease and Stroke forts will focus on young are enrolled in appropriate
A new brochure, “How to
people at risk, such as health insurance plans and
Stop Heart Disease Before Protect Yourself From
homeless and runaway to provide case manage-
It Stops You: The Healthy AIDS,” provides an over-
youth. ment for high-risk patients.
Heart Handbook for view on HIV/AIDS, as well
Women has been revised. It as information on condoms
The new Rural Hospital
now includes 100 pages of and other precautions, test-
the latest information on ing, and treatments. For a
Flexibility Program pro- Educational Aids
vides Medicare cost-based
preventing cardiovascular free copy, write Publica-
reimbursement for Critical Maternal and Infant
diseases such as coronary tions Orders, Food and
Access Hospitals. The $25
heart disease, heart attack, Drug Administration (HFI- Health
million grant program to
high blood pressure, stroke, 40), Rockville, MD 20857,
States will be administered The National Institute of
and chest pain. The book or visit The
by the Federal Office of Ru- Child Health and Human
can be downloaded free publication number is
ral Health Policy, which Development (NICHD) has
from (FDA) 98-1296.
will make an announcement opened the NICHD Clear-
For printed copies ($5.50
each), write the NHLBI In- People with Disabilities in March, with applications inghouse. The Clearing-
due in May. The Office ex- house features a toll-free
formation Center, P.O. Box The American Foundation pects to make awards by number, online ordering of
30105, Bethesda, MD for the Blind (AFB) and its September 1999. publications through the
20825-0105, call (301) 251- partner, Toy Manufacturers NICHD Web site, and an
1222, or fax (301) 251- of America (TMA), have Cancer information and referral
1223. completed the 1998-1999
To spur development of service. Write NICHD
Guide to Toys for Children Clearinghouse, P.O. Box
technologic improvements
Who Are Blind or Visually 3006, Rockville, MD
in cancer treatment and de-
Handicapped. For free 20847, call (800) 370-2943,
tection in the 21st century,
copies, call AFB’s Informa- fax (301) 984-1473, e-mail
the National Cancer Insti-
tion Center, (800) 232-5463, NICHDClearinghouse@
tute recently created an Un-
or e-mail For, or visit
conventional Innovations
more than 100 copies, con-
Program. The 5-year, $48
tact TMA at (800) 851-
million program seeks to
stimulate development of
radically new technologies
in cancer care. The earliest
contracts are expected to be
awarded in 1999.

Prevention Report
Healthy People Logo Competition
Healthy People Logo Competition
Ok. You’ve exercised the left part of your brain reading and Here are some ideas we had:
commenting on all those objectives found in Healthy People Æ We want a logo that shows progress, growth, success, and
2010 Objectives: Draft for Public Comment. Now exercise the hard work.
right side and have some graphic fun! We’re looking for a
graphic to use as the logo for the new generation of Healthy Æ We want a new idea...perhaps an evolving logo that
People objectives... and we’re encouraging the public to help us. changes every two years showing actual achievement? Per-
haps a moving logo that shows progress (like going up a
What is Healthy People? hill?)
Healthy People is the nation’s prevention agenda. It all started
back in 1979 with the first Helathy People report from the Sur- The rules:
geon General emphasizing the great strides we could make as 1. All entries must be accompanied by a signed entry form
a nation if we applied health promotion and disease preven- (see below) and must be received by 5 p.m., April 30,
tion objectives to our national health strategy—and even local 1999.
health strategies as well. Healthy People 2000 consists of more 2. All entries become the property of the U.S. Department of
than 300 objectives focused on health promotion and disease Health and Human Services (DHHS); all copyrights are
prevention. The next generation of objectives, more than 500 waived on submission.
in draft, will carry the nation through the year 2010. To learn
more, visit the web-site at or 3. ODPHP reserves the right to combine several submissions or
call (301) 468-3028, number 0106, for a fax-back fact sheet to alter any single submission for use as the Healthy People
describing the initiative. logo.
4. ODPHP agrees to use any submissions to the Healthy People
Here’s what we want the logo to say: Logo Competition ONLY for this purpose. We reserve the
Æ Healthy People right to display graphical representations of non-winning en-
tries during the launch conference.
Here’s what we think the logo needs to do:
5. ODPHP will be the sole judge of the winning entry/entries.
Æ The logo must convey the essence of the next generation of
Healthy People objectives, for which the theme is Healthy 6. Winners will be notified in writing by July 1, 1999. ODPHP
People in Healthy Communities/Health for All. will provide roundtrip airfare and two nights’ hotel
accomodation to the launch conference (January 25-28,
Æ The logo must be usable in a variety of sizes—from postage 2000 in Washington, D.C.) for the identified winner. No cash
stamp, to stationery, to football stadium banners. compensation will be provided. Winners will be
Æ The logo must be able to be used in one color...or many officially recognized during the conference for their
colors. contributions.
Æ The logo must be easy to read.

To enter:
Please submit a signed entry form and both a paper copy and, if available, a 3.5-inch disk version to: Healthy People 2010
Logo Competition, ODPHP, Room 738-G Humphrey Building, 200 Independence Avenue, SW., Washington, DC 20201. All entries
must have name and address of submitter.

NAME______________________________________________AGE___________PHONE (daytime)________________________

ADDRESS____________________________________________ CITY________________________ STATE______ ZIP__________

E-MAIL ADDRESS:______________________________________

SOFTWARE USED (Please be as specific as possible, i.e., Adobe Illustrator for MAC)__________________________________

I, ______________________________________, assign all rights on this graphic design and affirm that I have not copied this
print name here
design from another, potentially copyrighted source.

SIGNATURE___________________________________________ DATE________________________

DEADLINE: All entries must be received by 5 p.m., April 30, 1999

Prevention Report
More than 160,000 women recruiting minority women healthy aging experience. 1999 by the American
are now participating in the for the observational study, The project will test strate- Academy of Pediatrics, the
Women’s Health Initiative which is looking at the rela- gies that encourage the use Advisory Committee on Im-
(WHI), a 15-year study sup- tionship between lifestyle of such clinical preventive munization Practices of the
ported by the National Insti- factors and health. For services as mammograms, Centers for Disease Control
tutes of Health. Since more information on WHI, colorectal cancer screening, and Prevention, and the
1991, the National Heart, visit and flu shots, and reduce American Academy of
Lung, and Blood Institute nhlbi/whi1. behavioral risk factors. Family Physicians. The Rv
has examined the leading A new Medicare project The final product will be vaccination is now recom-
causes of death, disability, will identify the best ways the first compendium of sci- mended at 2, 4, and 6
and frailty in postmeno- to promote health and entifically proven strategies months of age. The vaccine
pausal women, including prevent physical decline to reduce behavioral risk should not be given to chil-
heart disease, breast and among older Americans. factors for seniors. dren less than 6 weeks old,
colorectal cancers, and os- The Healthy Aging Project, A new vaccination to and a first dose is not rec-
teoporosis. The initiative sponsored by the Depart- protect children against ommended for children 7
involves a clinical trial, an ment of Health and Human rotovirus (Rv) infection months of age or older. All
observational study, and a Services, will identify strat- has been added to the rec- doses should be completed
community prevention egies that have been suc- ommended childhood im- before a child turns 1.
study. WHI centers are cessful in promoting a munization schedule for

Prevention Report