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Balochistan guerrilla leader Dr.

Allah Nazar Baloch chats with Tarek Fatah on Canadas NewsTalk1010 Radio on January 06, 2014.

Tarek Fateh: Tell us something, we hear about this conflict in Balochistan, what is the background? Why should we in Canada be in interested in what is happening over there? Allah Nazar: Balochistan has been occupied by Pakistani forces in 1948. Before this Balochistan was a free state. Even Balochistan is geographically not a part of subcontinent.

Tarek Fateh: You mean the Indian subcontinent? Allah Nazar: Yes. It is a part of Central Asia. Because of being a genuine nationalistic movement, it has its roots in its own land; it has emerged from the psyche of Baloch people. But, here the Pakistani Army, the Pakistani establishment and Pakistani immature state has occupied Balochistan; this state itself is a threat for the rest of civilized world. Because, it is a breading pond of terrorists. You can say Pakistani state is a nest of hornets which is breading terrorist religious extremists and it is spreading terrorism throughout the world. Even America, Britain and other countries are not spared of the terrorism of Pakistani state. And at this time Balochistan is the sole and only hope for the civilized world to secure the region. Baloch nationalism is based solely on secularism and moderate principles. So, I think the individuals and civilized world will take interest in this case. Although at this time we are not seeing any attention, which we are hoping, from the civilized world. But we hope that the civilized world and the people, who are struggling for democracy and humanism, will really think and they will support our struggle morally. Tarek Fateh: But, Dr. Allah Nazar, people in Pakistan, when we ask them they say that you folks are the terrorist; that you are creating terrorism; how do you answer that question?

Allah Nazar: No. I am not a terrorist. And we are not terrorists. We are fighting for our cause and our struggle is based on international law and honors the international law. According to international we are struggling for our freedom. We are a freedom-loving people. Freedom-loving people mostly honor us and love us. But, it is the psyche of the colonial powers; they always used to say this against all the freedom-loving people. But now the world is really thinking what is happening here in Balochistan. The Pakistani state is creating terrorism and destroying the Baloch national movement and creating sectarian problems. Organizations like Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Jamaat-ud-Dawa and other pro-state and fundamentalist groups are massacring the Baloch freedom-loving people here in Balochistan. All these terrorist groups are being sponsored by the Pakistani state and Pakistani security agencies like I.S.I, M.I, F.I.U. and others. So, it is an open secret that the Pakistani I.S.I is sponsoring all the terrorist groups which are conducting terrorism and carrying out terrorist activities even in America, in Europe, in Africa, in Arab world, each and every place they are operating terrorist networks. All that terrorism is being controlled by the I.S.I from here. So, how the world could believe the talks and whispers of a terrorist state, a rogue state that Baloch freedom-loving people like me or others are terrorists? Tarek Fateh: But, Dr. Allah Nazar, you were a physician, you went medical school, you were a practicing doctor, what made you take up arms and lead the Baloch movement for the independence of Balochistan? Allah Nazar: I am doctor but I am also a Baloch. I have a nation, I have a land, I have roots in my land and in my nation, and I have a culture. I have seen and have memories of brutalities of Bhutto regime martial law. And I am seeing the poverty; the cultural genocide; the illiteracy; all these things compelled me to take up arms. Therefore, my taking up of arm is not a sign of terrorism. Because, my armed struggle is totally bound by a political ideology. And that ideology is for freedom, not only to protect Balochistan but rest of the world and the neighbors of Baloch countries from the terrorists; from the fundamentalists; the jihadists; and the occupiers. So, all these things compelled me to leave my medical practice and take up arms against the brutalities and oppression of Pakistani state. Tarek Fateh: Dr. some of the critics say that you should involve yourself in peace talks with the current Balochistan government of another Dr., Abdul Malik, who is now the Chief Minister. What do think? Is there no chance of sitting across the table and having a dialogue with the new Baloch government? Allah Nazar: No. No. Never! First of all I would like clear it that National Party, or the government of National Party which is headed by Abdul Malik, he is not a nationalist, he is a federalist. And I cant say that Dr. Malik and his party is a representative of Baloch. Because, Dr. Malik has come into power by bargaining, through a deal with the I.S.I and now Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch is nothing but just a pawn.

I can say that the dialogues for peace are impossible until and unless Pakistani government withdraws its forces from Balochistan; and in the presence of international community; in the presence of the U.N.O, dialogues for peace are possible. Otherwise, without the recognition of Baloch freedom or Baloch sovereignty, the talks or dialogues are impossible. Tarek Fateh: There is also criticism that your Baloch national struggle is basically being carried out at the behest of some Baloch sardars or tribal chiefs who are funding this movement. What do you have to say to that criticism? Allah Nazar: I think it is ridiculous. All the Baloch are totally supporting the freedom movement. It is not a class struggle in Balochistan, it is a freedom movement. Even the tribal chiefs, the sardars, the middle class and the commoners, all are slaves of Pakistani establishment or occupiers. Meanwhile, the tribal chiefs are in the pocket of the state. All the tribal chiefs are puppets. They are playing in the hands of I.S.I and Military Intelligence. But, Baloch freedom movement is being funded by Baloch people, by the help of the Baloch people and the Baloch diaspora, and the Baloch working class who are living in Balochistan; they are supporting the Baloch movement. Baloch freedom movement is being led by organizations not by individuals. Those are just war-rumors and propaganda of Pakistani establishment, and of colonial powers that show the one picture to the world that this movement is being run by some individuals. In fact the recent Baloch liberation movement is being controlled by the organizations, by political parties not by individuals. It is being supported and funded by the Baloch people not by the tribal chiefs or any other. All of these are rumors, propaganda and fake allegations by I.S.I and M.I.

Tarek Fateh: Dr. Allah Nazar, what do you say about Chinese presence inside Balochistan? Now we hear that the strategic port of Gwadar which is at the mouth of the straits of Hormuz, the Pakistani government has handed it over to Chinese military. How do you react to that and what can you do to stop the Chinese presence in Balochistan? Allah Nazar: Baloch are thinking that the Chinese government is an equal partner and helping the Pakistani establishment to commit genocide of Baloch nation. And Chinese are the equal partners exploiting the Baloch natural resources, Baloch minerals like, as it is in your knowledge, they are taking huge quantity of gold from Saindak. And now the Chinese are going to operate the Gwadar Port. But, it is not acceptable for Baloch. Baloch is thinking and looking at these things very closely and Baloch is reacting to that the Chinese are supporting the Pakistan government in order to exploit the Baloch resources and strengthening Pakistan to prolong its occupation of Balochistan. So, the Chinese policies, its recent policies, are imperialistic policies. Therefore, Baloch not only condemn it but will fight against it. Because, it is not only a threat for Baloch but it is a threat for the whole world. Even for India, for America, for European countries and for

whole world. Now all those countries, including America and others, that are supporting Pakistan, the Baloch are really concerned about it, that how the civilized world is supporting a rogue and terrorist country? And the presence of China is not acceptable for Baloch. Tarek Fateh: Have you seen Chinese military presence inside Balochistan? Allah Nazar: Yes. Couple of years back, you know, there was a huge Chinese (military) presence and they were conducting joint military exercises in order to counter the Baloch movement. I think it was last year or two years back, two or three times, both Pakistani and Chinese armies held joint military exercises of counter-insurgency. And recently, when Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif went to China, signed an agreement to protect the Pakistani port. And they are funding the Pakistani state in order to crush the Baloch liberation movement. So, all the financial and military resources of China are present here in Pakistan in order to crush the Baloch liberation movement. Tarek Fateh: Dr. Allah Nazar, one final question: short of Balochistan being an independent country, will you compromise on anything which keeps Balochistan, according to the sixpoint-plan of Atta-allah Mengal or other people who have said that maximum autonomy should be given to Balochistan but it should stay within the federation of Pakistan. Do you out rightly reject that? Allah Nazar: Yes. I reject it. Not only I reject it but the Baloch nation has rejected it. Baloch will never compromise over these points. Baloch only want freedom. And we will continue our freedom struggle till our last bullet and till the last Baloch. We are struggling for a free Baloch nation. Baloch freedom movement and a free Baloch nation will not only protect Baloch people but the world needs a buffer state as, before 1979, Afghanistan was a buffer state. Therefore, the world now needs a buffer state and I think the ideal buffer state will be Balochistan. And it will protect the interests of rest of the world. Tarek Fateh: Well, thank you very much for taking the time; I know it is past midnight in the mountains of Balochistan from where you speak. I really want to thank you for joining us tonight. You take care of yourself and khuda-hafiz. Allah Nazar: Thanks.