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ImageStokes holding guitar and looking at camera medium shot Main story cover line People hate me Stokes talks with us about music & life. Cover linesAmerican Idiot - Behind the curtains at Broadway Arctic Monkeys Tour Back on the road with the Arctics MFY festival A look back at the weekend Kings of Leon The new direction Reading & Leeds - A look ahead to the greatest weekend for music Beady Eye vs. High Flying Birds Which of the Gallaghers has prevailed?

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Regulars: 5 Album reviews Arctic Monkeys AM and Kodalines In A Perfect World 7 Gig reviews The Maines UK tour & Arctic Monkeys 10 Competition Win an iPhone 5C and Leeds fest tickets 12 News. Who is Alex Turner seeing? 16 Spotlight (New undiscovered talent interview) The Shutes first magazine interview 54 Letters Your views on the months happenings 89 Gig Guide Whos playing in your area? 94 Fan pictures of gigs Your pictures with your favourite artists 95 History What happened this month in years past? 99 Murphs column Murph gets on with whats annoying him this month Features: 18 10 Bands you need to hear right now. What youve been missing out on. 22 The Wombats interview. Progress coming from the studio? 24 American Idiot. Behind the Curtains at Broadway. 27 Guitar guide. Guide to help find your perfect guitar. 33 Amy ONeill. Whats next? 36 Lana Del Ray. The Rise to Fame and the Path Ahead 39 The Mountain Goats controversial interview. Are things getting rocky for the Mountain Goats? 45 Arctic Monkeys tour. Alex and the boys set about taking over America. 47 Reading & Leeds preview. A look ahead to the best weekend of the year. 52 A week with Kodaline. 7 days with the breakout band of the year. 55 Beady Eye vs. High Flying Birds. Who has prevailed from the Oasis split? 58 Bloc Party interview. A chat with the London based band. 61 The bands of the future. Tomorrows music, today. 65 The Black Keys interview. The guys talk about the Grammys and El Camino. 67 MFY festival review. Music For Youth has come of age. 69 What is the greatest indie rock album of all time? Has your band created a classic record? 74 Coldplays crazy year. So whats life like in Paradise? 77 Kings of Leon interview. The new direction of the Followills 80 How Nirvana changed music forever. We look back after of 20 years of Nevermind. 84 How was indie rock born? The creation of our great genre

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Subject: Amy ONeill Whats next? Images: MAIN IMAGE: Medium shot of her rehearsing in a home studio, playing guitar and singing. SECONDARY IMAGE: A photo of her performing at a gig.