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eLibrary Project Proposal

Project Name: Online Library Management System - eLibrary. Project Members: This project is done in a group of two people. Project members are. 1. !. tanu Maity

Problem Statement: Today most of the library is using either manual system for trac"ing the day to day acti#ity or they are using des"top$ stand-alone system to manage the day to day acti#ity. %n this proposed online eLibrary Management System it will run in internet or intranet and user can online chec" the boo" a#ailability$ they can search the boo"s$ library staff can issue$ recei#e boo"$ management can chec" the report from different location #ia internet. %t can be used multi location also as it can be hosted in central location. Why eLibrary? The online eLibarary Management System is used to o#ercome the entire problem which they are facing currently$ and ma"ing complete atomi&ation of manual or semi automatic process of library management system. %mpro#e the search facility and members and library staff should get all the information in a second. Should capable to use bar code reader for easy way to do boo" issue and recei#e process. Library member should ha#e limited and read-only access to the system #ia internet. Library member should able to #iew member profile and transaction data pertinent only to them. The super#isor should be able to enter or update master information li"e publisher's details$ authors and boo" details in one interface only$ with all necessary product information being recei#ed by sales staff. System dministrator must able to control the access rights by each users as per re(uirement. The application should support the capability to use multi user en#ironment. The M%S )*ecuti#e should able to generate all type of reports as and when re(uired by the management.

Project Scope: +rom an end-user perspecti#e$ the eLibarary Management System Project consists of two functional elements, an enhanced searchable database for the search boo"s$ managing library members$ issuing and recei#ing boo"s and a report generation system.

Search Books, Managing Library Members, Issuing an !ecei"ing Books: n enhanced atomi&ed online system is de#eloped to maintain -oo"s$ uthors$ Publishers$ Managing Library Members$ %ssuing and .ecei#ing -oo"s$ calculate late fine$ collecting the +ine$ and maintain the history of transaction. !eport #eneration: $ !eport #eneration system will be de#eloped for the user and management of eLibarary Management System. This M%S system will ha#e both details and summary type reports for analysis the transaction$ members$ a#ailable boo"s in stoc"

So%t&are !e'uirements: ./)T +ramewor" !.0 1 2.3 %%S S4L Ser#er !000 1 !003

(ar &are !e'uirements: Processor, Preferably !.0 56& or 5reater. . M , 31! M- or 5reater.

Limitations o% the So%t&are: This project was made as per user re(uirement and there is lots of further impro#ement can be done in the area of user interface$ database performance$ and (uery processing time. )tc. )uture *nhancements: Lin"ing and integration of other online web sites. %ntegration with other legacy accounting database through 7eb Ser#ices 8onnection to third-party OL P applications %n the area of data security and system security. Pro#ide more online tips and help. %mplementation of %S-/ - . code reader To optimi&e the (uery which is embedded in the system.

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