"Oh people! Eat of what is on earth, lawful and good" (Quran)

For a product to be Halal(lawful) for Muslim consumption all its ingredients should be Halal. Follow the following list: 1. Read the ingredients on label carefully. Ingredients are listed according to the amounts present. The first ingredient listed is present in the largest amount. 2. Identify the Halal/Haram/Mushbooh status of each ingredient using this guide. 3. Search the ingredient name in the list and its status will be next to it. 4. If all ingredients of a product are Halal, the product is fit for Muslim consumption. 5. If any of the ingredient is Haram, the product should not be consumed. 6. If any ingredient falls under Mushbooh category avoid this product, as the Prophet has advised us to avoid doubtful matters. This ingredient could come from a Haram source. To find out the status of this ingredient you should write or call the manufacturer of the product

Halal: Halal is a Quranic term which means allowed or lawful. Halal foods and drinks are permitted for consumption by Allah-the Supreme Law Giver. Eating Halal is obligatory on every Muslim. Haram: Haram is a Quranic term which means prohibited or unlawful. Haram foods and drinks are absolutely prohibited by Allah. Eating Haram is forbidden for every Muslim. Mushbooh: Mushbooh is an Arabic term which means suspected. If one does not know the Halal or Harm status of a particular food or drink, such a food or drink is doubtful. A practicing Muslims prevents himself from consuming doubtful things. Prophet(s) Muhammad is reported to have said: "Halal is clear and Haram is clear; in between these two are certain things that are suspected. Many people may not know whether those items are Halal or Haram. Whosoever leaves them, he is innocent towards his religion and his conscience. He is, therefore, safe. Anyone who gets involved in any of these suspected items, he may fall into the unlawful and the prohibited. This case is similar to the one who wished to raise his animals too close to a restricted area, so that the animals may step into that area. Indeed for every landlord there is a restricted area. Indeed the restriction of Allah are the Haram." (Sahih Bukhari & Sahih Muslim)

Acetic Acid Alcohol Ammonium Sulfate Ammonium Chloride Animal Fat Animal Shortening Ascorbic Acid Aspartame Bacon (Pork) Benzoate/Benzoic Acid BHA BHT Calcium Carbonate Calcium Sulfate Carrageenan Cholesterol Citric Acid Cocoa Butter Collagen (Pork) Corn Meal / Corn Starch Corn Syrup Dextrin / Dextrose Dicalcium Phosphate Diglyceride Diglyceride (plant) EDTA Enzyme Ergocalciferol Ergosterol Ethoxylated Mono-/Di Glyceride Fatty Acid Ferrous Sulfate Fructose Fungal Protease Enzyme Gelatin / Kosher Gelatin Glucose

Halal Haram Halal Halal Haram Haram Halal Halal Haram Halal Halal Halal Halal Halal Halal Mushbooh Halal Halal Haram Halal Halal Halal Halal Mushbooh Halal Halal Mushbooh Halal Halal Mushbooh Mushbooh Halal Halal Halal Haram Halal

Glyceride Glycerol / Glycerin Glycerol Stearate Glycogen Gum Acacia Hormones Hydrogenated Oil Hydrolyzed Animal Protein Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein Lard Leavenings Lecithin (commercial) Malt Malto Dextrin Molases Monocalcium Phosphate Mono Saccharides Monoglycerides MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) Nitrates / Nitrites Nonfat Dry Milk Oxalic Acid PABA Vegetable Oil Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil Pectic Materials Pectin Pepsin Phospholipid Phosphoric Acid Pork Potassium Benzoate Potassium Bromate Potassium Citrate Propionate Propionic Acid Renin / Rennet Saccharine Salt

Mushbooh Mushbooh Mushbooh Mushbooh Halal Mushbooh Halal Mushbooh Halal Haram Halal Halal Halal Halal Halal Halal Halal Mushbooh Halal Halal Halal Halal Halal Halal Halal Halal Halal Mushbooh Mushbooh Halal Haram Halal Halal Halal Halal Halal Mushbooh Halal Halal

Shortening Soy Protein Soybean Oil Sucrose Tapioca Tricalcium Phosphate Vinegar Whey Yeast

Mushbooh Halal Halal Halal Halal Halal Halal Mushbooh Halal

Partial List of Halal (Lawful) Ingredients
Nartural - Additives Citric Acid Honey Mustard Pepper Salt Sugar Vinegar Synthetic - Additives Sodium Bicarbonate Sodium Citrate More Halal ingredients Acetic Acid Adipic Acid Agar Amylase Amylose Antioxidantants (BHA & BHT) Arachidonic Acids (Fish) Ascorbic Acid (Vit. C) Avidin Baking Powder Baking Soda Benzoate (Benzoic Acid) Bran Butyric Acid Calciferol (Vit. D3) Calcium Acid Phosphate Carbohydrates (Natural) Carotene Carotenoid Carrageenin Casein Cellulose Chocolate Liquor Cholecalciferol Choline Citric Acid Cocoa Butter Corn Syrup Solids

Glucose Gums Hemicellulose Hydrogenated Oils Inulin Iodine Lactic Acid Lactose Lysin Malic Acid Malt Maltose Mannitol Mannosan Methionine Molases Monosaccherides Oxalic Acid Papain Pectin Phytic Acid Polysacceride Propionic Acid Propyl gallate Roughage Smoke Flavorings Sodium Aluminum Sulphate Sorbic Acid

Cream of tartar Cultures (Microbes) Cystein Dextrose Disaccherids Ergosterol Farina Fiber Ficin Firming Agents Fructose Galactose Gallic Acid Gliadin (Gluten)

Sorbitol Starch Sucrose Suet Sweeteners (Natural) Tannic Acid Tapioca Tryptophan Vanilla Vanilla Acid Vanillin Vitamin Tablets: (A, D, E, C) Zinc

Partial List of Haram (Unlawful) Ingredients Alcohol
Alcoholic Beverages Bacon Cider (Hard) (Alcohol) Cocaine Codeine Collagen D.E.S (sex Hormones) Ethylene Oxide Fermented Malt Ham (Hog) Insulin (Porcine) Insulin Lard (Hog) Pepsin (Hog) Pork Vanilla Extract (Alcohol) Wine (Alcohol)

Partial List of Mash-Booh (Suspected) Ingredients
Mash-Booh Product Alanine Bile Salts Biotin Chelate Cholesterol Chymotrypsin Cobalamine Coloring Extract Cures Cystein Cystine Sources Animal/Plants Animal Animal Animal Animal Animal Animal Health Reasons . Animal Animal

Diglycerides Disodium Inosinate Disodium Guanilate Diuretic EDTA Enrichement Fatty Acids Folic Acid Gelatin Glycerides Glycerol Hismatine Hormones Inositol Insulin Keratin Limit Dextrin Lipids Monoglycerides Niacin Nitrate Nitrite Oleic Acid Para Amino Benzoic Acid Pepsin Phenyl Alanine Phospholipids Phosphoric Acid Polysaccherides - Amylopectin Polysaccherides - Glycogen Polyunsaturated Rennet Rennin Riboflavin Shortenings Sweeteners - Aspartame Sweeteners - Cyclamate

Animal/Plants Animal Animal Health Reasons Health Reasons Animal/Plants (Mainly Plants) Animal/Plants Animal/Plants Animal/Seaweeds Animal/Plants Animal Animal/Plants Animal Animal/Plants Animal Animal Animal Animal/Plants Animal/Plants Animal/Plants Health reasons Health Reasons Animal/Plants Animal/Plants Animal Animal/Plants Animal Health Reasons Animal Animal Animal/Plants Animal/Plants Animal/Plants Animal/Plants (Mainly Plants) Animal/Plants Health reasons Health Reasons

Sweeteners - Saccharine Tartaric Acid Thiamin Tonic Trypsin Uric Acid Vinegar Vitamin: Capsules (A,E,K) Whey Yeast (Brewer's Beer) Mono Sodium Glutamate [MSG] Just become doubtful product

Health Reasons Alcohol Animal/Plants Alcohol/No-Alcohol Animal Animal Alcohol/No-Alcohol Animal May contain Rennin or Rennet Alcohol Read here about MSG

If the food items are Mash-Booh (suspected to be eaten) or you are not sure about the status of a particular ingredient, you should call or write to the manufacturer of the product to verify the source of that ingredients. Usually the names and addresses of the companies and the bakeries are found on the food labels.

Hope this was informative Please pass this on to others Jazakallah.

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