Jeaa J|aa
Summury of ResuIts
November Z004
Funded by o gronf from fhe:-
And supporfed by CoIIingfon Town
Town PIon Survey PesuIfs Movember Z004
PubIished by CoIIingfon Town CounciI
Firsf of oII, everyone concerned wifh deveIoping fhe Town PIon wouId Iike fo fhonk oII fhose
peopIe who fiIIed in ond refurned quesfionnoires. Yes - fhere were o Iof of quesfions buf 8o9
differenf househoId refurned fheir surveys, which represenfs o refurn of over 407.
This documenf confoins o summory of oII fhe resuIfs for fhe quesfions which hod Iimifed
responses. A very voIuobIe porf of fhe response wos fhe 'free commenfs'. These connof be
incIuded in o documenf of fhis si;e, buf ore being onoIysed ond wiII form on imporfonf porf of
fhe finoI fuII survey reporf & pIon. The fuII survey resuIfs wiII be ovoiIobIe on fhe CoIIingfon
websife www.coIIingfon.nef
AIfhough fhis documenf is very focfuoI fhe CounciI hope you wiII find if inferesfing. PIeose see
fhe bock cover for defoiIs of fhe nexf phose before fhe Town PIon is wriffen. You cun be
invoIved in uny purt of this thut interests you und the more positive ideus the CounciI
hus¸ the better, so moke o nofe of fhe dofes ond do come oIong, everyone is weIcome.
FinoIIy fhe Town CounciI wouId Iike fo fhonk fhe Town PIon 0roup ond ifs co-ordinofor ChorIes
Whifeheod for oII fhe work done fo dofe. If is now up fo fhe Town CounciI fo puf fhe pIon
fogefher [wifh your inpuf] ond decide on fhe procficoI priorifies.
Q,1, How often do you use the foIIowing shops und services in CuIIington?

0aily weekly Monthly Rarely 0aily weekly Monthly Rarely
Local Shops 403 345 38 52 Town Hall 3 73 93 574
Library 4 77 189 450 Banks 32 484 179 125
Post Office 23 519 194 108 Cafes & Restaurants 16 106 117 508
Chemist 8 257 390 158 Supermarkets 290 453 45 68
Q,Z, Whut ure your Views on the Runge of your LocuI Shopping FuciIities? 78I fhoughf
fhe ronge wos 'PeosonobIe', 470 fhoughf if wos 'Poor' wifh I70 considering fhe ronge wos '0ood'.
Q,3, Why do you Shop LocuIIy? The mosf popuIor reosons wos 'Losf Minufe Ifems' - 84I, fhen 'I
Iike fo supporf LocoI Shops' - 80I, 'If Soves Time' - o87, 'Soves Tronsporf' - bZI, 'SocioI Confocf' - 3I0,
ond 'Shops 0ive 0ood VoIue' , 'I hove no Tronsporf' wifh Io9 ond Io8 vofes eoch.
Q,4, Why Do You Shop Out of CuIIington? I073 fhoughf fhe wos 'More Choice' shopping ouf of
CoIIingfon, 93o considered if wos 'Cheoper', bZb fhoughf 'Porking wos Eosier', I33 soid if wos
'Convenienf fo Where I Work' ond II soid if wos 'Meorer fo SchooI/Mursery'.
Q,õ, Whut wouId encouruge greut use of the town? In descending order fhe mosf popuIor
ideos were:- Improved securify o3b, Sfreef Morkef b9b, Cinemo bZb, More fIowers ond shrubs b0b,
Tidier shop fronfs 33I, Sfreef enferfoinmenf Z84, Meefing pIoce for oIder persons Zb4, CycIe Pofhs
Z4Z, More seofing ZZ8, AnnuoI Arfs/Music fesfivoI Z37, Herifoge TroiI I39, Arfs cenfre IZZ
Q,7, Do uny of the foIIowing crimes or unti-sociuI behuviour concern you IocuIIy?
The foIIowing coused concern fo fhe number of persons indicofed, Drugs b99, Drunkenness boZ,
0eneroI Anfi-socioI behoviour bb9, Cor Crime 4I4, Theff ond 8urgIory 390, VondoIism Z7Z, Mugging
I78. A fofoI of II09 soid fhey were nof concerned.
Q,ß, How do you rute the service provided by the poIice? o3Z respondenfs fhoughf fhe
service wos 'Poor', oI7 considered if 'PeosonobIe' ond onIy I33 soid if wos '0ood'.
Q,9, Are there uny ureus in CuIIington or keIIy ßruy in which you do not feeI sufe? 448
peopIe soid fhere were 'Unsofe' oreos ond 70b feIf 'Sofe'.
Town PIon Survey PesuIfs Movember Z004
PubIished by CoIIingfon Town CounciI
Q10, WouId uny of the foIIowing improve security in the town? The fop fhree suggesfions
were equoIIy weII supporfed: CCTV [743], 0reofer poIice presence [74Z], Young peopIes´ ocfivifies
[737], Affer fhis if wos:- Sfreef Wordens b7Z, 8effer consuIfofion 48o, Meighbourhood wofch 43b,
Improved Sfreef Lighfing 3Io, Drug/drink educofion/prevenfion Z4Z.
Q,11, Are there enough fuciIities for the foIIowing?

Yes No Yes No
Cricket 681 22 Rugby 417 188
Football 644 66 Swimming 76 883
Tennis 503 141
Q,1Z, Which town or viIIuge do you go to for the foIIowing uctivities?
6|nema Am 0ram Hus|c
0anc|ng ß|ngo
Plymouth 880 797 53 311 44 108 79 64 38 43
Callington 3 196 110 95 24 25 120 136 1
Tavistock 9 53 17 18 6 4 5 8 4
Truro 7 1 2 2 2
Liskeard 1 2 5 10 38 6 8 17 2
Sterts 2 7 2
Saltash 1 1 10 15 2 1 8
Stoke Climsland 2 14 12 6 6 6 4 6
Upton Cross 1 10 4 1
London 4 2 1 12
St Ives 16
Penzance 1
Elsewhere 2 2 5 41 13 18 23 34 5
Q,14, Are you uwure of whut is on offer ut the foIIowing pIuces? o0Z were owore of whof
wos ovoiIobIe of fhe Town HoII buf b48 were nof, wifh fhe Ieisure cenfre if wos bIZ owore ond b77 nof.
The SocioI CIub ond Youfh CIub onIy hod 3o3 ond Z8I peopIe who knew whof wos on offer ond 7Z9 ond
7o3 who did nof.
Q1õ, Do you think the centre of CuIIington couId be improved by uny of the foIIowing
schemes? The mosf popuIor ideo wos One woy froffic wifh 7ZI, Precincf bo9, Troffic Worden b37,
CoIming meosures 340, Mofhing Ibo.
Q,1ó, WouId you Iike to see uny of the foIIowing in CuIIington & keIIy ßruy?
WheeIchoir kerbs were fhe mosf popuIor of 4o3, fhen PeIicon crossings 4bI, CycIe pofhs 439, More
foofpofhs 4I8, EnvironmenfoI sfreef Iighfs 4II, Povemenfs 37I ond more sfreef Iighfs 30o.
Q,17, How often do you use the foIIowing types of trunsport?
Regularly Scarcely Regularly Scarcely
Car 1150 67 Taxi 83 855
Bus 221 867 Train 51 884
Cycle 111 705
Q,19, WouId you Iike to see uny improvements in the bus service with regurd to:-
PeIiobiIify wos fhe moin oreo for improvemenf wifh 373 vofes ond fhen Poufes 3ZI, Cosf 30Z, DisobiIify
occess Z3o, 8us sfofion I89, 8us sfops Io8.
Q,Z0, WouId you Iike to see uny improvements in the truin service from SunnisIuke to
PIymouth with regurd to:- Improving connecfions befween buses & froins - Z7Z wouId Iike fo see on
Town PIon Survey PesuIfs Movember Z004
PubIished by CoIIingfon Town CounciI
improvemenf, Cosf - ZZI, TimefobIe - Io9, Service - IZ3, Access for fhose wifh disobiIifies - II9,
PeIiobiIify - I0Z, Sfofion Locofion - 8I.
Q,Z1, Do you think the foIIowing ure truffic dunger spots? In descending order, fhese were
fhe mosf frequenfIy nomed Iocofions: -Church Sf/Louncesfon Pd 8bo, Communify CoIIege 73o, Liskeord
Pd/Hoye Pd 73Z, Fore Sf oZ7, Primory SchooI 4bo, Louncesfon Pd generoIIy 43Z, SwingIe Tree Z93
Q,ZZ, WouId you support the foIIowing speed controI meusures in CuIIington und keIIy
ßruy? Peducing fhe speed Iimif wos fhe mosf popuIor suggesfion of oI7, Troffic coIming come nexf of
4ob, Exfend speed Iimif 3Z7, More signs 3ZI.
Q,Z3, Do you think thut the truffic probIems in CuIIington ure reIuted to uny of the
foIIowing? In descending order of preference 939 peopIe fhoughf inconsiderofe porking coused
probIems ond fhen porking in Fore Sf 7bo, Meed for one woy sysfem b47, 0eneroI congesfion 4bI,
Heovy deIivery Iorries in fown cenfre 4ZI, Mo bus sfofion 3oZ, Meed for pedesfrionisofion 3b8, Too
mony buses in Mew Pd 3I0, Pedesfrion/vehicIe confIicf Z90.
Q,Z4, Are you sutisfied with the provision of Primury Educution in CuIIington? oII were
sofisfied ond I43 were nof.
Q,Zõ, Are you sutisfied with the provision of Secondury Educution in CuIIington? 488
fhoughf fhe provision wos sofisfocfory, buf o8 were nof sofisfied.
Q,Zó, Huve you hud uny probIems getting your chiId into the schooI of your choice? Zo7
did nof hove ony probIems, buf I4 did.
Q,Z7, Does CuIIington need uny of the foIIowing? 3bb PeopIe fhoughf refroining for fhe
unempIoyed wos needed, 3bb suggesfed VocofionoI froining for schooI Ieovers, Z9b Affer schooI cIubs,
Z77 FuII doy core - offoched fo coIIege, I38 wonfed o Mursery schooI, II0 more regisfered
chiIdminders ond 93 wonfed o PIoygroup.
Q,Zß, Are you interested in tuking uduIt educution cIusses? 38b expressed on inferesf ond
o0Z were nof inferesfed.
Q,Z9, Where ure you registered with u doctor? I097 were regisfered in CoIIingfon, bI in
0unnisIoke, 40 eIsewhere ond Z were nof regisfered.
Q,30, Do you huve uny difficuIty with trunsport to the foIIowing?

Transport Parking Transport Parking
Hospital patient 175 594 Health centre 74 483
Hospital visitor 117 497 Dentist 62 190
Q,31, Are you registered with u dentist? oZ3 were wifh o privofe procfice, 30I wifh o MHS
procfice ond 393 were nof regisfered of oII.
Q,3Z, If yes¸ where is the pructice? Zob used fhe CoIIingfon procfice, I79 wenf fo Sf MeIIion,
Ib3 fo PIymoufh, IZZ fo Liskeord, o0 wenf fo Tovisfock, Z0 fo Louncesfon ond I7 fo SoIfosh, II wenf fo
8odmin ond 7 fo Fowey. A fofoI of bo wenf fo mony ofher voried Iocofions.
Q,33, ShouId CuIIington huve u NHS dentuI pructice? A fofoI of I3I0 persons fhoughf
CoIIingfon shouId hove o MHS procfice, 3o did nof onswer ond 4 fhoughf nof.
Once you hove reod fhis, if you do nof wonf fo keep if
Pemember fhe compefifion from Ocfober fo Jonuory for fhe fown wifh
fhe highesf IeveI of recycIingl
Town PIon Survey PesuIfs Movember Z004
PubIished by CoIIingfon Town CounciI
Q,34, Are you sutisfied with the stundurd of the foIIowing services IocuIIy?
Fire 979 15 Recycling tip 490 299
Ambulance 825 75 Recycling bottle bank 382 382
Recycling Door to door 758 431 Hospital transport 378 199
Police (local) 577 346 Police (emergency) 370 283
Traffic warden 528 321
Q,3õ, Are you sutisfied with the foIIowing services IocuIIy?
Refuse collection 1256 30 Street lighting 986 220
Mains electricity 1241 11 Roadside care/street cleaning 848 1338
Mains water 1144 111 Public toilets 755 280
Mains gas 1079 36
Q,3ó, b44 respondenfs ore empIoyed wifh 488 being refired, 87 ore fuII fime housewife/husbond, 77
ore SeIf empIoyed ond nof empIoying onyone, wifh 48 being SeIf empIoyed ond oIso empIoying ofhers,
33 ore unempIoyed, 30 in fuII fime educofion, Z9 permonenfIy unempIoyed due fo heoIfh ond Z ore in
governmenf refroining schemes.
Q,37, If you ure not in puid empIoyment¸ ure you seeking work? ZI were seeking porf fime
work ond I7 wonfed fuII fime empIoymenf.
Q,3ß, If you ure seeking empIoyment¸ which sector ure you Iooking in? 9 were seeking
empIoymenf in fhe MonuoI/fechnicoI secfor, 9 in refoiI, 8 in fhe coring services, 4 in Educofion, 3 in
Monufocfuring, 3 in on office sifuofion, Z eoch in ogricuIfure, finoncioI secfor ond in o secreforioI roIe.
There wos one persons seeking empIoymenf in eoch of fhese secfors, Tourism, Tronsporf, Cofering, IT,
Scienfific, SocioI Work, Sporf And Leisure, ond Veferinory. II ofher fypes of empIoymenf were
Q,39, If you run u business¸ where is it Iocuted? 73 respondenfs were in CoIIingfon ond 3o
were oufside fhe fown.
Q,40, If you run u business¸ how muny peopIe do you empIoy? bb empIoyed b or under, 38
businesses empIoyed befween o ond Ib persons, b businesses hod Io fo b0 empIoyees ond 3 businesses
empIoyed befween bI ond I00.
Q,41, If you ure seIf empIoyed und run u business¸ ure there enough business units in
CuIIington suitubIe for your business? Z8 fhoughf fhere were ond I7 soid 'Mo'.
If not- whut type/size of units ure required? 8 differenf suggesfions were mode ronging from
Z0xZ0 fo I0,000 sq.ff. ond 'bigger'.
Q,4Z, ShouId the foIIowing be encouruged in und uround CuIIington und keIIy ßruy
specificuIIy to provide more gobs? o89 fovoured o Iorge refoiI/supermorkef, b7b fhoughf smoII
business deveIopmenf wos oppropriofe, b40 wonfed more fourism deveIopmenf ond offrocfions, 44Z
feIf o mojor empIoyer wos needed, 38Z opfed for smoII indusfrioI, Z70 for medium-si;ed indusfrioI
deveIopmenf, Zob for Hi-fech ond I3o fhoughf o coII cenfre wouId provide more jobs.
Q,43, Where do you usuuIIy get informution ubout events tuking pIuce in CuIIington?
CoIIingfon Mews wos fhe mojor source of informofion wifh II74 vofes, nexf come fhe LocoI Poper wifh
9ob, fhe Town HoII hod Iess vofes of ZbI, fhe Librory Z33, Posf Office ZI0, CoIIingfon Web Sife o7,
Word Of Moufh 3I, Posfers Z4, FIyers 9. The church ond shop windows hod 7 vofes, LocoI Podio o,
SchooI And CoIIege b ond ofher misceIIoneous sources hod o fofoI of II4 vofes.
Town PIon Survey PesuIfs Movember Z004
PubIished by CoIIingfon Town CounciI
Q,44, How frequentIy do you get informution from the foIIowing?

Regularly Seldom Never Regularly Seldom Never
Local library 236 317 429 Callington web site 32 127 663
CAB 11 161 754 Notice Board 148 228 503
Town Hall 160 333 491 Local radio 288 234 370
Local press 865 231 75
Q,4õ, ShouId more overnight tourists be encouruged IocuIIy? oZ9 soid 'Yes', I43 soid 'Mo' ond
473 hod no opinion on fhis.
Q,4ó, Do you think visitors need more informution ubout the CuIIington ureu und its
uttructions? 8b9 soid 'Yes', 97 fhoughf 'Mo' ond Z79 hod no opinion on fhis.
Q,47, Huve you ever uttended u meeting of the Town CounciI? Zob hod offended o meefing,
buf I0o9 hod never been fo o meefing.
Q,4ß, How weII does the IocuI counciI pubIicise its meetings¸ decisions und uctivities? IZZ
fhoughf 'Very WeII', 748 soid 'PeosonobIy WeII' ond 3oZ fhoughf fhey were '8odIy' pubIicised.
Q,49, WouId you Iike more informution ubout the uctivities of the CuIIington Town
CounciI und the CuIIington Town Forum? Zob soid 'Yes' ond I0o9 soid 'Mo'.
Q,õZ, WouId you be prepured to puy u higher counciI tu× to meet some of the needs of
CuIIington purticuIurIy in Iuw und order? 309 responded posifiveIy ond 98I soid 'Mo'.
Q,õ1, Do you feeI your eIected representutives in IocuI government ure sufficientIy
uwure of IocuI concerns und feeIings?
Yes No Yes No Yes No
Town Cllr 655 417 District Cllr 381 586 County Cllr 288 678
Q,õ4, Whut does your househoId think shouId be done to heIp protect und enhunce the
IocuI environment? These ore fhe opinions expressed in descending order:- Preserve Cornish Hedges
- 787, FIoroI Theme For Town In Summer - o9I, Look Affer WoodIonds - oI7, PIonf More Trees - oI4,
More Foofpofhs - 4o7, Herifoge TroiI - 3b8, Lef Hedges 0row - 3I4, Cuf Down Trees - 3I, CycIe Pofhs
Town ond Off Pood - o, 0eneroI CIeon Up - Z.
Q,õõ, Where do you Iive? 7oZ househoIds were in CoIIingfon, 94 in IeIIy 8roy ond 7 in oufIying
oreos of fhe porish.
Q,õó, How muny peopIe ure there in euch uge group in your househoId?
0-b yeors 0o-II II-I7 I8-30 3I-ob Over ob
49 bZ 7b 9b 4Zb Z0o
44 b4 80 99 489 Z3o
Q,õ7, How Iong huve you Iived in CuIIington or keIIy ßruy? Less Thon b Yrs - 34I [b0.37], b
To Ib Yrs - 337 [49.77], over Ib Yrs - b09 [7b.I7], WhoIe Life - I94 [Z8.o7]
Q,õß, Is this the househoId's muin property? OnIy Z persons soid if wos nof.
Town PIon Survey PesuIfs Movember Z004
PubIished by CoIIingfon Town CounciI
Q,õ9, Is the property:- Owner occupied7 - 7Zb soid 'yes', for privofeIy renfed fhere were o8, 3Z
from counciI renfed properfies responded, I4 were in Housing Associofion properfies, I4 in SheIfered
Housing ond 9 in 'Ofher'.
Q,ó0, Is unyone in the home Iooking for uIternutive uccommodution ut the moment? 73I
responded wifh 'Mo', III soid 'Yes'.
Q,ó1, If 'yes' who is Iooking? The 'WhoIe FomiIy' wos Iooking in bI coses. There were ZI
'Doughfers' ond Z4 'Sons' seorching, b 'Porenfs' were Iooking ond IZ 'Ofhers'. The foIIowing indicofes
fhe oreos fhey were Iooking of:- 48 in CoIIingfon & IeIIy 8roy, Zb in LocoI viIIoges & ruroI oreos, 8 ouf
of CornwoII, 7 eIsewhere in CornwoII, o in PIymoufh or SoIfosh, b were Iooking obrood ond b soid
onywhere. 3 defined onywhere os being in CornwoII or Devon ond Z were Iooking for LocoI CounciI
Q,óZ, Why do they need to move? I9 soid fhey needed o Iorger home, I4 sfofed fomiIy reosons,
9 wonfed o smoIIer house, 7 becouse of chonge of job, 4 due fo chiIdren´s schooIing/universify, 3
becouse of on eIderIy or disobIed persons, ond b3 for ofher reosons.
Q,ó3, If they ure unubIe to move to the type of property they need is this becuuse:-
Too expensive - ob, Con´f find o properfy fo buy - 33, ChiIdren´s schooIing - Z, Shorfoge of LA/HA
properfies - ZZ, Shorfoge of privofe renfed - II, Shorfoge of sheIfered housing - 7, Con´f gef o job -
4, Anofher reoson - I8.
Q,ó4, Whut type of property do they need? Owner occupied - ob, PrivofeIy renfed - Z8, LocoI
Aufhorify renfed - Z4, Housing Associofion - Z3, SheIfered - o, Ofher - o.
Q,óõ, Do you think the ureu cun cope with more new housing? Zo4 fhoughf if couId buf boI
fhoughf nof.
Q,óó, Do you think it is u good ideu to buiId more houses in CuIIington or keIIy ßruy to
either rent or buy?

rent buy rent buy
Affordable homes for families 144 220 Smaller family homes 83 116
Affordable homes for singles 133 132 Larger family homes 39 80
Warden assisted 103 67 Starter homes for couples 1

Homes for disabled people 88 71
A fofoI of 398 youfh surveys were refurned ond fhe oge spreod wos os foIIows:- Q,1, How oId ore
7yrs 8yrs 9yrs 10yrs 11yrs 12yrs 13yrs 14yrs 15yrs 16yrs 17yrs 18yrs
16 24 68 40 74 73 38 32 12 4 7 10
Q,Z, In which ureu of the town do you Iive? The responses show o good disfribufion
fhroughouf fhe fown wifh onIy I considering fhey Iived in fhe 'counfryside'
Q,3, Do you tuke purt in uny orgunised uctivities¸ connected with schooI/coIIege¸ outside
of normuI schooI hours? As fhe respondenfs couId fick severoI boxes fhere wos o Iorge number of
ocfivifies menfioned, fhese were fhe mosf popuIor: - FoofboII - 4I, Donce - 30, Choir - Z3, Pounders -
ZI, ICT - I9, Crickef - Io, Drumming - I4, MefboII - I4, Pugby or Tog Pugby - I4, AfhIefics - I3, 8ook
CIub/Peoding/Iibrory - I3,. A furfher ZI differenf ocfivifies received 90 vofes. A fofoI of I74 soid
fhey did nof offend ony cIubs.
Q,4, Do you tuke purt in uny orgunised uctivities not connected with schooI/coIIege¸
outside of normuI schooI hours? These were fhe mosf popuIor ocfivifies: - FoofboII - b8,
Pugby - Z8, Swimming - Z4, Piono/insfrumenf Lesson/vioIin - Z3, 0irI 0uides - ZI, Horse Piding - ZI,
Cross Counfry - Z0, Scoufs - I9, Sundoy SchooI - I4, Donce, Jo;;, Top, 8oIIef - I3, Crickef - II, Cubs -
Town PIon Survey PesuIfs Movember Z004
PubIished by CoIIingfon Town CounciI
I0, 0ym - I0. A furfher 3o ocfivifies were menfioned which hod received IZ3 ficks. I4Z soid fhof did
nof offend ony ocfivifies.
Q,õ, If you do not tuke purt in uny uctivities is this becuuse,,. There is nofhing on offer
fhof I wonf fo do - 97, They cosf foo much - ZI, I connof gef fhere/bock home offerwords - I8
Q,ó, Where do you go in your spure time? Answers were:- Home - 311, Ouf wifh friends -
301, Shops - 215, CIubs - 169, Ouf of oreo - 152, Pecreofion ground - 143, Town cenfre - 127, Sfoy
IocoIIy - 105, Youfh cIub - 39.
Q,7, Whut wouId you Iike in the ureu? I99 wonfed somewhere fo meef, II9 wouId Iike more
occess fo fhe youfh cIub, Z87 wonfed o compufer cofe, 348 wouId Iike on indoor pIoce fo meef wifh ZZ0
preferring on oufdoor pIoce.
Q,10, How do you get ubout IocuIIy? 3I4 soid fhey woIk, IZb use o bike, ZoZ reIy on Iiffs in cors
ond 3o use fhe bus.
Q,11, How do you get out of CuIIington? IZ used o bike, 34 reIied on Iiffs in cors, 33Z used fhe
bus ond 4 hod ofher meons of fronsporf.
Q,1Z, Do you hope to stuy in educution beyond 1ó? 30o soid 'Yes' ond 73 soid 'Mo'.
The remoining quesfions hod such o diversify of onswers fhof fhey con onIy be pubIished in o fuII
Whut Huppens Ne×t?
The nexf sfoge is fo Iook of fhe issues ond decide on fhe besf woy fo soIve fhe
probIems in o woy fhof is nof onIy procficoI buf economicoIIy reoIisfic. This is where
we need YOUR ideos, whofever oge you orel Do you hove ony suggesfions fo moke7
A copy of fhe fuII resuIfs wiII be ovoiIobIe fo onyone who offends so pIeose come oIong
ond join in fhe discussions fhof wiII foke pIoce on fhe foIIowing dofes:-
Thursdoy ofh Jonuory 7.00, CounciI Chomber Town HoII
Thursdoy I3fh Jonuory 7.00, CounciI Chomber Town HoII
Thursdoy Z0fh Jonuory 7.00, CounciI Chomber Town HoII
Thursdoy Z7fh Jonuory 7.00, 8or Lounge Town HoII
Thursdoy 3
Februory 7.00, CounciI Chomber Town HoII
Thursdoy I0fh Februory 7.00, CounciI Chomber Town HoII