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The Rights & Responsibilities of The Last Queen

Savannah Louise Furbush

Savannah Fifth period The Rights of the Last Queen I. Introduction: A. Cleopatra, a leader, a mom, and a phoraw. B. Cleopatra was real.

A. Was Cleopatra real? B. Most of the information we are given about Cleopatra is myth not fact. C. Romes prove. D. Egypts prove Transition Paragraph A. Her Rights B. Rights of being queen of Egypt. C. How she almost lost royalty. C. How she got more power. Transition Paragraph Her responsibilities Being queen A mother And a pharaoh Transition Paragraph A. Her death and finding her tomb B. Finding her tomb. C. Who is responsible for finding her? C. Is this really her? Transition Paragraph II. Conclusion A. Cleopatra a leader of all. B. Cleopatra was more than just a queen but a leader who is inside of all of us and was responsible for a lot of things.

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The Rights & Responsibilities of The Last Queen & Pharaoh

Cleopatra. Who was she? Where is she from? How did she get power? Did she have kids? Or was she all just a myth? Well to start Cleopatra was Egypts last Pharaoh and queen and she took the throne at just the age of 18. She had her first child at the age of 22, and was a pharaoh at age 17. We dont know much about her child hood we do know that she was born in Egypt and soon after her birth she moved to Alexandria with her family. This is about as much as we know about her child hood. After a few years pass Cleopatra becomes a pharaoh. Another year goes by and she is queen. By the time she is 22 she has had her first child and has double the power of any other Egyptian woman. She got this power from an affair with the worlds most powerful man Julius Caesar this resulted in her first child a baby boy. After they had one child they did break up. But she kept the power. Later she met Mark Antony she had three children. This was the love of her life. We know this because ancient cuneiform. They state that Cleopatra and her lover were buried together in

Alexandra Egypt. This also leads us to if she was even real. The reason I have added this is because Archeologists (when looking for her tomb) had a very hard time finding it. They even wondered if she was like a goddess. (Someone to believe in or to pray to.) They even have slim evidence to prove this. Such as why or how was she so famous and well respected. But after years and years of searching they found what they believe are her remains. There is also a lot of misunderstandings on were she came from and her culture. For example some say she was not born in Egypt but Greece. Well the reason behind this is she was born in Egypt but belonged to a Greek tribe or religion. Another rumor is that her mother is from Africa and she was African American. Making her daughter, Cleopatra as well. This would make her not only the worlds most powerful woman but African American as well. A statue of her can prove this rumor. A statue of her with her hair in weaves but any one can have weaves, we also cannot prove that this was supposed to be her. Was Cleopatra real?

Most of the information about Cleopatra is myth. We have little to no proof about were she came from, her race, her love life, and even her existence. But we do have some Roman and Egyptian proof of her existence. Romes proof of her is explaining her affair with Caesar and how she is or was a monster. How she seduced any man in her way in order to have the most power she possibly can. But what most people dont know is that her behavior was actually very common back then but she got caught because of her power and how famous she was well known. Egypts proof on the other hand says that she was a goddess and a descendent of the gods. Very well respected and suggested as the best queen of Egypt. As you can see the proof that we do have is very limited and practically all opinions of those who met her. But we know that she was real because we did find her tomb. Both Romes and Egypts prove suggest that she was real not just a m yth or god. And recently archeologists found her tomb exactly were the hieroglyphics suggested it was. Her real life was full of rights. Her life was also very complicated. Her rights The rights of Egyptian women were not what you would expect. All women of ancient Egypt were all well respected. They also had many freedoms such as the privilege to divorce. But they still only worked at home. Although

Greece on the other hand treated their women horribly. The men often owned the women. Cleopatra was raised in Egypt but belonged to a Greek tribe. So did she have the rights of an Egyptian or a Greek woman? Well we really dont know but we do know that she would never let a man push her around or tell her what to do. This helped the womens rights in Greece. So yes she did have rights and freedoms. As a matter of fact helped another country gain more rights for women. But these rights come with a high price of a lot of responsibility. She was not only a queen but a mother as well so she also had to take care of her children. Being a mother, a pharaoh, and a queen she had a lot more responsibilities than the average ancient Egyptian women. She had to take care of all of her children. One son with Julius Caesar named Caesarian, and three children with Mark Antony. Even without these four children (leaving her the responsibilities of providing for them, feeding them, and other JUST basic responsibilities of a mother with four. Other responsibilities include creating treaties, making sure there were no wars, and any other responsibility that any leader (king or queen) would have. She also had not only regular queen but also a pharaoh. Pharaoh responsibilities include making laws, collecting taxes, approving temples, and

being a priest. As goes with being a pharaoh at any time she could be held responsible for a bad crop season or disease sense a pharaoh is basically a god. Her responsibilities just keep piling on top of each other. Being a mother, a pharaoh, a god, and a queen is a lot more responsibility than just walking a dog or doing dishes. This load of responsibility is what lead archeologist to believe that the long myth of her suicide to be true, and finding her tomb was hard. Most people know how Cleopatra died and why. Most say that she made an Egyptian King Cobra bite her. The venom of one of these snakes in just one bite can kill 20 people or an elephant. She obviously knew that if she let the snake bite her she would surely be dead by morning. Though this is what most say killed her we have no primary evidence to support this theory. The only thing we have to proof this theory is that we know that she had more than enough responsibility. Others say that Julius Caesar murdered her. The ONLY proof that we have to suggest that Caesar murdered her is their affair and that she caused the affair. Her death was very tragic either way. Finding her resting place was next to impossible. It took over 700 years to find! But the weirdest thing is, is that her body and Mark Antony were exactly where the highroglifics said she was buried. This shows that some of the highroglifics and cuneiform

were indeed true. Saying this we can take the suicide myth into further consideration. As well as the too much responsibility theory. So Egyptian cuneiform has come to prove its point. Although we dont and probably never be sure how she died her death was still very tragic. A possible explanation for her suicide was too much responsibility. Being so many things must have stressed her out at least a little bit at times. To conclude Cleopatra was a lot of things. Being a mother of four she had the responsibility of providing food, shelter and love. She also was a queen with no man by her side. This left her with a whole country in her hands and all of the responsibility of two people. But dont get me wrong she had more than enough rights and freedoms as Well. She was a ruler and a descendant of the gods. She got just about any thing she wanted even love. But she wasnt that greedy with it. She was also highly respected by men. This helped allow her to gain rights for Greek women. Cleopatras life was full of more than just love affairs, rights, and responsibility but interesting myths and rumors, some even suggesting she wasnt even real. She was real though I simply know this because only a few years ago they found her tomb. Other rumors though are much harder to find the truth in. For example if she was Greek or Egyptian, well we dont quite know some say she is from Egypt others Greece. Another myth is how she died. Most say that she committed suicide by allowing an Egyptian King Cobra snake bite her. Or that Julius Caesar murdered her. Either way her death was tragic. She was soon buried with her love of her life, Mark Antony. Or so we

think. It took over 200 years to find her tomb. When they did they found two bodies what they believe to be Cleopatra and Mark Antony.

But most importantly Cleopatra is all inside of us as bravery and leader ship.