Overall Training plan for Substation Operators Dece ber !"# !$%" Engineering &ualit' Assurance an( Logistical Support )E&*ALS+

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Mo(ule !. Despite the %&' training provided by $&( over the last two years) there is still a need to continue the training on some of the e*uipment in the yard as well as in the control building to cover the gap) +ence it will certainly increase the operator.Overvie. The duration of this course will be 51 working days.e training PlanIn order to successfully implement and deliver the training to the operators) the training is divided into several modules. Logistics0ogistic to the site and lunch will be each individual responsibility. A( inistrationAll training documentation and materials for this course will be managed by IRD-.s knowledge to an acceptable level.%%$ /V 0ircuit 1rea2er Upon completion of this course the %perators will be able to properly operate) maintain and troubleshoot 556 #( !70 circuit breaker.!$ MVA po. Strateg' an( i ple entation of t./UA0S and student 0og $ooks and records will be a shared responsibility between IRD and DA$S. .This training plan is designed to boost up the operators knowledge and understanding on the proper operations and maintenance of the D !" and #D$# substations. DA$S director will introduce 1 DA$S operators to be trained on the operation and maintenance of the substations. The duration of the course will be 56 working days. Some of the training activities are best suited to be conducted at the manufacturer. Initially a group of five operators will participate in this training who in return will train other operators in #D$# and D !" substations.s facility) while most of the trainings will be conducted at the site. Several key training activities are identified and will be conducted over a period of three transfor er The goal of this module is to improve the ability of the DA$S operators in #D$# and D !" substations to understand the critical elements re*uired for the proper operation and maintenance of the 86 '(A power transformers. 3The list of these operators to be provided by DA$S Director4 Training Mo(ules$elow is the details of the training 'odules for various e*uipment in the yard as well as in the control building. It is recommended that this training should be conducted at the manufacturer facility in "asik) India. The details of these training modules can be found in the ne2t section. Mo(ule %.

Instru ent Transfor ers This course will help the operators to boost up their skills and knowledge on the operations) troubleshooting and proper maintenance of the 556 #( !Ts and (Ts. . The purpose of this training module is to familiari9e the DA$S operators on the recommended practices for the proper operations and maintenances of the A$$ disconnector switches. Mo(ule ".Again this course is best suited to be conducted at the e*uipment manufacturer premises in 'umbai) India. This course will be conducted in #D$# substation. This learning module will be conducted completely at site in #D$# substation.ower transformers and bus bars.0 <15) 1=>?) @=>) <85 and 7. Mo(ule line carrier an( Line Tuners This course provides fundamental know-how of power line carrier technology and detailed information about RA0 B>=1 device. The duration of the course will be three working days.. Mo(ule 7. Mo(ule 5.0ontrol an( Protection rela's This learning module will boost up the operators knowledge on various protections schemes adopted for the protection of transmission line) 86 #( distribution lines) . Mo(ule 6. This course will be conducted at #D$# substation and the course duration will be 1 days.0 industry e2pert in Dubai) UA. After the successful completion of this course) the participant will be familiar with the features and applications of the device and will be able to maintain the communication link. The course duration will be 86 days. This training is best suited to be presented by the S. This course will be conducted at site in #D$# substation.Po.%%$ /V Disconnector S.Surge Arrestors This learning module will focus on the understanding of the surge arrestor) its functions) different parts and maintenance of the e*uipment. The duration of this course will be : working days.0ontrol 1uil(ing Operations an( 10* Rela's Upon completion of this learning module) the operators will be able to perform operations and maintenance of the control <15 relays.itc. The duration of this course will be three days. The duration of course for this learning module will be : days and this this course will be conducted at #D$# Substation. Mo(ule 4.:6 relays front panel operations) $asic settings) downloading fault records and analy9ing the faults will be focused in more detail and in depth.

+owever if there are no testing apparatus available) then it will be waste of time.Perio(ic testing of t. Aour days are allocated for training per week.e substation e9uip ents Almost every e*uipment in any modern substation needs some testing to be performed periodically based on the manufacturer recommendations and also there is a need of some sophisticated testing e*uipment for this purpose. This learnging module will be conducted at #D$# substation and course duration will take four working days.e(uleThis training program is tentatively scheduled to start in the 5st week of anuary) 865@ and will continue up to the last week of 'arch. .Alar s an( Annunciator S'ste This learning module will help the operators in #D$# and D !" substations to be able to diagnose various alarms associated with different e*uipment) record and troubleshoot the alarms displayed at the annunciator panel. This will help to increase the life time of the batteries. Mo(ule %%. Training Sc. Mo(ule %$. !urrently DA$S is not having these e*uipments with themselves. This course will be conducted at the #D$# substation and the duration of the course will be five days.arger This training module will familiari9e DA$S operators to maintain) test and analy9e substation batteries.Mo(ule 8. This learning module will identify various testing needed for the substation e*uipment) testing procedure) testing duration and testing kitsCapparatus.1atteries an( 1atteries c.

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