All About Isshin Ryu Karate Isshin Ryu is a form of Okinawan karate created by Tatsuo Shimabuku.

The method combines Goju-ryu karate, kobudo and Shorin-ryu karate styles. The Ja anese hrase !Isshin Ryu" translates into !one heart way". Shimabuku formali#ed the name on January $%, $&%'. The Isshin Ryu system can be summari#ed u by its formal ractice techni(ues or kata. There are articular techni(ues used to kick )sna in* kicks+ and unch ),ertical fist+. -ractitioners of Isshin Ryu a*ree that si.teen kata make u the fi*htin* method. These are ei*ht em ty hand, two sai, three bo, one bo sai kumite kata, one bo-bo kumite kata and a sin*le tuifa kata. These katas include both ori*inal de,elo ment from Shimabuku as well as kata assed down from older styles. Empty Hand Kata  Seisan/ Students of Isshin Ryu learn this kata after they learn the basics of the first and also the second charts. 0hotoku 1yan, rimary instructor of Tatsuo Shimabuku tau*ht him Seisan.  Seiunchin/ This kata was im orted into Isshin Ryu after Shimabuku studied under 0hojun 2iya*i, the founder of Goju-ryu Ryu. It concentrates on the !shiko-dachi" or low horse stance where the knees are folded in obtuse an*les and the feet are an*led at forty-fi,e de*rees away from the body. Seiunchin is broken into different arts, each art usin* a articular muscle tensin* or breathin* techni(ue. This kata has no a arent kicks, but there are hints of a knee strike.  3aihanchi/ This em ty hand kata is deri,ed from the teachin*s of both 0hoki 2otobu and 0hotoku 1yan. The Isshin Ryu style is hea,ily influenced by the kumite tau*ht by 2otubu. 4ut there are e.ce tions like the turned-in toes. 3aihanche kata is the first !*o-kyu" or blue belt kata and alon* with 5ansu form the buildin* blocks of the teachin* ranks like the *reen belt or !yon-kyu".The mo,e se(uences is similar to the ractitioner standin* a*ainst a wall with its o onents to the ri*ht or left. This is because the kata is *enerally tau*ht with strai*ht heels and back ositioned firmly on a unbent ed*e like a wall or a board.  5ansu/ The ,ersion of Isshin Ryu is uni(ue for its two side kicks. The kata tends to concentrate on the in-close e,asion, and lessenin* of attack. There is an uni(ue mo,ement o ularly known as fireman6s carry throw. 0hinto/ The difference of 0hinto with other kata is that its embusen consists of a line ositioned in a forty fi,e de*ree an*le. 7ootwork is made u of deflectin*, whi in*, sli in* and a rela.ed motion of the body. This kata can be learned only after 3aihanchi and 5ansu are fully in the student6s *ras .   1usanku/ This was tau*ht by 0hotoku 1yan. It is often referred to as a katha that takes lace at ni*ht. 4ut current research dis ro,es this assum tion.  Sunsu/ This kata is the brainchild of Tatsuo Shimabuku himself. It includes a number of mo,ements deri,ed from other kata. It was utili#ed as a dojo kata and is e.clusi,e to Isshin Ryu.

8t Go91arate: we list a lar*e amount and ,ariety of martial art schools that will ser,e your needs in the cate*ory of Isshin Ryu.. ;nroll at any of the com anies mentioned here to learn Isshin Ryu karate. Benefits 8 art from e(ui in* a student in self-defense techni(ues, what Isshin Ryu does is to teach the ractitioner the art of achie,in* harmony and co-ordination. ;,entually, the student6s fluidity of mo,ements, stamina and de.terity will im ro,e. The art form also shar ens mental faculties, boosts confidence and makes a student a balanced indi,idual. Key features The book, 6Isshin-Ryu 1arate, The <ltimate 7i*htin* 8rt6, charts out major features of the martial art form. It oints out, amon* others, that Isshin Ryu com rises many close-in techni(ues which hel in street fi*htin* situations. The book also oints out that the martial art hel s a u il shift from attackin* to defensi,e ositions in a smooth, swift manner. Rankings Isshin Ryu has a rankin* system that is similar to other martial art styles. The kyu le,els are the initial set of rankin*s before a student ro*resses to the dan le,el. The tenth dan is the hi*hest, but by the time a u il rises to the fourth or fifth dan, a considerable amount of e.cellence has already been achie,ed. The *reater the ractice and ersistence, the hi*her the chances are of *ainin* a black belt in the dan le,els. =et, it could take anywhere between four and si. years before the student can *et there. Time to share 8 famous Isshin Ryu e,ent reco*ni#ed the world o,er is the Isshin Ryu >all of 7ame. The best talents across the world are honored as art of this annual edition. It ser,es as a *reat latform for the connoisseurs to share knowled*e and build bonds.