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Martial arts literature has always emphasized one point heavily –“Love the cause of the fighting, not the fighting itself.” This reflects the true purpose of the martial arts – to maintain order and balance in our surroundings, not to disrupt its harmony by creating negativity through our actions, and to maintain civility and eti uette at all times. The martial arts teach us about discipline, about restraint, about responsibility. !n today"s world, although we consider ourselves to be a very advanced form of life that has made e#tremely rapid progress given how old it is, crime e#ists, either driven by individualistic motives or by the dire need to survive. $owever, the martial arts do not e#ist to fight crime – they e#ist to provide us with a means of defense in order to %eep our lives in harmony and balance and to help us lead disciplined lives. Why women need nowledge and proficiency of the martial arts The conventional idea of women being below men in terms of their position in society has e#isted for a long time, largely due to the cultural norm of a male&dominated, patriarchal structure of society. 'hile things are vastly better today, with women standing at par with men in all aspects of social life (often above men in some), in a physical confrontation, solely due to female physiology, a males have the upper hand as their physiology favors endurance and an increased capacity for physical wor%. $owever, this isn"t an impediment to hold women bac%. Training in the martial arts provides several benefits to women, that improve their uality of life on several levels, be it physical, mental or even spiritual. Martial arts training promotes strengthening of core muscle groups, a healthy metabolism, and improved cognitive function among several other benefits. !enefits of martial arts training for women • • "ncreased strength# agility# de$terity and %itality, allowing for a healthy body that in turn leads to a healthy state of mind and peace with oneself. Strength- of- mind and inner piece# in the face of all turbulence in one"s surroundings. The martial arts train us to be composed and calm in the face of all situations, stressful and rela#ed, in order to lead a peaceful and fulfilling life. Awareness of oneself is %ey to attaining inner peace and tran uility, as one understands one"s body and mind deeper than they have ever gotten to before. "mpro%ed focus and concentration & Martial arts training has been proven to develop improvements in one"s mental capabilities, especially in terms of improving the intensity of focus and concentration one can muster in the face of all ups and downs.

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'iscipline and (esponsi)ility & The martial arts, while teaching one how to perform in combat, also teach us the value of restraint, responsibility, peace, love and non&violence. * firm understanding of the martial arts emphasizes that violence must always be the last resort towards resolving a situation, only to be e#ercised when all other means of resolution have failed.

Self-defense +ne of the biggest advantages of ta%ing up a form of martial arts for women is self&defense. !n a world that is turning increasingly unsafe for women, where crimes against women have s%y& roc%eted, it helps to %now some form of martial arts. There are many cases of domestic violence against women that go unreported, but being empowered with self&defense techni ues do definitely help you ta%e care of such situations. *onfidence-)uilding *nother ma,or benefit of opting for a martial art form is building confidence. 'omen often suffer from emotional traumas and low self&esteem. * martial art form could help you alleviate your depression and fight the blues effectively. -our interpersonal relationships could improve drastically. +etwor to win Then, there is the sense of belonging to a community. -ou could be a single mother battling loneliness or a woman who has ,ust been in a situation that has made a negative impact on your emotional well&being. !n such a scenario, ,oining a martial art do,o could help. There is a sense of bonding, and you now have a networ% of people to share your insecurities and fears. * community also helps you overcome anger and you can laugh your troubles away. Staying in shape Last but not the least, any martial art form, be it ,udo or %arate, helps you stay in great shape. -ou could shed those e#tra calories, %eep fit and agile. * great physi ue can be very flattering for any woman. Women power There is no better way to shatter the glass ceiling than to ta%e up a martial art form which has traditionally and historically been dominated by men. *rming yourself with martial art s%ills means to show the world that women power is here to stay.

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