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Missions and Migraines Chapter three A/N Hey guys!

So, while this isnt my first story longer than a one-shot, it is my first story (longer than a one-shot) posted online, so please bear with me here. Theres three things oh wait, never mind theres four I need to tell you first. 1: If you spot any grammatical or spelling errors, please point them out. Though Im generally good at spotting mistakes, sometimes I miss one even if its glaringly obvious. This is unbetad, any mistakes are completely my own. 2: This is set after STID, and the timings sometimes confusing, so Im gonna lay it out for you in order of events: 1: Jim dies of radiation poisoning, and is saved by Khans blood. 2: About 1 year later, the speech in the movie occurs. 3: One month later, the Enterprise sets out on her 5-year mission. 4: 2 months after that, Nyota and Spock part ways. 5: 5 months after that, Jim and Nyota get together. 6: 3 months later, this story takes place. So, this story takes place approximately 10 months after the end of Into Darkness, which is about a year after Jim dies. I hope that clears everything up! 3: This story is complete, otherwise I wouldnt have uploaded it. Im a terrible updater; I always forget. To fix my problem, I write my whole story first, then start uploading it. I hope to update weekly, or maybe, if Im feeling nice, biweekly, so. be happy! 4. Just so you understand my position on swear words, Im going to try to directly quote beamirang, my favorite fanfiction author, on this: McCoys middle name is damnit, Scottys language is actually tame for a Scotsman, and Jim was basically raised by wolves. (BAD WORDS IN THE EXPLANATION WARNING) That states my stance fairly well. So, from McCoy, youll hear Damnit, Jim! every third word and a fuck once in a blue moon, from Scotty a bloody hell or shit once or twice (a minute ;P ), and from Jim, youll hear the sentence that says it all: Fuck the fucking fuckers, and a son of a bitch, or fuck off once in a while. I think thats everything, so enjoy the story! *This is a disclaimer* If I owned Star Trek, Pike would still be kicking Jims ass for dying.

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Im going to kill you, Jim, I swear to God. Dr. McCoy wasnt having a very good day. So far, three of the xenobiologists had come in with the same disease (not easily treated, mind you), an Ensign from Engineering had managed to break his arm in a fall, and Lieutenant Commander Jackson had come in with a stomachache and ended up needing an appendectomy. So when Jim had commed him saying that he needed him to come to a meeting about their new mission right now, well, lets just say that if Jim was a mirror, McCoy would be starting to wonder if seven years bad luck was really that bad. Goddamn five years in space with no break from all these nonsensical morons! No respect! I dont need surgery, its just a stupid stomachache! Well it wasnt, goddamn idiot! McCoy managed to keep a constant stream of rant running under his breath the whole way to the meeting room. He walked in the open door, and saw that he was the only one who hadnt arrived yet. Leonard saw Jim sitting in his chair talking to Spock, who was on his right. The disgruntled CMO took his spot on Jims left, still scowling and generally hating the world. Hey, Bones! Youre finally here! Jims cheerful voice was enough to put Bones in an even worse mood, and he just gave a glare. Jims happy expression stayed, and he elbowed Bones, with a Dont be so grumpy! and continued his conversation with Spock. That did it. Okay, ya make such a big deal about me comin down here and then ya sit here like youre on a goddamned beach in Risa! Just call the stupid meetin to order or whatever youre gonna do, cause Ive got a sickbay to run! Thankfully, no one heard his angry outburst because of all the noise in the room. Jim, reconsidering his current position, said, Okay, what happened? Youre talking southern. Bones sighed, clenching the bridge of his nose. Sorry. Long day. Jims grin came back to his face. Universe is out to get you, huh? Bones glared at him, and Jims hands went up into the air in a gesture that clearly said, Not my fault! McCoy rolled his eyes. Just start the stupid meeting. Jim saluted and said, Yes, sir! Wait, shouldnt it be you saying that to me? McCoy glared at him again. Shut up, Captain Moron. Jim chuckled and turned to the still loud room. AHEM, he said loudly. The room was silent and everyone looked at him. I know you guys are a chatty bunch, but I have to eat sometime this week. Everyone looked abashed except for Spock, of course. As always, the Vulcan looked dispassionately interested in Jims words. Kirk rubbed his hands together. So, the mission. Earlier today, Starfleet contacted us with a new mission, which is to visit a dwarf planet in the Fliati star system. The system is

comprised of four full-size planets, and for once they arent just called Fliati I, II, III, and IV. Apparently there are creative astrophysicists. That got a disapproving glance from Spock, an eye roll from Bones, and laughs from everyone else. Jim grinned. The planets are Faitia, Triam, Kelipsa, and Ashrom. The dwarf planet were going to, called Jocerta, is very near to Faitia, the third planet. Jocerta is a comfortable place, mostly jungle with some savannah, and it has three continents. Some of the animals there are very dangerous, so we need to be careful. Faitia, which is also mostly jungle with three very active volcanoes, is prone to ion storms, so there was also a warning about that. Both are inhabited by races Starfleets been keeping tabs on. Our mission on Jocerta is to assess the race and report back to the Admiralty. If they think that the people are ready, were supposed to negotiate their joining the Federation. According to Starfleet, the Jocertans are a peaceful, kind, intelligent race with real respect for the Federations highest ideals. Theyve had visitors from the Federation before, but they never knew that it was the Federation visiting. Jocertans generally dont vary very far from our physical appearance. They are dark and light-skinned, with eyes anywhere from blue to black. The only real difference is that they all have a genetic marking on the small of their back that proclaims them Jocertan. I dont think well have to worry about that. Again, there was snickering around the room. So, on to the shore party. Theres a few people Id like to ask to accompany me in this room. Lieutenant Uhura? I need your awesome xenolinguistics, and since this might become a new Federation planet, youre my first contact communications officer. As long as you studied those language files that Starfleet sent you guys, you should be fine. The Communications officer smiled and nodded. I was planning on volunteering anyway, sir. This is a very good opportunity for learning more about their language. Thank you. Wow, theyre good, thought Bones. Kirk and Uhura had been dating for three months. Kirk had finally asked her out (and gotten a positive response for once) a while after her and Spock had parted ways. Ironically, Spock seemed to have no problem with it, which was strange to Bones. Maybe the green-blooded hobgoblin really is okay with it. Jim smiled, Good. Also- Yes, Lieutenant? Uhura had had a question. What about the planet, Faitia, Captain? Are we not supposed to survey there as well? Jim shook his head emphatically. According to the last group that visited Faitia, the inhabitants are volatile, unfriendly, and incredibly xenophobic, even to those in their own system. They are at least technologywise within the range of the Federation, but their civilization is primitive. Their government as last reported was extremely oppressive and there was a small resistance on its way to being wiped out. So, not a nice place to be. Uhura agreed, nodding her head along with Scotty, Sulu, and Chekov. Captain, you said there were several people in the room youd like to accompany you. Who else is going? Uhura looked generally curious. Jim chuckled. Patience, Uhura, patience. Lets see Sulu, Chekov, Bones, Spock. That should about do

it! Yes, Spock, before you ask, I have a reason for all of you. Spock, who had been opening his mouth to no doubt ask the question just answered, closed it and watched the Captain. So, is tha it then, came a Scottish voice from across the room, Cause we were havin a wee problem in Engineerin tha Id like to get back to and cannae ignore, if yeh don mind, Capn. Jim gave Scotty a glance, and sat down. As soon as he did, he picked up his PADD and started frantically working on something. Yeah, go back to what you were doing. But, those of you who are going, read through what I am sending you right now. Five PADDs beeped with a notification. Its a debriefing packet on Jocertan culture and tradition plus the same for Faitia, because to tell you the truth, we might be asked to go to Faitia to assess the condition even with the circumstances I just gave you, and I want you to be prepared. Itd be a nasty ride if you dont know whats in store. Jim clapped his hands together, and a few people jumped. On that happy note, its 0700 and time for food. Cmon, Bones! Jim jumped out of his seat and headed for the door. Bones rolled his eyes, stretched, and followed. I dont know why I took this job, I really dont, he grumbled under his breath. What only Uhura saw was that as he walked grumpily out the door after his best friend, a small smile lit his face.

Nyota Uhura hadnt always loved James Kirk. Hell, three years ago she wouldve said she didnt even like him. It seemed so crazy to her how quickly things could change. She ended things with Spock not even a year ago. If you had told Nyota not that long ago that she would break up with Spock and start a relationship with Kirk within 6 months, she wouldve laughed and said you were delusional. She had always found him attractive, of course, (who didnt?) but shed never envisioned herself falling in love with him, as she so irretrievably had. The man like Spock had always been her type: intellectual, logical, not overly emotional. Kirks kind had always intrigued her, the bad boy, the charmer with a thousand-watt smile, but shed never actually taken one home. (Literally or figuratively.) But, she mused as she walked to the officers mess for dinner, Jim is different. Jim was both kinds of man, and neither. He was smarter, much smarter, than most people gave him credit for. He made decisions based not only on reasoning, but on past experiences, of which he had many. He seemed impulsive to many people, and maybe he was, but she knew that, however well hidden, there was always an at least semi-logical thought process behind everything he did. He was the bad boy, the charmer, the player who didnt settle down for anyone (until her), but he was also the intellectual, the kind of man she could enjoy having an intelligent conversation with.

Thats why I love him. She looked at her lover, walking slightly ahead of her beside McCoy. They were bickering yet again, but that was just how their relationship worked. She watched Spock, always thoughtful, walking with a purpose on the other side of Jim. She knew he was content just listening. Always present, if Jim needed him. When the group finally reached the officers mess, and sat down to eat, Uhura enjoyed the company of everyone around her. Carol Marcus, who had become quite a good friend in the ten months theyd spent together aboard the Enterprise, sat next to her, chatting and laughing as hard as anyone. Nyota snuck a glance at Jim, sitting next to Leonard, who was across from her. He was talking, laughing, but there was something off. Jim. Hey, Jim. Jim! When she finally got his attention, she looked deep into his blue eyes and saw what he was hiding from everyone else. I have a few questions on the Jocertan customs listed, she lied. Will you help me? Jim, seeing the way out she was giving him, nodded enthusiastically. Okay. See you guys later! Remember, transporter room, 0900, in your disguises. They all said their goodbyes and waved as the Captain and his Communications Officer walked out. It was not until they had almost reached their shared quarters that he spoke. Thanks, Ny. I needed that. She looked at him in concern. Youre in pain. It wasnt a question, and he didnt even try to deny it. I have a migraine. This days just been a bitch on my head. She nodded, and put in the passcode on their door. As soon as he hit the doorway, his faade dropped, and he suddenly looked exhausted and so vulnerable that she just wanted to give him a hug. So she did. She wrapped her arms around his chest, willing his pain away. His arms slipped around her, and he rested his head on hers. I love you, Jim. Dont you forget it. He nodded tiredly. Love you too. Bed? She chuckled. Sure. Ill be waiting for you. Dont be too long. She walked over to her dresser, and dressed for the night, taking her long hair out and brushing it, and her teeth in their sink. She heard the shower come on, (of course Jim would want a water shower.) She slipped over to their bed, pulling out a book, and read until she heard him come out of the bathroom. Her eyes flicked up to his face. Oh my God, you look terrible. Did you take anything for the pain? He nodded. His eyes were tinged with red, he was sweaty, and his face was pale as a sheet. She beckoned him to her, and he stumbled to the bed. Ow. Her face cringed in sympathy as he sat down on the edge of the bed, clutching his forehead. His eyes were clenched shut with pain. She looked at him, and pulled him down, putting the blankets over him. Thanks, Ny. She smiled when she saw slivers of ice blue peek through his fingers. She tugged his hands away from his face, and pulled him close to

her, whispering soothingly to him and running her hands through his hair until they drifted off to sleep. She awoke a few times in the night to him tossing and turning. The first time she woke him up from his nightmare he cried out in pain and clutched his head. She again pulled him close to her. The second time he couldnt see straight, so she got him some more painkillers. He fell into an uneasy sleep. It didnt work for long. The last time he woke her up, it was from moaning. She was so worried, she called Dr. McCoy, who showed up a few minutes later with a hypo that McCoy claimed would put the idiot out like a light until morning. He frowned, and looked at Jim, asleep on the bed. He gets these sometimes, and its really the only thing to do. Nyota nodded thankfully, and McCoy went back to his own bed. Jim rested peacefully the rest of the night. In the morning, Nyota was up before he was. She had showered, dressed, and gotten completely ready for the mission in twenty minutes flat. It gave her plenty of time to wake Jim up and see how he was faring. She went over to the bed and sat down next to him. In her absence, he had rolled to the middle. It amazed her how much younger he looked when he was asleep. Jim? Hey, Jim, you need to wake up. His eyes flickered open, and she was immensely relieved to see that the haze of pain was gone from his beautiful blue eyes. He groaned. Tired. Gimme a minute. Nyota smiled, knowing that if things came down to it, even in this state he could be ready in five minutes. Do you remember waking up in the night? It was pretty bad. His eyebrows scrunched together in confusion. No, I dont. What happened? Her smile flickered away. I You were in a lot of pain. You woke me up three times, and the third time you were so bad I had to call McCoy. Jims eyes widened. Wow, I knew this was a bad one, but I didnt know it was that bad. What did Bones do? He gave you a hypo for the pain and it let you sleep in peace. Im guessing all this is why youre tired. You sure you want to go today? He nodded enthusiastically. Yeah, my head feels way better. Its just that Im tired, which anyone has to work with on a daily basis. Im good. She looked into his eyes, trying to detect a lie. Okay, you should probably get ready then, huh? He glared playfully at her. Yeah, yeah, Im getting there. He sat up, stretching. She glanced appreciatively at the muscles moving under his skin, and his head turned, smirking. She rolled her eyes. You like what you see? His smirk grew bigger. She ran her fingers up his spine, sending a tremor along it. You know that I do. Now, she smacked his shoulder and he feigned hurt, grinning the whole time. Get ready, slowpoke! She was already in her disguise, which was actually rather complicated. She was wearing tight black pants, (acceptable on Jocerta) a loose-fitting grey tank top that flowed along her thin frame, (while low cuts were extremely common, skintight shirts for women were not acceptable) a black leather three-quarter sleeve jacket, and bright green,

dangly earrings. On her feet were black, soft leather boots that reached up above her knees. (Long boots were in fashion.) Her long black hair was in its usual ponytail. Jims eyes widened appreciatively on the low neckline of her tank top. Thinking a little more, he frowned. Sure youre not showing off a little much there? She rolled her eyes again. No. This is not only completely acceptable, but it also has the bonus of teaching you not to be so possessive! He stood up and walked over to her in his sleep pants, long sweats that were so comfortable they were almost heavenly. Seriously, though, I have to worry about someone going after the girl I fought so hard for. His face was serious, but in his eyes there was mischief. Im very, very sorry to tell you this, said Uhura, smirking. She didnt look sorry at all. But the fighting never stops, Jim. He sighed dramatically, and swooped down to peck her on the lips before he walked away, a jump in his step suggesting he was nearly skipping. It was good to see him like this. The last few weeks, he had been courting depression, as McCoy put it. Drinks have been bought. Suggestive comments have been made. Jim himself thought it was more of a light foreplay. Its like a dark room full of candles. Clothes have been removed. Uhura thought it was just a temporary, fixable thing. He just needed something, a problem, to occupy his mind. Excerpts from an ages-old book, Sherlock Holmes, that shed read as a child flashed through her mind Something about how Holmes had gone from being a bright-eyed brilliant detective when he had a problem to a slumped, depressed, incredibly lethargic man. Thats like Jim, she mused. When Jim had something to occupy his brilliant mind, he was unstoppable. There, in the middle of a horrible situation, with a million things to occupy him, he was at his absolute best, and thats when his enemies should run in terror. When hed spent as long as now with just empty space and paperwork to keep him company, being thrust into a perilous situation was the best thing that could happen to him. And, in those conditions, God help anyone who dared to cross Captain James T. Kirk. Said captain was now dressed and ready to go, with fifteen minutes to spare. Wow, she thought as he exited the bathroom. He looks hot. It was a word she didnt usually associate with Jim (it was usually sexy or handsome), but she couldnt think of any other way to put it. How do I look? His voice was laced with humor. She gave him a once-over. He was wearing black, loose-fitting pants, black boots, a dark grey shirt, black scarf around his neck, and a black leather jacket that she might have recognized. It was very simple, but it made a good look on a beautiful man. Sexy. Now, lets go. He smirked. Got your inconspicuous weapon, just in case? She nodded and turned her left leg on the toe, showing him the knife stuck in her boot, strapped to her thigh. It hasnt got a stun setting, but if its seen, it wont seem out of place. And you dont kill instantly with it. He nodded, showing her the holster on his hip, with an old-fashioned handgun. I agree. Shoot em in the leg to injure, head or chest to kill. Easy. Come on, lets go or well be late. They walked out of their quarters, and even though it was known ship wide that

she was the captains woman, and that Jim was the lieutenants man, they got appreciative stares on their way to the transporter room. Jim grasped her hand, and winked at a female lieutenant that was staring. She was in their class at the Academy, and Uhura thought she knew her name. Jocelyn? Jackie? Julie? Julie, it was Julie. Julie Carter. Security. She was going the same way, and Uhura realized that Julie was one of three security officers that would be accompanying them on their mission. Julie was dressed very similarly to herself, excepting the bright green earrings. Hey, Julie! Looking forward to the mission? Apparently Jim had known her better than Uhura, because Carter replied, Yes, Captain. Like the look, with a gigantic grin on her face. Jim looked at Nyota, who gave him a confused look. Jim face palmed. Right, you didnt know. Julie was in the self-defense class I got stuck with in the Academy. Pretty sure she saw me at my stupidest, but then again, you met me in a bar, drunk, and Im not sure I can get much stupider than when Im drunk. Nyota chuckled. What happened again? Not sure I remember She grinned, and Jim mirrored her expression, waggling his eyebrows. Oh, I remember perfectly. You ordered like, seven drinks, and I said, thats a lot of drinks for one woman. Nyota laughed. I remember! And I said, And a shot of Jack, straight up. Make that two, her shots on me, Jim chuckled. Her shots on her, thanks but no thanks. Dont you at least wanna know my name before you completely reject me? Im fine without it. You are fine without it, Julie sniggered at the cheesy pick-up line. Its Jim. Jim Kirk. And I completely ignored you. If you dont tell me your name, Im gonna have to make one up. Its Uhura, Nyota said, smiling. Julie was watching in amusement. Uhura? No way, thats the name I was gonna make up for you! Julie sniggered. Uhura what? Just Uhura. They dont have last names on your world? Uhura is my last name. Well, they dont have first names on your world? Just then, Cupcake walked up. Mr. Hendorff! Why dont you join our little walk down memory lane? Im sure you remember the day we met. Cupcake smiled nervously and nodded. Ill just expect you to leave out the beating me up part, okay? He nodded again. Okay, Ny, it was your turn. Jim was grinning widely now. I smiled. Then you came around and said So, youre a cadet, youre studying, whats your focus? Xenolinguistics. You have no idea what that means.

The study of alien languages. Morphology, phonology, syntax. Means youve got a talented tongue. Wow, Im impressed. For a second there, I thought you were just a dumb hick who only had sex with farm animals. At that, Jim snorted with laughter. Well, not only, he replied with a grin. Uhura and Julie laughed, and Cupcake joined in. This townies not bothering you, is he? Oh, beyond belief, but its nothing I cant handle. Jim smirked and glanced back over at Uhura. You could handle me, thats an invitation. Cupcake grinned, finally relaxing. Hey, youd better mind your manners. Oh relax, Cupcake, it was a joke. Hey, farm boy! Maybe you cant count, but there are four of us, and one of you. So get some more guys, and then itll be an even fight. And thats when everything went south. Jim smirked at Julie. Although, Cupcake, that wouldve been true if I wasnt stupidly drunk at the time. Hendorff snorted. Whatever you say, sir. Jim looked comically offended. Whats that supposed to mean? They all laughed, and walked into the transporter room. Okay, Jim, what did you say? Jim laughed at his best friend. Oh, these two lieutenants and I were just recounting the night I joined Starfleet. Bones laughed. Oh, that story! Julie blanched. How did that get you into Starfleet? Jim chuckled again. Well, after Mr. Cupcake Hendorff and his buddies threw the first punch or five, there was a loud whistle. It turned out to be, he paused, his grin disappearing. Captain Pike. He told me some things about my dad, and some other stuff, and the thing that I remember most clearly out of the whole night was the one that made my decision for me. He said, Your father was the captain of a starship for twelve minutes. He saved eight hundred lives, including your mothers, and yours. I dare you to do better. There was a momentary silence. So yeah, thats how I joined. Lets get this party started! They stepped on the transporter pad, and Jim had the Transporter chief patch him into the bridge. Just remember two things, Mr. Scott: Number one, dont break my ship. Two, if there are any signs of the beginnings of an ion storm, you send someone down with a shuttle right away, and then you tell us. We cant risk using the transporters during, before, or after one of those, and we need a way out if we have to make a quick exit. Scotts voice came over the comm. Yessir. Good luck, laddie. Scott out. Jim stepped up onto the pad, and sent a quick look Nyotas way with a smile. Energize! His view of the Enterprises transporter room was quickly obscured by a white light, and then the away team was gone.