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Regn. No 06/KMAH/03
Telephone No. +91-33-2358-5262 +91-9433630546 E-Mail amartyaaba an!"mail.#om AL- BLOCK, SECTOR-II, SALT LAKE, KOLKATA - 700091

B.N.A.A/Admin/a ! "#/$01%/



Round the clock security (minimum 4 guards) for guarding the premises of the Abasan from Building No. 1 to 12.






re uisite

norms!papers as per the pre"ailing Act!Rules of the #o"t. of $.B. %. &andatory intimation to the Abasan as 'ell as local (.) regarding full Bio*+ata of the security personnel to be posted for the ,ob. 4. .. -he Agency should pro"ide the guards 'ith proper dress code!uniform!shoes etc. -he Agency should pro"ide Baton/ -orch/ 0mbrella/ etc. re uired for pro"iding effecti"e ser"ice. 1. 2. -he security guards posted in the Abasan to be pro"ided 'ith mobile phones. -he ma3imum age of the security guards should not e3ceed .1 years. -he office bearers can ask for necessary proof.


-he Agency should uote his!her!their o'n rates in figures and 'ords on lump sum per month basis/ 'here a month shall mean #regorian calendar month irrespecti"e of the number of hours 'orked on any day of the month.


-he rates

uoted shall include all ta3es/ direct or

indirect/ le"iable under central!state!local bodies. 16. No price escalation 'ill be allo'ed 'ithin the period of contract. 11. (erformance guarantee of Rs 1./666 !* (Rupees fifteen thousand) only in the form of an irre"ocable 7.+.R!-.+R should be made in the name of 8Bidhan Nagar Amartya Abasan 9.:.) ;td. A!c <<<<<<<<<<<<< (name of the Agency)= should be furnished by the successful bidder! uotationer 'ithin 2 days of issuance of acceptance letter. 12. -he performance of the security guards to be super"ised by a )uper"isor round the clock. 1%. (erformance guarantee shall be released after satisfactory completion of the contract. 14. -he performance guarantee to be re"oked only if the agency (i) abandons the contract (ii) persistently disregards the instructions of the office bearers of the society or contra"enes any of the pro"ision of the contract or fail to adhere to the agreed program. 1.. (ayment shall be made by A!c payee che ues on production of proper bill by 16th of the ne3t month.

11. -he agency shall entirely be responsible for ensuring safety of his!her!their guards and other necessary!ancillary security items. No e3tra payment shall be made for any safety precaution during e3ecution of the contract. -he cost of such precaution shall be deemed to ha"e been included in the rates uoted. )d!* (Secretary) Bidhannagar Amartya Abasan 9.:.) ;td

Regn. No 06/KMAH/03
Telephone No. +91-33-2358-5262 +91-9433630546 E-Mail amartyaaba an!"mail.#om AL- BLOCK, SECTOR-II, SALT LAKE, KOLKATA - 700091

B.N.A.A/Admin/A ! "# $01% NORMS &OR O'ERATION O& '(M'S


>peration of 11 pumps thrice daily i.e in the morning around 1.66 to 1.%6 A.&/ at noon around 12.66 to 12.%6 (.& and in the e"ening around ..%6 to 1.66 (.& or as or 'hen re uired.

2. %. 4.

+usting/ greasing and tightening of nuts etc. 9ontrolling o"erflo' of 'ater. &aintenance of fuse/ 'ires etc.


1. )'eeping and collection of garbage from 11 buildings daily in the morning and deposition of the same in B&9 ?at. 2. $ashing of the staircase of 11 buildings e"ery )unday 'ith 'ater. %. )'eeping/ cleaning and 'ashing 'ith 'ater of roof and common area once in a calendar month. 4. Repair of chocking of ser"ice pipes. .. -rimming of trees and cutting grass 'ithin the Abasan. 1. +usting of the common areas and staircase etc.

)d!* (Secretary) Bidhannagar Amartya Abasan 9.:.) ;td

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