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For my daughter Jordan. Thank you for the inspiration for the new hara ter and insisting ! name her after you""

A know#edgments
I would like to thank my wife Crystal for continuing to encourag me through this entire writing and publishing process. This is book 2 and there are several more on the way. Thank you for supporting me. I also would like to thank Cliff Pennington with Pennington raphics !olutions for all the ama"ing graphics work especially the spectacular book covers for the entire novel series. I also want to thank my children as they offer inspiration and ideas that spark creative ideas to include in my writing. #nd thank you to all my fans that have started following The !ilent !oldiers series.

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Here is a quick recap of what took place in book 1…
Two years earlier$ my life changed forever after moving from %allas to #rkansas to live with my grandfather. &or the previous fourteen years I lived with my 'ncle Charles and cousin$ (att. &or the most part$ my childhood had been like any other. The only difference was I never had a mother. 'ntil I turned fourteen$ I went to a normal school$ had normal friends$ and lived a normal life. (y 'ncle raised me as his own along with (att. (att)s mother$ my #unt$ died while giving birth to him. Two days before my fourteenth birthday$ we moved to *erie$ #rkansas to live with my grandfather. !amuel Carrington$ my randpa$ is a huge real estate tycoon. (ore importantly than that$ he is the alpha wolf to the +ittle ,ock pack of werewolves. That leads us to how e-actly my life is different now. #fter moving to my randpas) mansion he told me about my parents. (y mother and father were both supernatural beings. .e told me I was part vampire$ and part werewolf. I was uni/ue in that I was the only being in history to ever be a mi- of two different races. (y vampire half gave me all of vampires) strengths$ and none of their weaknesses$ that we know of. (y werewolf half gives me the power to shift into werewolf form. 0h$ I almost forgot. I also inherited my grandmothers) gift of prophecy. 1ot only did I find out about all these awesome powers. I also found out I was destined to lead an elite army of supernatural beings. This army is called the !ilent !oldiers. 0ur purpose$ the reason randpa created the !ilent !oldiers$ is to fight evil and

help preserve the laws set forth by The !upernatural Council in order to keep our e-istence hidden from humans. #fter a bit of training and several 2visions3 we located my mother and rescued her from 1hados. 1hados is a very powerful shifter with wi"ard powers. .e found out about the prophecy of my birth and vowed to bring me over to evil. I put a damper on his plans by taking the 4oichi sword from him thus forever uniting my self with the light$ or the good side so to speak. #fter ac/uiring the sword I found out my mother was still alive. 5e tracked her to a hotel in +ittle ,ock and rescued her from a group of vampires. #fter I rescued (om she told me my father gave his life so that she could escape. !o$ for the past two years I had become /uite accustomed to my powers. The soldiers and I trained very hard for the two years after we came together. # bit of good news is that we haven)t heard a single thing from 1hados since we took the sword$ and rescued (om. I have en6oyed having the time off to get to know my (om. I know 1hados will show his ugly face soon. I really can)t believe he has waited so long to make another move against us.

Previously in book 1…. Nhados pulled the dagger from her chest as he allowed her dead body to slump to the ground. He had decided Adriana would fail him no more. Nhados turned around and walked away from Adriana’s body. Nhados now faced at least a dozen small figures all cloaked in dark colored hooded robes. They all stood at attention in front of their master. “Phase one will begin soon. hope! for your sakes! that you do not fail me as this wretched shifter has. f you cannot succeed in eliminating the boy! you will pay with your li"es#$ Nhados roared at the cloaked figures. The short cloaked figures stared up at 1hados. Their features were hidden e-cept for their glowing white eyes. 25hat are you still doing standing here staring at me73 1hados continued to roar. In a puff of smoke the figures standing before 1hados were gone. 1hados drops his head as he turns back toward #driana)s lifeless body. .e slowly walks over to her and kneels down. .is clawlike hand reaches out and brushes the hair from her face with one long skinny finger. 1hados stares down at #driana for several minutes before reaching out his hand over her head with his palm facing down toward her face. !uddenly orange light begins radiating from his hand. It grows in si"e and brightness until you can no longer see her head at all. #driana)s chest rises /uickly into the air as she sucks air back into her lungs. The light goes out instantly. 1hados stands up as #driana /uickly scrambles across the floor once she reali"es what happened in an attempt to get away from her recent killer. 28ou killed me93 #driana said in a barely audible voice. 2#nd I probably should have left you that way.3 1hados barked back at her. 2I thought you loved me$3 came the same low voice. 1hados remained silent as he stared down at her. 2I)m sorry$ my love.3 1hados said reaching out a now normal looking human hand. 1hados never really loved #driana he only kept her close to him to do his

bidding. #nd he wasn)t done with her yet. They both disappeared once #driana)s hand touched his. The glowing white eyes appear in the darkness. The cloaked figures are standing on a hilltop somewhere deep in the forest. The figures begin communicating but only they understand the language. It sounds as if they are whispering 6ust soft enough to not be heard. They continue to whisper for some time standing in a circle. The figures stand completely motionless. 5hen they are finished with their conversation the whispering stops instantly as the figures all turn to look out across the treetops of the forest in which they stand. !uddenly what they are looking at comes into focus. (iles in the distance sits the mansion.

25hat are we going to do for your birthday$ +uke73 #sked #va. 2I don)t care. #s long as I get to spend it with you.3 25ell$ I was thinking we might could go somewhere on a real date for a change since you will be getting your license to drive$3 said #va. 2That would be cool$ but I don)t have a car. *ven though you have a license$ you still have to have a vehicle$3 I told her. 2I guess you)re right about that$3 #va said with a giggle. 2I)m sure we will come up with something fun to do.3 I was finally going to turn si-teen the ne-t day. I have had my driving permit for the past few months$ but I couldn)t wait to be able to drive by myself. I talked to randpa about getting a 6ob so I could buy a car. .e told me I didn)t need my own car because I had access to his car and driver anytime I needed it. I really didn)t have time for a 6ob anyway with school and all of the training I had going on. There was a knock at the door and I walked over to answer it. 2.i$ +uke$3 said (om as I opened the door. 2.ey mom$ is everything ok73 2*verything is fine$ baby$ I 6ust wanted to tell you not to make plans for tomorrow evening. I am going to give you a birthday party.3 2Come on in$ (om.3 21o$ I 6ust wanted to stop by and tell you that. I have some work to do down in the office. I)ll talk to you later$3 she e-plained. 20k$3 I said 6ust as mine and #va)s cell phones beeped at the same time.

2 randpa needs us at head/uarters$3 I said as I looked at my phone. #va and I walked (om down to randpa)s office on our way to the elevator that led to head/uarters. 5hen we came off the elevator into the main room we noticed (att$ :enna$ and %akota were already there. I immediately became nervous about why randpa wanted to meet us so late in the evening. 25hat)s going on$ randpa73 I asked curiously. 2+et)s go into the conference room and I)ll tell you all about it$3 said randpa. 5e followed randpa in to the room and each took a seat around the enormous table. randpa stood at the head of the table ne-t to the large pro6ection screen hanging on the wall. 2I am afraid I have some terrible news$3 started randpa$ 2I don)t know how to tell you this other than to 6ust come out with it. Thados was apparently killed at his home sometime last night$3 said randpa. 25hat73 shouted #va. 25hy would someone want to kill him73 asked :enna. 25ell$ we believe 1hados was the one responsible$3 said randpa. 5e all stared up at him shocked at this news. It had been nearly two years since anyone had even mentioned 1hados. 5e knew he was still out there. 5e 6ust didn)t know what his ne-t move would be. 2There was an une-pected attack yesterday at Thados) home. Thados and many of his trolls were killed. The reason I brought you all here this evening is to let you know the trolls believed it was our fault Thados was killed$3 said randpa. 25hy would it be our fault Thados was killed73 asked (att.

2They think 1hados found out his brother helped us with the binding spell you created.3 2If he did find out$ why would he wait nearly two years to get back at his brother73 I asked. 2I think 1hados has been planning to kill his brother for /uite some time. 1hados has tried for years to get Thados to 6oin him$ but he refused$3 randpa e-plained. 2That is 6ust awful. I can)t believe he is gone$3 said #va. 2I wanted to let you know about Thados. I also wanted to let you know the true nature of a troll is revenge and always wishing to wage war against anyone that causes them problems.3 said randpa. 25ere going to war with the trolls73 #va asked. 21o. I don)t believe they are interested in us$3 said randpa. 2I think they are going after the one that killed their master.3 21hados93 #va e-claimed. 25ere going to have to face 1hados sooner or later$3 I said. 2I knew something had to be stirring.3 5e hadn)t heard from 1hados in /uite some time. *ven the Council had been searching for him for the past two years. 28es$ +uke$ we will have to eventually face him$3 said randpa. 2It could have very easily been us that 1hados attacked$3 added :enna. 2I don)t think it is wise for us to side with the trolls. Trolls are not very bright when it comes to battle. They are /uite strong and do pretty well for themselves in a fight$ but they lack the planning and organi"ation skills it will take to defeat 1hados. I

hope$ for their sake$ they will not rush into a fight. 5e need to be prepared for anything 1hados may send your way$3 randpa e-plained. randpa dismissed us from the meeting and we all headed back upstairs. I couldn)t help but think 1hados was up to no good again. I wondered what he would do ne-t as we silently made our way upstairs. %akota said he was going to hunt. %akota$ a vampire with outstanding archery abilities$ was the newest and final member to 6oin the !ilent !oldiers. .e has been hunting and feeding off animals on randpa)s property since he came to live with us at the mansion. ;ampires need human blood to survive$ which randpa keeps a healthy supply of at the mansion from a blood bank he owns. %akota says hunting animals helps him fight his urge to feed from humans. ;ampires are predators after all. (att$ my cousin$ told us he and :enna were going to watch a movie in his room. :enna is the daughter of %ante$ randpas) head of security. :enna has the power to control electricity. &or e-ample$ she can go into a computer and work it with her mind. !he was also the one that helped us locate the 4oichi sword by going into and reading #driana)s mind when #va captured her. #va is the daughter of ,achel and the fifth and final member of The !ilent !oldiers. ,achel is the witch that worked with my parents to create a spell so that I could be born. ;ampires can)t have children$ so ,achel made it possible for my parents. #va is also a witch. Two years earlier$ when I first came to the mansion$ she performed a ritual that pretty much gave her super magic powers. !he has continued to get even stronger since then. *veryone headed their separate ways leaving #va and I alone in the hall. I had grown /uite fond of #va. 5e had been dating since I moved to the mansion.

25ould you like to 6oin me for a movie73 I asked #va. 2!ure. That sounds great$3 !he replied. 5e went into my room and #va took her normal place on the couch while I found a %;% to put in. I grabbed some sodas from the fridge in my room and snuggled in beside her to watch it. 1ot long after the movie started my sight went black and a vision came into focus. The last vision I could remember having was two years ago. This vision was pretty much the same one. It starts off with a man laying in a hospital bed with all kinds of tubes and hoses connected to him. .is face was so badly bruised and in6ured that I couldn)t make out his features. The first time I had the vision of this man was right after we rescued my (om. 1e-t$ the vision flashes to what I guess is some time in the future. I)m still standing in the same room looking at someone in the bed$ only this time< the man seems to be completely healed. .e no longer has the bruises or the e/uipment attached to him. The vision fades and I come to back in my own room sitting with #va. 25hat)s wrong$ +uke73 asked #va very concerned. 2I had a vision.3 2I haven)t heard you say that in a long time.3 28eah$ it)s been at least two years since I had one$3 I told her. I told #va about the vision$ and how it related to the one before. 25ho do you think it could be73 #sked #va. 2I have no idea. It is a man$ but I have never seen him before that I remember. .e is definitely a vampire. The first time I had this vision was right after we found (om$3 I e-plained. I hadn)t told anybody about

that vision and I especially didn)t tell them who I thought the man was. #va gave me a kiss on the cheek and snuggled back in beside me to finish the movie. The ne-t morning I woke up a little too early. I was e-cited about it being my birthday I guess. I didn)t figure anybody else would be up so early. I decided to take a shower and grab something to eat to kill some time. 0n my way out the door$ heading to the dinning hall downstairs$ I was a little startled to find :enna sneaking out of (att)s room. 2It)s not what you think$3 she said when she noticed the /uestioning look on my face< 25e fell asleep on the couch watching a movie.3 2.ey$ you don)t have to e-plain anything to me$3 I said and grinned at her. 20k$ well$ see ya latter :enna stuttered.3 she said as she turned and rushed off toward her room. :enna had moved to the mansion not long after (att and me. .e and :enna had pretty much been dating since the first day they met. I wondered to myself if (att would tell me the same story she 6ust had. I continued on my way to the dinning hall as I thought about the possibility of #va and me taking our relationship to the ne-t level like I believed (att and :enna were. The dinning hall was empty when I arrived. I made my way to the kitchen to order some breakfast. (uch to my surprise (om was there. 2 ood morning$ baby$3 (om said to me with a warm smile. 2(orning$ (om$3 I replied as I walked over and kissed her on the cheek. I ordered food and we went back into the dinning hall to wait on the kitchen staff to bring it out.

2(om$3 28es$ +uke73 2I was kind of wondering if you might have some old pictures of %ad73 2I)m pretty sure randma has some put up somewhere. 5hy do you ask73 2:ust a little curious$3 I lied. I didn)t want to tell (om about the man in my vision. 2(aybe we can go talk to her after we finish eating$3 (om said as the staff brought out our breakfast. 5e ate mostly in silence. I was deep in thought about the sudden reappearance of my visions. 5hen we finished eating (om told me to follow her. 5e headed out of the dinning hall to find randma. 5e found her and randpa sitting in the great room. 2(om$ we were wondering if you happened to have any pictures of Terry$3 said (om. Terry was my fathers) name. I know you always see in movies that vampires don)t show up in photographs$ but apparently that is not true. 2I)m not sure$ honey$ I will have to do some searching to see if I can find any$3 replied randma. 25hy do you ask$ !andra$3 randpa asked (om curiously. 2+uke asked if I had any pictures of his father. I don)t have anything left from before. I thought (om might have some$3 said (om. I started to tell them why I was looking for a picture of my father$ but I decided not to. :ust as I turned to leave the room my vision went black and I fell to the floor. The familiar vision came into focus. The man in the bed hooked up to the e/uipment. The vision flashed to the man still in the bed without the e/uipment$ and his wounds and

bruises were healed. To my surprise the vision flashed again to a completely different scene. The man from the bed was sitting on a couch talking to another man that I had never seen before. I can)t hear what the two are saying. 5hen they finish talking he lowers his head into his hands and begins to cry uncontrollably. #t this point I come to lying on the couch in the great room. #re you ok$ baby73 asked (om. 2I)m fine$3 I replied. 25hat did you see$ +uke73 asked randpa. I suddenly reali"ed I had no choice but to tell them about my visions. I sit up on the edge of the couch and begin to tell them. I started with the first one I had two years ago$ and tell them about the ones I had up until tonight. 28ou don)t know who the man is73 randpa asked. 21o$ sir$3 I answered. 2Tell me what the man looks like$ and describe the room he is in$3 (om said as I turned toward her and noticed the concerned look she had. I described the man and the room to them in as much detail as possible. I also described the room from the newest vision$ and the man that he is talking to. #s I was telling them this I reali"ed (om and randma e-changed serious glances at one another. 25hat are you not telling me73 I asked as I looked from (om to randma. 2+uke$ were really not sure. It seems strange that you are having visions of people you don)t know$3 randma said. 2:ust let us know if you have anymore visions$3 said (om as she dropped her head to look at the floor. I knew there was something they were not telling me$ but I respected them enough not to press the issue even though randma

had obviously 6ust lied to me. I knew the visions would play out eventually$ and I would learn who the man was. #ll of my visions in the past came to some sort of conclusion$ even if they didn)t end 6ust as I saw them. I e-cused myself and headed to my room. I was a little angry$ but even more disappointed that they were obviously hiding something from me. I walked out of the room and closed the door a little louder than necessary. I hoped they picked up on my feelings. Instead of heading up the stairs I silently put my ear to the door and tuned in to my vampire super hearing. 2%o you really think it could be him after all these years73 asked my (om. 2!andra$ there is no way to know for sure$3 said randma. 28ou can)t get your hopes up$3 said randpa. 2I know$ but why is +uke 6ust now having these visions after two years73 I heard (om say as her voice began to get a little more frantic. 2.oney$ we will 6ust have to see how it plays out$3 said randma. 2If there is a chance he is still alive I have to go and find out$3 said (om. 2!andra$ please calm down. %on)t you think he would have tried to contact you at some point over the past two years if he were alive and well73 asked randpa. 2I guess you have a point$3 said (om. I heard (om dismiss herself and head for the door. I bolted up the stairs out of sight 6ust as she came out into the foyer. I headed for my room and closed the door behind me. In the privacy of my room I fished my cell phone out of my pocket. I had a plan to find out what was going on with or without the help of my family. I sent :ack a te-t message to come and talk to me as soon as possible. :ack is the elf that had protected me for the past fourteen years. (y (om saved him from

a werewolf that intended to kill him for stealing. :ack owed my (om his life$ and vowed to serve her for the rest of his life. 5hen I turned around$ :ack was standing right in front of me. 28ou scared the crap out of me$ man$3 I told him. 2Please forgive me$ +uke$3 said :ack. 2I)m glad you came so /uickly$ :ack.3 2Is everything ok73 .e asked. I noticed instantly the concern in his voice. 2I was wondering if you could do me a favor$ :ack$3 I told him. 2#nything for you$ +uke$3 he replied. I told :ack about the visions I had of the man. I also told him who I thought the man might be$ and what I overheard (om and my grandparents talking about earlier. I watched the concerned e-pression :ack had turn to shock as I told him everything I knew. 2I will go and investigate straight away$3 said :ack. 2Please let me know what you find out as soon as possible$3 I said to :ack 6ust before he vanished right before my eyes.

I don)t remember how long I was awake waiting for :ack to return. I woke up after a short nap wondering why he had not come back yet. I 6umped up to check my cell phone to see if I missed any calls or messages. (y inbo- was empty$ so I sent :ack a /uick te-t message asking what he found out. I waited on a reply while I 6umped in the shower. =y the time I finished I still had not heard anything back from him. I began to get worried when he didn)t answer my calls or messages. :ack had always either answered my messages$ or came to me right away whenever I messaged him. I decided maybe he was either busy or was out of range for his cell phone to work. I would have to give him some time to respond before I got too worked up about it. I tend to be a little on the impatient side. I left my room to see if any of my friends were around to take my mind off of the situation. I ran into #va coming out of her room. 2.ey$ I said as I walked up and took her in my arms. I gave her a /uick kiss as I hugged her$ and watched as she blushed. 25ell$ hello to you$ to$3 she said. #va and I had pretty much fell for each other soon after my arrival to the mansion. 0ur relationship had definitely grown over the past two years we had known each other. I always felt better$ regardless of the mood I was in$ when I was with her. I instantly forgot about :ack and the mission I sent him on as I looked into her beautiful blue eyes. 25here you headed beautiful73 I asked.

2I was actually coming to find you. I wanted to see if you would have lunch with me$3 she replied. 20f course$ I would love to have lunch with you$3 I said$ 2I ate a little something already$ but I would never pass up the opportunity to be with you.3 #va smiled up at me as she took my hand and led me toward the stairs. The dinning hall was mostly empty when we arrived. I took a seat at one of the tables while #va went into the kitchen to order some food. I watched as #va came back out of the kitchen carrying a plate with a cupcake. There was a single lit candle sticking out of the top of it. I was smiling from ear to ear as she made her way to where I was sitting. 2.appy birthday$ +uke$3 she said as she sat the cupcake in front of me. 2Thank you$3 I said as I continued to smile at her. 2.ow does it feel to be a legal driver73 she asked while she sat down beside me. 2.onestly$ I hadn)t really thought about it until you mentioned it.3 2(ake a wish$3 #va told me motioning toward the cupcake. I closed my eyes and only took a split second to know what I was wishing for. I would never tell anyone$ but I wished that what I thought my vision was about would come true. I wished that the man I saw was really my %ad$ and he was really still alive. I opened my eyes and blew out the candle. 25hat did you wish for73 I heard moms voice ask behind us. #va and I turned around at the same time to see her standing behind us smiling. 2If I tell you$ it won)t come true$3 I said. (om giggled as she made her way around the table and sat down across from us.

25hat do you have planned for the day73 (om asked. 21othing special$3 I said. I really didn)t have any plans. I had been thinking about my visions so much since yesterday that I hadn)t thought about my birthday at all. 2 randpa$ randma$ and I have a little surprise for you. It might help you decide what you want to do for your birthday. I don)t know if they are ready yet$ but as soon as they are we can go see if your surprise is ready$3 said (om e-citedly. 20k$3 I replied. I couldn)t imagine what the surprise could be. #ctually$ my mind had focused back on :ack and the man from my vision since I made the wish. 25hat)s wrong$ +uke$3 (om asked. I guess she picked up on the kind of worried mood I was in. 20h$ nothing$3 I lied$ 2I)m 6ust a little tired. I haven)t been sleeping very well$3 I definitely didn)t want to tell (om about sending :ack to see about my father. I really didn)t even want her to know I suspected it was him until I knew for sure. I attempted to change the sub6ect by asking about the surprise her and my grandparents had in store for me. 25ell$ it wouldn)t be a surprise if I told you$3 said (om as she began smiling again. 2I)ll let the two of you finish eating while I check to see what is taking them so long. 0ne of the workers from the kitchen had brought #va>s food out while we were talking. !he waited until (om left us before she started eating. I took out the candle and nibbled at the cupcake #va had given me. I really wasn)t hungry at all$ but she had gone through the trouble. I ate it so she wouldn)t think I didn)t appreciate her giving it to me.

28ou know you can tell me anything$ right73 #va asked. !he could obviously tell something was troubling me. 20f course I do$3 I told her. 2!o$ tell me what is really wrong$3 said #va in a very loving tone. I stared down at my cupcake trying to decide if I should say anything or not. 2I don)t really know if I)m ready to talk about it or not.3 28ou don)t have to tell me if you don)t want to.3 I could tell she was concerned and a little hurt that I would be keeping something from her. I knew #va cared for me tremendously. 2I do want to tell you. I 6ust don)t know if I should be 6umping to conclusions$3 I replied. 2I)m here for you no matter what$3 she told me. 2I think my %ad might be alive$3 I blurted out. I was relieved at how much better I felt after I said it to someone. 2,eally73 she asked. I told #va about the visions I had been having$ and why I was coming to think the man was my %ad. !he listened intently as I told her all about it. 25hat can we do73 asked #va. I told her about the conversation I overheard the night before after telling my (om and grandparents about my visions. I had told her this much$ so I decided to tell her about sending :ack as well. 2I still haven)t heard from him$3 I said letting #va know that I was very worried about :ack. I told her he had never ignored one of my messages. 2I)m sure :ack is fine$3 #va tried to reassure me< 2.e did protect you from 1hados after all. I believe he can take care of himself$3 she added.

28ou)re right. I)m probably 6ust over reacting. I)m sure he will let me know as soon as he finds something out.3 #va always seemed to make me feel better. I reali"ed$ for the first time$ that I was falling in love with #va. I wondered if she could possibly feel the same about me. :ust then (om came back to the dinning room with a huge smile spread across her face. #va and I both smiled back at her. I wondered what she was so happy about. 2 randpa asked us to meet him outside in front of the mansion$3 said (om. (y smile faded and curiosity replaced my e-pression. 20utside73 I asked confused. 28es$ outside$3 (om said as she and #va continued to smile at me. (om led the way as #va and I followed her to the front doors. !he stopped and turned around to face me. 2Close your eyes$ baby$3 said (om. #va had hold of my arm. !he led me through the doors after (om opened them. 5e walked out on the porch and over to the steps. 2!urprise93 *veryone yelled. I was so startled by the number of people yelling at the same time. I opened my eyes in a flash and never would have dreamed what the surprise could have been. !itting there in front of me$ surrounded by my grandparents$ (att$ :enna$ and %ante$ was the most beautiful car I had ever laid my eyes on. This car was a brand spanking new black convertible Camaro. The windows were tinted so dark that you couldn)t see the inside at all. The chrome on the rims shined blindingly in the morning sunlight. I think my heart skipped several beats as I stared in awe at its beauty.

2I?is it m?mine73 I stuttered out the words barely able to speak at all. randpa tossed a set of keys toward me$ and I caught them in mid air. 20f course it is$3 said (om. I walked slowly down the steps toward the car. I walked a complete circle around it trying to slow my rapidly beating heart before it e-ploded out of my chest. 2I want you to know that your randma and your mother have been working on me for weeks about this$3 randpa said smiling. 2.e knew he couldn)t win against the two of us$3 said randma as she pointed toward (om and herself$ and giggled with delight. randpa nodded his agreement at what she said. 2Th?thank you93 I e-claimed. I still found it very hard to form words as I tried to wrap my mind around the fact that I had my very own car. I made my way around to hug everyone involved in the greatest surprise I had ever e-perienced in my life$ other than finding my mom9 25ell$ take it for a spin$3 said randpa. I slowly opened the door to look inside. The interior of the car was 6ust as ama"ing as the outside. I eased myself into the drivers) seat. 2=e careful$ son$3 said randpa as he and the rest of the crowd walked up the steps out of my way. 2#re you guys coming73 I asked my friends. I watched as smiles lit up on #va$ (att$ and :enna)s faces. They all rushed down the steps to get in the car. 2(om walked over to the door. I looked up to see her smiling down at me. 2%o you really like it73 (om asked.

2+ike it7 I +0;* it (om. It)s ama"ing93 I said. 2Come find me when you guys get back. I have something else for you$3 said (om. !he stepped back and closed the door. I stuck the key in the ignition and turned it. The engine roared to life. I felt immediately e-hilarated by the feeling of the cars power as it rumbled beneath me. I slowly made my way down the driveway and to the front gate. #s soon as the gate opened enough for the car to fit through I heard (att yell$ 2Punch it93 from the back seat. I did 6ust that. I put the petal to the metal. The tires screamed on the pavement as the car shot out of the driveway onto the road leading toward the freeway into +ittle ,ock. It only took a matter of seconds for the car to be at top speed. I looked down and reali"ed I was going over a hundred miles an hour. The trees outside the windows "ipped by in a blur. 2+et)s go to +ittle ,ock$3 I said as I slowed the car down to the speed limit. I definitely didn)t want to get in trouble and lose my ama"ing new car on the very first day I had it. 5e were 6ust about to reach downtown *erie. I pulled over at the little store in town to turn around. 2 ood$ I thought you were going to drive on forever$3 (att said as I headed back toward the mansion. 25hy73 I asked confused. 2:enna and I have a date tonight. I got a new vehicle for my birthday too$3 said (att. 2,eally73 I asked confused.

28eah$ randpa and randma didn)t want you to know anything about getting your car. They wanted it to be as much a surprise to you as mine was to me$3 e-plained (att. 20h$3 I said$ 25hat did you get73 2I got a truck$ man. I)m not much of a car person myself$3 said (att in his most macho voice. I was sure he was trying to impress :enna. I giggled softly to myself. 25hat about you$3 I asked looking over at #va. 2#bsolutely93 #va e-claimed$ 2I wouldn)t miss it for the world. 2Cool$3 I said. This would be mine and #va>s first real date away from the mansion. =efore$ we always had to take a car with a driver wherever we went. I thought to myself about wanting to take her somewhere special as I turned back into the driveway and pulled up to the guard shack. 25here are y)all going73 I asked (att while we waited for the gate to open. 2%inner and a movie$3 (att said. 2That)s cool$3 said #va. I made my way up the driveway toward the mansion. I pulled around to the west tower and stopped the car in front of the elevator door that would take us down to head/uarters. 2%oes anybody know how to open the door73 I asked reali"ing I had no idea how to get in. (att leaned up from the back seat and started pushing buttons on the screen where a stereo would be in a normal car. I should have known randpa would have already outfitted the car with !ilent !oldiers e/uipment. I watched e-actly what (att did so I could do it myself the ne-t time. The door opened in front of us. I pulled the car slowly into the elevator. (att pushed a few more buttons and the door closed behind us.

I parked ne-t to the other vehicles that were in the main room of head/uarters. 5e piled out of the car and headed for the elevator. #va and I walked over to the security booth and reali"ed (om was there with %ante. 2.ow does it drive73 asked (om. 2It is absolutely ama"ing$ (om. Thank you so much$3 I said e-citedly. (om handed me an envelope and said 2This is from %ante and me.3 I reached out and took the envelope from her with a very confused look on my face. (om smiled shyly as %ante said 2.appy birthday$ +uke.3 I couldn)t imagine why (om and %ante would be getting me a present together. I decided not to mention it until I could talk to (om alone. 2#va and I are going to +ittle ,ock$3 I told (om. 28ou need to be home by eleven$3 said (om. 0h$ 5ow$ I thought. I figured (om would tell me I had to be home a lot earlier than that. 20k$3 I said. 2.ave a good time$3 said (om. #va and I turned and went to the elevator. 2I need to go and get ready. I also have to let my (om know that we are going$3 said #va. 20k. I need to get ready myself$3 I told her as the elevator made it to the first floor. I gave #va a kiss on the cheek and she went into her room and closed the door. I was so e-cited about the evening ahead. I 6umped in the shower as /uick as I could. It was actually pretty /uick using my vampire speed. I was clean and out of the shower in a few short seconds. I went out into my bedroom and noticed several bo-es on my bed. I noticed the tags said they were from several of the other families that lived at the

mansion. I guess somebody had brought them while I was in the shower. It was a little creepy to know someone had been there. I had to remember to start locking my door. I found the bo-es to have several sets of new clothes in them. I picked out my favorite ones and pulled them on. # new car and new clothes7 I asked myself. Could this day get any better7 I remembered the envelope my (om gave me and walked over to the dresser to open it. I guess the day could get better. Inside the birthday card was two crisp hundred dollar bills. I shoved the money in my pocket and made my way out of my room and down to #va)s bedroom. I knocked lightly on the door. I was surprised to see ,achel open the door in front of me. 2Come on in$ +uke$3 she said. I walked through the door and she closed it behind me. 2.appy birthday$3 said ,achel$ 2Please have a seat. #va is still getting ready.3 I made my way over to the sitting area and took a seat on the couch. ,achel sat down across from me with a very serious look on her face. 2#va tells me y)all are going to +ittle ,ock for the evening$3 said ,achel. 28es$ ma)am$3 I said nervously. 2#s long as it)s ok with you of course.3 2#va)s curfew is eleven p.m. Please have her home on time.3 I couldn)t believe that both our parents were in agreement for us to be out so late. 2(om told me the same thing$3 I told her. 2I trust that you will be e-tra careful with my baby$3 said ,achel. 20f course I will.3 1obody would ever hurt #va as long as I was around.

2(om93 #va e-claimed as she came into the room$ 2%on)t scare him to death$ please.3 2I)m not$ honey$3 said ,achel$ 2I was only telling him what time you had to be home.3 2#re you ready to go73 I asked #va ready to get out of the very awkward conversation with ,achel. 28ep$ let)s go$3 said #va. I stood and followed #va to the door. 28ou look really pretty$3 I whispered as we walked out into the hall. 2Thank you. 8ou are very handsome yourself$3 #va said. I watched as she started to blush. 28)all have fun$3 said ,achel from the doorway behind us. 5e walked hand in hand back down to head/uarters and got in my car. 5e looked at each other at the same time and smiled as the doors to the elevator opened to the outside of the mansion. In no time we were heading down the freeway toward +ittle ,ock. 25here are we going73 I asked. I had learned a little about the city over the past two years$ but I didn)t know where any good dating spots were. 5e decided to have pi""a and then head to the mall. I used some of the money I got from (om and %ante to buy #va some things she liked in a couple of the stores. !he didn)t want me to spend money on her$ but I insisted. =y the time we left the mall it was getting later in the evening and we decided to go to the movies. I was having the best time out with #va. I didn)t think anything in the world could change the great mood I was in. I was sadly mistaken.

5hen we came out of the movie theatre it was about ten thirty. 5e had a half hour to get home in order to make our curfew. 5e hurried to the car to get on the road. It was a good twenty minute drive back to the mansion. I opened the door for #va and she crawled in. :ust as I closed the door and turned to walk around to the drivers) side I heard a muffled scream coming from somewhere. I stopped dead in my tracks and tuned in my super hearing to track down where the sound came from. #va got out of the car and came around to where I was standing. 25hat)s wrong$ +uke7 5e have to go or we will be late.3 2!omeone)s in trouble$3 I said as I heard another scream coming from behind the theatre. I grabbed #va around the waist and took off in super speed toward the side of the theatre. 5e were moving so fast that nobody could see us. :ust before I made it to the back corner of the building I leaped into the air and landed /uietly on the roof of the theatre. I stopped and let go of #va before walking /uietly over to the edge and looking down into the back alley. 2Call randpa93 I told #va as we looked down at the gruesome sight below. #va gasped when she saw what I was looking at. Two vampires$ about my age$ were standing in the alley. They each had a human in their grasps. Their fangs were planted deep into the necks of the boy and girl. They both snapped their heads up to look at us staring down from the roof above at the sound of #va)s gasp.

(y instincts immediately kicked in and I 6umped off the top of the building landing a few yards away from the startled vampires. 25hat e-actly are you doing73 I asked them with a snarl. 21one of your business$3 they hissed back at me. They both dropped their victims to the ground as they stared back at me with glowing green eyes. They slowly inched their way around to surround me the best they could. 28ou know you are not supposed to attack humans$3 I said in the most authoritative voice I could produce despite the fact that I was horrified by what I witnessed them doing. 28ou have made a huge mistake messing with us tonight$3 0ne of the vampires said. 25hat)s a baby like you doing out so late$ anyway$3 asked the other. The vampires looked to be no more than a year or so older than me. I wondered how old they actually were. 1ow there was a vampire on either side of me. They danced around me in a circle with their fangs still e-tended and blood dripping down their face. I followed their circular rotation to keep both of them in my sight as best I could. The bigger of the two suddenly raised his nose a little sniffing the air. I watched as his eyes got a little bigger as he reali"ed I wasn)t going to be another of their victims.