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Horlicks Wizkids presents a great opportunity for students across the Indian subcontinent to participate in South Asia’s largest inter school art, cultural and literary fiesta. Spread across cities of India, Pakistan, Nepal & Sri Lanka students from class 8 to 12 will get to participate in unique annual personality contest "Horlicks WizTeam" that tests multiple parameters to challenge the best students. In the past, the winners of this exclusive competition got the opportunity to visit Switzerland, England, South Africa, Australia and Brazil. Last year, the 5 students who won this competition got a 5day trip to South Africa and a scholarship of Rs.100,000 each. Over the last 11 years, Horlicks Wizkids has undoubtedly been the most sought after and respected school event in South Asia, having provided millions of students a platform to reward talent and encourages participation with loads of fun. Horlicks Wizkids organised by Krayon the events division of EduMedia India has won several awards internationally - EEMAX Awards (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012), WOW Awards (2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012) and Promo Power Award (2008) to its credit. HORLICKS WIZTEAM 2013 : The WizTeam are the champions among the Wizkids. WizTeam is a unique personality contest that tests students on multiple parameters ranging from emotional maturity and intelligence quotient to talents and communication skills and capabilities. Contestants are tested on several parameters such as talent, intelligence, creativity, sensitivity, communication skills, problem solving skills and stress management. The winners of WizTeam will win scholarships of INR 100,000 each and a 5 day educational trip to Germany. ONLINE ROUTE: THE ONLINE ENTRIES WILL BE JUDGED ON VARIOUS PARAMETERS. IN CASE OF A TIE, TELEPHONIC INTERVIEW WILL BE HELD AND TOP 12 STUDENTS WILL WIN A CHANCE TO BE A PART OF HORLICKS WIZTEAM 2013, SOUTH ASIAN FINALS. THEY WILL BE INTIMATED THROUGH EMAIL AND A PHONE CALL. HORLICKS WIZTEAM, SOUTH ASIAN FINALS: The final Horlicks WizTeam extravaganza will be held in Bangalore in November 2013 where finalists from 30+ Indian cities and 5 countries will meet for a week (November 10th - 16th) of fun, competitions, excitement and learning. Further information about the event will be shared by 15th October 2013.


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Horlicks WizTeam Entry Form
(Participants Details Sheet)

Name of the Student Standard & Class Residential Address Passport Number Mobile Number Email ID Parent's Name Mobile Number Title in School, if any (captain/head boy-girl/prefect/leader) Name of School School Address Name of Principal Mobile Number Email ID
* Please ensure the form is complete and correct information is provided for the entry to

Instructions to Participants

* WizTeam is open to students currently studying in Class 8 – Class 12 * To Participate in Horlicks WizTeam, parents should give their consent to participate. Students must download and fill the "H www.krayonevents.com/wizkids and the Horlicks Wizkids official page on Facebook * The "Horlicks WizTeam Entry Form" file should be renamed as (HWK_yourname_schoolname_City.pdf) Ex: HWK_Priya_Villa submission via email to wizkids@krayonevents.com * Last date for submission of "Horlicks WizTeam Entry Form" is 28th September 2013. Submissions after that will not be ente * Participants will also have to conduct a live project in their city and submit a project synopsis along with this entry form. De under Section 5 of the form. * Based on the judgment criteria, 20-25 shortlisted entries will be contacted for an interview round (telephone) and 12 stude and participate in Horlicks WizTeam, South Asian Finals in November, held in Bangalore, India Horlicks WizTeam Entry Form Details

By submitting this form. Governmental actions. natural calamity. that may arise for redemption of the prize Organizers and Sponsors shall not be liable for any loss. due to time constraints. injury or any other liability arising out of the contest including during the conduct o God. advertisemen or will be known any time in the future without any consideration to the winner Winners will have to bear incidental costs. motion pictures of the winner for media coverage. voice. & sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline Health Care India Organizers reserve the right to cancel or change the event proceedings without prior notice. other force majeure circumstances and shall not be liable to pay any amount as compensation.a part of EduMedia India Pvt. or otherwise. No correspondence shall be entertained in this regard All disputes and matters relating to this event shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Courts at Bengaluru. Social Terms and Conditions The event is organized by Krayon. Visa and/or emigration clearance shall be of the winner and not The winner will be contacted on the details furnished during time of submitting the entry Organizers and Sponsors reserve the right to cancel. f Organizers and Sponsors shall not be liable for any loss of prize due to incorrect address or any other information provided by the winner Incomplete entries (name/address/telephone/absence of school principal’s signature) will not be considered for the prize Taxes as applicable will be deducted at the source for all prizes The contest shall be adjudged by Organizers and Sponsors and the decision of Organizers and Sponsors will be final and binding with regar non-contestable. Health 3. Education 2. extend or withdraw the contest prematurely at its sole and absolute discretio Prizes are neither transferable nor upgradeable Organizers and Sponsors shall be at liberty to use the photographs. or a Participants indulging in unfair means and foul play shall be disqualified Responsibility for arranging necessary travel documents such as Passport. Ltd. modify. the concerned school or Or participation in any given activity . if any. the participan all the terms & conditions listed below The Participants have to choose a project that would benefit the school or students of their age.This form entails 5 sections and participants are required to complete all the sections. Karnataka only Organizers and Sponsors reserve the right to change or modify the promised prizes at any point in time without prior notification Organizers and Sponsors are not responsible for any inadvertent fault of any kind either due to the participant. The student can choose any Helping underpriviledged children through 1.

Horlicks WizTeam Entry Form (Participants Details Sheet) Expiry Date Landline Number der) Branch/Area of School Landline Number mation is provided for the entry to be valid ticipants ents must download and fill the "Horlicks WizTeam Entry Form" available on ame_City. Details for the project synopsis are given w round (telephone) and 12 students.pdf) Ex: HWK_Priya_VillaTeresaSchool_Bangalore.pdf before missions after that will not be entertained psis along with this entry form. will be selected to represent their city dia .

which prevents the . parents and the schools have agreed to r age.ubmitting this form. delay or damage r information provided by the winner nsidered for the prize ors will be final and binding with regard to any dispute arising out of this contest and is at Bengaluru. natural calamity. Karnataka only me without prior notification articipant. advertisement or publicity in any form which is existing today contest including during the conduct of the event or delay or damage due to Act of ount as compensation. or otherwise. the concerned school or Organizers and Sponsors. or any untoward incident (if any) arance shall be of the winner and not of Organizers and Sponsors urely at its sole and absolute discretion ner for media coverage. for any such loss. the participants. The student can choose any one topic out of the topics below: itions Health Care India ime constraints.

3) What are your weaknesses ? 4) What are your strengths? .Horlicks WizTeam Entry Form (Section 1) Section 1 : Tell us about yourself 1) What are your various talents? Please Specify : ()Art ()Cultural ()Literary ()Sp 2) Describe yourself using 3 articles in your pocket.

Form ()Literary ()Sports .

Horlicks WizTeam Entry Form (Section 2) Section 2 : Participant's Credentials Category 1 : Academics Write the marks in the academic years mentioned and the average in the respective boxes Year 2011-2012 2012-2013 Std/ Class Percentage of Final Exams Category 2 : Co-Curricular & Extra Curricular Activities Mention all the competitions like debate. Event Name Intra School Level Inter School Level State Level National Level Category 3 : Social Activities Mention all the social activities like UN Mock. First. that you have participated in the last 2 years . Se Consolation etc. Scouts and Guides etc. NCC. dance etc.e. that you have participated in the last 2 years and position obtained by you i.

received by you in the last 2 years Event Name Intra School Level Inter School Level State Level National Level . i. First. bravery award etc.Event Name Intra School Level Inter School Level State Level National Level Category 4 : Sports Mention the sporting activities that you have participated in the last 2 years & and position obtained by you. Cons Event Name Intra School Level Inter School Level State Level National Level Category 5 : Special Awards Mention the special awards and recognitions like best student award. Second. Third.e.

National Level International Level 2 years . First. Third.m Entry Form ) Average obtained by you i. Second.e.

First. National Level International Level last 2 years National Level International Level .National Level International Level . Second. Third. Consolation etc.

I am open to their suggestions and ideas Agree Not Sure Disagree 7.      I don’t like to waste food thinking of the millions of people who go hungry everyday Agree 3. Behaviour and Actions Colour the appropriate response with Green 1.       I dislike being late for any appointment Agree Not Sure Disagree .    I am ready to help people even if it means making a compromise Agree Not Sure Disagree 6.     People look up to me Agree Not Sure Disagree Not Sure Disagree 4.       I think before I speak so I don’t hurt others Agree Not Sure Disagree 2.     While working with others.    I don’t hesitate to say ‘no’ to my friends if I know they are wrong Agree Not Sure Disagree 8.Horlicks WizTeam Entry Form (Section 3) Section 3 : Thoughts.    People say I have a strong personality Agree Not Sure Disagree 5.

  I enjoy competitions Agree Not Sure Disagree Not Sure Disagree 15. I am very contented with life Agree Not Sure Disagree Not Sure Disagree 19.   I show concern for the environment and promote animal welfare Agree Not Sure Disagree 11.   I like to try new things and risk failure Agree 18.9.  I don’t judge people based on their culture.   I respect other people's schedules and time Agree Not Sure Disagree 16.   I am not afraid to speak up for my rights Agree 14.   I find it difficult to say no to my friends even if I know they are wrong Agree Not Sure Disagree 13. beliefs and abilities Agree Not Sure Disagree 12.       I try to prevent problems before they arise Agree Not Sure Disagree 10.   I like to try new things and risk failure Agree Not Sure Disagree .   I like exploring new ideas and solutions Agree Not Sure Disagree 17.

I remain positive even in a crisis Agree Not Sure Disagree .20.

orm ungry everyday .



4) Are white lies OK ? . Agree or Disagree . Why ? 3) Tell us about the weirdest dream you've ever had. what are you ? 2) Life always gives you a second chance. so let your creative & logical thoughts flow. 1) If you are you but still not yourself .Horlicks WizTeam Entry Form (Section 4) Section 4 : Let your inhibitions go The following questions are open ended questions.


.orm low.


of People Reached Impact of the Project Conclusion .Horlicks WizTeam Entry Form (Section 5) Section 5 : Project Synopsis Project Title Reason to chose the Project Theme Area/City the project was conducted in Aim & Objectives Proposed Methodology / Used No.

They could get their project featured in newspaper/TV to educate and reach out / touch more no. Education 2. Issue chosen. The project would have an effort to initiate a movement.Instructions to Participants on Project Details • Participants have to choose a project that would benefit themselves / school / area / city/ country. Simplicity of the project and the methodology used. WizTeam Project Topic has to be chosen by you from the following categories Helping underpriviledged children through: 1. Health 3. Social • The participants can meet the press and the TV personnel and present their project. which encourages the student to use his/her abilities effectively • The focus of the project is to add more meaning to their lives and of others of their own age and make individuals better an responsible citizens. friends and school to do the project • Students have to attach the photographs along with the work on the project in the subsequent Sheets along with their Photograph (Preferably Passport size) Judgment Criteria: Impact on the lives of people. of people in the city • The participants can take the help of their family. .

ntry Form .

The project would have to be make individuals better and et their project featured in heets along with their .y.

Kindly Insert the Pictures/Photographs in this sheet Picture 1 (Participant's Photograph) Title of the Picture Picture 2 Title of the Picture Picture 3 .

Picture 3 Title of the Picture Picture 4 Title of the Picture Picture 5 Title of the Picture .

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