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HPV-The UK's Fascist Mask Slips.

By Philip Jones 9th September 2009.

Ashleigh Cave (above) lost the use of her legs after a vaccination.

PARENTS in the UK are being threatened with having their children taken into care after
questioning doctors’ diagnoses or objecting to their medical care. John Hemming, a
Liberal Democrat MP, who campaigns to stop injustices in the family court, said: “Very
often care proceedings are used as retaliation by local authorities against ‘uppity’ people
who dare to question the system.”

Many such cases are now emerging across the UK:

The mother of a 13-year-old girl who became partly paralysed after being given a cervical
cancer vaccination says social workers have told her the child may be removed from
parental care if she (the mother) continues to link her condition with the vaccination
against HPV (Human Papilloma virus).

Ashleigh Cave, from Liverpool (Above Picture), began experiencing severe headaches and
dizziness half an hour after being inoculated last October with Cervarix, which supposedly
guards against girls contracting the Human Papilloma Virus.

The schoolgirl was soon collapsing repeatedly; she lost the use of her legs and was
admitted to Alder Hey children’s hospital. Nearly 11 months later she is still in hospital and
is unable to stand or walk unaided. Her mother Cheryl, has now been told that doctors
believe her condition must be `psychosomatic.`

“The hospital brought in social workers from the local authority who have told me they
are considering putting Ashleigh on an at-risk register,” Cheryl Cave said.

She is convinced, and with good reason, that her daughter’s paralysis was caused by the
vaccination. Mrs Cave said that a social worker from Sefton council said she suspected her
of having Munchhausen’s syndrome by proxy or factitious illness syndrome —
controversial conditions in which mothers are said to attribute illnesses falsely to their
children in order to gain attention.

Mrs Cave said: “The social worker said I should stop believing the injection has anything
to do with Ashleigh’s condition because I am putting my thoughts on to her and stopping
her getting well. Since Ashleigh was in hospital she has become incontinent and had
double kidney infections and chest infections. Have I made all these up?”

No Cheryl, you haven't made anything up.

This is just another example of the UK National Health Service's whorish slavery to the
State/Big Pharma Corporate Axis, and illustrates the stranglehold that the modern
Corporate State has on it’s people, and how completely `plugged in` to it’s `Matrix` most
of those people are, particularly those who depend upon it for their livelihood. Many
parents in the UK for example, under immense pressure from both central and local
government and the social services have simply abdicated responsibility for their children.
Handing them over `lock stock and barrel` to the State machine. Thankfully, Cheryl Cave
isn't one of them.

The British Government is on record as stating that it intends to vaccinate as many young
girls as is possible against the HPV virus which it, or rather the Pharmaceutical Giants, in
whose salary it clearly is, say causes cervical cancer. Social networking sites have already
been targeted in a bid to encourage girls to have the jab telling them that it helps protect
against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

The Corporate/State assertion is that HPV is a sexually-transmitted infection that causes

most cases of cervical cancer. Schools across the UK have been vaccinating pupils aged 12
and 13 (Year 8) for over a year now, with about 300,000 girls estimated to having already
received the jab in England alone. By July 2011, it is estimated that more than two million
girls will have been `offered` the vaccine, including those up to the age of 18 as part of a
catch-up programme.

The Government's campaign for England, which was launched last year and continues
unabated, has included online, press, TV and radio advertising. A series of `road shows`
have been held in shopping centres across the country. The initial campaign ran this time
last year, with follow-up advertising in February in order to remind girls not to miss their
third and final injection. Girls aged 17 and 18, who form part of the catch-up programme,
will be the target of a different advertising campaign this October.

The Propaganda lie goes something like this: "The HPV vaccine protects against over 70%
of the strains that cause cervical cancer, which accounts for around 1,000 deaths a year
in the UK."

This is nothing but Corporate/State/Media `hokum,` as the real experts in the field, who
are in no doubt whatsoever about what the true purpose of this pernicious campaign is all
about, have been trying so hard to get across to the public on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Facts.

Merck, the manufactures of the Gardasil vaccine insist that it protects against over 70% of
the strains that cause Cervical Cancer. There are over 100 strains of HPV, only 30 of which
are theoretically linked to Cervical Cancer. HPV is present naturally in at least half the
population without ever causing any disease whatsoever. HPV has never been proved as a
pathogen for any disease.

Merck originally claimed that, “ There was a strong connection between HPV and cervical
cancer." Somewhere along the way, that became “is the cause of” without any medical
evidence to support this claim. This is clearly more about sales and marketing than science.

Merck's Gardasil and its competition, Glaxo's `Cervarix,` are made up of virus like
particles from four strains of HPV. With no clinical studies whatsoever, two of these
`strains` are now being touted by both Merck and Glaxo, as being responsible for 70% of
all cervical cancer cases. Both make the unproven claim, that HPV causes squamous cell
cervical cancer.

The question which demands answering is why the market demographic Merck chose, was
pre -teen 12 year old girls, when the average age of women who contract cervical cancer is
50 years plus, so why target 12 year olds? And even Merck themselves openly state that the
efficacy of the vaccine is only 5 years, making it worthless by the time the subject needs the
immunity, i.e. around her fiftieth birthday. Any claimed protection will have worn off long

An established risk factor with cervical cancer is the number of sexual partners a woman
has had during her life. So who do you imagine will have had more, a 12 year old girl, or a
50 year old woman? I would suggest that there is something seriously amiss with anyone
who selects the former.

So why are they so intent on giving it to 12 year olds, rather than what would be the correct
target age group, that is, if the vaccine did have any protective value; namely women in
their late forties and fifties? Merck say it’s because the vaccine hasn’t been `safety proved`
for women above 26 years of age.

So as Dr Tim O’Shea[1] sardonically puts it, "better give it to young girls then."

Real side effects in exchange for unproven immunity.

As can be seen in the case of Ashleigh Cave (above), the vicious debilitating and painful
side affects to this vaccine programme are little short of frightening, and when weighed
against the benefits, which appear to be zero; then surely it is time for parents to wake up,
smell the horse manure, and join together against the State's draconian and inhuman
treatment of its people, before a whole generation of British Girls are allowed to be
sterilised or worse.
Treating Cancer, Or Dealing Cancer?

It appears that there is even a strong probability that this under tested and unproven drug
might be carcogenic in it’s own right. We are dealing here with a vaccine which claims to
prevent cancer by imitating a pathogen which causes cancer. Merck say about this:

“Gardasil has not been evaluated for carcogenicity or impairment to fertility.”

It is in the above statement that I believe the true motives behind this programme lie. To
cause sterility and or cancer in young females thereby enabling a massive advance in the
global depopulation agenda. It can be the only logical reason as to why governments now
so obviously in the service of the `hidden masters` would either encourage, coerce or
mandate such an unsubstantiated vaccination regime and apply it to 12 year old girls when
the risk group if any, applies to women in their forties and fifties, who for the most part are
well past the age of conception.

Furthermore, the Pharmaceuticals will once again make a fortune off the back of human
suffering. What is so worrying is that with all the mainstream avenues of information
secured, Governments bought and paid for, health professionals either cynically `on
board` or woefully uninformed, and the seemingly limitless ability of the mass of the
population to just comply, comply, comply, it is difficult to see how this exercise in evil can
be thwarted.

It appears that in the UK at least, the State in its utter arrogance and disdain for its own
populace, no longer considers it necessary to mask its Fascist Credentials. What is going on
in that once proud land is a scandal and a disgrace, and I for one am both angry and
frustrated that there seems so little that ordinary people can do to unseat the demagogic
tyranny which now inhabits the `Mother Of All Parliaments;` not that the other lot would
do it any better!
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1] Dr Tim O’Shea : HPV The First Cancer Vaccine 10.6.7 `Pharmageddon The Global War Against Women` by Kjeld