Chapter 18: Meatballs and potatoes BPOV I slowly opened my eyes and got very confused when I saw the

scene in front of me. Everyone (meaning Victoria, James, Edward, Mike & Tyler) and three other people were in our cottage, all fully dressed and talking, not noticing I was awake. The other persons were a girl and 2 boys. The girl was tall and had her dark brown hair pulled up in messy pony tail, her face looking as tired as I felt. She had dark brown eyes behind a pair of squared shaped, white glasses. One of the boys I recognized, it was Eric, Eric Yorkie. He was rather tall and had dark, messy hair. His pimply face was now smiling which made me shiver. I mean, the guy could take care of those things, he really could. But he didn’t. The other guy was really short, not dwarf length, but short. He was looking at the girl with big loving eyes. Man, they would be a cute couple if they already weren’t. “Where did you go last night??” Mike asked Victoria and glared at her. She grinned at him and then answered him teasingly. “I went to sleep, what did you expect??” she said. “No, I meant why didn’t you work your ass off like everyone else at Smith’s house?” He said angrily. She raised one eyebrow and then she answered in a sly voice. “I ran away.” She said smugly and grinned at him and shrugged. “Easy.” Mike looked at her with wide eyes. “YOU RAN AWAY!?” he screamed, but got quickly silenced by the others in intensive hushes. “Mike, can you please just think a little? I know you don’t have that much IQ, but really, this one you should figure out yourself.” Tyler said in an angry whisper. Mike, who didn’t seem to understand at all, frowned at him, looking utterly confused. “What?? What is it that I should figure out myself??” Everybody sighed at his stupid question that was supposed to be obvious. I really didn’t understand either, does that make like Mike!??! Panic started to crawl up my spine, but it went away as Edward started to explain the obvious. “Mike, Bella is still sleeping and I would rather keep it that way.” He said in a dark tone, which made him sound very evil. I didn’t like that he sounded like that, it didn’t sound like him. As Edward had said his words, everyone’s eyes in the room turned to look at me. It was kind of funny to see their reaction. As they saw that my eyes were open and staring back at them, their eyes became wide with shock and a few of them started to blush. “What? Yes, I’m awake. “I told them as I sat up in my bed, knowing my hair would look like a bird’s nest, but really didn’t care that much. Edward, who had been the

only one sitting with his back towards me on the edge my bed, turned around to look at me. “Bella…” he said and sighed heavily and then smiled softly towards me.”Why do you always have to do the opposite of what I tell you??” I grinned back at him and stuck out my tongue at him like a 5 year old. “Because the things you tell me to do are often very stupid.” I told him, grinning ear to ear. He smiled his crooked smile back at me, which made me melt in my bed, my bones too soft to keep me up straight. I sank down in my bed just like you do when you get a head rush, but the others misunderstood me and thought I passed out or something. “BELLA?!?” Many confused and panicked voice called at the same time and I felt how they all ran towards my bed. As I saw their faces when they approached me, I saw how their panic slowly faded away, when they saw me and my probably bright red face. But it was Edward who looked the most amused of them all. “Did you pass out because of my awesomeness?” he asked and grinned teasingly at me. Yes. “NO!! I DID NOT!!” I screamed with a little bit too much volume which made my face get even hotter. He laughed at my sudden defensive reaction. “Are you sure?? If you think I’m hot, you can just say it out loud.” He said and smiled at me. “I don’t.” I said quietly and it felt like I had a fever or something. Wait, I think I know this froFlashback *Swoosh* I sat down at the bench in the small park; the autumn leafs blowing around, making the surrounding glow in a beautiful shade of yellow, orange and red. The boy, looking like he was 13, maybe 14, sat down on the bench next to me. His green eyes stared into mine, which made me lose concentration on everything else. It was his smile that brought me back to the earth. “What??” I asked, coming back. “Haven’t your mom ever told you it isn’t nice to gawk on people like that.” He said teasingly, making my cheeks go red. “You know, if you think I’m hot, you can just say it out loud.” He said and smiled mockingly at me. “I DON’T!!” I screamed a little too loud, making the children and their parents turn their heads towards us and stared at us, clearly debating if we had a mental disorder. I flushed even more and hid my face into my mittens. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up at him. He was still smiling, but all mocking was gone, leaving it friendly and warm. “I’m sorry Be-“

End of flashback *Swoosh* “BELLA!!! Is she going to be okay???” Victoria’s worried voice asked as my flashback got interrupted. Damn, it’s that movie again!! What was it called again… and the plot, I have no idea what the story line is, but it seems to be like a romantic drama or something… Still, when did I see-? “Bella?? Bella please answer me.” Edward pleaded, his voice making me losing my train of thought and looked at him like a complete moron. “Eh, what??” I asked him, blinking a little bit. “Thanks for joining us again. I know we’re not that interesting, but you could at least try to concentrate on us while we are talking to you.” Edward said in a relived and happy but annoyed tone. “Sorry, I kind of spaced out for a moment.” I said and smiled apologetically at them. “Yeah we noticed. Anyway, I wanted you guys to meet my friends, Angela, Ben and Eric.” Victoria said and introduced us, or at least me to the other persons in the cottage, who I for the moment, completely forgotten about. The tall girl with glasses, Angela as she was called, waved shyly to me. The short one, who obviously was Ben, grinned at me, making me smile back. Eric smiled brightly and greeted me warmly. “Hi.” I said, kind of awkwardly, remembering I was still lying in my bed with my PJ’s on. “So, when’s breakfast??” Mike asked, and as to make his point even clearer, his stomach rumbled. We all laughed before Tyler answered him. “In 20 minutes.” He said, making me want to groan and pull the sheets over my head and pretend I fell down in a hole and couldn’t make it to breakfast. But nope, that was not happening. “I should change.” I said and crawled out of my warm bed, making me shiver as I stepped out into the cold - well I thought it was cold- air of the cottage. I walked over to my bag and took out a change of clothes. “I’ll be back in a minute.” I called to the others behind me and walked out of the cottage, heading towards the toilets. *A few minutes later.* “Oh, there you are.” James greeted me warmly as I entered the re-entered the cottage a few minutes later, fully dressed. “Hi.” I said and walked passed him to my bag. The others in the cottage was sitting and talking intensively to each others, about what, I don’t know. I walked over to my bed and sat down on it, listening to the others and tried to understand what they were talking about.

“So, what shall we do to get back at Smithy??” Mike asked and grinned evilly. Tyler, Edward & James looked at each other and then as Mike had, grinned widely. Tyler had just opened his mouth when a voice behind him interrupted him. “Yes, what are you going to do??” He mused as he stepped into our sight. “How long have you been standing there??” Mike asked Fishy, his face pale as a ghosts. All of us were surprised by Mr. Smith’s suddenly appearance; no one had heard or seen him coming… “Long enough.” Smithy answered him and glared coldly at the boys, totally ignoring everyone else in the room. Mike, Tyler & Edward looked at each other, and then they gulped loudly in unison, looking scared as hell. Smith smiled at them, his normal smile, but it looked strained and in the moment, very, very evil… He walked over to the boys and his smile faded. “Come.” He said in a stern voice. Edward, Tyler and James sighed, but stood up and walked towards the door of the cottage, but Mike didn’t. He stayed at his little spot on the floor and looked at Smith, fear in his eyes. God he’s stupid. I mean, if you’re that scared, why don’t you just do as he says? Smith turned to glare at Mike. With wordless communication, they started at each other, no one giving in. Then Fishy sighed and walked over to Mike, who now looked like he could do a number two in his pants any minute now. Mr. Smith took a firm grip on Mike’s shirt and started to drag the struggling Mike out the door. “NOOOO!! I WON’T GO!!! YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!!! I SWEAR IT WASN’T ME!! IT WAS TYLER, IT’S ALWAYS TYLER! TYLER AND THAT EDWARD DUDE!! I PROMISE!!!”Mike screamed as he was dragged out the door, kicking all the way. We all watched, wide eyed as they both disappeared through the door. But just as we thought they were gone, Smith’s smiling face re-appeared in the doorway. “It’s breakfast in 10 minutes, don’t forget.” He said, looking directly at me as he did, and winked. Then, he was gone. We all looked like question marks for some while, and it took some time for us to start talking again, but eventually, we did. “So…think they will survive??” I asked, a little bit worried about the 3 of my friends who had been captured by Fishy. The forth one who had been dragged out of the room kind of deserved it. Victoria looked at my worried face, and then she grinned slyly. “Nope, not a minute.” *At breakfast* When we entered the lunchroom, we almost laughed or asses of by the disturbing sight in front of us. At the place where the food table was, James, Tyler, Edward & Mike stood with bright pink aprons on and hair nets. As the 5 of us walked in, we almost collapsed on the floor, laughing. The four of them glared coldly at us as we walked over to them, fighting not to burst out into hysterical laughs.

“Hello ladies, care for some porridge??” Edward asked in an English-old-lady voice and pointed at the disgusting puddle of so called ‘porridge’ in the pot in front of him. All of us, even Angela, Ben and Eric, burst out into laughing, making everyone in the lunchroom turn around to stare at us. I quickly blushed red and stopped laughing, looking down at the floor. “What is it Miss?? Do you not want any porridge??” Edward asked me, making me look up from the floor into his beautiful emerald green eyes. “No, I think I’m fine with a sandwich, thank you.” I said and smiled at him, moving over to James, who was stationed at the sandwiches. I grabbed one and went over to a table, followed by Angela, Ben and Eric. Victoria stayed at the 4 ladies in pink a minute longer. I sat down and took a bite from my sandwich, feeling really hungry. “So, what are we doing today??” Eric asked as he took a big gulp of his coffee. “Shall I be honest? I have no idea.” I said and chewed my sandwich happily as Victoria came skipping towards our table and sat down with us. “So, what happened with the others??” Angela asked Victoria and pointed at the 4 ladies in pink. “Why don’t you just go and ask them??” Eric asked, which made Angela blush scarlet. But Victoria just giggled at them. “No, it’s okay. Well, they are going to work for Smith all day. With what on the other hand, I don’t know.” She said and ate her salad peacefully. Then she looked up at Ben and Angela. “So? How’s it going??” she asked and smiled at them. Ben, who looked like a question mark, frowned deeply at her. “How’s ‘what’ going??” He asked, sounding suspicious, but Victoria just laughed at him. “With you 2 dating of course, what else??” Just as she had answered his question, Angela’s face became hot and bright red, and to my surprise, so did Ben’s. “Eh…well, good I guess.” Ben answered after a moment. God, they were so cute together. Seriously, if they break up, I will hunt both of them down and make them get back together. “Oh, come on! Some details here!!” Victoria pleaded and went all puppy eyes in them, but to their luck, they were able to resist them. “Eh, Victoria, I don’t think they will share, not now. Maybe in 20 years when they’re married.” Eric said which made the happy couple blush even more. “Fine.” She said, sulking, and pouted like an 8 year old who wasn’t allowed to watch TV. We all laughed at her and it didn’t take long for her to join us.

“So,” Eric started to ask, flirting with me all the way. “How about you Bella?? Seeing someone at the moment??” He asked. I stared at him, kind of surprised by his question. “Well…no, not right now.” I answered low. Is smile grew and he stared at me as the others started to talk about something. I started to eat my sandwich, pretending to listen to the others and ignoring Eric’s gaze. Then, the chair next to me moved and Edward sat down, still wearing his pink apron. “Hi guys, what’s up?” Tyler asked as he sat down on a chair on the other side of the table. Victoria was just about to answer, when Mr. Smith cleared his throat and started to speak, the lunch room becoming completely quiet except his loud, clear voice. “Alright, quiet down so I can tell you today’s agenda. Today we’re swimming because some people really seemed to want to.” He said as he sent a cold glare towards our direction. “Understood? Good, we’ll meet at the lake in 15 minutes, fully dressed.” He said and left the room, leaving a bunch of completely confused and, in a minute, very stressed. “Did he just say 15 minutes??” Victoria said, the first one of us who was to talk. “Actually, I think he did.” James answered. “Hey! I won’t be able to finish my breakfast!” Mike complained as the rest of us stood up from our seats and began to place our dishes on the dish-table. “Yeah, well boohoo.” Tyler said as he, James and Edward began to dish the other kid’s dishes in super speed. “Come on, help us will ya??” “Fine.” Mike said, pouted and began to help the other boys to dish. “We’ll see you guys later then, bye.” I called as the rest of us exited the lunch room to change. *40 minutes later at the lake* “SWIM FASTER!! 1, 2, 3, 4! COME ON YOU GUYS, FASTER!!” Mr. Smith yelled to the guys, who were swimming like crazy on the other side of the pier. The girls had already done that, and were now resting. “I’m so tired…” Victoria complained as we sat on the pier, letting our feet rest in the water. “Yeah, me too.” I said and looked over to the guys who was swimming at full speed. God, I became just tired by watching them… As I sat there, I suddenly felt a push from behind. I gasped by the surprise and fell into the water, head first. When I re-surfaced, all my hair was in my face. “Oh, god I’m so sorry!” Angela called from the pier. Then I heard Victoria gasp. “What’s that?” She asked. I took my hair away from my face and climbed up the ladder to the pier and sat down on my seat again.

“What do you mean, ‘what’s that’?” I asked her back, not understanding what she was talking about. She moved her hands to my neck and removed the wet hair from in, and took her other hand, placing it on my scar I got a few years ago. “This. What happened??” she asked, sounding worried. I smiled at her and shook her question off. “It’s nothing, I just fell on my head, that’s all.” I said. She looked at me for a moment, looking a little bit worried and pitying, but then she dropped it and was her old self again. We sat there and talked about a bunch of stuff, until Mr. Smith started to talk in a loud voice, making us quiet instantly. “Alright, you’re done. You can go and change now, and then, it’s lunch.” I said and walked away. Happy that we were going to eat and change into clothes, took on our shoes and began to walk towards our cottages, not waiting for the guys. *At Lunch* When we were fully dressed, we walked over to the lunch room, our tummies rumbling of hunger. We took our food and sat down at our table, and started to eat. I took my fork and violently stabbed my potato with it, then taking it into my mouth, chewing happily. At the moment I really didn’t care that the food tasted like crap, I ate it anyway. “I wonder what we are going to do after lunch.” Victoria asked after 5 minutes of silent eating. “Mud wrestling??” Mike asked, sounding almost hopeful. That really proves how much IQ he has. I mean we we’re outside a couple of minutes ago, and he must of have seen that the ground was dry, something that didn’t really happen often, but had today. “Eh, no, I don’t think we will mud wrestle.” Victoria said and glared at Mike. “But if we mud wrestled, I would rule.” He said and grinned. “Yeah, suuuuure you would.” Victoria answered sarcastically and the rest of us laughed. “I would!” “Okay, take it easy Mike; your nose will become 3 meters if you keep this up.” Tyler teased. Mike just glared, but let the subject drop. “So, are you guys done eating??” Mike asked, now his face looking happy and sly as he pointed at our almost full plates. “Eh, yeah, why do you ask??” I answered, not liking were this was leading. Mike smiled and as I watched what he did next, I became terrified. He took my plate with meatballs and potatoes and stood up on his chair, drawing everyone’s attention to him. “FOOD FIGHT!!!” he yelled and started to throw the food towards the other tables. The others who sat around us (unfortunately) thought it was a funny idea,

and also started to throw food. Then it was on. Every one took their food and started to throw on the other tables. I quickly slid off my chair as an emergency maneuver and crawled under the table, hoping I would survive. I heard the laughs and screams of the other students and wished that they would quit it soon. But suddenly, I was joined under the table. I turned to see who it was. Edward. “What are you doing down here?” He asked me, smiling his crooked smile at me. It took me some time to understand he had asked me a question and answered, dazed. “Eh, surviving.” I said which made him laugh. “Surviving, you say??” I nodded to an answer. He was smiling even more now and was just about to answer me, when Fishys loud voice made us both jump in surprise. “WHAT’S GOING ON HERE??!?!” He yelled, making a shiver go down my spine. But Mike being Mike, didn’t get the picture, and answered him happily. “We’re having a food fight.” I was almost glad I was under that table, because I knew Smithy’s face wouldn’t be a pretty thing this moment. “A food fight you say?!?” he yelled at Mike. I started to crawl up from the table and stood up next to it, quickly followed by Edward. “Who’s responsible for this??” Smith asked. Every person in the room pointed at Mike. Smith turned to Mike, wearing a wicked, evil smile on his lips. “Mike, Eddie, James, Tyler, Victoria, Angela, Ben & Eric will clean this mess up.” Mr. Smith ordered, pointing at them as they said their names. “What?!” Mike said and frowned deeply at him. “That’s totally not fair!” “My word is law.” Mr. Smith said with that evil smile lingering on his lips. “But-“Mike began. “I don’t want to hear it! Start to clean it now and the rest of you can go back to your cottages; you may have the rest of the day off.” He said, making the other students cheer in joy. I knew telling him I also was participating that food war wouldn’t lead to any good. He never listened to anyone, ever. “We’ll see you later Bella. You can just go and rest now.” Victoria told me and smiled, telling me it was okay. “Okay, I guess I’ll see you guys later.” I said. Victoria’s proposal actually sounded very tempting at the moment. I felt sore and tired after the swim, so a nap wouldn’t be that bad. I started to cross the room, trying to avoid the food lying everywhere in the room. But somehow, I made it to the door. I walked out and noticed that the clouds weren’t that dark, actually looked more white-gray then

black-gray. That though made me kind of happy, because that meant that the sun was closer (not literally). The air actually felt a little warmer which made me happy. I know it’s kind of ironic that I girl that’s afraid of thunder and hates the cold and rain, lives in forks, the rainiest place in America. But I did, and I actually could live with it. When I came back to earth, I realized that I had stopped walking. I sighed at my ability to space out every 5th minute, and started to walk towards our cottage again. But suddenly, I felt I hand touch my shoulder. I jumped at the sudden touch, not realizing that somebody was behind me, and turned around, becoming wide eyed as I saw who it was who had been standing behind me. “Hello Mr. Smith.” I greeted him, figuring he would tell me to go back to the others in the lunch room and clean up the mess Mike started. But he did as he always did; well…he did what he does very, very often: He smiled. Not the evil, wicked smile he had smiled earlier today, but a friendly and warm one. He looked very happy for some reason, like I hadn’t said ‘Hello Mr. Smith’ but ‘you’ve just won the lottery Mr. Smith’. “Hello Stacy.” He greeted me, which made me want to go back inside to the lunch room, grab a handful of meatballs and potatoes and throw them at him. “My name is Bella.” I said and sighed. “Oh, my apologies’ Bella.” He said and smiled at me. Then I sighed again. “I’m sorry, I’ll go back inside and clean up with the others.” I said and started to walk past him, but he stopped me. “No Bella, that’s not necessary. Actually, I was wondering if I could have a word with you.”

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