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Ceramics I and 2
ARTS 2346, 2347
Spring 2014 0004 (74215)
Spring 2014 0004 (74217)

Central Campus
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FAC 109
F from 9:00pm-3:00pm
3 credits
Regular Term
Lecture/Lab 2/4

Office Hours
Kelley Eggert
Friday by Appointment only

Instructors Contact
Learning web

Class Site


I will be contacting you through the e-mail you provided to HCCS e-mail only. If you have not set
up an account it is urgent that you do so. If you are having problems with this see me. You are
responsible for the information I send via e-mail. Check your HCCS e-mail at least once a week.


No text book required
You will receive a 10-point deduction of your grade if you do not have tools by due date.
See me BEFORE that date if you have a problem
The supply list and a map to the Ceramic Store can be printed separately under class info
supply list, approved clays form the class site.
LABEL all tools with your initials using a permanent marker.
Each BAG (not just the box) of clay must be labeled with your name, the name of the clay
and the cone it fires too.

Clay (details below)
Folder w/ middle prongs
Fettling knife
Fork or other scoring tool
4 sheets Plastic soft trash,
dry cleaning - not grocery
Shop towel (1 bath, 2 hand
towels or rags)
Cut up sheets
Assorted brushes 1x1
flat, round bamboo, detail
Rubber gloves to elbow

Sm. Bucket, Milk / coffee
Rubber rib (sm. red or blue)
Shoe box or small box
Large Sponge
Pottery tool kit
sm. sponge
needle tool
cut-off wire
ribbon tool
large ribbon tool
metal rib
wood rib
wooden modeling tool

Optional but strongly
Apron or large shirt
Dust mask (disposable
Sure-form rasp
Small containers with lids
Toolbox or caddie (name)
Spray bottle
Lock for locker
Serrated rib
Clay: -CONE 9/10 CLAY ONLY do not get cone 04/05 or cone 5/6. I must approve clay.
-See Approved Clay List. If you get a clay that is not on the list you will have to take it back.
-DO NOT get clays from Hobby Lobby or Michaels. They are terrible and will leave you in tears,
Ive seen it happen

The Ceramic Store carries many cone 9/10 clays. If in doubt get the Balcones, Balcones White or
Balcones Dark.
-All ceramic tools found here. It is in The Heights north of Downtown Houston.
-1002 West 11
St. Houston 77008. 713-864-6442 or 800 290-8991
M-TH 8:30-5:30 F-S 9:30-4:00 Sunday closed

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01/ pinch pot shakei sketches, clay, supplies, stuuent info sheet, ceiamics foluei put togethei with giaue
bieakuownfoluei sheet, glaze iecoiu anu blank papei. SEE CLASS SITE F0R BETAILS

011/ Pioposal 1 - you must have calenuai filleu in, clay, supplies, stuuent info sheet, ceiamics foluei put togethei with
giaue bieakuownfoluei sheet, glaze iecoiu anu blank papei, pioposal #1. SEE CLASS SITE F0R BETAILS
2)3456- 7/ 21809 2:; <0"=2;">#<


Pinching is a way to shape clay into a uesiieu foim by - you guesseu it - pinching.
1. Using the pinching method you will create 2 Shakers.
2. You will put a creative spin on the for-mentioned object by way of form and surface design. There must be a relationship
between the 2 shakers. For example: A tortoise and a hare, a chicken and an egg, a snake and a basket. Your 2 shakers must
be different in some way.

1. Figure what you want to do and sketch your idea. Keep in mind a target size
2. Pinch 4 pinch pots (half spheres) and preliminarily shape them so their rims fit together. Set all 4 on their rim to leather-up.
3. Using the slip and score method, attach half spheres at the soft leather-hard state of clay.
4. Beat or form the shape into your desired object and clean up seam
5. Add any appendages and/or surface treatments. YOU MUST HAVE APPENDAGES
6. POKE HOLE in ANY area of trapped air.

Grading: evaluated on craftsmanship and skill in: 100
Overall form, thickness, control of shape of pinched
objects, hole
Cleanliness of seems and attachments must have
Creativity and clarity of relationship between shakers

Quality of surface design, wet surface technique, glaze 10
sketches 10

Created by Kelley Eggert 2013