The Simple Essence of

Dewey B. Larson’s Reciprocal System of Physics

To give an essential overview of the Universality of this mathematical model, without an enquirer having to wade through volumes of heavy detailed text to see it!

by J. M. Boardman


basically e was a c e!ical engineer. was an extraordinary guy.itably a large $art o# t e $roble! 6yes even within the science community! 7 t oug it !ust also be said t at t e true brilliance o# t e t eory is its Uni. but alas t e !ainstrea! o# scientists still do not% 5)nertia o# ideas and belie#s is ine.olu!es o# detail—t en it does rat er lose its i!$act4 So #or t is reason. 1898—1990.olutionarily di##erent4 &is writings are at a ig le. 3ewton1s laws o# !otion are exactly t e sa!e nu!erically wit in Larson1s #ra!ewor" as t ey are wit in classical $ ysics and engineering—rat er it is t e conce$tualising o# w at t e $ ysical entities actually 0are1 t at is r e. not ex$eri!ental e!$irical "nowledge—w ic in !ost cases is i!$orted directly% 2or exa!$le. nuclear $ ysics and astro$ ysics% &e ad a li#e'long $assion to #ind a way o# ex$laining t e $ ysical $ro$erties o# !aterials #ro! (ust t eir ato!ic nu!bers% )n 19*9 e $ublis ed is #irst boo"+ .olu!e .er. but e also ad detailed "nowledge o# electrical engineering.en !ore accurate4 2 .w ic $resented is re. $ri!arily s$ea"ing to $ro#essional scientists. w ic e describes as 0a revised and enlarged edition of the Structure of the Physical Universe — in three volumes 1% Also included is is co!$anion .ersal t eory enco!$assing all $ ysical $ eno!ena replacing t e !any disconnected t eories t at a.olutionary ideas% &e wrote a total o# 10 boo"s% / is o. USA.iew considers is later writings on is !ain t eory. Uni. The Structure of the Physical Universe. a #ew o# t e! acce$t is argu! on t e :eci$rocal Syste! as been co!$iled% 9t er $eo$le a.Neglected Facts of Science. t oug Larson i!sel# was . But in order to see t at+ )# a reader as got to slowly wade t roug t ree ea.el.uite ad. t is !a"es it e.Introduction Dewey Bernard Larson.y .w ic greatly el$s in $ractical co!$re ension o# is t eory% Vol I Vol II Vol III Co panion !oo"# Nothing But Motion Basic Properties of Matter The Universe of Motion Neglecte$ %acts of &cience 1979 1988 1984 198' Dewey B% Larson clai!ed is t eory was a co!$lete. t is s ort 08ssence and 9.erse to suc notions 6at t at ti!e7 — but in a way.ersality.e seen s$iritual signi#icance in is #indings.e e!erged wit in conte!$orary $ ysics—not so!et ing added to t e existing bunc % )t is a re$lace!ent o# conce$tual t eory.

t e second $ostulate is is own state!ent about ow it all be a. or (ust !o.>ector-.er4 52or exa!$le+ / e scalar !otion o# an ex$anding balloon is inde$endent o# w ere t e balloon is.e icle or a $ ysical #orce% S$eed is usually regarded as a >ector. P-&TU. it is correctly called a >elocity% &owe.The Postulates Dewey B% Larson1s t eory is built'u$ #ro! two basic $ostulates or notions+ %I(&T %UN)*M+NT*.e inwards towards eac ot er% So w ile t ey don1t a.iewed #ro! any $osition inside t e balloon4 5/ is #act is extre!ely i!$ortant4 5)n e##ect.e to eac ot er in a $udding rising in t e o. t en $roceeded to success#ully re.!eans it as !agnitude only. eit er t ey (ust !o. or w ere t e !otion is .*T+ .iewed #ro!—e.e outwards #ro! eac ot er. it is saying Scalar !otion as non"local $ro$erties4 3 .en @lastic #oa! uni#or!ly ex$anding or contracting :ecession o# distant Aalaxies 8ac $oint as no s$eci#ic direction. P-& this movement of any individual point.uantities by a!ount alone% / is contrasts wit t e word .e a sense—outward or inward% / e second #act to notice is.e t eir sa!e !o. w ic !eans it as bot !agnitude A3D direction% 2or exa!$le+ t e !otion o# a . #or exa!$le te!$erature or !oney% 5=e #ully !easure suc .e any s$eci#ic direction.erly si!$le. is completely independent of where it is in space —t ey a. but it is not necessarily so4 = en S$eed as bot !agnitude and direction.The ph/sical universe confor s to the relations of or$inar/ co utative athe atics0 its pri ar/ agnitu$es are a!solute0 an$ its geo etr/ is +ucli$ean34 / e #irst $ostulate is an obser.*T+ .The ph/sical universe is co pose$ entirel/ of one co ponent0 Motion0 e1isting in three $i ensions0 in $iscrete units0 an$ 2ith t2o reciprocal aspects0 space an$ ti e34 &+C-N) %UN)*M+NT*. t ere is a considerable a!ount said in (ust a #ew concise words4 Larson #ollowed a sort o# 0 hat !f1 scenario using t ese two $ostulates on < Do not dis!iss t ese two $ostulates as being o.en i# . t ey do a.e!ent w ate.ation o# natural law o# t e uni.erse'engineer !aterial $ ysics4 Scalar Motion — the mathematical model of the universe… / e word . s$eed can also be a Scalar wit !agnitude only% Scalar <otion does actually exist in t e real world% 8xa!$les are+     Dots drawn on t e sur#ace o# an ex$anding or contracting balloon ?urrants relati.

eral ins$ired <ystics a. we are . because we are saying t is !otion as so!e actual s$eed% 5 6e are no2 constructing a athe atical o$el !ase$ on "no2n t/pes of otion to see if it fits e1peri ental results7 so assu ptions on ho2 it all ca e to !e are outsi$e the scope of this o$el8It is perfectl/ vali$ therefore to sa/ t2o opposing scalar otions are 9ust :happening.ery entitled to call it . but w at are 0!etres1 and w at are 0seconds1 ot er t an !an'!ade unitsE So i# t is $articular s$eed o# !otion in our !odel is t e basic constituent o# t e Uni. di.Unity-4 / is beco!es t e datu! base% 3ote.stu##. and only constituent o# t e $ ysical Uni.# irrespective of Creation< 4 .e said si!ilar be#ore i!.erse./i!e. we could not c oose Fero #or datu!. we do it as a #raction Space =Speed Time Dewey B% Larson1s conce$t is t at Scalar S$eed is t e basic. as se.and .ided by so!e unit o# ti!e% 2or exa!$le+ • • • #iles $er hour %ilometres $er hour #etres $er second /o write t is #or!ally. it !eans t at .000.9ne- Space =Speed =1 Time 3or!ally we write t e s$eed o# lig t as D00. t oug e was certainly not t e #irst $erson to say it.S$ace.because t ey are Scalar7 So let1s re'write our #raction calling t e s$eed o# lig t.directions.000 !etres $er"e t at — contrary to ort odox scienti#ic t in"ing4 Starting wit no interaction between two o$$osing scalar <otions C — t e #irst going outwards. =alter :ussell and Dion 2ortune—Larson t oug .container. t e ot er returning inwards% / e S$eed o# bot o# t e! is t e sa!e as t e s$eed o# lig t. a s$eed o# .Do 3ot !a"e a container into w ic all . but o# course in o$$osite senses% 6it is a!biguous to say . #ollowed it t roug into detailed !at e!atics% )# <otion is t e basic constituent o# t e Uni. as t ese cannot exist inde$endently% / is is a radical s i#t in conce$tual t in"ing.erse.erse+ not 0S$ace1 or 0/i!e1. #or exa!$le+ :enB Descartes.Let1s exa!ine S$eed o# <otion+ =e are all #a!iliar wit s$eed ta"en as so!e unit o# s$ace.exists% 5/ ere is no .

ibration — constant re.ersals in direction7 I% :otary 9scillations 6li"e a watc balance'w eel s$ring re.ity go t roug .acuu!4 )!agine !o.ity and :adiation o# our e!erging !at e!atical !odel. exce$t t ey are Scalar !otions 6 li-e the trace $ath of the dots drawn on our ex$anding &alloon exam$le 7% 3ow i# t is was all t ere was to it. but rather “motion” itself is fundamental! 5#editate on it! (ou need to em$loy your )*ight"+rain.alent to :adiation 6o# $ otons etc%7 ➔ / e inward scalar !otion is e.stu##-% ➔ / e outward scalar !otion is e. or a . is t at !otion could be oscillatory4 <eaning li"e 0si!$le ar!onic !otion1. w ic is un$recedented by any ot er science t eory4 U$ to now. t e dot will trace a strait line as it !o. but wit not ing on t e! yet4 / is is t e abstract nature o# t e basic !otions. t is is a !at e!atical !odel t at is being constructed using "nown ty$es o# !otion% / e .ity 6aggregates o# !atter7 So!et ing #lowing outwards concurrently wit so!et ing #lowing inwards to !a"e a w ole4 5 here have we met that conce$t &efore' / e balance between t e o$$osing #lows a$$ears stationary% =e a.ui. so #or adding local s$ecial e##ect to our basic two inward G outward !otions o# Ara.e discussed linear !otion. t en !atter would (ust be one big.!otion. rare#ied. rotary scalar !otion #its t e bill% Anot er $ossible .eyor belts. t is sort o# !otion tra. to com$rehend this! )t also ex$lains w y $ otons. let us identi#y t ese two o$$osing <otions wit $ ysical .alent to Ara.erses a strait line e.en t oug no s$eci#ic line is drawn% 2or exa!$le+ going bac" to our original exa!$le o# a dot on an ex$anding G contracting balloon. or inwards 6if the ru&&er thic-ness and consistency is $erfectly uniform that is! 7 / ere is anot er sort o# basic !otion—:otary% / is as t e e##ect o# tracing s$irals and elixes% But it can still be .ui.Gra ity and Radiation So in our !at e!atical !odel under construction. uni#or!. not motion of something.ersals7 5 .es outwards.ibration% / is could be bot linear $ulses or rotary li"e a watc balance'w eel s$ring% The 4 possibilities: 1% Linear Scalar <otion 6straig t outward or inward7 H% :otational Scalar <otion 6s$iralling outwards or inwards7 D% Linear 9scillations 6. !atrix—w ic it is not4 5So lets consider ot er scalar !otions su$eri!$osed on t e two basic o$$osite !otions% !ther Types of Scalar "otion :e!e!ber. we a.e to t in" t e ot er way around to w at is #a!iliar. a!or$ ous. and li"ewise gra.arious $ossible co!binations o# t ese !otions are s own by Larson to accurately re$resent t e co!$lete s$an o# $ con.ariable.

uanta% 9ne . As was stated in Larson1s @ostulates. o# any !atter% 6 .el nature o# Unit s$eed being t e datu!. &eig t. Larson #or!ulated a coding syste! based u$on s$eed' dis$lace!ent away #ro! Unity. t oug t ey . w ere Larson1s two @ostulates were stated. t e result is ato! building4 ➔ = ere two di!ensions are e!$loyed.erse. rat er t an our #a!iliar Fero.t ere#ore. but inco!$lete ato!s4 / ere is essentially no basic di##erence between any o# t e ele!ents exce$t #or t e . t oug it can be wit in one. t e result is electrical% Su%&'tomic Particles$ / ey don1t exist4 5Jes s oc" orror4 5So w at are all t ese ig $ro#ile scientists doing wit t eir Large &adron ?olliders etcE 5= at t ey call 0$articles1 are actually 0$ac"ets o# !otion1. and the third digit re$resents the electrical dis$lacement from unity.ided into Lengt .cannot be re$resented in our s$atial #ra!e o# re#erence. !soto$es are also descri&ed. though they are slightly different. t at e #igured out t ere !ust be D Di!ensions o# <otion — but t is is not t e sa!e t ing as D di!ensions o# . is t e s!allest entity $ossible. #or exa!$le+ &eliu! Silicon ?arbon )ron H H H D — — — — 1 H H H — — — — 0 I I 8 here the first two digits refer to dis$lacement from unity in the two magnetic dimensions.Ato!. are su$eri!$osed u$on t e basic out'#lowing $rogression. t e result is !agnetis!4 ➔ = ere only one di!ension is e!$loyed. but eac o# t ese 0$ac"ets o# !otion1 is insu##icient to #or! a co!$lete ato!% / ey are not 0co!$onents1 o# ato!s.#ow "any Dimensions$ Did you notice a#ter t e introduction abo. =idt all di.arying dis$lace!ents #ro! unity s$eed wit in eac o# t e t ree di!ensions o# !otion% 'toms = en inde$endent scalar !otions in t e gra. albeit extre!ely tiny% / is is t e sa!e as Kuantu! t eory and goes bac" to <ax @lanc"1s blac"'body radiation w ere e #ound energy could only be in discrete $ac"ets — or .ity sense. and w en t ese !otions are in all t ree di!ensions—it $roduces w at we call Ato!s% 5Because o# t e no.ided by /i!e% / e ot er two . !otion can only co!e in discrete units.di!ensions o# !otion.s$ace-4 9# t ese D di!ensions o# !otion.ery transitory. two or all t ree di!ensions o# !otion4 ➔ = ere all t ree di!ensions are e!$loyed.ery !uc a##ect and build our world% )ndi. only 9ne can !ani#est to our awareness and is subdi.idual local alterations to t e basic bac"ground !otions t us occur.e. o#ten . /always whole num&ers0. or radiation o# t e Uni.

ity (ust an ex$ression on ow !uc attracti. t en surely. not t e ot er way around as in con.ity+ )sn1t gra.ersa% Larson1s boo"s describe in detail about electric #orces. w ic include .acceleration.ity.e #orce to gi. and also gi. rat er it !eans t at we can tra.en as we a$$roac t is s$!es #ro!.e gra. but we will always be in a di##erent location—t at1s t e rub4 7 .e acceleration #or an inward scalar !otion. t en it is $ossible4 =e a.entional science t eory4 But ow can t ere be any . can be eit er Slower or Faster t an Unit s$eed. and acceleration is c ange in s$eed o# !otion. and .!otion-—t is is w ere .any. but t ere is a catc 4 5Abo. !agnetic #orces.e ex$lanations to t e so called nuclear #orces4 (aster than Li)ht / e :eci$rocal Syste! t eory o# $ ysics $redicts t at !otion occurs t at is #aster t an lig t.2orce. by t is ! also so!e sort o# . i# we are atte!$ting to accelerate stu## using giant electro'!agnets. re!e!ber 3ewton1s Laws #ro! sc ool5 .e less and less &owe. t e sur#ace area is .el !ac ines.e doubts about—t e $oint is t at t is s$eed o# lig t see!s to be t e !axi!u! ex$eri!ental s$eed $ossible% 5But consider t is. t en by t is !eans it is i!$ossible to accelerate #aster t an lig t. t e intensity decreases accordingly% / is is exactly t e sa!e $rinci$le as t e 0)n.e c osen to use t e nu!ber 1 to de#ine t e s$eed o# bot o# our basic o$$osing !otions.erse S.e to w ere we started #ro!.ibratory re.e it was stated t at t e two basic o$$osite !otions are :adiation and Ara. w ic in #a!iliar ter!s is t e s$eed o# lig t% But we are considering additions o# di##erent !otions.el in ti!e relati. t e e##ects are #elt by t e sur#ace area—a s.2orce L !ass × acceleration)# !ass is (ust co!$lex !otion 6aggregates o# ato!s7. regardless o# $ower4 And e.e Unit s$eed. and t ese !agnets o$erate by !otion o# t is sa!e s$eed 6see below7.ersals in direction su$eri!$osed u$on t e basic linear outward !otion% / e total net motion t ere#ore. i# we #ound anot er !eans o# acceleration.(orces Abo.#orce.ity% 5?onsider e##ect as to be s ared around t e w ole area. so as t e distance outwards or inwards increases. as t e dia!eter is doubled.uadru$led% 3ow as . t oug a steady state s$eedE / is is anot er o# t e $eculiarities s$ecial to Scalar !otion4 5)t is t e !otion o# ex$anding or s rin"ing.e in#luence is $ut onto !assE .e t is critical s$eed t ere is a big c ange4 @ut aside 8instein1s t eory o# Aeneral :elati. we enter into di!inis ing returns as t e !agnets a. w ic Larson and ot ers a.uared relations i$% / in" o# our ex$anding balloon. aren1t we saying t at !ass is (ust co!$lex D di!ensional !otionE So. .uare Law1 #or lig t intensity at a distance% So t is is ow a steady Scalar !otion as an acceleration to it—$ositi.e alternati. it is !otion in ti!e4 / is does not !ean ti!e' tra.

<otion only occurs in discrete units—t e sa!e as #or ato!s and .er. it is w at we "now as .uantu! $ ysics. so writing out our net's$eed #ractions #or t e t ree cases+ S12 3* Space Time = Unit &pee$ = %*&T+( Space Time #4T3*!41 S35T2* Space is 1 Time is more than 1 1 52S#!5 S35T2* Space is more than 1 Time is 1 =e are in t e 0<aterial Sector1 w ere !otion s ows as a ! Unity.#orce.exists — w ic is a rotating unit o# s$ace — t e #low o# w ic t roug a conductor !aterial is an electric current% )t can be collected u$ in a ca$acitor. continued researc "nown as 0:SH1 see!s to s ow t at t e w ole lot is #ar !ore dyna!ic t an Larson i!sel# i!agined% )n #act t e w ole nature o# t e build'u$ o# ato!s !ay be dyna!ically between t ese two sectors4 / is is w ere an extension o# t eory starts to occur% 2or t ose interested in $ursing t is.elo$!ents% Ener)y Since our basic #raction is $ut e.Static 8lectricity-% 8 . t en it is t e sa!e ratio w ic e. it is a ty$e o# #orce. t e reci$rocal a$$ens and !otion s ows as !o. is an e##ect o# certain ty$es o# !otion— = en 0c arge1 is added u$.uence to is t eory.e!ent in ti!e4 5 !n the #aterial Sector ) s own abo.ertible conse. but in t e unobser. but it is inaccurate to call it . and . w ic e 0?os!ic Sector1 w ere s$eeds are abo.e!ent in s$ace.ibration. t ere is a signi#icant di##erence between Larson1s boo"s and t e 0:SH1 !at e!atical way u$ it is written+ Space Time =1= Time Space &owe.e using 3ewton1s law. but di##erent as$ects o# it% / ere#ore suc a t ing as an .8lectric'? a rotational .c arged-% 5 5onventional $hysics confuses 5harge and 3lectrons together6 as shown &y the inconsistencies &etween their electrons in atoms.Unc arged'8lectron. flows—in the 5osmic Sector )s$ace. and e also realised t ere was a continual interc ange between t e two.isioned as ta"ing eons+ :adiation going out and cos!ic'rays and anti!atter co!ing in4 5&owe. flows! / is is ex$lained !at e!atically in Larson1s boo"s4 5+ut it is a&stract! Larson described t ese two o$$osing sectors as an unex$ected but !a(or incontro. and in electricity! .ual to Unity by de#inition. Larson describes in is boo"s t e reci$rocal+ Space =Speed Time Time = Energy ! Space Electricity 08lectrons1 and 08lectric'? arge1 are two di##erent t ings4 Bot are one di!ensional !otion.

li"e gra.erse4 ) o$e t is s ort syno$sis as el$ed $ut into $ers$"a)netism @er!anent !agnets and 8lectro'!agnets are also two di##erent t ings4 / ey are bot H'di!ensional.erse o# Di.erall conce$ts wit in abstract t eoretical $ ysics% tt$+GGwww%al'ru %orgG is !y own website.but gos it does #it t e real world re!ar"ably well. as it is !ore about t e $ractical as$ects o# is own conce$ts% +e%sites. t oug ) do .ed one o# t e scalar'di!ensions% / is also ex$lains+ .Neglected Facts of Science-.uestion t e c osen title. !ay #it into !aterialising a 0<ind Based Uni.iew will surely be o# so!e el$% !urther "eading+ ) would suggest starting wit is s ort boo"+ .elo$!ents and ideas on t e o.ersal nature o# t is t eory be#ore you $roceed into t e detailed $roo#s% Larson1s boo"s are slow reading.holes: and 9&ig &ang: theories!! :S is a . t e basic conce$ts re!ain unc anged.ed in by our learned establis !ent4 / e t eory continues to un#old by a #ew dedicated by it and is continuing to un#old. an o. toget er wit ot er )nsig ts./ eory. including an on'line store.current G !otion G !agnetic'#lux. but due to co!$letely di##erent ty$es o# !otion% Permanent magnets are a two di!ensional c arge—!agnetostatics. an on'line library wit down'loadable content. w ile t e rotary !otion is . en"mass4 71arson also re8ects 9&lac.all being at rig t angles to eac ot er% 62le!ings :ig t &and :ule7 *onclusion / is :S t eory o# Dewey B% Larson1s as no argu!ent wit ex$eri!ental sciences. es$ecially t e #irst * c a$ters. rat er it is conte!$orary t eoretical $ ysics t at is c allenged. t is is linear inward scalar !otion.e suggested !odi#ications+ 0:SH1 6:eci$rocal Syste! H7 introduces t e conce$t o# Jin and Jang by e!$loying 0co!$lex nu!bers1 in t e !at e!atics—so t at linear !otion in t e <aterial Sector is said to be . on t e contrary it li.on t e latest de.ibratory !otion% Electro magnetism is di##erent.ided <otion% @eace% M<B H01H 9 . tt$+GGrst eory%orgG as #ull in#or!ation on Dewey B% Larson1s :eci$rocal / eory.ity but stri$$ed o# one o# t e D di!ensions o# gra. and includes about ow t e :eci$rocal Syste!. li"e electrostatics but in two di!ensions o# rotary .e scienti#ic #oru! .:SH.Jin-.ocates. but new wor" and new ideas a. and in all de$art!ents o# $ ysics4 5<uc better t an t e otc $otc o# existing t eoretical'$ ysics currently belie.e t e Uni.Jang-. and an acti.ity by an electric current% )t is t e residue a#ter t e electric current as re!o. but in t e ?os!ic Sector t eir roles re. and as one to$ic relies u$on anot er.

The (eciprocal &/ste of theor/ $eals onl/ 2ith the ph/sical universe as it no2 e1ists0 an$ reaches no conclusions as to ho2 that universe ca e into !eing0 nor as to its ulti ate fate3 The theoretical s/ste is therefore co pletel/ neutral on the Buestion of creation3 It is co pati!le 2ith either the h/pothesis of creation !/ so e agenc/0 or the h/pothesis that the universe has al2a/s e1iste$34 ?page 4CA 10 .Larson .uotes #ro!+ 03ot ing but <otion1 .Cos ologists often !egin their anal/ses of large>scale ph/sical processes 2ith a consi$eration of a h/pothetical .e pt/4 universe0 one in 2hich no atter e1ists in the postulate$ space>ti e setting3 But an e pt/ universe of otion is an i possi!ilit/3 6ithout otion there 2oul$ !e no universe3 The ost pri itive con$ition0 the situation 2hich prevails 2hen the universe of otion e1ists0 !ut nothing at all is happening in that universe0 is a con$ition in 2hich units of otion e1ist in$epen$entl/0 2ith no interaction3 In this con$ition all spee$ is unit/0 one unit of space per unit of ti e0 an$ since all units of otion are ali"e8the/ have no propert/ !ut spee$0 an$ that is unit/ for all4 ?page @1A .

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