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Chantilly Model United Nations Conference 2014

Resolution Format
Example Resolution:
United Nations General Assembly Sponsors: Iraq, Russian Federationetc. (there are only two because of the small size of our club) Signatories: (Any Country that wants your paper to be debated on) 1.1 The General Assembly, Reaffirming the sacred principles of the United Nations charter, which includes an obligation to establish and preserve world peace and cooperation, Recognizing the importance of multilateralism and the dangers of unilateral action, Further recognizing the danger posed by biological and chemical weapons, Recalling the execrable loss of life on both sides during the previous Middle East conflict, Further recalling the previous UN resolutions outlawing the development of biological and chemical weapons in Iraq, Taking into consideration, the suffering of the Iraqi people, partially as a result of sanctions, Alarmed by the use of chemical weapons by the nation of Iraq on the Kurdish minority in that country Further taking into consideration the reports of pervious UN weapons inspections 1. Condemns any unilateral attack against Iraq by the United States; 2. Urges all Security Council nations not to sponsor any resolution legitimizing the use of force against Iraq; 3. Demands that Iraq hold firm with its agreement to allow unfettered weapons inspections to continue; 4. Requires that the issue of Iraqi sanctions be reevaluated by a special committee appointed by the General Assembly of no less than seven nations of which no more than two of the same continent on compliance with operative clause three.

January 10th 11th, 2014 Chantilly High School * 4201 Stringfellow Road * Chantilly, VA, 20151

Chantilly Model United Nations Conference 2014

Preambulatory Phrases
Affirming Confident Alarmed by Contemplating Approving Convinced Aware of Bearing in mind Believing


Deeply Concerned Desiring Emphasizing Fulfilling Guided By

Deeply Conscious Expecting Fully aware

Deeply Convinced

Deeply Regretting

Expressing its appreciation Fully Believing

Expressing its satisfaction Further Recalling

Further deploring

Having adopted Having Examined Noting Further Observing

Having Considered Having Heard

Having Considered further Having Relieved

Having Devoted Attention Keeping in Mind Noting With Regret Seeking

Having Studied

Noting With Approval Realizing

Noting With Deep Concern Recalling Recognizing Taking Note


Referring Welcoming

Taking into Consideration

Taking into Account

Operative Phrases
Accepts Affirms Approves Authorizes Calls Calls Upon Deplores Condemns Confirms

Congratulates Encourages


Declares Accordingly



Endorses Expresses its Appreciation Further Recommends Have Resolved Notes

Expresses its Hope

Further Invites

Further Proclaims Further Resolves Reminds

Further Reminds Proclaims

Further Requests Recommends Regrets



Solemnly Affirms

Strongly Condemns


Takes Note of Trusts Urges

January 10th 11th, 2014 Chantilly High School * 4201 Stringfellow Road * Chantilly, VA, 20151