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To: The Alliance Party Executive.

As the Executive of Alliance meet to decide their position on The Haass/O Sullivan Document, we are calling on the Party to consider its position with regards to the following. The Haass Document 'Contending with the Past' section contains a fundamental flaw. Its terms of reference when dealing with the past are 1968-1998. We are bringing to the attention of Alliance that the 1998 date is a grave insult to any victim who has suffered in Northern Ireland after this period. We are sure that Alliance do not need to be reminded that 1998 and the signing of 'The Agreement' did not bring an end to paramilitary activity. On the contrary, over 100 people have been murdered since this date at the hands of illegal organisations. Atrocities such as Omagh, murders such as that of Paul Quinn, Robert Mc Cartney, Rosemary Nelson, Charles Bennett, Martin O'Hagan and Denis Donaldson, like many others - all took place post 1998. In addition, the Historical Timeline Group proposed has also been given terms of reference which ends in 1998 - and as such, would be tasked to draw its own 'narrative' of the Past which would by default exclude events such as Decommissioning, The Stormont Spy Ring, The Collapse of the Power Sharing Institutions, the Special Branch Headquarter break in, The Northern Bank Robbery, amongst others. That would effectively sanitise and eradicate part of this country's history, and is, we believe completely unacceptable. We are calling on the SDLP - a party which claims to put victims to the fore, to publicly call for the eradication of the 1998 date as a cut off for recognition of all of those victims who have suffered since then. If Alliance truly believes that victims should be to the fore of any process which affects them, then it should publicly stand shoulder to shoulder with all those who would be effectively excluded, insulted and ignored by the Haass Document. By definition and under existing legislation, victims post 1998 are rightly afforded the same entitlements as those who suffered prior to the Agreement. This document would deny them the basic fundamental human right of equal treatment. Over the past few days and since reading Haass, we have been in touch with a number of victims, all of which are understandably hurt, frustrated and angry. We have also made representations to the Victims Commissioner, and to other political parties. The test of each political party will be on whether they are prepared to exclude or rightly include all of those who suffered, regardless of the date in which they were victimised. Victims have suffered enough, and have, in previous years been regarded as an afterthought by certain politicians and political parties, when it has been politically expedient to do so. We are urging Alliance to do the right thing, and to make it clear to those political parties and organisations who would benefit from a sanitisation of the "past", that they will not stand for an

exclusion of any victim, according to the date in which they had violence perpetrated upon them.