St Simon Stock Catholic Church

Brookfield Road, South Ashford, Kent TN23 4EU Tel: 01233 622399


Parish Priest: Fr John Boyle
Saint Simon of England RC Primary School, Noakes Meadow, Ashford, TN23 2RB. Tel: 01233 623199 Head teacher: Mrs Elizabeth Willis

MASS TIMES AND INTENTIONS th Sunday 13 Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (B) 10.00am Mass (Jim Gogarty) 12.00 noon Mass (Latin, 1962 Missal. Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost) 6.00pm Mass (People of the parish) th Monday 14 The Exaltation of the Holy Cross, feast 6.45pm Mass (Holy Souls) th Tuesday 15 Our Lady of Sorrows 9.30am Mass (Peggie Fairess RIP) followed by Divine Mercy Chaplet & Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament until 10.30am th Wednesday 16 SS Cornelius, pope and Cyprian, bishop, martyrs 6.45pm Mass (Latin, 1962 Missal) (Holy Souls) th Thursday 17 St Robert Bellarmine, bishop and doctor of the Church 9.30am Mass (Jimmy Moran RIP) th Friday 18 St Edith of Kemsing 9.30am Mass (Deceased members of Guiry and Stapleton families RIP) th Saturday 19 St Theodore of Canterbury, bishop 9.00am Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament 10.00am Mass (Fr. Peter – Mother‟s Group) th Sunday 20 Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time (B) Home Mission Sunday 10.00am Mass (Jeanette Bruder RIP) 6.00pm Mass (People of the parish) CONFESSION TIMES Weekdays: before or after Mass upon request. Saturday: 10.30am; Sundays: ½ hour before Mass CHURCH CLEANING th th nd th th 18 Sheila; 25 Sue; October 2 Tara; 9 Bridie; 16 Sheila COLLECTIONS LAST SUNDAY Offertory: £357.44, (Gift Aid: £164.22, loose plate: £193.22) + £94 approx by standing order. Second collection: Parish Maintenance & Development Fund: £114.68. Thank you. Second collection today: Parish Maintenance & Development Fund, next Sunday: Catholic Agency for the Support of Evangelisation – an agency of the Catholic Bishops‟ Conference of England and Wales. HOME MISSION SUNDAY Next week is Home Mission Sunday – a day of prayer for the spread of the Gospel in England and Wales. This year‟s theme is ‘They will know Him by the good works that you do’, chosen in prayerful response to the content of the Scripture readings for the day and the current economic climate. Leaflets giving further details and gift aid envelopes for next week‟s second collection in aid of the Catholic Agency for the Support of Evangelisation are available on the table in the entrance.

TODAY’S MASS TEXTS Entrance Antiphon cf. Ecclesiasticus 36:18 Give peace, Lord, to those who wait for you, and your prophets will proclaim you as you deserve. Hear the prayers of your servant and of your people Israel. First Reading Isaiah 50:5-9 I offered my back to those who struck me. Responsorial Psalm: Ps 114:1-6.8-9.R. v 9. R: I will walk in the presence of the Lord in the land of the living. I love the Lord for he has heard the cry of my appeal; for he turned his ear to me in the day when I called him. (R) They surrounded me, the snares of death, with the anguish of the tomb; they caught me, sorrow and distress. I called on the Lord‟s name. O Lord my God, deliver me! (R) How gracious is the Lord, and just; our God has compassion. The Lord protects the simple heart; I was helpless so he saved me. (R) He has kept my soul from death, my eyes from tears and my feet from stumbling. I will walk in the presence of the Lord in the land of the living. (R) Second Reading: James 2:14-18 If good works do not go with faith, it is quite dead. Gospel Acclamation: John 14:5 Alleluia, alleluia! I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, says the Lord; no one can come to the Father except through me. Alleluia! Gospel: Mark 8:27-35 You are the Christ. The Son of Man is destined to suffer grievously. Preface of Sunday 4, Eucharistic Prayer 3 Communion Antiphon: Ps 35:8 O God, how much we value your mercy! All mankind can gather under your protection. PRAYERS FOR THE SICK Please pray for all our sick parishioners, particularly Rita Redman and Samuel Davey. Names of parishioners who need our prayers can be placed in the box in the church foyer. SPUC MEMBERSHIP DRIVE If anyone else would like to enquire about membership, please see Anne-Marie Homberger. PRO-LIFE PRAYER VIGIL MAIDSTONE 22 SEPTEMBER I will be leading this vigil by The Helpers of God‟s Precious Infants. If you wish to join, meet at St. Francis‟ Church, Week Street, Maidstone for 12.30pm Mass followed by a prayerful and peaceful procession to the Marie Stopes abortion facility in Brewer Street ending at 2.15pm. Refreshments afterwards at St. Francis Parish Centre. Fuller details on notice board. Fr. John

PARISH ADVISORY COUNCIL Next meeting tomorrow at 7.30 pm. Please let Thereza Baker know if there is anything you think needs to be put on the agenda, tel: parish office 622399; email: Parish email:; Parish website:; Diocesan website: Fr John‟s blog: Parish blog:

So everything is back to normal again. Fr John has returned from his holiday, and I am happy, along with all of you, that he came back in good health and condition. There is always a lot of work for a priest in a parish and I am sure that you will no t leave Fr John alone. But please remember also that he is only a man and sometimes he needs to rest This postcard is a joke of course, but I am really glad that Fr John is with you again and don‟t worry about our fridge, it is full again. ****************************************************** “The sound of her footsteps was like a stream falling gently away downhill over cool stones in the quiet of night” (J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings). So I should take this example and go away quietly, telling you “Goodbye” very gently. But I can‟t. I would like to thank all the good people I have met in this parish. During this time I have had many new experiences and I have had an interesting time. I visited about 40 villages and towns, and have been to a lot of places I have never seen before. I don‟t want to put here all names, but I carry these people in my memory and heart. If there will be another opportunity, I hope we will see each other again (maybe not in UK). Thank you and please remember me in your prayers. Praised be Jesus Christ! Fr. Peter/ks. Piotr

REGULAR EVENTS – COME ALONG! DIVINE MERCY PRAYER GROUP after the 9.30am Mass on Tuesdays. Prayers of intercession for various needs and silent adoration of the Blessed Sacrament till 10.30am. CHOIR PRACTICE THURSDAYS 7.30PM Newcomers always welcome BIBLE STUDY WEDNESDAYS 7.30PM Studying the Acts of the Apostles. Newcomers always welcome. YEAR OF PRAYER FOR PRIESTS Come and pray the Rosary for our priests 20 minutes before the morning Masses, Monday to Friday. All are welcome to join. YEAR OF PRIESTHOOD A special prayer calendar has been produced by the Southwark diocesan Vocations Office to help us pray for all the priests of our diocese. Please take one and say the prayer daily. Thank you. VISIT OF RELICS OF ST THÉRÈSE OF LISIEUX th AYLESFORD 10 OCTOBER The coach has been booked; price £8 per adult, £4 per child and will leave the church at 9.00am. If you would like to go by coach or can offer a lift in your car please sign up on the notice board as soon as possible. Leaflets containing further information about the visit are available in the church foyer. HAVE WE FORGOTTEN WHAT IT IS TO BE CATHOLIC? (12) (From Fit for Mission? Church by Bishop Patrick O‟Donoghue) Those employers who exploit their workforce forget they are Catholic. PARISH AUTUMN FAYRE 31 OCTOBER 2009 Raffle tickets for the Draw are now available in the church entrance. Please take books to buy and to sell to you family or friends. Please take a jar from the table in the entrance and fill it with anything that you think would be suitable to sell at the fayre. If you have any items that you think suitable for the fayre and would like them collected please let Eileen Conn or Thereza Baker know. Thank you. DIVINE MERCY GROUP Will meet for prayer and social at Teresa Davies‟, 16 Gravelly Field, Singleton, tel: Ashford 625799 this coming Wednesday th 16 from 10 am finishing at approximately 11.30. New members are always welcome to come along.

GOOD TO BE BACK I hope most people have had a chance to take a holiday and enjoy a change of scene. I know that there will be those who may have had to curtail their normal holiday plans or who have not been able to take a holiday at all. I realise, therefore, how fortunate I am that I was able to take just over three weeks for a total change and break. I was able to spend a week with Fr Ben Kiely, parish priest at Stowe, Vermont, whose mother Bernadette sings in our choir. I was then joined by my priest-brother Stephen. We spent 10 days staying with the Bishop of Marquette, Michigan, the Most Rev. Alexander Sample, who was a classmate of mine in Rome, followed by 6 days in New York. While away I have not failed to remember all my parishioners daily. One of the anchors for me when on holiday is daily prayer and the daily celebration of Mass. Thank God I was able to celebrate or concelebrate Mass every day in different chapels and churches. As I had no particular intentions for most of those Masses, they were offered for you, for all who support me with their prayers, as well as for family and friends. Daily Mass when on holiday, far from getting in the way of „having a good time‟, gave each day its meaning and contributed to true rest. Each day is, after all, a gift from God. We should therefore try to offer some of that day back to Him. In the various parishes I visited in the US, I was impressed by the number of people and families „on vacation‟ as they say there, including some from the UK, who had taken the trouble to find out the times of Masses and make sure they attended. Another interesting point is that distances are much greater. Father Sebastian‟s brother, for example, looks after four parishes near Lake Huron and might travel over 40 miles from his home parish to get to one of his churches, one of which is on an island which involves catching a ferry. One retired gentleman, an ex American footballer, who lives on that island would travel these distances daily to whichever church Mass was being celebrated in on that particular day. If the priest could do it, so could he! The devotion of parishioners of St Simon‟s to the Mass is what gives strength to our parish. Fr Peter leaves us this week. People tell me he has been an excellent pastor and I know that he has looked after you all very well. However, when I returned I found the emptiest fridge I have ever seen! (Maybe Fr Peter hasn‟t needed to buy much food because so many people have invited him for meals.) Anyway, one of my first tasks on my return was a shopping spree. I would like to thank Fr Peter for being with us once again and, on your behalf, renew our invitation to him to come again next summer. May God bless him and keep him faithful. May the Madonna of Czestochowa protect him. Fr. John

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