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Types of noun (Example) Nearly all objects, except for those below ( ; ten apples) Animals ( ; five cows) People ( ; three soldiers) Long object, sometimes with a handle ( ; one pencil) Trees ( ; five trees) Pair, for either shoes or socks ( ; four pairs of socks) Clothes, set ( ; one set of suit) Buildings ( ; three houses) Books, with cardinal numbers ( ; five notebooks) Volume, with ordinal numbers ( ; Civil Law, Volume Four) Bundled objects ( ; three bundles of squid) Bundled objects ( ; four bundles of scallions) Paper or thin, flat objects, with cardinal numbers ( ; ten sheets of colored paper) Chapter, with ordinal numbers ( ; Gospel of Matthew, Chapter three)

Native, Sino or both? Native Native Native Native Native Native Native Native Native Sino Native Native Native Sino

Weight (kilogram) ( ; seven kilograms of flour) Distance (kilometer) ( ; five kilometers of road) Distance (Chinese mile) ( ; fifteen miles) A board full of objects, with cardinal numbers ( ; four boards of eggs) Edition, with ordinal numbers ( ; Civil Law, Second Edition) Age ( ; fifty-five years old) Age ( ; fifty-five years old) Cup, glass ( ; a glass of water) Machine ( ; one car)

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Class (in school), with ordinal numbers ( 14; Daewon High School, 14th graduating class)