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With the rapid development of new energy sources of wind power , photovoltaic power generation , grid difficult problem

gradually. However, due to the power of "Save problem" in the world has not been able to effectively solve the problem of new energy grid has been in the exploratory state. Winter sunlight in northern Zhang is good, but the strong wind , the north wind blew during the day and seven -class people are unbearable in the evening wind bigger , colder days . Fortunately, no snow this winter , which also allow countries lose scenery storage demonstration projects , Zhangjiakou Zhang north optical storage lost during the construction of Phase II expansion targets ahead of schedule , all 60,000 kilowatts of photovoltaic power plants and parts of wind power equipment and power generation to achieve liquid flow energy storage power station was put into operation. As is currently the world's largest collection of wind power , photovoltaic power generation, chemical energy storage and smart energy output of one of the four new integrated demonstration projects , which will be smooth and the net for a wider range of research in new energy sources as wind, solar , etc. . As the new energy grid must be tackled difficult in recent years, wind power abandoned wind issue has caused national attention. The so-called abandoned wind, is the fan is under normal circumstances, due to the lack of the ability to accept the local power grid , wind farm construction period does not match the part of the wind farm wind turbines and wind power instability problems caused by suspended phenomenon. According to statistics, in 2012 the country 's wind power output restrictions abandoned about 20 billion kwh of wind power than doubled in 2011 , accounting for all of 2012 actual wind power generating capacity by 20%. Among them, the "Three North" region is particularly serious , eastern Inner Mongolia , Jilin, Zhang Northern winter heating period the proportion of electricity even more than 50%. State Grid Corporation spokesman Zhang Zhengling believe that wind power is very unstable, there is wind power , wind did not send , and therefore is dependent on the weather . More than a place to wind power development , the grid will bear. For example Zhangjiakou region , wind power capacity has exceeded 50% of the total installed capacity of the local , the local power grid simply no way to eliminate all satisfied . And because electricity can not be stored , requires real-time load balancing , that is made ready to use . So much wind farms would have to allow other less fat such as thermal power , wind power and less prone to let the other farm . Therefore, in such Zhangjiakou wind power installed than the major places, peaking difficult to achieve. While those in the north wind resource-rich area , the wind resource and also electricity load into reverse , when the wind is often at night , and the night was the lowest electricity load .

Therefore, the more difficult peaking . Which are for wind power electricity brought no small difficulty. State Grid Xin Yuan , director of Zhangjiakou Power Plant Consolidated scenery storage demonstration at Li-Xin Liang said Zhang north Zhangjiakou input optical storage demonstration projects can be very effective in solving problems peaking . Scenery storage demonstration projects focus on the scenery to explore a world's first co-generation storage and transmission mode of operation , through wind power, photovoltaic power generation, electricity storage seven combinations of power generation, and smooth output, tracking plan FM systems , load shifting four the combination of functions , multiconfiguration , multi-function , adjustable , co-generation operation mode can be scheduled . Zhang Zhangjiakou in northern light intensity during the day , night, wind, through this combination of demonstration projects during the day and more rely on photovoltaic, wind power rely mainly at night , plus a battery energy storage regulation , fluctuations in the entire processing power curve was effective control output becomes very smooth , effective solution to the problem of peaking . A major highlight of the project is to be able to adjust the instability of wind power and photovoltaic power generation by the battery energy storage. According to Li-Xin Liang introduced , fans and frequent fluctuations in solar output curve fluctuations powerful. But put a portion of the energy storage device , the output can be smoothed , help stabilize electricity connected to the grid . " By controlling the system, we can monitor the real-time operation of wind farms and solar power plants . Wind small, lack of electricity generated , solar energy will be the top, if not enough, you can put the right amount of energy storage devices in the wind, light under good conditions , the power of multiple energy storage devices will be absorbed . " Li-Xin Liang said. Faced with massive new energy grid peaking power systems , power system security , power quality three technical issues : peaking problem is due to wind instability, to achieve a smooth power output , the need to build a lot of spare capacity and peaking power ; power system security refers to wind power, photovoltaic output variability and instant impact , affecting transient stability and frequency stability of the grid ; power quality refers to the new energy grid caused massive lower voltage levels , fans of electronic equipment brought harmonic pollution , the impact of power quality . It is understood that after two years of operation, the project has been basically solved the wind power, solar power and a smooth network problems. Not only that , but also for the new energy grid provides a lot of basic data . Currently, the project staff has been involved in writing the 3 GB , 6 Enterprise standard compilation work of the seven scientific research National Science and Technology Support Program has been patented by the number 56 . Chinese Electrical Engineering Association also give a high evaluation of the project .

According to experts, the current energy storage problems are considered in the international arena , there is not a country to get rid of this problem. And Zhang lost the north optical storage demonstration project is the first case in the world . "However, the storage battery has a high cost, low energy storage shortcomings , should be able to properly resolve this issue , so by way of a battery energy storage will greatly solve the problem of new energy peaking ." OGEM Solids Control Blog OGEM Solids Control solids control equipment