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Anders Wall Foundation Award

for creating a positive rural environment


The Anders Wall Foundation, a foundation domiciled in Stockholm, has for many years been
giving awards to younger persons who through their entrepreneurial achievements have
significantly contributed to the development of the Swedish countryside. The awards have
been presented annually by H M the King of Sweden or the Crown Princess.

The Foundation has now decided to introduce, in association with The European Commission,
The Directorate General for the Environment, Brussels, The Royal Swedish Academy of
Agriculture and Forestry and ”Friends of the Countryside” an award for individuals who have
made a special achievement for a positive rural environment within the European Union. The
achievements made should preferably include the following elements, namely preserve and
enhance the landscape, provide bio-diversity, preserve the rural cultural heritage and
contribute to a sustainable economic development locally. The first award was presented in

The 2003 award of 10.000 Euro goes to Jacqueline Violet, Herdade do Pinheiro Estate

The Herdade do Pinheiro is situated in the southern part of Portugal close to the river Rio
Sado where it discharge itself into the Atlantic. At the initiative of the present owner Mrs
Violet, a variety of rural activities are carried out on the Estate comprising some 4.500
hectares. The Estate is actively working within an extensive program for Natura 2000
including promotion of birdlife. Aqua-culture plays an important role, both for the economy
and the environment. Different kinds of cattle – sometimes of unusual breed – graze large
areas and keep the landscape alive and attractive. The Estate is now probably Europe’s
foremost wintering area for the wood pidgeon and offers excellent conditions through its
wetlands for both animals and birds. Tourists are welcome and tourist activities, including
hunting, are continually being developed.

Diplomas to 2 runner-ups

Prince Albrecht Oettingen-Spielberg owner of Oettingen Forest, Uckermark, north of

Berlin, receives a diploma for an extensive project developing part of Oettingen Forest to a
habitat of great biodiversity favourable for endangered species, and for preserving the rural
cultural heritage on the property by maintaining and restoring historic buildings and gardens
and making them available to the public.

Stany and Jacques Emsens, as representatives of the family managing SCR Sibelco,
Limburg, receives a diploma for the restructuring of the Opgrimbie quarry in Maasmechelen,
Belgium. This restructuring can be regarded as evidence that, through private initiative,
landscape restoration can be realized hand in hand with commercial business and create
beautiful landscapes, recreation and biodiversity.

The award and the diplomas were given on the 22nd of March 2004, in Brussels at “Le Cercle
Royal Gaulois”, in the presence of Anders Wall, Rolf Annerberg, Chief of Cabinet of the
European Commissioner in charge of Environment and Johan Nordenfalk, President of the
Friends of the Countryside.