Menu of opportunities for “One Human Family, Food for All”

In order to support my involvement in the Caritas Internationalis campaign “One Human Family, Food for All” I pledge to one or more of the following activities between ecember !", "#!$ and ecember $!, "#!%& Spiritual engagement I will participate in a prayer service devoted to hunger reduction at my congregation I will devote one day a month to fasting and praying for the eradication of hunger in my community and the world I will pray daily, as an individual or with my family, for hunger reduction Other Social outreach I will help start or join a community garden enterprise where I live I will teach someone gardening or canning very month, I will donate money, fresh produce, or nonperisha!le food items to a food !an", food shelf, or community meal program Other Educational formation ither alone or with a group, I will read or watch one of the following videos or !oo"s# own ' Out in America A (lace at the )able ive* )he "#!% Hunger +eport $see http#%%hungerreport&org%'& I will help plan and implement a learning e(perience for children in our community on hunger I will participate in the group simulation, “)he Hunger *an+uet&” ,ee http#%%actfast&o(famamerica&org%inde(&php%events% !an+uet Other

Public policy engagement I will su!scri!e to --.,A ,ashington ,ee-ly and respond to one action alert to protect food and hunger programs&


Campaign Prayer O /od, you entrusted creation so that we earth and !e nourished to us the fruits of all might care for the with its !ounty&

0ou sent us your ,on to share our very flesh and !lood and to teach us your 1aw of 1ove& )hrough His death and resurrection, we have !een formed into one human family& 2esus showed great concern for those who had no food 3 even transforming five loaves and two fish into a !an+uet that served five thousand and many more& 4e come !efore you, O /od, conscious of our faults and failures, !ut full of hope, to share food with all mem!ers in this glo!al family& )hrough your wisdom, inspire leaders of government and of !usiness, as well as all the world5s citi6ens, to find just, and charita!le solutions to end hunger !y assuring that all people enjoy the right to food& )hus we pray, O /od, that when we present ourselves for 7ivine 2udgment, we can proclaim ourselves as “One Human Family” with “Food for All”& AM 8&


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