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Math 33A, Section 2 Linear Algebra and Applications

Winter 2014 Instructor: Professor Alan J. Laub Dept. of Mathematics !lectrical !n"ineerin" Math #ciences $%4& phone: '10()2&(424& e(mail: laub*ucla.e+u Lecture: MW, 1:00 p.m. - 1:&0 p.m. Math #ciences 4000A

.ffice /ours: MW, 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.0 an+ b1 appointment 2eachin" Assistants: 2.J. Arant 3240 2D50 M# 2'61 !. Pr17es 32A0 2850 M# 2%61 I.M. 9em:e 32!0 2,50 M# '%$' 3office hours to be +etermine+5 2A0 240 2! 280 2D0 2, 2 < t1lerarant*math.ucla.e+u epr17es*math.ucla.e+u ian;em:e*math.ucla.e+u

Discussion #essions: <ea+er:

1:00 - 1:&0 p.m. 1:00 - 1:&0 p.m.

#hen1in"1in" 2u 3 rub1.tushen*" 5

Prere=uisite: Math '2A 7ith a "ra+e of 4( or better 2e>t: ?. #tran"0 Introduction to Linear Algebra0 ,ourth !+ition0 Wellesle1( 4ambri+"e Press0 200% 3I#8@ %$)(0(%)02'2$(1(45. Also0 in(class 3i.e.0 on the 7eb5 notes on the pseu+oinAerse. Assi"ne+ appro>imatel1 7ee:l1 3"enerall1 +ue ,ri+a1s0 in class5 Late home7or: polic1: no late home7or:


!>aminations: Mi+term e>amination: ,ri+a10 ,ebruar1 $0 2014 31:00 - 1:&0 p.m.5B Math #ciences 4000A ,inal e>amination: ,ri+a10 Mar. 210 2014 3':00 - &:'0 p.m.5B Math #ciences 4000A All e>ams 7ill be close+(boo: 37ith one t7o(si+e+ sheet of CnotesD5. @o cell phones or similar +eAices are allo7e+ at an1 time +urin" the e>am. Ma:e(up e>amination polic1: no ma:e(up e>aminations 3in case of a me+ical emer"enc10 1ou must contact the instructor before the e>am5 an+ then sche+ule 1our oral e>am. ?ra+e: /ome7or:: 1&E Mi+term: '&E ,inal: &0E

Tentative Outline
Date Jan. 6 Jan. ) Jan. 10 Jan. 1' Jan. 1& Jan. 1$ Jan. 22 Jan. 24 Jan. 2$ Jan. 2% Jan. '1 ,eb. ' ,eb. & ,eb. $ ,eb. 10 ,eb. 12 ,eb. 14 ,eb. 1% ,eb. 21 ,eb. 24 ,eb. 26 ,eb. 2) Mar. ' Mar. & Mar. $ Mar. 10 Mar. 12 Mar. 14 Mar. 21 Topic course lo"istics an+ motiAation Aectors an+ linear combinationsB +ot pro+ucts matrices an+ linear e=uationsB +eterminants ?aussian elimination an+ its matri> interpretation inAerse matricesB matri> al"ebra elimination F factori;ationB 3P5AFLG permutation matrices an+ their use in ?aussian elimination subspaces0 linear in+epen+ence0 bases0 +imension the four fun+amental subspaces an+ bases for them fun+amental theorem of linear al"ebra ro7 re+uce+ echelon formB ran: of a matri> ortho"onalit1 of the four fun+amental subspacesB orthonormalit1 pseu+oinAerse of a matri> MID2!<M !HAMI@A2I.@ 31:00 - 1:&0 p.m.5 ortho"onal matrices an+ proIections linear least s=uaresB normal e=uations J< factori;ationB JAF< computation of J< factori;ation Aia /ousehol+er reflectors +eterminants ei"enAalues an+ ei"enAectors +ia"onali;able matrices similarit10 +ia"onali;ation application to solAin" continuous(time an+ +iscrete(time s1stems 3contK+5 s1mmetric matrices positiAe +efinite matricesB tests for p.+. matrices the sin"ular Aalue +ecomposition an+ its applications 3contK+5 ,I@AL !HAMI@A2I.@ 3':00 - &:'0 p.m.5