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Inspection Test Plan on Welding Quality Control

Post Rating: in$%are Welding Inspection Inspection Test Plan (ITP# is a &uality document t%at must 'eprepared 'y t%e (a'ricator prior (a'ari)asi process* constru)si* run+ Here are step,tep %ow to create and prepare an ITP in t%e wor)consturction (a'rication: $tep Read t%e contract documents (including t%e tec%nical speci(ications# and prepare a list o( any discrepancies* am'iguities* missing in(ormation and standards o( materials and.or wor)mans%ip t%at it is considered are inappropriate+ $tep Contact t%e customer and resol"e t%e issues listed as a result o( $tep -+ $tep / 01amine t%e scope o( wor) and di"ide it into separate areas re&uiring an Inspection and Test Plan (w%ere not already prescri'ed in t%e contract documents#+ 2s a general guide it is normally most con"enient to document a separate Inspection and Test Plan (or eac% trade or wor) area.section+ $tep 3 4ote t%e Hold and Witness Points re&uired 'y t%e customer (including as listed in t%e contract documents#+ $tep 5 Re"iew t%e contract documents again and note t%e re&uirements t%at %a"e t%e most impact on t%e &uality o( t%e (inis%ed wor)+ 5or eac% as) t%e &uestion 6W%at will 'e t%e conse&uences i( it is not made sure t%is is rig%t78 Be certain to include any re(erences to tests* su'mitting in(ormation to t%e customer* o'taining appro"als and Hold and Witness Points+ (5 ! "otes#

$tep ! 9etermine (rom $tep 5 w%ic% items or aspects o( eac% inspection will need to 'e recorded on c%ec)lists and prepare t%ese+ $tep : 9iscuss t%e c%ec)lists wit% t%ose directly in"ol"ed wit% t%e wor) and o'tain t%eir input+ T%is input s%ould particularly 'e directed at identi(ying t%ose issues t%at %a"e caused pro'lems (and in"ol"ed e1tra costs# in t%e past* and t%ere(ore warrant c%ec)ing at t%e earliest opportunity to a"oid unnecessary and costly recti(ication+ $tep ; Prepare eac% Inspection and Test Plan to re(lect t%e re&uirements o( t%e contract documents+ Re(erence t%e ITP in t%e Quality <anagement Plan and cross,re(erence to t%e ot%er related ITPs+ $tep = Issue eac% Inspection and Test Plan and.or associated certi(ication to t%e customer (or consideration wit%in a reasona'le period prior to commencing t%e wor) descri'ed in t%e Plan and ad>ust t%em to suit any comment recei"ed (or act as ot%erwise re&uired in t%e contract documents#+ $tep -? 9ecide %ow 'est to di"ide t%e w%ole o( t%e wor) into wor) areas (or control purposes and indicate t%ese locations eit%er on a sc%edule (wit% re(erence to grids and le"els# or 'y mar)ing up drawings+ $tep -Prepare and issue c%ec)lists (or eac% wor) area and identi(y t%em according to location+ $tep Train t%ose directly in"ol"ed wit% eac% o( t%e ITP in t%eir use+ 5ormalise a procedure (or t%e noti(ication o( Witness and Hold Points to t%e appropriate person(s#+ $tep -/ Carry out inspections and tests in accordance wit% t%e Inspection and Test Plans* pro"ide notices to t%e customer and.or regulatory aut%orities (or Hold or Witness Points* as designated or applica'le* and record t%e results on c%ec)lists+ 2n Inspection and Test Plan identi(ies t%e items o( materials and wor) to 'e inspected or tested* 'y w%om and at w%at stage or (re&uency* as well as Hold and Witness Points* re(erences to rele"ant standards* acceptance criteria and t%e records to 'e maintained+ Inspection and Test Plans* w%en properly implemented* %elp ensure t%at* and "eri(y w%et%er* wor) %as 'een underta)en to t%e re&uired standard and re&uirements* and t%at records are )ept+

ITP is t%e minimum re&uirement o( t%e acti"ities (or &uality control and inspection o( t%e (ield construction wor)+ T%is Inspection and Testing Plan outline t%e e1tent o( witness inspection and its reporting+

ASME P-Numbers
Home Failure Analysis TIG Welding MIG Welding Flux Cored Weldin g Stick Welding SAW

To reduce t%e num'er o( welding and 'ra@ing procedure &uali(ications re&uired 'ase metals w%ic% %a"e speci(ied impact test re&uirements %a"e 'een assigned Broup 4um

T%ese assignments %a"e 'een 'ased on compara'le 'ase metal c%aracteristics* suc% a

Composition Welda'ility Bra@ea'ility <ec%anical Properties

Indiscriminant su'stitution o( materials in a set o( P,4um'ers or Broup 4um'ers ma necessary prior to a c%ange in materials+

Resistance Weldin W%en a 'ase metal wit% a C4$ num'er 9esignation is assigned a P,4um'er* t%en a same C4$ num'er s%all 'e considered t%at P,4um'er+ g

Electron Beam Wel T%e ta'le 'elow is a guide and is (or instructi"e purposes only+ 2nyone speci(ying m Pressure Aessel Code to speci(y materials* P,4um'ers* procedures* or ot%er re&uirem ding incomplete and appro1imate summary o( 2$<0 data+ Ro otic Welding P,4um'ers Base <etal (Typical or 01ample# Bra!ing " Solderin g Ex#ert Witness Ex#erience Fees $inks / 3 52 5B 5C 4ot Csed

Car'on <anganese $teels ((our Broup 4um'ers

Hal( <oly'denum or %al( C%romium* %al( <oly' Two and a &uarter C%romium* one <oly'denum

Dne and a &uarter C%romium* %al( <oly'denum (

5i"e C%romium* %al( <oly'denum or nine C%rom

C%romium* <oly'denum* Aanadium ((i"e Broup

! :
9istortion 9iscontinuities 2lloy $election $teel $tainless $teel 2luminum

<artensitic $tainless $teels (Brade 3-?* 3-5* 3 =# 5erritic $tainless $teels (Brade 3?=* 3/?#

2ustenitic $tainless $teels Broup - , Brades /?3* /-!* /-:* Broup , Brades /?=* /-? Broup / , Hig% <anganese Brad

Broup 3 , Hig% <oly'denum Br

=2* B* C -?2* B* C* 5
$ection IE o( t%e 2$<0 BPAC 2$<0 P,4um'ers $tructural Welding

Two to (our 4ic)el $teels Aarious low alloy steels Hig% C%romium $tainless $teel Hig% C%romium* <oly'denum $tainless $teel Aarious %ig% strengt% low alloy steels (si1 Broup Aarious %ig% strengt% low alloy steels (ten Broup 4ot Csed Hig% 2luminum content (-??? and /??? series# 2luminum (5??? series , 5?5 * 5353# 2luminum (!??? series H !?!-* !?!/# 4ot Csed 2luminum (5??? series , 5?;/* 5?;!* 535!# 4ot used Hig% Copper content Brass Copper $ilicone Copper 4ic)el Copper 2luminum 4ot Csed Hig% 4ic)el content 4ic)el* Copper , (<onel 5??# 4ic)el* C%romium* Iron , (Inconel# 4ic)el* <oly'denum H (Hastelloy B * C 4ic)el* C%romium 4ic)el* C%romium* $ilicone

-?H -?I -?F -?G --2 --B - to ? / 3 5 ! to /? // // /3 /5 /! to 3? 33 3/ 33 35 3!

9uple1 and $uper 9uple1 $tainless $teel (Brades

Hig% C%romium* <oly'denum* 4ic)el $tainless $

* C :!

3: 3: to 5? 5-* 5 * 5/ !-* !

4ic)el* C%romium* Tungsten 4ot Csed Titanium 2lloys Iirconium 2lloys

Test <aterials ( Weld Coupons#

Do your own:
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Welder training Welder &uali(ication Welding procedure &uali(ication

We can provide:

Plate coupons Pipe coupons Common or special alloys $tandard code si@es Bac)ing rings or 'ars Practice si@es
24" Sch XH with J-Groove Bevel

$pecial si@es (see p%oto# <ill test reports

(How to Reduce Welder Quali(ication Cost 'y D"er !:JK#
I( you need to &uali(y your welders (or all thicknesses and (or ASME Section IX* t%en t%e super coupon will allow you to do so wit% >ust one coupon si@e+ SIMPLIFIES WEL E! Q"ALIFICATI#$% -+ Quali(ies (or all t%ic)nesses per QW,35 +-('#* + Replaces testing on 'ot% 8 and !8 coupons* /+ Quali(ies (or all diameters down to -8 D9 per QW,35 +/* and 3+ Quali(ies (or P,4um'ers -H--* /3* 3-H3:L as limited 'y 5,4o+ per QW,3//+

STA$ A! SI&ES ' ,/.38 D9 E 5.;8 wall 1 38 longL /:MN 1 -.-!8 'e"el# T()*+,-)L% $2,-?!* Br+ B material (P,4o+ -#* 'e"eled on one end Cse (or &uali(ication testing T()*+,-+L% $2,-?!* Br+ B material (P,4o+ -#* 'e"eled on 'ot% ends Cse (or training or &uali(ication testing S"PE! PLATE C#"P#$S I( you do not need to &uali(y (or pipe* our new $CP0R PO2T0 CDCPD4$ o((er similar ad"antages+ 2ccording to 2$<0 QW,35 +-* a -. inc% t%ic) sample &uali(ies a welder (or all t%ic)nesses* su'>ect to position limitations+ T%e welder would also 'e &uali(ied (or P,4um'ers -H--* /3* 3-H3:L as limited 'y 5,4o+ according to QW,3//+ T%e standard si@e we o((er is as (ollows: T()*./(-0% $2,/! material (P,4o+ -#* 'e"eled on 'ot% long ends Clic) on any o( t%e in"entory items num'ers a'o"e (in red# to c%ec) $CP0R CDCPD4 pricing* or clic) 'elow (or all coupon pricing+


3e4in 5eardsley6 Lincoln Electric "By understanding a few concepts and doing some math with a few simple formulas, we

can determine at least a good starting point for a welding procedure that produces the desired weld."

Ta7le ). Weight o8 Welding Wire

Ta7le 9. Cap Pass Weld Application

Ta7le /. 2ee 1roo4e 5utt Weld Application

Ta7le ,. S:uare 5utt Weld Application

Ta7le -. Fillet Weld Application

Ta7le +. 5artonian Con4ersion Factor By Ge"in Beardsley 2 s%op would li)e to decrease t%e de"elopment time (or new <IB welds+ Is t%ere a way to pre,calculate wire,(eed speed* tra"el speed and "oltage* to get t%em close 'e(ore t%ey stri)e t%e (irst weld7 Pes* it is possi'le to calculate starting wire,(eed speed and tra"el speed+ T%is is a "ery common &uestion (rom manu(acturers welding wit% solid wire or (lu1,cored wire+ <ost welding pro(essionals )now t%e wire,(eed speed (W5$#* w%ere a process runs well 'ased on t%eir e1perience* or can &uic)ly get W5$ (rom t%e manu(acturerQs recommended procedures+ Howe"er* determining %ow (ast to tra"el (or a particular si@e weld 'ead ends up 'eing an iterati"e* time,consuming process+ By understanding a (ew concepts and doing some

mat% wit% a (ew simple (ormulas* we can determine at least a good starting point (or a welding procedure t%at produces t%e desired weld+ EP#SITI#$ !ATE It is essential to recall t%at 9eposition Rate is directly proportional to t%e speed at w%ic% a particular wire diameter emerges (rom a welding gun during welding+ 9eposition rate %as not%ing to do wit% %ow (ast t%e gun is tra"eling* nor t%e "oltage setting on t%e mac%ine+ 9eposition rate is simply a measure o( %ow many pounds o( wire come (rom t%e welding gun in a certain amount o( time* typically measured in l'.%r+ I( wire,(eed speed increases* deposition rate increases+ We also understand t%at i( we maintain t%e wire,(eed speed and c%ange to a larger diameter wire* deposition rate will increase as well+ 2rmed wit% t%is understanding* calculating deposition rate ends up 'eing a "ery power(ul e1ercise t%at gi"es you a num'er t%at can 'e used to calculate )ey welding parameters+ OetQs loo) at t%e (ormula and an e1ample: eposition !ate Calculation 9eposition rate (l'.%r# R -/+- S (Wire diameter# S (Wire,(eed speed# S (0((iciency# ; Wire diameter in inc%es (in# ; Wire,(eed speed in inc%es per minute (ipm# ; 0((iciency (-+? (or solid wire* ?+;5 (or cored wire# ; T%is calculation is (or steel only ; e.g.: Wire diameter R ?+?35 in (-+ mm# solid wire* W5$ R /?? ipm 9eposition rate R -/+- S (?+?35# S (/??# S (-+?# R :+=! l'.%r Calculating Tra4el Speed With eposition !ate Gnowing t%e deposition rate* we can calculate t%e tra"el speed in inc%es per minute (ipm# (or a particular weld+ OetQs say we want to ma)e a /.; in steel (illet weld (assume -? percent rein(orcement or ?+3- 5 in leg# using ?+?35 in solid wire at /?? ipm* t%e weig%t o( weld metal per (oot can 'e calculated 'y multiplying t%e density o( steel (?+ ;/ l'.in/# 'y t%e "olume o( weld metal per (oot as (ollows: Weld Weight Per Foot Calculation Aolume o( weld metal.(t R -. S ' S % S - in R -. S ?+3- 5 in S ?+3- 5 in S - in R -+? in/ Weig%t o( weld metal.(t o( /.; in (illet weld R (?+ ;/ l'.in/# S (-+? in/# R ?+ ;;: l'.(t 5rom t%e calculation 'elow* we see t%at t%e tra"el speed (or a one,pass* /.; in (illet weld would 'e 5+5 ipm* --+?/ ipm (or a two,pass (illet weld* or -!+55 ipm (or a t%ree,pass weld+ Tra4el Speed Calculation Tra"el speed R (deposition rate# S (T o( passes#.5 S (weig%t o( weld metal per (oot Ul'.(tV# R (:+=!# S (-#.5 S (?+ ;;:# R 5+5 ipm

CALC"LATI$1 WI!E*FEE SPEE WIT< EP#SITI#$ !ATE OetQs assume a re&uirement to ma)e (illet welds at a rate o( - l'.%r using ?+?35 in welding wire+ We can calculate t%e W5$ using t%e (ormulas 'elow and Weig%t o( Weld Wire per (oot in Ta7le )+ Wire*Feed Speed Calculation Wire,(eed $peed R (deposition rate#.5 S (weig%t o( wire per (oot Ul'.(tV# R (- #.5 S (?+??53# R 333+3 ipm D( course* t%e tra"el speed (or a one,pass /.; in (illet weld at a - l'.%r deposition rate would 'e ;+/- ipm as calculated 'elow: Tra"el $peed R (deposition rate# S (T o( passes#.5 S (weig%t o( weld metal Ul'+.(tV# R (- # S (-#.5 S (?+ ;;:# R ;+/- ipm MA3I$1 IT EASIE! T%e Bartonian Con"ersion 5actor (see Ta7le +# ma)es t%ings a 'it easier (or (illet welds+ T%e e1ample 'elow uses t%e con"ersion (actor to calculate tra"el speed at 5+5: ipm (or t%at same /.; in (illet weld using a ?+?35 in solid wire+ Tra"el $peed R :+=! S ?+: R 5+5: ipm (+ ;;:# Weig%t o( weld metal per (oot can 'e calculated (or any >oint type 'y calculating t%e "olume and multiplying 'y t%e density o( t%e weld metal (eg+ ?+ ;/ l'.in/ (or steel#+ Howe"er* t%e "alues s%own in Ta7le , through Ta7le 9 eliminate t%e need to do t%e calculation+ T%ese "alues are ta)en (rom Ta'le - ,- in The Procedure Handbook of Arc Welding 'y t%e Oincoln 0lectric Co+* and s%ow t%e Weig%t o( Weld <etal per 5oot (or se"eral common >oint types welded wit% steel+ T%e (ollowing sample calculations use Ta7les , through 9+ SAMPLE CALC"LATI#$ $#.) -. in plate Aee groo"e weld wit% =? deg included angle and -.; in rein(orcement using ?+?5 in solid wire* =?J2r.-?JCD s%ielding gas+ <anu(acturer recommends W5$ at / 5 ipm and /? "olts+ 9eposition Rate (l'.%r# R -/+- S (?+?5 # S (/ 5# S (-+?# R --+5- l'.%r Tra"el $peed (or (ill and cap passes R (--+5-# S (!#.5 S (?+;3= W ?+-==# R -/+-; ipm SAMPLE CALC"LATI#$ $#.+ /.; in plate s&uare 'utt weld into a 'ac)ing* wit% a /.-! in gap and -.; in rein(orcement using -.-! in cored wire* :5J2r. 5JCD s%ielding gas+ Dur process runs great wit% W5$ at ;5 ipm and ! "olts+ 9eposition rate (l'+.%r# R -/+- S (-.-! in# S ( ;5# S (+;5# R - +/= l'.%r Tra"el speed (or (ill and cap passes R (- +/=# S (-#.5 S (?+ /= W ?+?5/# R ;+3= ipm

SAMPLE CALC"LATI#$ $#., W%at s%ould my wire,(eed speed 'e i( I want to ma)e a (at* -.3 in (illet weld at ? ipm tra"el speed using ?+?35 in solid wire and =?J2r.-?JCD s%ielding gas7 Re,arranging t%e Tra"el $peed calculation a'o"e to sol"e (or 9eposition Rate we get: 9eposition rate R 5 S Tra"el speed S (Weig%t o( weld metal Ul'.(tV#.(T o( passes# R 5 S ? ipm S (?+-!5#.- R -!+5 l'.%r Re,arranging t%e 9eposition Rate calculation a'o"e to sol"e (or Wire,(eed $peed we get: Wire,(eed speed R 9eposition rate.-/+- S (Wire diameter# S (0((iciency# R -!+5.-/+- S (+?35 in+# S (-# R ! ipm