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1. What is ISO? ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies (ISO member bodies). 2. What is ISO 9001: 2008? Quality management system The organization shall establish, document, implement and maintain a quality management system and continually improve its effectiveness in accordance with the requirements of this International Standard. Documentation requirements CONTRACTOR shall plan, organize, control and execute all WORK in accordance with CONTRACTORs Quality Plans, Inspection and Test Plans (ITP) and documented procedures. Management responsibility CONTRACTOR's top management shall review the project specific Quality System every six months to ensure that the system is suitable, adequate and effective. Within two (2) weeks after the scheduled review date, CONTRACTOR shall advise the Company Representative in writing of the results and recommended actions of such reviews. Resource management CONTRACTOR shall provide resources to implement the Quality System as set forth in this project. Project realization/execution CONTRACTOR shall comply with the Design Phase requirements of CONTRACTORs approved Quality Plan and this Schedule Q.

CONTRACTOR shall comply with the Procurement quality requirements of CONTRACTORs approved Quality Plan CONTRACTOR shall comply with the Construction quality requirements of CONTRACTORs approved Quality Plan CONTRACTOR shall comply with the Pre-commissioning quality requirements of CONTRACTORs approved Quality Plan Measurement, analysis and improvement CONTRACTOR shall submit each week a two-week look ahead schedule of all planned quality activities to the Company

Representative during the Procurement, Construction and Precommissioning WORK Phases. CONTRACTOR shall conduct internal audits covering WORK Phases with duration of six months or longer. CONTRACTOR shall submit a quality audit schedule to the Company Representative for review and approval within thirty (30) calendar days from the effective date of this Contract. As a minimum, full quality system audits shall be carried out at fifteen percent (15%) and sixty percent (60%) of completion stage for the Design, Procurement, and Construction WORK Phases. CONTRACTOR shall issue Non-Conformance Reports (NCRs) for all violations by the CONTRACTOR, subcontractors, manufacturers and/or suppliers to Contract requirements and COMPANY approved CONTRACTOR quality plan(s), inspection & test plans, and procedures. CONTRACTOR shall submit a copy of each NCR to the Company Representative within 48 hours of issue. The Waiver justification shall include a discussion of the impact of approving the deviation. Document and support cost benefits or penalties by addressing the following items, as applicable: Decrease in facility safety or reliability Increase in acquisition cost or life-cycle cost lengthening of overall project schedule Adverse environmental impact. CONTRACTOR shall prepare and submit a monthly Quality Management Report in a format acceptable to COMPANY to demonstrate effective implementation of the CONTRACTOR's Quality System.

All the procedures and ITP shall be reviewed Twenty one (21) calendar days prior to pre-inspection meeting or start of fabrication

3. As per Schedule Q, What are the experience requirements for QC inspector? 2 years experience in construction required and 3 years experience required for QC.

4. What are the special process procedures as per schedule Q.? Welding/Brazing Nondestructive Testing/examination High Voltage Cable splicing/termination Alloy verification (PMI) Coatings Concrete & Asphalt Mix Design Cable and Conduit Seal Installation Gasket Installation Concrete Installation Structural Bolt Tensioning Gap Control for socket weld and back welded threaded fittings. Hydro-testing Heat Treatment Hot Tap Procedures (Calculation Sheets) Refractory Installation RTR Pipe work HVAC Testing & Balancing

5. What are the Piping and Welding Inspector requirements? Piping Welding Welding One Inspector per twenty five (25) workers One Inspector per ten(10) workers One Inspector per eight(8) workers (alloy)