What is all the fuss about malunggay?

Posted in Herbal & Preventive Nutrition News, Medicinal Plants, Health Tips at 6:54 am by oc !mil Malunggay has been in focus in recent months. Not only is it a vegetable for good health and many ailments, it is now being investigated as a biofuel and a clean one which does not give any toxic by-product on combustion. Considered to be a “miracle vegetable” we have abundant material for our food and we hope we will not miss the boat here since it’s becoming an important economic product or raw material. We know that malunggay has been in our diet but we only think of this vegetable for mothers who want more milk production. In an analysis by F !I"#$%& 'Food and utrition !esearch Institute " #ept of %cience and &echnology( 100 grams (1 cup coo ed! of malunggay leaves contain ".1 g. protein, 0.# g. fiber, $# mg calcium, %$ mg phosphorus, 1.& mg iron, %,'%0 mg (-carotene, 0.0& mg thiamin, 0.1) mg riboflavin, 1.1 mg niacin, and *" mg ascorbic acid or vitamin +. ,t also has a high antioxidant activity (&1- relative to .it /!. What we really do not know is the form in which the minerals occur. For some of us who have heard about “chelated minerals” it makes us wonder if such forms are present in malunggay . +helated minerals are defined as minerals bonded with amino acids. 0his binded form enables many plant derived minerals to be assimilated by the body in minute amounts to meet the daily re1uirements. )nlike synthetic minerals* we need only a small amount of chelated minerals to meet the body’s re+uirement. &he reason is that synthetic minerals have to be given in large amounts in order for them to get transported into the cells. &he implication is that if the minerals of plants are mainly in chelated forms* we don’t need to use synthetic supplements for our daily needs. 2 cup of malunggay will be enough for our health maintenance or higher than that would also mean our ability to raise our anti-oxidant inta e if we are a cancer patient. Malunggay has also been reported to be able to lower blood sugar. 3o in addition to ampalaya, banaba, luyang dilaw, we have malunggay. 2dults who want calcium supplementation will thus benefit for the prevention of osteoporosis. %o e,tend your hori-on* eat malunggay* plant malunggay and we should be healthy 'if we eat this vege often(. %omeone told me she is taking malunggay sha e, well why not, we can ma e it better tasting by adding pineapple 4uice. 0ry this5 16% cup fresh (raw! malunggay leaves 7 1 cup water -blended and strained. 2dd another 16% cup of pineapple 4uice for a health drin ta en %-" x a wee . 0wo times daily for cancer survivors. 2lways ma e a fresh blend, to be consumed with % hours. Maybe this should be comparable to wheatgrass 4uice, which is imported from the 83.


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in with ulcers or wounds) o! to use" -ust wash the a$$ected s. /%vitamins.in' time is 3ust ri'ht to retain the crisp 4uality o$ the youn' stems) )vocado (Pe'sea ame'icana) Posted in Medicinal Plants at 5:66 am by oc !mil *vocado is considered the most nutritious $ruit in the world) *vocado provides more than #5 essential nutrients such as protein.on' tops) Ma. 1. adults and $oris babies.or athletes.idants( calo'ies and fibe' !ith no choleste'ol and is even sodium f'ee.e sure that the ve'etable is thorou'hly washed and ma. )nothe' obse'vation !as it imp'oved the good choleste'ol ( 0L o' high density lipop'otein) by 1/ pe'cent. .ood and Meals at 6:56 am by oc !mil This ve'etable is rich in iron and can also provide vitamin / comple0) 1oo.an'. phosphorus and ma'nesium) *vocado also provides calories $or ener'y and bene$icial phytochemicals such as beta%sitosterol. impo'tant pe'cent compa'ed !ith / that pe'cent fo' the total lo!-fat diet. With vitamins( mine'als( antio. onions and to$u.an'.Ipil-ipil (Leucaena glauca Linn.in with the decoction o$ leaves) This can be done daily and can alos relieve itchiness) #ang$ong (Ipomoea a%uatica &o's$.) Posted in Medicinal Plants at ":#" am by oc !mil The dried seeds o$ the plant can be used as anti%helmintic &a'ainst worms( especially roundworms such as ascaris) Powder the dried seeds usin' mortar) *bout 5 seeds can be consumed by children which can be repeated every "%6 months) Posted in Medicinal Plants at ":#+ am by Guava (Psidium guajava Linn.doc Page 2 of 8 1/8/2014 .on' should be easy as a stir%$ried ve'etable) 2aute 'arlic.s more o$ the cholesterol%smashin' &a plant%based $at( than 201511120. iron. *vocado is ideal $or 'rowin' up other children. -he!omen daily amount of avocado 'anged f'om 123 avocado fo' small to 1 123 fo' la'ge !omen.in' . when $ood containin' are eaten with avocado) *vocado is also hi'h in $iber that isthese 'ood nutrients $or the di'estive system and the heart) +ve'all( avocado is conside'ed a complete food.e sure that coo. avocado a nutritious ener'y booster to rev up the body9s stren'th) -he avocado diet 'educed choleste'ol by . add a little soy sauce &optional: oyster sauce and sesame oil( and then add . Why avocado fat lowers cholesterol?’ *vocado $at content is the reason to lower cholesterol since it is monounsaturated $at) beta%sitosterol *nother reason isbene$icial that avocado pac. 'lutathione and lutein &necessary to protect us $rom the dama'e o$ ultraviolet radiation $rom many sources %computers and environment() *ome believe that the fat content of avocado is damaging but theor fat in avocado is mostly monounsatu'ated ) 7hat should be avoided reduced is saturated $at that is present in most dairy and that animal products) 8n $act. copper.) oc !mil * decoction o$ $resh 'uava leaves can be used $or wound cleanin' to prevent in$ection and to $acilitate healin' o$ the s. $olic acid.( also Ipomoea 'eptans Poi') Posted in Medicinal Plants. especially when blended with $ruits) . avocado helps in the absorption o$ nutrients are $at%soluble such as alpha and beta%carotene and lutein. vitamin !. potassium.

ola &1entella asiatica( has been . hoarseness. believe to be due to improvement o$ brain chemicals &neurotransmitters() If you plan to use this plant( the 'ecommendation is to eat the leaves !ith o'dina'y salad such as tomatoes( 201511120. and cou'hs in children. how they made by nature in plants) There no ma'ic $oods with hi'h levels o$are phytosterols. soybeans and pine oil) Lychees (Litchi chinensis) Posted in Medicinal Plants at <:5+ am by oc !mil =ychees are awell rich as source o$ >itamin 1. which are 'ood $or the heart) 8t also contains vitamin B as well as minerals such as ma'nesium. rheumatism.in conditions are some o$ the ailments that 'otu .in a healthy 'low) it *side $rom the pulp o$ the $ruit.cellent choleste'ol buste'. water retention. Sid8tInformation on or beta-sitosterol is aalready phytosterol alcohol that literally every ve'etable we eat) 7e eat term thisplant every day but we is 3ust don9t in 'et enou'h o$ it) The typical *ctually the :beta%sitosterol. $lower and bar. which has an antibiotic and wound healin' property? saponin 'lycosides &diuretic(? madecassoside &'lycoside with stron' anti in$lammatory action(? phytosterols such as campesterol. +<6 over m' o$ potassium and about 'rams o$ calcium) Potassium is important in cardiovascular health and helps revitali@e the s. $ever. to when dried can be made into aproblems tea drin. as well used as calcium. and nervous disorders) *ccordin' to *yurvedic medicine heart disease. calcium and sodium) Aotu . di'estive complaints and even ulcers) 2o drin.ola can help relieve) 8t contains the $ollowin' phytochemicals: asiaticoside. about #5 m' o$'rams thiamine. much li.in in other ways too? the vitamin 1 in lychees helps produce colla'en) 8n +66 o$ $ruit. a triterpene 'lycoside.en as a treatment $or sore throat) There is also some anit%cancer property o$ the roots) Gotu $ola Posted in Medicinal Plants at 5:5# am by oc !mil Aotu . 4eta-*itoste'ol has an appa'ent ability to bloc$ the bad L0L choleste'ol abso'ption f'om thestudy intestine( resultin' in lower blood cholesterol levels) -he )ust'alian not only 'epo'ted that eating eithe' half o' a !hole avocado f'uit pe' day fo' a month succeeded inin lo!e'ing choleste'ol levels( but at the same time most people the study lost !eight.in' lychee 3uice can help heal stomach ulcers) =ychees help the s. campesterol and are brassicasterol as thiso$ is beta%sitosterol.e pineapple or raisins are used $lavor a ham) =ychees are also pressed $or 3uice. $or diarrhea) The root. e0tracts are ta.any other /eta%sitosterol reduces the amount o$and cholesterol absorbed $rom $ood)$ruit) 2o the combination of beta-sitoste'ol monounsatu'ated fat ma$es the avocado an e. sti'masterol and sitosterol.in' to $lavor a meat dish. and pulped to ma. and as a poultice $or many s. 66 m' o$ vitamin 1 can+6 be obtained.e a sherbet dish which is very popular in 1hina) They are also used to $lavor tea? eatin' lychee $ruit is su''ested as a cure $or a cou'h.nown to boost mental activity and also help$ul a'ainst hi'h blood pressure. the seeds o$ lychees can be used relieve stomach and intestinal or pain) The peel o$ the $ruit. potassium and phosphorus as thiamine) They are o$ten into coo. bronchitis.in9s moisture and 'ive the s.ola is not a stimulant but a healthy plant supplement that can improve memory and learnin'. but they can be ine0pensively e0tracted $rom su'ar cane pulp. in commerce re$ers to the natural combination sti'masterol.doc Page 3 of 8 1/8/2014 .

acting as an anti-hyperglycaemic agent. 5ou' base f'uit and vegetable juice can be pineappleca''ot( then add cucumbe' and maybe malunggay (I& 5+6 )78 I9 &+7 ) :+78 8)L.).ola as added value to your 'arden salad) 9ang ong :3cientific Name5 Ipomoea aquatica . try natural $ruit 3uice or $ruit and ve'etable mi0 to replace + meal.itamin 8 > this is pseudovitamin! and is used traditionally to treat gastric and intestinal disorders. also Ipomoea reptans <oir= Whether it is from the pond or from the garden* kangkong is a commonly used food plant in . -'y to e. 201511120.pe'iment !ith ho! it taste !ith othe' vege $no!n to be 'ich in anti-o. Folkloric data indicate that the plant is a general tonic for neuralgia and other nervous diseases and can be used as poultice for skin ulcers. do not e0tract the 3uice and blend it with other $ruit e0tracts. !ate'melon is best eaten as is o' as a f'uit salad2coc$tail.ip the two re'ular meals) /lend your own 3uice and strain the $iber and .e this .e.sia. as a supplement. 8$ you have tried aru'ula with 'arden salad.in') 8t would be 'ood to ta. 9ang ong has also been found to have insulinli e properties.doc Page 4 of 8 1/8/2014 .idants. We en/oy this vegetable in our “sinigang” or /ust stir"fried with garlic and tofu* as with any other vegetable that we consume* kangkong should be washed thoroughly before cooking.( cucumbe'( and 'eplace it !ith( say cele'y. 0his vegetable is rich in iron and is also relatively rich in 3-methyl methionine (so-called . then you can eat 'otu . with or without the $astin'.e this $ruit meal in the evenin' instead and have it really $resh and ready $or a 'ood ni'ht rest) Cou could blend or e0tract 3uice $rom $ruits that are on season) 8$ you buy watermelon.onions and othe' g'een leafy vegetables.ind o$ 3uice on a daily basis. you can va'y the thi'd component( i. try not to s. 3-methyl methionine is a substance that strengthens the cell membrane and overall immune system.eep in a cold thermos i$ you9re wor. 8$ you9re in $or lossin' wei'ht by eatin' less but is a$raid that you will li.. *s you ta. .ors .ely 'o hypo'lycemic.5 *-6&&.t was also reported that 3-methyl methionine can act as a hypolipidemic agent or lowers our cholesterol6fat in our blood.

ra could also contribute to its e$$ect in 'astro%intestinal ulcers by neutrali@in' the di'estive acids) 2o eat o. o. and potassium and >itamin 1) The seeds o$ o. comparable to a standard dru' misoprotol with 'ood results) The al. The renewed interest in turmeric seemed to have started in the +H<6s when it was believed to have anti%in$lammatory and anti%cancer properties) 1urcumin 201511120.ra) *mon' ulcer su$$erin' people.ra is a ve'etable that has been cultivated $or more than 566 years ori'inatin' somewhere in present day !thiopia) 8t was introduced by *$rica to *merica and has been an important part o$ the 2outh *merican diet in the $orm o$ stews and 'umbos &thic.s in our intestines and virtually eliminatin' the source o$ hi'h $at that is already attached with bile salts) .ol.urthermore.loric medicine data indicate that the plant rhi@ome is used $or dyspepsia.ra in the stool promotes the 'rowth o$ 'ood bacteria) This property is similar to probiotics) 2o why ta.idants. and to some e0tent a plain roasted ve'e? some would eat it raw) 8t is a si'ni$icant source o$ dietary $iber.doc Page 5 of 8 1/8/2014 . $latulence. abdominal pain. roasted. o.+$'a < *cientific 9ame" Abelmoschus esculentus.aline pH o$ o.now statins are the dru's that doctors prescribe in cases o$ hi'h cholesterol or hi'h dan'erous $at in the blood) This however wor.e e0pensive anti%hyperlipedimic &hi'h $at in blood( dru's when you can eat o. stews() 8n the Philippines. >itamin *.ra is used in the traditional :pina. the bul. 'round and brewed as a substitute $or co$$ee) The ripe seeds can also yield edible oils) The leaves are used as medicinal remedy to reduce swellin' and in$lammation) This ve'etable is rich in dietary $ibers that help stabili@e blood su'ar) D.ra can be bene$icial as anti%ulcer.in' statins) *s we .bet. $ormed by o. and :sini'an'. Hibiscus esculentus= D.ra. it9s 'reat $or our health and di'estionE Luyang 0ila! (-u'me'ic) FScientific name: Curcuma lon a !inn"G Turmeric is a traditional spice) 8t is closely associated with Mediterranean and 8ndian cuisine) However we have paid little attention to this plant which is now stirrin' 'reat interest in modern medical research.ra can also help reduce cholesterol by bindin' alon' with bile acids which usually carry the to0ins which the body should eliminate) The mucila'inous material in the $ruit also $acilitates the bindin') This property is comparable to ta.ra can be dried. $ever and as tincture $or wounds) It is also believed that it can lo!e' choleste'ol and has antio. -he 'hi>ome of the plant is used as tea as !ell as pigment fo' dyes and as a food p'ese'vative) .

?Luyang dila!@ o' tu'me'ic can be bou'ht $rom your local mar. 201511120.nowled'e that banaba has been used $or over 56 years) 8t is a tree commonly $ound in the provinces? its beauti$ul blue%violet colored $lowers ma. 'ives the distinct yellow color and is the primary substance o$ interest) The 3uice can be applied topically to ulcers and even ec@ematous lesions o$ the s.e the banaba tree an ornamental tree used also as shades $or par.doc Page 6 of 8 1/8/2014 .e a concoction or tea.in' is that banaba can lower 'lucose independent o$ pancreatic insulin) This ma.et) iscover your $reedom $rom pain as well as protection o$ your liver with natural products such as :=uyan' ilaw).in to reduce in$lammation and as antiseptic) The anti%in$lammatory property may be compared to that o$ hydrocortisone) The rhi@ome also contains volatile oils) The anti%in$lammatory properties o$ turmeric is now bein' investi'ated on the colon and even multiple sclerosis) 8$ you ta.@ -he'e a'e no $no!n side effects o' to.ic 'eactions of banaba..iller dru's on a re'ular basis such that you are li. 'et mature 'reen leaves and chop them) -he 'atio is 1 pa't chop banaba leaves to A pa'ts !ate' boiled fo' about 1/ minutes (lo! heat). the active principle is considered to be corosolic acid. a polyphenolic plant pi'ment. $lowers and $ruits can be used as well) 8$ you want to prepare your own banaba tea. apparently due to the better control o$ carbohydrate) The wei'ht reduction was seen even without dietary restrictions) The leaves are 'enerally used to ma. in -apan and in the I)2) Technically. In fact( it has been 'epo'ted that banaba can help deto.&di$eruloylmethane(.ely to be less productive without pain relievers $or 3oint pains o$ arthritis or even o$ muscular ori'in or what we call rheumatism. try turmeric tea) -he t'aditional ?*alabat@ can be a combination of the usual ginge' and tu'me'ic. If you !ant some t!ist in the flavo' !ith added value of he'bs( you can add ?tanglad@ o' lemon g'ass !ith local cit'us such as ?$alamansi.ify the body and p'otect the live'. which promotes 'lucose transport or utili@ation in the body cells) The current thin.e pain . but the bar.in' lots and roadside landscapin') Cou will $ind several o$ these in the 2outh =u@on !0press 7ay and at the *laban' Town 1enter par.es the active principle o$ banaba a natural $orm o$ insulin $rom plants) 7ith the reduction o$ blood 'lucose is the concomitant reduction in body wei'ht. a triterpenoid compound.in' lot) /anaba is also a $amous medicinal plant in ayurvedic medicine mainly to lower blood su'ar and reducin' wei'ht a'ent) The Philippine banaba has become popular with respect to its anti%diabetic properties) /anaba tea is $amous as a health drin. Medicinal Plants at <:#6 pm by oc !mil 4anaba < *cientific name" !a erstroemia s#eciosa= /anaba has been a popular medicinal plant in the Philippines $or the treatment o$ urinary tract in$ections) Most o$ our 'randparents would ac. 4anaba tea can be conside'ed a health d'in$. 5ou can d'in$ this tea A o' B times a day.

&o some e. %o that this vegetable has a long history of being a safe food and a health tonic. 0owever it was only during the early 1234s that health information on ampalaya got into scientific literature. &hese would mean that ampalaya enhances our immune system to fight cancer and infections. 5e as it may* there have been “large enough” anecdotes that claim that ampalaya is beneficial in diabetes* alone or in combination with medicines prescribed by doctors.lthough animal studies have shown that ampalaya lowers blood glucose* there’s still a lack of a “large enough study” that fully document the benefits of ampalaya. . both viral and bacterial.mpalaya is also 201511120. 6ven more interesting is the report that amplaya lowers the fat in our blood and ma es us resistant to infections.mpalaya is a remarkable health food.*ome &acts )bout )mpalaya (4itte' Gou'd) Posted in Medicinal Plants at <:#" am by herbalblo' )mpalaya FScientific name: $omordica charantiaG ?ow can bitter gourd (ampalaya! help our body@ . 0istorically* bitter gourd has been around for +uite a long time* more than the time of the parents of our great grand parents* I believe. Isn’t it that great8 Why wait to get sick@ 3tart ta ing ampalaya supplements as early as possible. What we also know is that bitter gourd 'or variety of bitter gourd( is heavily consumed by the .tent* historically* people have used the /uice of bitter gourd as topical medicine for wounds. If this is not enough* know this7 there are now reports that ampalaya can protect us from developing cancer in the same way our body naturally protects itself against emerging cancer cells. .doc Page 7 of 8 1/8/2014 .ma-ons and 5ra-ilian indigenous people.

5e informed of the products out in the market: choose the one that can give you more per capsule. 0owever* one would soon succumb to boredom in eating ampalaya* so it becomes less interesting to eat and you may run out of recipes. %tart bringing back what we lose in processed food. %o we get into the convenience of ampalaya in capsules. Curing disease is more e.rich in antio. 201511120. $therwise you end up popping up so many capsules a day.idants that protect the cells of the body from damage of free radicals 'metabolic by"products* usually waste(. &he bottom line is7 use ampalaya to prevent disease rather than a cure for disease.pensive than preventing disease* so* for those who have a family history of diabetes and cancer* take ampalaya capsules now as part of your dietary supplement. ot /ust 944 mg per capsule: as we know that is the minimum. ?ow should we use it@ For people who are well* eating ampalaya as part of the diet is very important.doc Page 8 of 8 1/8/2014 . If you can eat it raw* the better but better is bitter.