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Farewell to the Revd Norman McCausland

Holy Trinity Parish, Killiney

A Killiney Newsletter
January/February 2014 Vol. 3 Issue 1

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Participants at the Parish Retreat

Parish News



New Year 2014

IN THIS ISSUE - Launch of the Carry Centre Re-Development plan - Community Notices - Clubs and Societies - School, Childrens and Youth News - News from the Select Vestry - Garden, Travel & Food 21


Whos Who in Holy Trinity Parish

CHURCHWARDENS Rectors - Meriel Nuzum Peoples - Linda Peters JUNIOR CHURCHWARDENS To be appointed GLEBEWARDENS Rectors - Alleyn Manley Peoples - Sandra Moore

RECTOR Revd Niall J. Sloane Holy Trinity Rectory, Killiney Road, Co. Dublin. Telephone: 01 285 2695 E: Day Off: Friday LAY READER Nigel Pierpoint LAY READER EMERITUS Ruth Heard

Flower Rota
Date Jan 5 12 19 26 Feb 2 9 16 23 Arranging Flowers Dorothy Barrett Maureen Mitchell Vivienne Mitchell Heather Brown Sandra Moore Joan Whyte Florence Byrne Ruth Stewart

Flower Rota, Parish Register

SELECT VESTRY Rector, Churchwardens, Glebewardens, Bryan Burdett; Clive Christie; Chris Hurley; Helen Irwin Denise King; Zandra Laing; David Millar; Helen Middleton; Paul OBrien; Nigel Pierpoint; Lewis Purser; Stephen Rhys-Thomas. HON. SECRETARY Denise King HON. TREASURER Christopher Hurley ASSISTANT HON. TREASURER Helen Middleton HON. F W O RECORDER Helen Middleton PAROCHIAL NOMINATORS Nigel Pierpoint Paul OBrien Lewis Purser Clive Christie DIOCESAN SYNODSPEOPLE Edgard Hall, David Millar, Nigel Teggin

The Parish Panels (Safeguarding Trust) Responsibilities include: - interviewing persons willing to serve as workers in the parish - advising workers on their responsibilities in respect of the Code - advising the Select Vestry in respect of its responsibilities The Parish Panel Members are: The Revd N.J. Sloane (Rector) Nigel Teggin Sandra Moore Hazel Kinmonth

PARISH PANEL Rector, Hazel Kinmonth, Sandra Moore, Nigel Teggin ORGANIST Frank Hughes, 4945506 CARETAKER Vacant READERS GUILD Ruth Heard INTERCESSORS GUILD The Rector C of I GAZETTE DISTRIBUTION Pam Gordon CHURCH REVIEW Marianne Irvine

PARISH ARCHIVES We are looking for any photos, information or historical artefacts relating to Holy Trinity, Killiney. In particular we are looking for copies of Annual Accounts, Service Sheets, Photos and Parish Magazines. If you have any such records please contact the Rector.

Organising your wedding Weddings are very special occasions in the life of any family and in the life of the church. When considering getting married please check possible dates with the Rector before confirming arrangements. It is expected that couples will make a regular commitment to the life of the church in preparation for marriage.

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The Parish Registers

Holy Baptism Born again of water and the Holy Spirit 10 November (in Holy Trinity) James Edward, son of Ian and Lisa Doyle

MAGAZINE TEAM - Would you like to Help? Speak to the Rector Rector (Editorial), Zandra Laing (Co-ordinator), Dorothy Barrett (Distribution), Rector, David Dingemans & Rosemary Teggin (Photographs), Joan Millar (Advertising), Reads, Sandyford (Production)

The March / April edition of The Obelisk will appear at the beginning of March. Deadline for submissions is 15th February. There is no newsletter for July/August.
Cover Image: The West end of Holy Trinity Church from the Garden of Remembrance

Our sympathy and prayers are with all those who have been bereaved remembering especially: Ruth Heard and her family on the death of her sister Edwina Nuzum and her family on the death of her father Robert and Hilary Blakeney on the death of his stepmother.

RECTORS SURGERY - Every Tuesday 7-8 pm, Holy Trinity Rectory

Holy Trinity Parish Office, Killiney Road, Killiney, Co. Dublin
Tel: 01 2852695 Email: Website:

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Rectors Letter

Pack your bag to New Zealand New Zealand is country very like Ireland, with opposite seasons and 11- 13 hours ahead of us. It is a long way to go for a holiday, 30+ hours flying but this year we went to visit our son. Owen left Ireland in April 2011, first he attended skydiving college not far from Christchurch, but now works in Drop Zone called Skydive Auckland. At the time of our visit in March he was still jumping solo from 16,500 feet. Every time he jumps he packs a bag the size of a rucksack, with his parachute rig, check out http:// Recently Owen qualified as a Tandem Instructor in California and has now completed the required 750 skydives to convert his licence to Tandem Master/ Instructor in NZ. Skydiving is a popular extreme sport in NZ, but for tourists and students who just want the thrill of jumping from a plane once, with the security of being attached to an experienced skydiver who can record the event on camera. Nigel and I spent 6 weeks in NZ driving around north and south islands, but for us the best part was watching Owen in action, and the speed he can re-pack between jumps. Did we try we didnt!! Rosemary Teggin

Pack you bag to...

A New Year
Dear Parishioners,

As I write the days of Christmas are upon us. The temperature has changed, final plans and preparations are being made and the cheesy Christmas music is being played in the background. However, by the time you are reading this the presents will have been unwrapped, the Christmas tree dismantled (see page 25) and the New Years resolutions will be underway. A New Year is always an opportunity to look at things in a new and fresh way. I always find it packed with endless possibilities of things that I might like to do that new hobby, the friends I really should catch up with and the list goes on. In fact, at times I probably over-stretch the possibilities and become unrealistic with my expectations; however, as with Christmas a New Year is a chance to focus on what really matters to prioritise. I hope and pray that what ever stage you are at in your New Years Resolution it may be realistic and ultimately fulfilling. Visit of the Archbishop The Archbishop of Dublin will be with us on Sunday 2nd February 2014 at 10.45am to dedicate gifts that have been given through the Wish list. I do hope you will be free to join us. Thank you Christmas may be a time for giving, but in Holy Trinity it continues throughout the year. I want to publically acknowledge the wonderful generosity of you, the parishioners, to many initiatives in the parish - from the wish list, to the monthly food appeal, the donations to Trust, the response to the Sustentation letter and to the fantastic response to the Carry Centre project. This on top of regular giving is deeply humbling and inspiring - thank you! Final Thought 2014 is set to be a very exciting year in Holy Trinity, the highlight being the redevelopment of the Carry Hall. A happy New Year to you all!



Contact Maurice Martin 0872337143

26 The Obelisk

With all good wishes, 12a Barnhill Road, Dalkey. Tel 01 2850100 Shop Online -
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Community Notices

Services in January

2 5

Thursday The Naming of Christ Sunday 2nd Sunday of Christmas Jeremiah 31: 7-14 Ephesians 1: 3-14 Thursday

10.30 8.30 10.45 Reader Reader Intercessor 10.30 8.30 10.45 Reader Reader 10.30

Holy Communion Holy Communion Service for the Epiphany Libby McElroy Zandra Laing The Rector Holy Communion Holy Communion Family Service Churchwardens/Baptismal Party Churchwardens/Baptismal Party Holy Communion

DLRCOCO Notices Christmas Tree Recycling will take place from Thursday 2nd - Sunday 12th January 2014 inclusive between 9.30am and 3.30pm at the following locations in the area: Killiney Hill Car Park Shanganagh Recycling Centre Car Park Cabinteely Park Car Park West Pier Car Park Dun Laoghaire Please do not leave trees before or after these dates or outside the designated areas. The provisions of the Litter Pollution Acts, 1997-2009 will apply. App of the Month ~ Little Alchemy Designed for both iPhone and iPad

12 Sunday 1st Sunday after Epiphany Isaiah 42: 1-9 Matthew 3: 13-17 16 Thursday

Cost: Free

19 Sunday 8.30 Holy Communion 2nd Sunday after Epiphany 10.45 Parish Communion* Isaiah 49:1-7 Reader Joan Millar 1 Corinthians 1: 1-9 Reader Michael Wolfe Intercessor Anne Pierpoint 23 Thursday 26 Sunday 3rd Sunday after Epiphany Isaiah 9: 1-4 Matthew 4: 12-23 30 Thursday 10.30 8.30 10.45 Reader Reader 11.45 10.30 Holy Communion Holy Communion Family Service Sunday Club Sunday Club Holy Communion Holy Communion

Description This sciencey brainy puzzley title is fun way to waste a few minute in the Chrome browser. Simply mix elements together, create new ones and slowly youll build up a rather nice collection. Its addictive too, which is the real measure of a puzzle game. Bring our your inner Scientist!

Parish Clubs and Societies meet in the Carry Hall

(with the exception of the Choir & Flower Guild which meet in the Church) Sunday Club ENGAGE (Youth Club) Bible Study Group Choir 3rd Sunday monthly 10.45 am Saturday afternoons by arrangement Vanessa Mitchell The Rector

4th Tuesday monthly 10.30 am

The Rector

Why the different colours? Liturgical colours are those specific colours which are used for vestments and hangings within the context of Christian liturgy. Gold: Easter Day, Christmas Day & Trinity Sunday White: Feast Days / Saints Days / Maundy Thursday / Eastertide Purple: Lent & Advent Red: Pentecost / Saints Days (Martyred) / Holy Week Green: Ordinary Time
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Sundays 9.30 am Frank Hughes Flower Guild By arrangement Daphne Hall KWD (Diners Club) Thursday evenings by arrangement Zandra Laing Ladies Guild 2nd Tuesday monthly 10.30 am Rosemary Teggin SILK - Socials Involving Ladies of Killiney 3rd Wednesday monthly 8.00 pm Judy Jones The Y Club (Mens Society) 4th Thursday monthly 8.00 pm Nigel Pierpoint Service & Social Group By arrangement Joan Whyte Sheep Thrills (Knitting Group) Thursday Mornings 11.00am Joan Millar Table Tennis Monday 8.00 pm Linda Franck Notice boards for some of the organisations are located in the Carry Hall

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Services in February

AROUND THE HOME - MOVING HOUSE We had been told that moving house was as upsetting as a close bereavement, we did not believe it. Most people move five or six times in their life, Joan and I have only moved three times, once when we were married, secondly after seventeen years to a bigger house, and thirdly after a further thirty years to a small bungalow. The first and second moves were easy, there was always more space so everything came with us. And the previous owner of the last house had converted the old kitchen area into a small flat which we did not use, every thing we did not need went in there and we closed the door. We both have always been collectors of far too much stuff from motorcycles through furniture to knitting wool. We started to think about moving four or five years ago and last year we found a bungalow which could suit us and we bought it at auction i.e. quickly. Because the house selling period is short we had to put our house on the market in about four weeks. That left about a week and a half to de-clutter and make the place presentable for brochure photographing and viewing. About a hundred lots went to auction, antique dealers and charity shops. The place looked fine and we sold. Then the real problems began. The bungalow would not hold the furniture and the cardboard boxes, frantic unpacking took place with the help of the family. The result was we got rid of about 70% of the boxes but could not find anything. More things had to go and we have only about ten boxes left after fifteen months. You would think that if you have not needed something for that time you do not need it, but is hard to dump things that have been old friends. However we are comfortably installed in a place that we can manage ourselves and have promised that we will buy no more stuff . Mind you there is a very interesting auction coming up next week............................................................. What we were told was correct, moving house is very stressfull. Jonathan and Joan Bewley

Around the Home

2 Sunday Presentation of Christ in the Temple Malachi 3: 1-5 Hebrews 2: 14-18 6 Thursday 9 Sunday 4th Sunday before Lent Isaiah 58:1-9a, 9b-12 Matthew 5:13-20 13 Thursday 16 Sunday 3rd Sunday before Lent Deuteronomy 30: 15-20 1 Corinthians 3: 1-9 20 Thursday 23 Sunday 2nd Sunday before Lent Genesis 1: 1 - 2: 3 Matthew 6: 25-34 27 Thursday

8.30 10.45

Holy Communion Parish Communion

Reader Jonathan Bewley Reader Joan Whyte Intercessor The Rector 10.30 8.30 10.45 Reader Reader 10.30 8.30 10.45 Reader Reader Intercessor 10.30 8.30 10.45 Reader Reader 10.30 Holy Communion Holy Communion Family Service Church Wardens/Baptismal Party Church Wardens/Baptismal Party Holy Communion Holy Communion Parish Communion* Michael Murdoch Jonathan Mitchell Henry Irvine Holy Communion Holy Communion Family Service Sunday Club Sunday Club Holy Communion

Hospital Visiting The Rector would appreciate being told if parishioners are in hospital or going into hospital, and will be pleased to offer pastoral support. READERS: If you cannot read on the appointed day please arrange a swap with someone else and let the Churchwardens know. READINGS ARE FROM YEAR A OF THE REVISED COMMON LECTIONARY (NRSV) CHILDRENS PACKS ARE AVAILABLE AT THE BACK OF THE CHURCH. * SUNDAY CLUB MEET IN THE CARRY HALL.
Coeliac? Communicants who are Coeliac, please inform the Rector or a Churchwarden and gluten-free bread can be arranged.

24 The Obelisk

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Childrens Corner

A new year a new centre On Advent Sunday, 1st December 2013, the Parish launched a re-development plan of its parochial hall. The works will cost approximately 130,000. The Carry Hall was built in 1958 and since then has served the needs of the parish; however, with new government legislation and the parishs desire to make the space a more usable and comfortable space it was felt that major work was needed. Over the last year a number of committees have been working along with architect, Peter Roberts to create a building capable of meeting the needs of Killiney in 2013 and beyond. In recognition of the change the Hall has been re-named The Carry Centre. Over the coming months there will be an intensive fundraising campaign to support the project, this will culminate with an event on Friday 25th April 2014 Who wants to be a Thousandaire? This will be held in Fitzpatricks Castle Hotel, Killiney. At the launch Parishioners were invited to make a pledge to the project, these were placed on the Pledge Tree. Building work is due to commence in early June with the Centre re-opening on Sunday 7th September 2014.
Pictured at the launch of The Carry Centre Redevelopment Plan are (ltor): Alleyn Manley (Building Committee); Gareth Irvine, with daughter Juliette (Fundraising Committee); Clive Christie (Finance Committee); the Revd Niall Sloane (Rector); Peter Hayes (Parishioner who was chosen by lottery to launch the plan); Peter Roberts (Architect)


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*Before Feb 28th* Complete this page, show it to the Rector, and point out to him the Eagle in Church to win a prize!

Read about Candlemas! St Luke 2: 25 - 40

For more information visit Twitter: @carrycentre

One of the Pledges on the Pledge Tree 6 The Obelisk

If Candlemas Day be fair and bright, Winter will have another flight; But if it be dark with clouds and rain, Winter is gone, and will not come again

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Our Parish School

News from GKNS As we write the final plans are being made for the carol services in Holy Trinity. Thank you to all the teachers in the school involved with the preparations we hope that you all had an opportunity to recharge the batteries over the Christmas period! The collections from the School Carol Services went to Carmona Services, over 1,500 was collected. Thank you and well done to all concerned! Pencil Cases for Swaziland Thank you to all the boys and girl who donated filled pencil cases for distribution to schools in Swaziland. Diary Dates 6th January: School reopens for a new term 14th February: School closes (till 24/2) for Mid-term break Plans are developing and details of a newly formed youth group will appear shortly. Sunday Club

After the Christmas break the Sunday Club resumes activities in the Carry Hall on Sunday 19th January. The January Family Service (Sunday 12th at 10.45am) will focus on the Christingle.

A Christingle
- an orange representing the world - a red ribbon around it representing the blood of Christ - sweets, representing the fruits of the earth and the four seasons - a lit candle, representing Jesus Christ as the light of the world 22 The Obelisk

Report from the Select Vestry on Special Projects ~ December 2013 The Rector and Select Vestry want to place on record the generous response from Parishioners to the appeal letter in November. Amongst its other business the following special projects were discussed: Redevelopment of The Carry Hall. A full report of the launch is printed opposite and a copy of the plan is attached which may be useful for those who were unable to attend on the day. As you will see a fundraising event is planned for April 2014 and we are also encouraging pledges to the project from parishioners, as well as from the wider community. We are delighted to report that over 10,000 has been pledged since the launch. Sexton: As you are aware the position became vacant at the end of November. The Select Vestry has decided not to fill the vacancy. Instead, they are in negotiations with Southside Partnership to enter into a community employment scheme. It is hoped that a suitable candidate may be found in January 2014. In the meantime we appreciate the work being done by volunteers in the maintenance of the church and hall. If you would like to volunteer for some light cleaning in the church please sign the appropriate sheet in the church or speak with the Rector. Sextons Cottage: As part of the financial plan for the Carry Centre the cottage is being refurbished and will be rented out from early 2014. A group of volunteers is being co-ordinated to assist with painting and decorating. A coffee morning will be held in the cottage early in 2014 to allow parishioners see what work has been done on the building. Disability Access Ramp at the Church. As reported in September this work has now been included in the Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council 5 year plan of works which began in the Autumn of 2013 (i.e. it may be 2018 before works begin). We have nothing further to report on this project; however we are hopeful that a large proportion of the cost (25,000) will be covered by external grants and donations. The Church Organ. Over the past year a Sub-Committee has been exploring possibilities for the replacement of the present organ in Holy Trinity. The SubCommittee have recommended the refurbishment of the pipe organ in the church (The Select Vestry has not yet agreed to accept the recommendation of the sub-committee and will discuss the matter at length at a future meeting). This will be a major capital project; however, it is the opinion of the SubCommittee that this project will require a number of significant benefactors to provide seed funding and are exploring this at present (the likelihood is that the majority of potential benefactors will be from outside the parish and will have a particular interest in music and music education). The estimated cost will be 235,000. Should this option be unsuccessful then alternative options will be explored. It should be noted that there will be minimal financial impact on The Obelisk 7 parishioners. The Select Vestry will meet at 8pm in the Carry Hall on Monday 13th January.

Youth, Sunday Club & GKNS News

It is a great honour to be the President of the Irish Hockey Association. I have met so many wonderful people involved in hockey throughout the world. I prepare for and attend Board meetings of the IHA and am in constant touch with the staff in the IHA office. I have travelled to Belgium, Germany, Holland, Slovakia, Spain, and Wales to represent the IHA at international tournaments, including the Investec Tournament in London where the Irish Ladies were invited to play the top five nations. I go to matches at all levels throughout Ireland: Provincial, Colleges, Clubs and Schools including all finals. As President, I was a guest at the Pegasus 50th Anniversary at Belfast City Hall. I attended The Sports Council awards in the AVIVA stadium; the Irish Times sportswomens awards; and the IHA Awards night. I also had to host several receptions for Sponsors, Ambassadors, TDs and Councillors when foreign teams came to play at international tournaments at UCD. I also attend the Olympic AGMs. I like to keep my speeches short and to the point, always thanking and congratulating officials and players for their hard work. I understand both jubilation as well as heart-breaking disappointment. I represented IHA at the World Congress in Malaysia, at which I pitched, successfully, to the three hundred delegates, including the Crown Prince of Malaysia, Irelands bid to host the International Hockey Federations Congress 2016. This will be a huge honour for Ireland. I also attended the European Congress in Brussels in August this year, then travelled to Antwerp for the ladies and mens European Championship where once again I met members of the parish. Having been associated with schools and senior hockey for about 40 years, I have watched many of the players come from under sixteens right through to representing Ireland. I had the honour of presenting a fiftieth cap to Chloe Watkins who now has 81 caps. Unfortunately Im unlikely to be president of the IHA when she gains her 100th. Daphne Hall President of the Irish Hockey Association.

Diocesan Employment Bureau - Situated in Taney Parish Centre, it is our hope that it will be of help to many who find themselves without work for a variety of reasons. Full details from the Rector.
8 The Obelisk

The Church Grounds On entering the main gates of Holy Trinity Church how often do we notice and fully appreciate the grounds of the church and their splendid aspect? Over the last number of years there have been many improvements to the Church Grounds. Standing at the gate looking left towards the notice board, the once overgrown bank has been cleared and the area has been replanted with begonias, which in a year or two will colonise the whole bank and give a great pink display when in bloom. Moving on up the steps, a small stone cobble pathway leads to the main door. In recent years, snow and heavy frosts have dislodged some of these stones, requiring ongoing maintenance to put those dislodged back into their original pattern. Walking towards the transept door, new grass has recently been re-sown and seeded on compost generated from the cutting and mulching of the plants. Opposite, the shrubs bordering the bank overlooking the road, have been cut back to provide panoramic views of Dublin. Their reduction in height also make the Church more visible to those passing by. The path runs on around the church and up steps leading to the back wall. From here the full extent of the work carried out can be fully appreciated in the cutting down of overgrown trees and the clearing of undergrowth. New shrubs and plants have been replanted which in spring promise to give a great display. Repairs have also been undertaken to the boundary wall with Killiney Park to make it more secure. Continue along the path over to the Garden of Remembrance the removal of much of the overgrowth here make this area more open and brighter. Here you can take a few moments to appreciate the quietness of the garden and the line of the new granite steps which lead back to the main gate. The work carried out in the grounds of the Church reflects the vibrancy of the Parish and the interest of its parishioners. Those who give their time do not seek personal recognition for their efforts but do so out of respect for their place of worship. Although the grounds are not technically a garden, their upkeep can best be appreciated as follows: The kiss of the sun for pardon, the sounds of the birds for mirth, One is nearer Gods heart in the garden, than anywhere else on earth. Bryan Burdett
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Sports Corner

Social & Personal

Sheep Thrills
Made in Ireland

We have stopped knitting and stitching for Christmas and will reopen on Thursday 23rd January 2014 at 11 am in the Carry Hall, Killiney. We have over twenty members from within the community and are pleased to report that all our hats, scarves and mittens have been delivered to the Alice Leahy trust. The baby Knitted products were delivered to the Mothers Unions for the Rotunda, Coombe, Tallaght, & Our Ladies Childrens hospitals. All were gratefully received. The other many products were sold at the Christmas sale where a respectful sum of money was made for the Parish. These combined efforts have been very worthwhile in the knowledge that the homeless, small babies& children have had some comfort from our efforts. We look forward to starting new projects in 2014 and welcome anyone interested in joining our fun group to share more talents. Cost 3-5 to include homemade biscuits & some wool, coffee kindly sponsored by Bewleys. Contact Joan @ 087 2460078
20 The Obelisk The Obelisk 9

A Killiney community group of textile lovers sharing talents producing quality crafts

Clubs and Societies

Flower Guild Thank you to all those who donated or decorated for Christmas. Our next major event is Easterthe church will be decorated on Saturday 19th April. All gifts and helpers are greatly appreciated! Table Tennis The table tennis club meets every Monday at 8pm in the Carry Hall. If you are interested in trying out table tennis, you would be very welcome (and we will even lend you a bat!). For more information contact Linda Franck (086 8296029). Ladies Guild The Ladies Guild met for their annual Christmas Lunch. Over thirty ladies and 1 gentleman (the Rector!) sat down to a delicious four course lunch, prepared by Daphne Hall and her team of helpers. Thank you to all those concerned. The next meeting will be on 14th January, 10.30 am in the Carry Hall. Visitors welcome.

Killiney Diners Club The KWDs The next gathering will be on Thursday 30th January. The Venue is yet to be decided. Further expressions of interest or queries may be addressed to Zandra Laing or the Rector. Service & Social Thank you to all those who helped out and attended the Christmas gathering. Many thanks to Joan Whyte, Rosemary Teggin, Joan Millar, Sylvia Hurley, Roslyn Christie, Pam Taylor and Anne Pierpoint who helped with the days preparations and in particular to Ishbell Lee, Zandra Laing and Hilary Laing who provided some seasonal entertainment during the supper following the service of Holy Communion. The next gathering will be on Sunday 13th April at 3pm. Please contact Joan Whyte or the Rector for more information.
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Clubs and Societies

LENT 2014 Lent begins with Ash Wednesday (5th March) - join us in Holy Trinity each Wednesday during Lent for a short service at 8pm. During Holy Week the neighbouring parishes have decided to join forces and have joint services. More details will appear in the next edition of the Obelisk. CHURCH REVIEW - 2014 Subscriptions for 2014 are now due, if you are interested in continuing or beginning a subscription in 2014 (40 for 12 copies) please contact Marianne Irvine (2858136) before 20th January 2014.

Socials Involving Ladies of Killiney In November there was a presentation on Christmas Flowers (pictured). The last gathering of 2013 was a Christmas dinner in The Dispensary, Dalkey a wonderful evening in great company! The 1st meeting of 2014 will be on Wednesday 15th January at 8pm in the Carry Hall. For more information please contact Judy Jones - 2855159 Bible Study and Prayer Group The group meets on the 4th Tuesday of every month at 10.30 am in the Carry Hall the next gatherings will be on January 21st and February 25th. This year the Bible study is focusing on linking the Old & New Testaments. All are very welcome to attend. Further expressions of interest may be addressed to the Rector. The Y Club (Killiney Mens Society)

Forthcoming Events

Revision of Vestrypersons The Register of Vestrypersons is open for revision until the 13th January 2014. If you are over 18 and subscribe to parish funds and are not yet registered, please see one of the Churchwardens and fill in the registration form. This will enable you to vote at the meeting of the General Vestry. Eco Congregation Ireland Information leaflets are available in the Church and Hall. Probus Club Dalkey Island Probus Club, a group of over forty retired and semi-retired men, is recruiting new members. PROBUS is an Association for men and women who have retired from their profession or business, in autonomous localised clubs throughout Ireland and the rest of the world. There are over 100 Probus groups in Ireland. Groups can be men, women or combined. We meet every Monday (except Bank Holidays) from 10 am to 12 noon in Killiney Golf Club to hear guest speakers, share views informally on the topics of the day, plan outings or listen to live music. We do not do projects or have sub-committees. Its all about friendship and fun. If you would like to know more about Dalkey Island Probus, please phone, without commitment, Ernest at 2802576 or Paddy at 2850466.
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On November 28th Billy Garrioch gave us a cookery demonstration (pictured). The last event of 2013 was a dinner in Dalkey. A great meal in wonderful surroundings it was the perfect way to relax and catch up with friends old and new. The 2013 programme kicks off with Mansions & Masons (a trip to the Mansion House and Masonic Hall) on Thursday 23rd January all Gentleman are very to attend. More information from Paul OBrien, Nigel Pierpoint or the Rector.
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Wish List In Memoriam or Thank Offering The Rector and Select Vestry have drawn up a wish list (i.e. items or projects of varying financial amounts that the parish desires to support and improve our ministry) which may be useful for those who wish to present a gift in memory of a loved one, or as a thank offering. If you would like to consider donating a gift to Holy Trinity for the glory of God please speak to the Rector. Among the items recognised are: ***New tables for parish room in the Carry Hall*** Desired donation of the month Publishing Sponsorship of The Obelisk Newsletter A new Organ Reserved Signs Outside light for rear of Church New metal pointing on Church roof 2 People Counters for Churchwardens New hassocks for North transept Professional cleaning of church carpets Refurbishment of the Porch and Welcome area

Mini Bites ~ APPLE AND CINNAMON MUFFINS (Keksiukai su obuoliais ir cinamonu) As Autumn leads in to early Winter, our food thoughts lean towards the traditional comforting taste combinations. Apple and cinnamon is a classic, and this is a Lithuanian recipe that works every time, from the website Ingredients 200g Plain flour 2 tsp Baking Powder 125g Caster sugar 2 Eggs 225ml Milk 100ml Sunflower oil 1tsp Ground cinnamon 2 Eating apples peeled, cored and grated 75g Oat flour (whizz 75g porridge oatflakes in a coffee grinder) 1 tsp Vanilla sugar (available in sachets from Polish foodshops) Method Preheat oven to 180C. Arrange paper muffin cases in a bun tin. In a large bowl combine flour, oat flour, baking powder and sugar. In another bowl beat eggs with milk and oil. Add to the dry ingredients above along with the vanilla sugar, cinnamon and grated apple. Mix well and fill muffin cases to half an inch below the rim. Bake for 25 minutes. Let cool and enjoy. Stephen Franck


OBELISK NEWSLETTER KILLINEY ADVERTISING DETAILS *Readership 2000, covering a wide distribution in the local area by hand, email, web site and social media *Local businesses *Sport events/ entertainment /cultural activities *Any odd jobs i.e. babysitting, decorating, housecleaning/garden services, plumbing, child minding, dog walking, etc *Very attractive rates from 10 to 80 per advert *5 publications a year (28 page full colour A5) PLEASE INQUIRE ASAP AS SPACE IS LIMITED Contact Joan Millar for further details 0872460078 / Editor: The Revd Niall J Sloane

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Parish News

Christmas Sale The Carry Hall was the centre of activity in the days leading up to the Christmas Sale on Saturday 7th December. From cakes to wooly jumpers and sausage rolls to Christmas decorations there were lots of treats and bargains to be had on what turned out to be a beautiful December morning. The climax of the event was the long awaited arrival of a very special guest, Santa Claus, who arrived in a chauffeur (the Rector!) driven open top car. Many thanks to all those who donated items, spent the week cooking and baking, sorted out stalls and in any way supported the sale. Special thanks to Sandra Moore who in true form organized things with great efficiency and good humour. The good news is that over 5,500 was collected. Well done and thank you!

Congratulations To Florence Hickson who recently celebrated her 95th birthday. Christmas in Killiney As I write final preparations are being made for carol services, flower decorating, music and entertainment to all involved thank you! Many thanks to Johnathan Bewley who supplied the beautiful Christmas Tree, to the students of GKNS who made the fantastic decorations and to the Fives family who decorated it. The palm tree outside the church was suitably decorated and we thank Nigel Teggin for this. No matter how small your contribution to our Christmas preparations every little helps make Christmas what it is in Killiney.
16 The Obelisk The Obelisk 13

Green Fingers A New Year Helen Middleton Now is not the time for reading about gardening. Your garden could be frozen or covered in snow. Actually a hard winter is good for the garden as it kills lots of pests. It can be difficult for non hardy plants to survive a hard winter so I hope all those pots of cuttings and delicate plants are well protected. All your bulbs should have been planted for the springtime. It is lovely to see the first snowdrops and crocuses appearing from the ground. A few years ago I had pots of winter pansies covered in about a foot of snow which survived to bloom splendidly in spring. Outside my back door I have a Hamamelis Mollis (witch hazel, pictured right) whose yellow blossoms give me great pleasure for about 6 weeks during January and February. Now is the time for taking stock of your garden and planning for next year ,reading gardening books, and making lists of must dos in 2014.

A day in the life of . An Interview with a Primary School Teacher Hayley Appelbe, First class teacher at G.K.N.S.

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Q: When did you decide you wanted to be a primary school teacher? A: Oh since forever! More specifically, since the age of six. I used to come home from senior infants every day and play school in my bedroom. Id put red ticks all over my reading books, teach my teddies Our Lords Prayer and I even asked Santa for a roll book one Christmas! Q: What do you find most rewarding about your work? A: No school day is ever the same so Im always kept on my toes, which makes work exciting. I enjoy getting to know the children and seeing them develop over the year. Childrens enthusiasm for learning is infectious and we have lots of giggles too! Q: What do you find most challenging about your work? A: Knowing when to switch off can be tricky. A teacher could stay in their classroom all day long and still have things to do when they get home, so finding a balance is important. You get better at that with experience, or so Im hoping! Q: Whats the funniest thing that has ever happened to you at work? A: Ive managed to set off the fire alarm by burning toast in the staffroom! Ive also once scared another teacher into calling the police! We were the last two in the building one evening and she didnt realise it was me upstairs walking around and called the guards thinking that there were intruders in the school! Oops! Q: What is your favourite subject to teach? A: I love teaching English and start every day with a poem. Children have fantastic imaginations and it is hugely rewarding to see them developing into capable readers and writers. Q: Who was your most inspiring teacher? A: I had a wonderful teacher who taught me for Junior Infants & for 6th Class. She was calm, caring, fair and organised, four things I think teachers strive to be. I was lucky enough to have her as my principal during my first year of teaching too, so she has really being there for me from start to finish! Thank you Caroline Senior. Q: What advice do you have to anyone hoping to pursue teaching as a career? A: Its very beneficial to spend some time helping out in a primary school and get a sense of what the work of a teacher is about. Teaching is a vocation and most certainly not for everyone! Id also remind them that teaching is for the outcome rather than the income but that said, I wouldnt trade my job for the world. Q: If you werent a teacher, what would you like to work as? A: Id like to work in the field of education, no matter what. Eventually I hope to work in teacher education, once Ive gained some more experience. I wouldnt mind The Obelisk 15 the working in a Parisian bakery either- though there may not be much to sell by end of the day with me around!

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