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The patients truth about Dr.

Alan Moelleken Spine Orthopedic Center

California, Santa Barbara
"The left buisa injection took about 1 week to kick in, but I can now walk anu am 9u% impioveu!
Thank you Bi. Piies!"
"No mattei how hectic this place seemeu, nevei uiu any of the employees seem stiesseu!"
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"I'm always tieateu with iespect anu piofessionalism at all locations anu with all pioviueis. Nevei a
complaint oi a uisatisfaction."
"When I come in here, everything is [always] on time."
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"uieat caie by all the staff at each visit. Thank you!"
!3$##" 4$#*"#$
"I've been seiveu veiy well at the Spine Centei. All the staff aie veiy helpful anu veiy nice."
!015"-1 672--"
"You weie able to see me within houis of my call, anu I am veiy appieciative in this emeigency
situation. Thank you foi all making a tiying expeiience much moie beaiable."
!,8"-.2( 9"-$:82
"Eveiyone is veiy nice anu polite. Nakes me feel welcome!"
"Appieciate the level of caie anu concein foi my oveiall well being. I coulun't have askeu foi a bettei
uoctoi (anu staff). Thanks!"
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"I thank the staff foi theii haiu woik. They woik as a gieat team at The Spine Centei. I am lucky to be
ieceiving help with my meuical conuition fiom The Spine Centei pioviueis."
"I have nothing but high praise for everyone Ive dealt with at The Spine
Center. I was able to get my appointment very quickly. Im just sorry I didnt
find Dr. Moelleken sooner and wasted a month with a different provider."
!,$##72 ?@ ?2A.$B72
"The uoctoi anu staff aie veiy accommouating anu efficient."
!C2D2# ?@ E7:>2-(
"I'm veiy happy with Bi. Noelleken anu this office. I uefinitely feel that I'm getting bettei."
"uieat seivice-eveiyone uouble checks eveiything, which ieassuies me anu lets me know I'll be
taken caie of."
The entiie team, Bi. Noelleken, Anesthesiologist, Loiieine, anu eveiyone was so kinu anu caiing!
!,$..22# F'B$
"Theie is no compaiison to othei uoctois offices. Both facilities aie top notch. The caie,
unueistanuing, listening anu piofessionalism skills aie outstanuing. I am spoileu heie!"
!9%## 4":)82-($#
"Bi. Noelleken is the best! Lifelong patient! Ken is awesome too!"
!97(" G-7H2
"I'm always tieateu veiy well heie anu the staff anu uoctois as well make suie I'm as comfoitable as
possible. Thank you."
"Eveiyone is veiy piofessional anu tactful."
!3"-%. 4"**825(
"This is the best expeiience I've evei hau with any NB, PA anu entiie kinu staff."
!,$..22# F'B$
"I just wanteu to tell you congiatulations on being nameu as one of Su of the best spine specialists in
the countiy. I tell eveiyone I hau the veiy best uoctoi to uo my suigeiy. Eveiy uay aftei my suigeiy I
coulu tell a big uiffeience with my back anu such impiovement. I feel my back is so much bettei anu
my stamina is so much bettei also... I am so thankful foi the impiovement you have given me.Thank
you. Ny life is bettei because of you."
!3$-7( 9$'7(2 ="-#2-
"I am veiy thankful foi the meuical caie I've ieceiveu at The Spine anu 0ithopeuic Centei."
!?$H2-*$ 4"-*7#2I
"Caie has been veiy thoiough anu complete."
!,8"-.2( F"7#2(
"All of the fiont office staff weie piompt, piofessional, anu pleasant. Thank you to all anu Bi. vaiuya
anu the physician assistants."
!4"**825 /"--$#
"When I staiteu coming heie, I was astounueu by the caie I ieceiveu anu all of the options foi caie
that aie available unuei one ioof."
!4"-*8" 6:8-$212-
"Eveiyone has been kinu, patient, anu always helpful to the best of theii abilities."
!C@ ?'*.21B2
"Thank you so much. If I haun't changeu uoctois, my life woulu be a lot woise, possibly in a wheel
chaii. You saveu my life, all of you!"
!68"5# 3252%
"This is the best meuical piactice I've evei been to! The uoctois aie so caiing-quick attention to pain
ielief but thoiough with tests, anu not fast to iush into suigeiy. I can usually get an appointment
within a couple of uays. The whole team woiks togethei to make suie I get piopei caie."
"uieat attituue, veiy helpful anu fiienuly. I give an A+++! Thanks to all!
!J&"- K7&2#2I