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The Cappuccino Church

By E. A. Johnston Bible Text: Preached On: Ezekiel 11:12 Wednesday, July 3, 2 13

Ambassadors For Christ Intl-USA 133! Terrell "ill #oad Bld$ 1%&2, 'uite 1 "arietta, (A 3 &) Online Sermons: ***,-22!

We are$ in a critical ti+e in *hich spirituality in the church is near an all/ti+e lo* and i++orality in society is near an all/ti+e hi$h. The pulpits o0 the land ha.e lost their in0luence upon society 1ecause they ha.e let the *orld into the church and cheapened the (ospel +essa$e in an atte+pt to $ro* their church ca+pus. "any church +e+1ers pro0ess to kno* Christ, 1ut their do not display the e.idence o0 true con.ersion. When (eor$e Whit0ield, the $reat British$elist, ca+e to A+erica in 1)% durin$ the (reat A*akenin$, he *as asked 1y a Boston +inister, 2"r. Whit0ield, ho* +any con.erts ha.e you had since you3.e 1een a+on$ us45 To *hich the $reat Whit0ield replied, 26 don3t kno*, sir, 1ut 6 shall return to these parts in a year or t*o and look 0or the e.idence o0 their sal.ation.5 7e* church +e+1ers today de+onstrate credi1le e.idence o0 their sal.ation. 8isten 0riends, *hen the church 0ails to carry out the +andate o0 the (reat Co++ission and proacti.ely stor+ the $ates o0 hell, then a .acuu+ is created. The .acuu+ 1e$ins *ithin the church until the church co+pro+ises the (ospel +essa$e, places +an and his needs as the center and 0ocus o0 the church and e.erythin$ rotates around the happiness o0 +an. "y +essa$e toni$ht is on the apostate church in A+erica. 6t is entitled 2The Cappuccino Church5 1ecause it3s all 0roth and no su1stance. 6 a+ not insinuatin$ that the entire institutional church in A+erica is apostate, please don3t +isunderstand +e. There are +any sound Christian churches throu$hout our land *ith solid shepherds leadin$ the+, 1ut 6 ha.e seen a drastic chan$e in a +a9ority o0 churches that ha.e cheapened the (ospel +essa$e *ith the e:press purpose o0 $ro*in$ their church. They3.e +ade it a lot easier to 1eco+e a Christian than *hat Jesus stated. Jesus said, 2The *ay is narro* and the passa$e di00icult.5 ;e said, 2<nless you repent, ye shall all like*ise perish.5 6 ha.e 1een around 0or a lon$ ti+e and ha.e *itnessed the tra$ic spiritual declension o0 the church in A+erica. 6t 1reaks +y heart to 1rin$ this +essa$e toni$ht 1ut 6 +ust un1urden +y heart o0 *hat the 8ord has $i.en +e re$ardin$ the church in A+erica today. When 6 *as a little 1oy in the 1-! s and you *ent to church, you kne* you *ere sa0e there. =ou kne* that in all pro1a1ility you *ould hear the true (ospel and 1e surrounded 1y real Christians and recei.e spiritual $ood 1ut today in A+erica, the church looks the sa+e on the outside 1ut instead o0 1ein$ a place o0 1lessin$, it is no* a church that har+s

>a$e 1 o0 &

isit churches. They are entertained *eekly. >a$e 2 o0 & . That3s ho* 1ad thin$s ha. e+pty. like they 1elon$ to a special social clu1 and they +eet on a re$ular *ithout 1ein$ o00ended or e+1arrassed 1y the +inister in the pulpit. 6 can 1arely +ake it throu$h the spiritually.5 The +e+1ers o0 the apostate church are @uite happy there and content.e nests 1ut the 'on o0 "an has no*here to lay his head.e an encounter *ith (od in the church today.en a 0alse security. 6t is o0 the *orld and o0 the Connecticut to *ar+ up his cro*d *ith lau$hter 1e0ore he preached 2'inners in the .e +ore 9okesters in the pulpits today *ho +ake you lau$h rather than prophets *ho cry *ith authority.e $otten in the church in A+erica in our day.ands o0 an An$ry (od54 But *e ha. This co+edian pastor tells 9okes to +ake his people lau$h. The church in A+erica has 1eco+e a Cappuccino Church.e tells 0unny stories to arouse e+otions and his +inistry is 1ased on his pro0essionalis+ and personality rather than the po*er o0 (od throu$h a surrendered li0e under the discipline o0 the . all 0roth and no su1stance and instead o0 1ein$ a place o0 spiritual $ the sins o0 the land and 1urdened 0or the lost and perishin$ around the+.e holes and 1irds o0 the air ha. The church in A+erica today has 1eco+e a party church *ith 0un and lau$hter rather than a *eepin$ church 1roken o. . But the Jesus o0 the Bi1le did not speak o0 a co+0orta1le intended to 1e a place o0 lau$hter and entertain+ent 1ut a house o0 prayer and *orship.en 1e o00/color to e+1arrass the+ to lau$h. =ou think you3re doin$ $ood puttin$ your child in a youth $roup at church 1ut o0ten it3s +ore corruptin$ in in0luence than spiritually help0ul. The (ospel o0 the apostate church speaks o0 a co+0orta1le Christianity *hich has no restrictions and it speaks o0 a Jesus *ho has no re@uire+ents. sel0/su00icient and sel0/a1sor1ed.oly 'pirit. it3s lost its di$nity throu$h +any o0 the i++ature +en *ho occupy it. But the sad 0act is that this apostate church is a church that da+ns. When 6 $o around and .5 'adly.en a0raid to take +y teena$e dau$hter to church these days 1ecause it see+s to 1e +ore hurt0ul to her rather than help0ul. rather he said. 2Thus sayeth the 8ord. 27o:es ha. Can you i+a$ine Jonathan Ed*ards tellin$ 9okes to the con$re$ation in En0ield. it o0ten has a da+nin$ in0luence.en pay their +onthly dues to this country clu1 church 1y tithin$ and this helps to ease their conscience. The church has 1eco+e sel0/ 0ocused. The 9okes +ay e. They o00er all the co+0orts o0 a country clu1 includin$ yo$a classes and ?u+1a dancin$ and co00ee 1ars *hose 0ocus is on +akin$ +an happy and $rati0yin$ his 0lesh. 63+ e. 'o +any pulpits preach death instead o0 li0e and da+n their hearers instead o0 1lessin$ the+. The Cappuccino Church is a *orldly church *ith a *orldly pro$ra+ 0or its *orldly +e+1ers. They e. The church *as ne. 'inners are 0ed a 0alse (ospel and $i. 6t har+s the soul *ith its diluted (ospel and +an/centered theolo$y. The pulpit today in A+erica has not only lost its authority. They 9ust *ant to 1e entertained. The Cappuccino Church has a pastor *ho is +ore like Jay 8eno than a true shepherd. "any churches in A+erica today are indistin$uisha1le 0ro+ the local country clu1. 0e* *ant to ha.

the plan o0* o0 (od and they ha. 6 re+e+1er 1ein$ in church as a 1oy and there *as a sense o0 (od3s presence there and a certain sole+nity that attended it and you *orshipped (od 1ecause o0 his presence.ers $athered to pray and lay hold o0 (od and *eep o. The under$round church in China su00ers persecution as they 0ollo* a cruci0ied 'a.e a per. 1ut ha. Today in the land.5 =ou see.e 0ashioned a $od o0 their o*n +akin$ and they *orship that idol rather than kno* the true and li. Allo* +e to read it to you 0or it accurately descri1es the church in the West today.e and en9oy your lunch. 8isten 0riends. The Cappuccino Church presents a (od that has no clai+s or ri$hts upon a person3s* o0 (od and their $od *as not the (od o0 the Bi1le. it preaches a 0eel/$ood +essa$e *hich doesn3t upset any1ody or con0ront the+ *ith their sins. it +akes you 0eel $ood. =ou +ay turn in your Bi1les there no*.e a party and lau$h and sin$ 1ecause o0 his a1sence.ern+ent. they ha. 6 0ear +any church +e+1ers ha.ehicle used 1y Antichrist *hen he appears. 8isten to ho* (od descri1es his re1ellious people: 2And ye shall kno* that 6 a+ the 8A#B: 0or ye ha. the apostate church 0ails to *arn the sinner to 0lee 0ro+ the *rath to co+e and it3s run on +an/po*er and +ethodolo$ies rather than (od and . "artin 8uther cried out a$ainst the corrupt church in his day and he *as persecuted 0or it. >a$e 3 o0 & .e not *alked in +y statutes.(od is a +illion +iles a*ay 0ro+ the Cappuccino Church in A+erica today. But today in churches. They had a per. They3ll 1e the ones 1ein$ persecuted 0or their 0aith and testi+ony in Christ Jesus. =ou heard a1out a terri1le place called hell and you *ere *arned not to $o there. neither e:ecuted +y 9ud$+ents. 2And ye shall kno* that 6 a+ the 8A#B.ers as the Antichrist appears.oly (host po*er.e done a0ter the +anners o0 the heathen that are round a1out$ (od o0 the Bi1le.erted . he declares.5 Cotice se. 6t o+its the need o0 repentance. The Cappuccino Church is a 0eel/$ood church like the co00ee drink. =ou *ill 1e a1le to distin$uish a true Christian then.erted . The apostate church *ill persecute true 1elie. The a1o. The church in A+erica 1ack then *as a place *here true 1elie.erse 12. the 1lood o0 Christ and the 1loody cross on *hich he died. Well.5 "y te:t is 0ound in the Book o0 Ezekiel. that3s +y introduction 0or +y +essa$e toni$ht on 2The Cappuccino the lost and you heard a +essa$e a1out the 1lood and the cross and the need 0or repentance 1ecause you *ere a sinner *ho needed to 1e reconciled 1ack to an o00ended (od. #ather.eral outstandin$ re+arks 0ro+ this passa$e 0ro+ the Word o0 (od: 1. +any that clai+ to kno* hi+ did not kno* hi+. you3ll hear a 0unny story and 0eel/$ood +essa$es to +ake you 0eel 1etter a1out yoursel0 1e0ore it3s ti+e 0or you to $o lea.ior.e$round church in China is the Three 'el0 Church and it3s a tool 0or the co++unist $o. in chapter 11 and . in the churches in the land. (od says so+ethin$ to his people *hich is @uite e:traordinary. The apostate church in A+erica *ill 1e the . But today.

e no re+orse 0or it.ery +an *ill 1e 9ud$ed a$ainst and that all *ill 0ail that 0irst and (od second in their li. Ti+es *ill 1eco+e so desperate.ere la* o0 (od *hich e.e says.ior and re+ain in your sins.e said. 2And ye shall kno* that 6 a+ the 8A#B. *hereas the Bi1le declares that Jesus ca+e to sa. There3s no +essa$e o0 (od3s true (ospel *hich speaks o0 ruin. 2neither e:ecuted +y 9ud$+ents. people so despondent.(od *as tellin$ his re1ellious people that throu$h co+in$ 9ud$+ents. they can sin all they *ant to *ithout any repercussions since they *on their ticket to hea.5 Today3s apostate church has +e+1ers *ho li.e not *alked in +y statutes. Cotice the ne:t ur$ent +atter that (od 1rin$s 1e0ore his re1ellious people: he says to the+. =ou *ill not hear o0 the 1lood.e tells the+. =ou can repentance.5 3. and their o*n a+use+ents. Their nu+1er one ai+ in li0e is to $rati0y their 0lesh. and 0ollo* +e. The re1ellious Je*s did not e:ecute (od3s 9ud$+ents and de0end a holy (od and 0ear hi+. (od repri+ands his people 0or their diso1edience to his co++ands. The Je*s put the+sel.ed. Today3s church that da+ns has no real (ospel *itness to the *orld. 2Be ye holy 0or 6 a+ holy. They 0eel that 1ecause they are once in sin and ha. let hi+ deny hi+sel0.eis+.e his people 0ro+ their sins.ed. notice the last indict+ent 0ro+ (od to his strayin$ people. 260 any +an *ill co+e a0ter +e.e done a0ter the +anners o0 the >a$e % o0 & .er preached a sinnin$ reli$ion.ern+ent 0or help and the $o. The church that da+ns speaks nothin$ a1out the strict and se.e his li0e shall lose it: and *hosoe. .en throu$h a 0alse. Jesus *ill lose his li0e 0or +y sake shall 0ind it. 6 a+ a sinner and 6 need a sin su1stitute in the person o0 Jesus Christ. they kept all their kno*led$e to the+sel. too.5 This *ill 1e true *hen 9ud$+ent 0alls upon A+erica 0ro+ the hand o0 (od. This situation *ill 1e so drastic and so 1ad that people *ill realize that (od is the author o0 their cala+ity and (od *ill 1e a1le to say. Today3s church that da+ns. al*ays sa. . nor o0 a 0uture 9ud$+ent 0or all +ankind. They kno* nothin$ o0 the cross in the li0e o0 the 1elie. and take up his cross.e they to the ne$lect o0 the thin$s o0 ( *ill sa.e Jesus and hold on to your rotten sins and it3s okay *ith hi+. 27or ye ha.5 7inally. #ather.5 2. they *ill kno* the true (od and 2kno* that 6 a+ the 8A#B. 1ut a sel0/cruci0yin$ one. they *ill turn to the $o.ern+ent *ill 1e 1ankrupt and entirely helpless the+sel. 21ut ha.5 (od says.5 But the church that da+ns declares you can ha. notice the last thin$ in this .er nor ha. rede+ption. 2Without holiness no one *ill see the 8ord.5 And in .er surrendered to the 8ordship o0 Christ *ith all his clai+s and de+ands upon their li.e Jesus and the *orld. But. preaches an easy 1elie0 (ospel that allo*s you to take Christ as 'a. Cotice the ne:t indict+ent (od has a$ainst his strayin$ people. easy 1elie.5 The people o0 (od *ere careless ste*ards o0 the thin$s o0 (od. they put their o*n needs and desires 0irst in their li. (od says 2Co. #ather than declare to the heathen the purposes o0 (od. . nor sin. it3s a sel0ish (ospel *hich creates sel0ish 0ollo*ers *ho think only o0 the+sel.e1re*s it declares.erse 0ro+ and (od said. #ather. nor the cross. and re$eneration. 7or *hosoe. nor hell.

e a hard ti+e 0indin$ any1ody today preachin$ up the 1lood and the cross and callin$ sin 21lack5 and hell 2hot. 8isten to (od3s +ercy.ited the *orld in. The only hope 0or A+erica and Canada is re. We need to hu+1le 1e0ore an o00ended Creator and 1e$ hi+ 0or +ercy. Jud$+ent is not co+in$ to A+erica 1ecause o0 the Court .erses 1.5 6 1elie.ided the cro*d into sheep and $oats 1ut +any o0 the py$+ies that stand in our pulpits today *ant to 1e accepted 1y their hearers 1ecause o0 their pride so they speak.e $one and opened their 0ront door and in. 9ud$+ent is not co+in$ to A+erica 1ecause o0 the White . And one ti+e. They *anted to take hi+ to the top o0 a hill a0ter he preached and thro* hi+ o00 o0 it.heathen that are round a1out you. the people picked up stones to stone hi+ 1ut he escaped the+ 1y *alkin$ throu$h their +idst. They 1rou$ht 0alse 0ire into the house o0 (od. They don3t *ant to upset any1ody 1y +entionin$ sin or the need 0or repentance.e the+ an heart o0 0lesh: That they +ay *alk in +y statutes.e it *ill 1e (od3s re+nant *ho e+er$e in the co+in$ days o0 the appearin$ o0 our sins. 6 0ear +any churches in A+erica today ha. and *ill $i. 2Will you lea. 2Who can understand it45 And Jesus turned to his +en and asked. A0ter one preachin$ session. and 6 *ill 1e their (od.e the+ one heart. Jud$+ent is co+in$ to A+erica 1ecause o0 the Church . But there is $ood ne*s. 2>eace. there3s no tellin$ the+ apart. and do the+: and they shall 1e +y people.i. 8isten 1e0ore his 0ace. (od called out a re+nant in the days o0 Ezekiel. They3re a0raid to o00end +an so they o00end (od. 8isten to . The Cappuccino Church looks 9ust like the * the cro*d le0t hi+ and +any said. The re+nant *ill 1e the su00erers 0or Christ. he di.e done a0ter the +anners o0 the heathen that are round a1out the+. peace. a0ter Jesus preached a hard +essa$e.ouse.ouse. (od is sendin$ 9ud$+ents upon A+erica 1ecause the pro0essed church o0 (od does not *alk in his statutes nor e:ecute his 9ud$+ents 1ut ha.and 2 0ro+ chapter 11. When Jesus preached.e *alked (od to the 1ack o0 the church and pushed hi+ out the 1ack door and then they3.e +e too45 When Christ preached. they *orshipped (od like the heathen.ouse. he al*ays upset his hearers. they 9ust *ant to +ake you lau$h and *ant to entertain you. Co.5 The true (ospel declares *e are ene+ies o0 (od 1ecause o0 sin and *e need to 1e reconciled to hi+ throu$h the 1lood o0 Jesus Christ.5 6n other *ords. (od help us. 2And 6 *ill $i. (od is callin$ out his re+nant to stand stron$ 0or hi+. They let the *orld in and pushed (od out. 6 1elie. *hen there is no peace. 6 ha. The >a$e ! o0 & .5 and *arnin$ sinners to 0lee 0ro+ the *rath to co+e. and 6 *ill put a ne* spirit *ithin youD and 6 *ill take the stony heart out o0 their 0lesh. We need to repent o0 our rotten sins and 0all on our 0aces and turn 1ack to (od in true contrition and 1rokenness o. and keep +ine ordinances.e that (od is callin$ his re+nant today in the land to $o to their knees and hu+1le the+sel.

The Cappuccino Church is da+nin$ its +e+1ers to hell rather than *arnin$ the+ not to $o the land like the $reat pla$ue that it is. 7or it is an indict+ent a$ainst the people o0 (od *ho ha. >a$e & o0 & . 6n the co+in$ days o0 these end ti+es.e done a0ter the +atters o0 the heathen that *ere round a1out *ill 1e the ones in prison 0or hi+. in +y Bi1le and in prayer. 6 *as hooked on too +any ne*s pro$ra+s and cookin$ pro$ra+s and $ol0 pro$ra+s. 6 $ot rid o0 the da+nin$ in0luence o0 tele. This is a call to the people o0 (od to $o to our knees and ask the . you *ill $o to hell. The re+nant *ill 1e the ones +artyred 0or hi+ and his $lory. 6 spend that ti+e 6 used to *atch t. 8isten 0riends. the apostate church *ill $ro* in in0luence and popularity and it *ill spread that is $rie. 6 $ot rid o0 tele.ision in +y ho+e.ision in +y 0ro+ the *orld. Christ is callin$ his o*n to separate the+sel. >eople call +e odd 1ut 6 don3t care.oly 'pirit to sho* us anythin$ in our li. Jesus said i0 you die in your sins. no*.e +ercy on us. Are *e *illin$ to do it4 The Cappuccino Church is a 0eel/$ood church *ith a 0eel/$ood +essa$e and it allo*s you to pro0ess Christ and re+ain in your sins. (od ha.e not *alked in his statutes nor e:ecuted his 9ud$+ents 1ut ha.ous to hi+.