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In partial fulfillment for the award of the Degree of






Certified that this bonafide record of seminar entitled “ BLACKBERRY DEVICES Done by “UNNIKRISHNAN.P.K of the VIIth semester, Computer Science and Engineering in the year 2008 in partial fulfillment of the requirements to the award of Degree of Bachelor of echnology in Computer Science and Engineering !f Cochin "ni#ersity !f Science and echnology$

MR.V.DAMODARAN Seminar %uide

D!. DAVID PETER .S &ead !f Di#ision



'lthough a single sentence hardly suffices, ( would li)e to than) almighty god for blessing me with his grace and ta)ing my endea#or to a successful culmination$ ( also e*press my gratitude to D!. D"'() P$#$!,HOD and my seminar guide for pro#iding me with adequate facilities, ways and means by which ( was able to complete this seminar$ ( e*press my sincere gratitude to him for his constant support and #aluable suggestions without which the successful completion of this seminar would not ha#e been possible$ ( than) M!.V.D"*+)"!", my seminar guide for his boundless cooperation and helps e*tended for this seminar$ ( would li)e to e*tend my gratitude to all staff of Department !f Computer Science for the help and support rendered to me$ ( ha#e benefited a lot from the feedbac), suggestions and blessings gi#en by them$ ( would li)e to e*tend my gratitude to all of my friends for their help and support rendered to me in the #arious phases of this seminar$


such as the 3alm software$ reo.way pager$ he more commonly )nown smartphone Blac)Berry.mail.mail where#er it can access a wireless networ) of certain cellular phone carriers$ (t has a a )eyboard. which supports push e. but all current models ha#e color displays$ 4hile including 3D' applications 1address boo). calendar. to.mail ser#ice to non./B$!!0 is a wireless handheld de#ice introduced in +. web browsing and other wireless information ser#ices was released in 2002$ (t is an e*ample of a con#ergent de#ice$ De#eloped by the Canadian company /esearch (n 0otion 1/(02. etc$2 as well as telephone capabilities on newer models. mobile lists.. internet fa*ing. te*t messaging. the Blac)Berry is primarily )nown for its ability to send and recei#e e. through the Blac)Berry Connect he original Blac)Berry de#ice had a monochrome display. . it deli#ers information o#er the wireless data networ)s of mobile phone ser#ice companies$ Blac)Berry first made headway in the mar)etplace by concentrating on e. Blac)Berry de#ices.mail$ /(0 currently offers Blac)Berry e.ABSTRACT BLACKBERRY TECHNOLOGY he B-"..

K S7. #ia the use of an ( 3olicy and 'pplication Controls$ 0ore comprehensi#e controls are a#ailable in a BES deployment than in a B(S deployment UNNIKRISHNAN. the end.CSE . while enterprise de#ices are generally configured to use Blac)Berry Enterprise Ser#er 1BES2$ (n a B(S en#ironment. the use of only the thumbs to type$ System na#igation is primarily accomplished by a scroll ball in the middle of the de#ice 1older de#ices used a trac) wheel on the side2$ Blac)Berry users can generally be di#ided into two camps7 consumers who bought and own their Blac)Berry.user has a certain amount of control.users who are gi#en the use of a Blac)Berry by their employers$ Consumer de#ices are generally configured to use Blac)Berry (nternet Ser#ice 1B(S2.P. the end.optimi5ed for 6thumbing6. and enterprise end.user is generally responsible for the appropriate configuration of security measures$ (n a BES en#ironment. but security is usually enforced by the enterprise.

4 5+9#:"!$ 2. HO& IT &ORKS< 2./6$!!0 $.7 S833+!#(.6 H"!):"!$5 2.. INTRODUCTION 2.2 B-".#8!$ 12 12 12 7.#$!3!(5$ 5$!'$! = 10 11 7$ BLACKBERRY ENTERPRISE SOLUTION 7.>(#$. ((( 1 2 2 2 7 7 6 6 COMPONENTS 2.2 .2 D"#"6"5$ 2.1 &>0 .1 O3$!"#(.5+9#:"!$ 2.4 505#$* 2.TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER NO TITLE NUMBER PAGE LIST OF FIGURES 1.1 B-"./6$!!0 3!+9$55(+.".2 CPU 2./B$!!0 PIN 2. B-".>++5$ #>$ B E S< BES A!.

6 B-".2.B-". S$!'(.$ 5+9#:"!$ 7.$5 7./B$!!0? C+./B$!!0?A--(". 8.$. A.2 B-".2 B-".#@ D$'(./B$!!0 S+-8#(+..2../B$!!0? M+6(-$ D"#" S05#$* 7.. .2.$5 17 17 17 17 .7.#$!3!(5$ S$!'$! 17 12 7. BLACKBERRY CONNECT 16 6. =./B$!!0? E. B-".2.2.$P!+4!"* 4. PUSH TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS FOR BLACKBERRY DEVICES ADVANTAGES OF BLACKBERRY CONCLUSION APPENDIB REFERENCES 18 1= 21 22 27 2.2../B$!!0 )$'(.1 B-".7..

LIST OF FIGURES F(48!$ N"*$ (3D format 3ath of signal Blac)berry Enterprise ser#er BES architecture . ++ +9 P"4$ .8*6$! 8 1. 8$ . 2$ 2.

1.INTRODUCTION ' Blac)berry is a personal communications de#ice de#eloped. li)e cell phones. such as the 3alm software$ ha#e color displays /esearch in 0otion pro#ides the nati#e email system for the Blac)berry$ &owe#er. it is only a#ailable through cell phone carriers $'nd. and some games$ hird party applications can be downloaded to e*tend its capability$ Some models a#ailable from <e*tel.?900. allowing for the use of wireless Bluetooth headsets to handle telephone calls$ Because the Blac)berry relies on the cellular telephone networ). and as)s with full wireless synchroni5ation$ he Blac)Berry Ser#er constantly communicates with the campus E*change ser#er 1that tal)s to !utloo).s preferred networ)$ he process wor)s in re#erse when you ma)e changes on your Blac)Berry de#ice that need to be copied into your !utloo) account. notes. te*t messaging.respecti#ely Standard features on a Blac)berry include calendar. and ser#iced by /esearch in 0otion1/(02. each carrier has its own unique models$ he typical cost of a Blac)berry is ?2@0. and <o#ell to pro#ide full two. web browsing. Contacts.way email integration with !utloo).Blac)Berry de#ices. Sprint. e$g$. and maybe other carriers. among other email clients2$'s soon as something comes into your !utloo) for E*change> ser#ice as well$ 0ost Blac)berry are Bluetooth capable. and telephone ser#ice$ (t is an e*ample of a con#ergent de#ice ' Blac)Berry is an end. if you send a message that needs to be copied to your Sent items. /(0 has cooperated with 0icrosoft.mail ser#ice to non. reo. or if you add a contact to your Contacts list$ he Blac)berry can be set up and operated wirelessly without e#er being connected physically to a computer$ /(0 currently offers Blac)Berry e.end wireless email solution that allows access to your !utloo) (nbo*. calculator. pro#ide %3S and cellular =wal)ie. (B0. !ntario' $Blac)berry can pro#ide email. a Canadian company headquartered in 4aterloo. and %roup4ise . tas)s. alarm cloc). <otes. through the Blac)Berry Connect he original Blac)Berry de#ice had a monochrome display. distributed. but all current models . the Blac)Berry ser#er gets a copy and sends it to your de#ice through the (nternet$ :our de#ice recei#es that information through the (nternet using your carrier. Calendar.

tas)ing operating system 1!S2 for the Blac)Berry.mail$ he current !S 8 pro#ides a subset of 0(D3 2$0.s speciali5ed input de#ices.4 505#$*% /(0 pro#ides a proprietary multi.00 chipset not supporting 9% networ)s$ o#er ED%E networ)s$ he 800&5 3rocessor in the Blac)Berry 8-0. and proprietary Blac)Berry '3(s as well.00$ 'n e*ception to this is the Blac)Berry 8-0.actually meant the de#ice was often slower to download and render web pages o#er 9% than the 8-00 was .s e. but any application that ma)es use of certain restricted functionality must be digitally signed so that it can be associated to a de#eloper account at /(0$ security of the code$ his signing procedure guarantees the authorship of an application."-$ '/0#@ E 3C'.80286. COMPONENTS 2.#$-.s e.@ .mail. 200A2 or more recently the trac)ball 1September +2th 200A . notes and contacts.2. such as the 8-00 and the 3earl.1 O3$!"#(. and adds support for <o#ell %roup4ise and Botus <otes$ hird. this was due to the ARM B S. and allows complete wireless acti#ation and synchroni5ation with E*change. calendar. but does not guarantee the quality or 2."-$ '/0#@ E 3C'.party de#elopers can write software using these '3(s. particularly the scroll wheel 1+. as well as with Botus Domino. 3resent2$ he !S pro#ides support for 0(D3 +$0 and 4'3 +$2$ 3re#ious #ersions allowed wireless synchroni5ation with 0icrosoft E*change Ser#er. are based on the 9+20&5 ARM B S..2 CPU% Early Blac)Berry de#ices used I.mail and calendar. which ma)es hea#y use of the de#ice.which is based on the 800&5 DualcommE 92@0 chipset.based processors$C6D Bater Blac)Berry 8000 series smart phones.s e. tas)s.

1 I.mail.2 D"#"6"5$% Data e*tracted from a Blac)Berry to a host computer is stored in a single file in (3D format as in figure 2$9$+ F(48!$ 2.6 because all new e. Botus Domino and <o#ell %roup4ise$ 4hile indi#idual users may be able to use a wireless pro#ider.D 9+!*"# 2. organi5ations with multiple users usually run BES on their own networ)$ Some third.s Blac)Berry de#ice$ his is called 6push companies pro#ide hosted BES solutions$ E#ery Blac)Berry has a unique id called Blac)Berry 3(< which is used to identify the de#ice to the BES$ BES can act as a sort of e. and when a new message comes in.mail$ 1<!C2$ he software monitors the user. it pic)s up the message and passes it to /(0.mail ser#ices without ha#ing to install BES themsel#es.mails.2. .s e.2.4 5+9#:"!$% Blac)Berry handhelds are integrated into an organi5ation.s wireless pro#ider.P.mail system through a software pac)age called 6Blac)Berry Enterprise Ser#er6 1BES2$ Fersions of BES are a#ailable for 0icrosoft E*change.s local 6inbo*6.7 S833+!#(.s e.s <etwor) !perations Center he messages are then relayed to the user. which in turn deli#ers them to the user.mail relay for corporate accounts so that users always ha#e access to their e.

BES pro#ides security. mountains.mail.mail and 4'3 access was possible without a BESG0DS$ he BESG0DS is still required for secure e. Blac)Berry handhelds can access the (nternet 1i$e$ C3G(3 access2 without an 0DS . more recently. organi5ations can ma)e intranets or custom internal applications with unmetered traffic$ 4ith more recent #ersions of the Blac)Berry platform. in the form of riple DES or.contacts and calendar entries are 6pushed6 out to the Blac)Berry de#ice automatically. or distance$ BES also pro#ides handhelds with component called 60obile Data Ser#ice6 10DS2$ platform$ (n addition. as opposed to the user synchroni5ing the data by hand$ De#ice storage also enables the mobile user to access all data offline in areas without wireless ser#ice$ 's soon as the user connects again. data access.mail. the BES sends the latest data$ 'n included feature in the newer models of the Blac)Berry is the ability for it to trac) your current location through rilateration$ !ne can #iew the online maps on the phone and see current location denoted by a flashing dot$ &owe#er. 'ES encryption of all data 1both e.mail and 0DS traffic2 that tra#els between the Blac)Berry handheld and a Blac)Berry Enterprise Ser#er$ 0ost pro#iders offer flat monthly pricing for unlimited data between Blac)Berry units and BES$ (n addition to recei#ing e. pre#iously only e. the 0DS is no longer a requirement for wireless data access$ Beginning with !S 9$8 or 8$0. accuracy of Blac)Berry trilateration is less than that of %3S due to a number of factors. and applications that require 4'3 from carriers that do not allow 4'3 access$ <ewer Blac)Berry de#ices use the proprietary Blac)berry 0essenger software for sending and recei#ing te*t messages #ia Blac)berry 3(<$ C3G(3 connecti#ity accessed through a his allows for custom application de#elopment using data streams on Blac)Berry de#ices based on the Sun 0icrosystems Ha#a 0E . including cell tower bloc)age by large buildings.

# Se#eral ordinary mobile phones ha#e been released featuring the Blac)Berry e. software a#ailable for use on Blac)Berry de#ices includes full.0obile as well$ Blac)berry Kic)Start.@0.@002 • P>+.hird.series. <o)ia E@+. <o)ia EA0.2$ • & C 'd#antage C-@00 ../B$!!0 $-*"(. <o)ia E@0.. 8@-.$5 :(#> B-". .6 H"!):"!$5% *+)$-5% • • • • • Early 3ager 0odels7 8@0.series including Blac)Berry 8800$ Blac)Berry 3earl and Blac)Berry Cur#e Iuture Blac)Berry 0odel7 Bold or . featured database management systems which can be used to support customer relationship management clients and other applications that must manage large #olumes of potentially comple* data$ 2. 2008 that will be carried by ' J $ Bater it was announced for .-($. hunder 1.series and A000.series Iirst Sure ype 3hone 0odels7 -+00.mail client which connects to Blac)Berry ser#ers$ 0any of these phones ha#e full D4E/ : )eyboards 1e*cept the 0otorola 03*220. Ha#elin. B-". announced on 0ay +2.series 0odern Blac)Berry 0odels7 8000.000. and Samsung t-+.@0onochrome Ha#a. -@00.based 0odels7 @000.series and --00.series Iirst Color 0odels7 -200./B$!!0 PIN% Blac)Berry 3(< is an eight character he*adecimal unique identification number assigned to each Blac)Berry de#ice$ 3(<s cannot be e*changed and are loc)ed to each handset de#ice$ Blac)Berrys can message each other using the 3(< number directly or by using the Blac)berry 0essenger application$ 2.

+00 !perates on 8@0G.00 0&5 %S0 networ). !perates on 8@0G. +28 L +28 and A80 L 200 pi*el screen <o)ia E@0 !perates on 8@0G.00 0&5 %S0 networ).00 0&5 %S0 networ). +28 L +28 and A80 L 200 pi*el screen <o)ia .00G+800G+.00G+800G+.@00 !perates on ."0 SG&SD3' 8@0G.00 0&5 %S0 networ). +28 L +28 pi*el screen <o)ia . 'merican #ariant on 8@0G+800G+.900 !perates on .00 0&5 %S0 networ). 8+A L 9@2 pi*el screen <o)ia E. D4E/ : )eyboard 0otorola 03*220 1selected models only2. 920 L 280 pi*el screen <o)ia EA2 !perates on 8@0G.00 0&5 %S0 networ).00G+800G+.00 0&5 %S0 networ).00G+800G+.00G+800G+. +-A L 220 pi*el screen <o)ia A8+0 !perates on .00G+800G+.00 0&5 %S0 networ).00 0&5 %S0 networ).00G+800G+. !perates on 8@0G.00 0&5 %S0 networ). 280 L 920 pi*el touch screen.00G+800G+.00G+800G+.00 0&5 %S0 networ).00 0&5 %S0 networ).00G+800G+."0 SG8@0G."0 SG8@0G. 280 L 920 pi*el screen <o)ia EA0 !perates on 8@0G.00G+800G+."0 SG8@0G. 280 L 920 pi*el touch screen and D4E/ : )eyboard Dte) .00G+800G+.00 0&5 %S0 networ).00G+800G+.00 0&5 %S0 networ).00G+800G+. A80 L 880 pi*el touch screen. 920 L 280 pi*el screen <o)ia EA+i !perates on 9%. 8+A L 9@2 pi*el screen <o)ia EA+ !perates on 9%. D4E/ : )eyboard Samsung t-+.0 Dte) . !perates on . 920 L 280 pi*el screen <o)ia E@+ !perates on 9%.00G+800G+.00 0&5 %S0 networ).00 0&5 %S0 networ). 920 L 280 pi*el screen <o)ia E-0 !perates on 8@0G.00G+800G+.900i !perates on .00G+800G+.00 %S0 networ).000 !perates on 9%. +28 L +28 pi*el screen <o)ia A820 !perates on .00 0&5 %S0 networ). +-A L 220 pi*el screen Siemens SKA@.00 0&5 %S0 networ).00G+800G+.• & C y < !perates on 9%G&SD3'G8@0G. +92 L +-A pi*el screen • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • . +28 L +28 and A80 L 200 pi*el screen <o)ia .

• Sony Ericsson 3. 'merican and Chinese #ariants on 8@0G+800G+. 208 L 920 pi*el screen Sony Ericsson 3.0 Sony Ericsson 0A00i Sony Ericsson 3+ • • • ..00G+800G+.00.+0 !perates on .00 0&5 %S0 networ).

"+$ he email message is sent$ to your 3CG Baptop1as in fig 9$+2$ 9$ he Blac)Berry ser#er 1 the mail is deli#ered using a =push> concept to the Blac)berry Enterprise Ser#er2 compresses. 0essage arri#es at your email ser#er 1 usually the e*change ser#er2 and is sent as normal . HO& IT &ORKS< 's we all )now. encrypts and forwards the message automatically to your Blac)Berry handset$ 2. there is always a software behind the hardware$ his holds true for the blac)berry as well$ Blac)berry Ser#er Software comes in two forms +$ Blac)Berry 3rofessional Software 1B3S2 2$ Blac)Berry Enterprise Ser#er 1BES2 he way that the Blac)Berry ser#er wor)s applies to both the Blac)Berry 3rofessional Software 1B3S2 and the Blac)Berry Enterprise Ser#er 1BES2 he basic steps in recei#ing an email on a blac)berry de#ice are as follows% F(48!$ 2.1 P"#> +9 5(4.2.

that are going to start with at least 20 users and grow from there$ ./6$!!0 $.5+9#:"!$ % 4hen you buy a Blac)Berry handheld you can download for free a fully. decrypts and decompresses the email. #ersion 8$+ B3S E*press is the ideal solution for smaller organisations with their own email ser#er or for larger organisations that arent sure how many Blac)Berry users they will grow to$ o e*pand the number of users you simply purchase additional user licenses as your needs grows$ 'nd if you reach the point where you need more than 90 users. you can upgrade to the Blac)Berry Enterprise Ser#er 1BES2$ 2. and alerts the user$ 2.#$!3!(5$ 5$!'$!% Blac)Berry Enterprise Ser#er is the fully./6$!!0 3!+9$55(+.".1 B-". with the capacity to support up to 90 users !ne user license N Client 'ccess Bicense 1C'B2 he latest #ersion of Blac)Berry Enterprise Ser#er Solution software.featured Blac)Berry mobile email ser#ice as in fig 9$2$+$ (tMs designed for medium to large organisations with their own Botus Domino or 0icrosoft E*change ser#ers for email and mobile data applications.8$ 0essage arri#es at the Blac)Berry #ia the (nternet and the mobile carrierMs networ)$ @$ he Blac)berry handheld de#ice recei#es.functional #ersion of Blac)Berry 3rofessional Software 1B3S2 for your e*isting email ser#er$ Blac)Berry 3rofessional Software E*press 1B3S E*press2 is a I/EE download of Blac)Berry 3rofessional Software that can support up to 90 Blac)Berry users connecting to their email ser#er$ he free download includes7 • • • ' copy of Blac)Berry 3rofessional Software.2 B-".

#$!3!(5$ 5$!'$! .1 B-"./B$!!0 $. tas)s list and contacts list as well as any internal applications or software on their Blac)Berry handheld$ he Blac)Berry Enterprise Ser#er supports triple DES security 1considered unbrea)able2 so confidential data is transmitted securely$ F(48!$ 2.2. electronic calendar.Blac)Berry Enterprise Ser#er lets the user access hisGher email.

s a must. BLACKBERRY ENTERPRISE SOLUTION OVERVIE& 4ireless access to email. including7 • • • • • • • Email Corporate data (nstant messaging 3hone (nternet and intranet access 00S and S0S !rgani5er 7.end systems7 .1 &>0 .>++5$ #>$ B-"./B$!!0 E. 9+! #>$ $. phone and other corporate information is not a lu*ury for your mobile wor)ers O it.ha#e$ 4ith the Blac)BerryE Enterprise Solution mobili5ing your wor)place. your corridor warriors can ma)e timely decisions based on the best information a#ailable.#$!3!(5$ he Blac)Berry Enterprise Solution allows mobile users to access communications and information wirelessly.+*3-$#$ :(!$-$55 5+-8#(+.7.#$!3!(5$ S+-8#(+nP he Blac)BerryE Enterprise Solution is the leading wireless solution for connecting mobile users to the customers. enterprise applications and bac). colleagues and information that dri#e business$ Iind out why you should choose it to mobili5e your email. increasing their producti#ity and boosting your business performance$ T>$ .

enterprise instant messaging and personal information management tools$ 'll data between applications and Blac)BerryE smartphones flows centrally through the ser#er$ .7.2 B-". B-".>(#$.1.friendly solution that gi#es mobile users secure wireless access to their enterprise email and business.#8!$ he )ey elements of the Blac)Berry Enterprise Solution architecture as shown in fig$8$2$+ include7 7. A!.>(#$. ( .1 BES "!.2.#8!$ he Blac)BerryE Enterprise Solution is a fle*ible.critical applications$ F(48!$ 7. wireless networ)s and enterprise applications$ he ser#er integrates with enterprise messaging and collaboration systems to pro#ide mobile users with access to email./B$!!0? E./B$!!0 E.#$!3!(5$ S$!'$! /obust software that acts as the centrali5ed lin) between wireless de#ices.#$!3!(5$ S+-8#(+.2.

based access to email and data from enterprise applications and systems in addition to web. manage and e*tend their wireless solution ./B$!!0? C+.$5 De#ices a#ailable from leading manufacturers that feature Blac)Berry push deli#ery technology and connect to the Blac)Berry Enterprise Ser#er 7.2. B-".$.#@ D$'(./B$!!0? M+6(-$ D"#" S05#$* (ntegrated wireless #oice and data de#ices that are optimi5ed to wor) with the Blac)Berry Enterprise Solution$ hey pro#ide push.2.2. Blac)BerryE raining. S0S and organi5er applications$ 7.2 B-".6.7... deploying and managing applications for the Blac)Berry Enterprise Solution$ (t pro#ides essential components that enable applications beyond email to be deployed to mobile users.$5 ' group of ser#ices that include7 Blac)BerryE echnical Support Ser#ices. B-". ser#ices and solutions for the Blac)Berry Enterprise Solution$ (t is designed to help organi5ations ma)e the most of the Blac)Berry Enterprise Solution when mobili5ing their enterprises$ 7./B$!!0? A--(". including de#eloper tools..7. B-". 00S. S$!'(. B-".2./B$!!0 )$'(. administrati#e ser#ices and Blac)BerryE De#ice Software$ (t also uses the same pro#en Blac)Berry push deli#ery model and ad#anced security features used for Blac)Berry email$ 7.$ P!+4!"* ' large community of independent software #endors./B$!!0 S+-8#(+. system integrators and solution pro#iders that offer applications. /(0E 3rofessional Ser#ices and the Corporate De#elopment 3rogram$ hese tools and programs are designed to help organi5ations deploy.$ 5+9#:"!$ 'n optimi5ed framewor) for creating.2..2.

/B$!!0 C+. users can connect to Blac)BerryE (nternet Ser#ice and Blac)BerryE Enterprise Ser#er on their preferred de#ice and organi5ations can standardi5e on the award. where you can forward and reply to them$ :ou can also compose and send new emails$ 0eetings on the <o)ia de#ice. Blac)Berry Connect technology can7 • • departmentMs requirements for security and manageability. BLACKBERRY CONNECT Blac)Berry Connect technology )eeps mobile professionals connected to colleagues.#$!3!(5$5 De#ices with Blac)BerryE ConnectS software or Blac)Berry enabled de#ices e*tend your current Blac)Berry wireless business strategy and boost the producti#ity and performance of your team$ Blac)Berry enabled de#ices also satisfy your ( the benefits of your Blac)Berry en#ironment$ Ior users.(0'382$ B-".s calendar are also synchronised with the meetings in your account on the ser#er$ :ou can ha#e these Blac)Berry ser#ices acti#e on your <o)ia de#ice at the same time7 R Blac)Berry Enterprise Ser#er O /ecei#e email from your companyMs corporate networ) if your company has a Blac)Berry Enterprise Ser#er installed$ :ou can also loo) up email addresses from your company.$.# 9+! E. they are automatically forwarded to your <o)ia de#ice.s electronic directory$ R Blac)Berry (nternet ser#ice allows your mobile phone to recei#e email from an (nternet ser#ice pro#ider 1(S32 or other email accounts 13!39. you can access your email accounts with your <o)ia de#ice$ 's emails arri#e at the email ser#er. clients and information using pro#en Blac)BerryE push technologyQ on their choice of de#ices$ 4ith Blac)Berry Connect technology..5.winning Blac)Berry platform$ 4ith Blac)Berry Connect.winning Blac)Berry push technology . wor)ing seamlessly with Blac)Berry Enterprise Ser#er to le#erage Bet you choose from a broader selection of de#ices &elp you ma)e the most of your time with award.

Blac)Berry Connect technology can7 • Satisfy your strict requirements for security and manageability by allowing you to connect more de#ices to the Blac)Berry platform  De#ices with Blac)Berry Connect software are a#ailable from the following manufacturers7 • • • • & C 0otorola <o)ia 3alm  Blac)BerryE ConnectS software is a#ailable for the following operating systems7 • • • 3alm !S Symbian !S 4indows !S .Ior ( departments.

+-+40.mail2$ &owe#er. PUSH TECHNOLOGY P85> #$. describes a style of (nternet.based communication where the request for a gi#en transaction originates with the publisher or central ser#er$ (t is contrasted with pull technology. or 5$!'$! 385>. the ser#er would push that information out to the user$ Synchronous conferencing and instant messaging are typical e*amples of push ser#ices$ Chat messages and files are pushed to the user as soon as they are recei#ed by the messaging ser#ice$ Both decentralised peer.>. where the request for the transmission of information originates with the recei#er or client$ 3ush ser#ices are often based on information preferences e*pressed in ad#ance$ his is called a publishGsubscribe model$ ' client might 6subscribe6 to #arious information 6channels6$ 4hene#er new content is a#ailable on one of those channels.mail clients ma)e this step seem instantaneous by repeatedly polling the mail ser#er. frequently chec)ing it for new mail$ he (0'3 protocol includes the (DBE command. the last stepOfrom mail ser#er to des)top computerOtypically uses a pull protocol li)e 3!39 or (0'3$ 0odern e.peer programs 1such as 4'S E2 and centralised programs 1such as (/C or Habber2 allow pushing files. this means the sender initiates the data transfer rather than the recipient$ Email is also a push system7 the S0 3 protocol on which it is based is a push protocol 1see 3ush e. which allows the ser#er to tell the client when new messages arri#e$ he original Blac)Berry was the first popular e*ample of push technology in a wireless conte*t$ Different push technologies are  &  & 3 ser#er push 3 streaming  Ha#a pushlet  Bong polling -$SOLUTIONS FOR BLACKBERRY DEVICES

acti#e throughout the world without relianceon power cords or wired networ) hoo)ups$ T>!$$ &"05 % here are three ways to create solutions for Blac)Berry de#ices7 +$ Create a web site to be accessed using the Blac)Berry Browser 2$ De#elop a ser#er. browser.4 " :$6 5(#$ 85(.based application that =pushes> content such as a web page and images. de#elopers ha#e created. many others$ !#ertime. or data in general. most des)top functionality will be e*perienced on theBlac)Berry de#ice. also on a remote ser#er A.Berry de#ice and. to the Blac)Berry de#ice$ 9$ 4rite a software application that operates on the Blac). such as the Blac). with the added bonus of wireless connecti#ityfor features such as email. are slow compared to traditional wired networ)s $(n order to mitigate this issue.access speed will be compromised if web pages are large.Berry de#ice.4 #>$ B-". and third. if they type .. or are creating. /(0 compresses data before transporting across the wireless networ)$ E#en then .$55(. there are two main drawbac)s$ he first is connecti#ity where users will not be able to access your web site when they are out of a wireless co#erage area$ his can occur when users are situated in networ) =dead.5ones$> he second drawbac) is the speed of the wireless networ) $ he networ)s used by wireless de#ices. calendar andphone access./esearch (n 0otionE 1/(0E2 has created se#eral of thecore solutions for the Blac)Berry de#ice./B$!!0 B!+:5$! his is by far the easiest and fastest solution to put together$ here are se#eral ad#antages to using the web to e*tend your e*isting applications7 R he time to mar)et is faster than de#eloping an application from the ground up R (t is easy to promote software changes R 0any organi5ations ha#e web de#eloping s)ills in house that are a#ailable to do this of wor) R Communicating with remote databases is fairly straightforward 'lthough de#eloping web based applications for Blac)berry de#ices can be relati#ely easy.

and con#erting outgoing content into a form suitable for the destination web ser#er and site$ here are three gateways a#ailable for Blac)Berry de#ices7 +$ 4ireless 'pplication 3rotocol 14'32 2$ Blac)Berry 0obile Data Ser#ice used in conTunction with the Blac)Berry Enterprise Ser#er software 9$ Blac)Berry (nternet Ser#iceS .rely hea#ily on graphic images. if networ) traffic is hea#y. or if networ) co#erage is spotty or wea)$ G"#$:"0 (t is only possible for a Blac)Berry de#ice to access the (nternet by ma)ing use of a gateway$ ' gateway wor)s by con#erting incoming content into a form suitable for the Blac)Berry de#ice.

ADVANTAGES OF BLACKBERRY E*"(-% Blac) Berry is a wireless e*tension of your email mailbo* and you can perform your normal email acti#ities li)e sending or recei#ing mails.$% he Blac) Berry de#ice. e#en when you are on the mo#e$ "se the clic) and scroll trac) wheel to na#igate the pages and type the urls with the D4E/ : )eyboard or you can also use the . conference calling. #iewing attachment etc without any hassles li)e dialing or connecting$ he Blac) Berry de#ice remains continuously connected to the wireless networ) enabling you to access your mail$ Iurther more you need not ha#e to retrie#e your mail$ he mail will appear on your Blac)Berry de#ice$ :ou ha#e full control of your mail as in your regular email. P>+. clarity and con#enience$ &(!$-$55 I.$#% he Blac)berry wireless de#ice enables you to browse the (nternet where#er you are.super type.#$!. blue tooth.(E$!% Blac)Berry organi5ers pro#ide you the mobile functionality regarding your dayto dayacti#ities in yourpalmitself SMS% Blac)Berry also facilitates you to send and recei#e te*t messages li)e any other .s phone constitutes all the special features of a mobile li)e call waiting. call answer. digital wal)ie.8. call forwarding etc$ Hust li)e the mobile phones. tal)ie. )eyboard featured on the Blac)Berry business phone$ T$#>$!$) M+)$*% Certain Blac) Berry de#ices are featured with more speedy wireless ser#ices li)e fast email and browsing e*periences$ he de#ice can be used as a tethered his is particularly effecti#e tra#eling$ modem that allows you not to carry the wireless 3C card$ he de#ice can become a tethered modem to connect your des)top or the laptop to the (nternet$ when you are O!4". different models of the Blac) Berry ha#e different features li)e spea)erphone. S(3 based (3 telephony etc$ he phones also feature hand free sets with headsets and pro#ide comfort.

# M$55"4(. business goals can be achie#ed with access to the corporate data e#en when you are on themo#e$ P"4(.4% he instant messaging feature in the Blac)Berry de#ice helps you to contact your instant messaging people when connected to the wireless networ)$ C+!3+!"#$ D"#" A.5#".mobiles$ I.$55% hrough the wireless connecti#ity of the Blac)Berry.4% Certain Blac)Berry models also carry paging ser#ices to Blac)Berry users who do not ha#e an email id$ ..

up to be a secure platform$ his strict adherence to security has made the platform #ery popular with go#ernments and corporations worldwide$ . and as)s with full wireless synchroni5ation$ (t is an e*ample of con#ergent de#ice$ (t uses push technology for internet ser#ices$ he Blac)Berry has been designed from the Contacts.end wireless email solution that allows access to your !utloo) (nbo*. Calendar. CONCLUSION ' Blac)Berry is an end.=.

APPENDIF BlackBerry® 7700 Series of handheld: .

REFERENCES [1] http://www.c$%/ap/&$'twa"!/ [2] (lac (!""# ) (lac (!""# * +.$.!0!l$p!" 6$7"-al& ."!l!&& Ha-.blac b!""#.2$t.c!&.3RI24 [5](lac b!""# .c!& '"$% R!&!a"ch I. S$'twa"! 1 S!"0.h!l. /!0.