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Pro(e!t) Batinah Coastal Road Project, Section 1, Phase 1 Tender No) 257/2008 C"%ent) Su re!e Co!!ittee for "o#n Planning, Sultanate of $!an Pro(e!t Mana'ement Con* "tant) Consolidated Consultants for %ngineering and %n&iron!ent Con* "tant) 'ational %ngineering Ser&ices Pa(istan and Partners ))C *'%SP+, ))CContra!tor) .a(/0ol Construction 1ndustr2 "ouris! 3 "rade Co4 1nc4



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Work Method Statement for Str !t ra" E#!a$at%on & Ba!kf%""%n' Page 1 of 16

0 7OB HA8AR 16 ANALYSIS………………………….0 CONSTRUCTION METHO ………….0 MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT………….(/.……………… Work Method Statement for Str !t ra" E#!a$at%on & Ba!kf%""%n' Page 2 of 16 ..…………………………………………….. …………………………… 5  M!"#$%!&'……………………………………….0 REFERENCES…………………..… 12 0.…………………………………….*%$#-#)"'….0 HEALTH & SAFETY. 5  C()'"$*+"%() R#. 4 5.BATINAH COASTAL ROAD PROJECT SECTION 1. …… 5 7.0 QUALITY CONTROL. 3 3. ……………………………………………….15 10.… 3 2.0 PURPOSE………………………………………………………….………………………………6  M#!'*$#-#)" M#"..…………………….0 RESPONSIBILITIES……………………………………………... 3 4....… 4 6..11 6.………………………………………… 0  S"$*+"*$!& E1+!2!"%() & B!+34%&&%)5 E1#+*"%() P&!)…...0 SCOPE………………………………………………………………….0 ABBREVATIONS…………………………………………………. PHASE 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1..………………….

%t will include removal of an# part of the existin! structure "elow !round which is re&uired for construction of the new structure.16 1+.. /+. The method of statement addresses work operation associated with structural excavation and "ackfillin!.o" -a. .-A) .ard Anal#sis %F') %ssued For 'onstruction %T/) %nspection Test /lan 0(012() 0inistr# of (e!ional 0unicipalities and 2ater (esources 34) ill of 4uantities Work Method Statement for Str !t ra" E#!a$at%on & Ba!kf%""%n' Page 5 of 16 ..+. P-RPOSE The purpose of this method statement is to define the standard work process for Structural Excavation and ackfillin! related activities. All necessar# settin! out$ tree cuttin!$ clearin! and !ru""in! will "e completed prior to performin! this operation. ABBRE0ATIONS • • • • • • • • F'() Field 'han!e (e&uest (F%) (e&uest for information *'+) *esi!n 'han!e +otice .0 INSPECTION TEST PLAN………………………………………. PHASE 1 11. SCOPE This work consists of excavation for "rid!es$ trenches$ pipelines$ ducts$ culverts$ headwalls$ cut off walls$ catch pits$ manholes$ inlets and retainin! walls and will include draina!e$ pumpin!$ sheetin! and the installation and removal of cofferdams if necessar# as well as disposal of material arisin! from the excavation$ and "ackfillin! to the level of the ori!inal !round.BATINAH COASTAL ROAD PROJECT SECTION 1.

RESPONSIBILITIES '. 7eneral Specifications$ 206 Excavation and ackfillin! For Structures Excavation and ackfillin! For Structures 3+. Tender *ocuments$ 5ol. '. PHASE 1 1+.( Ea!t%)o!&s Mana*e!+  The overall implementation of this procedure and ensurin! that the work method statement supports the construction efforts of the pro8ect. Ea!t%)o!&s S-"e!inten..  /articipatin! the dail# Start 9p and work plan sessions.ent+  /rovidin! technical support consistent with demands of the excavation and "ackfillin! schedule. '.1 S-!ve$o!s+  Stake out levels for each cross section.BATINAH COASTAL ROAD PROJECT SECTION 1. Work Method Statement for Str !t ra" E#!a$at%on & Ba!kf%""%n' Page 6 of 16 .  (eportin! ma8or defects for evaluation  /erformin! all inspection activities  (eportin! defects for evaluation and records  0aintain inspection records as part of associated packa!es '. %%6206 2.  Supervisin! and coordinatin! the manpower$ material re&uisitions$ technical compliance$ and monitorin! testin! activities associated with excavation activities./ Ea!t%)o!&s Fo!e0an+  The mana!ement and execution in accordance with the scope of works  2ork in accordance with -ealth$ Safet# and Environmental plans and procedures  Supervisin! la"or and operators on site.  %mplementin! inspections throu!h site foreman. RE2ERENCES 1.

4+. '.ed for the structural excavation and "ackfillin! activities. • • • • • • • • ulldo.3 4-a5it$ Cont!o5 Mana*e!+  'heck the works accordin! to %T/ re&uirements. PHASE 1 '.  *evelopin! and maintainin! a summar# sheet of inspection and test results for each activit# and of earthwork activit#.  2ill "e responsi"le for re&uestin! and coordinatin! inspections and tests amon! la"orator# personnel$ 4' personnel and construction personnel.  /reparin! the Earthwork %nspection and Test 0atrix.  *eterminin! fre&uencies of on!oin! test and inspections of Structural Excavation 1 akfillin! Activities.  Ensurin! review of applica"le la"orator# or field test reports for accepta"ilit# and recordin! of applica"le results on the appropriate checklist. '.  'oordinatin! the disposition and approvals thereof for documented non conformances.6 4-a5it$ Cont!o5 En*inee!+  'heckin! the works accordin! to %T/ re&uirements. MACHINER5 & E6-IPMENT The followin! "asic machiner# and e&uipment shall "e utili.BATINAH COASTAL ROAD PROJECT SECTION 1.' La2o!ato!$+  :a"orator# personnel reportin! to 4ualit# 'ontrol will "e responsi"le performin! tests and la"orator# tests and for documentin! and reportin! the results of these tests.ers 7raders Excavators :oaders *ump Trucks 2ater Trucks 5i"rator# (ollers :i!ht Towers for +i!ht Shift Work Method Statement for Str !t ra" E#!a$at%on & Ba!kf%""%n' Page 5 of 16 .  %dentif#in! the need for and coordinatin! the preparation of detailed inspection checklists.

v. .. General i. • 6. ii. The "ottom of the excavation$ trench will "e compacted to B@A of 0**.e !reater than 1 m= and other hard strata which are not possi"le to excavate without drillin! and "lastin! will "e classified as >(ock Excavation?.BATINAH COASTAL ROAD PROJECT SECTION 1. Foundation excavation shall "e made in accordance with the area of the foundations shown on the *rawin!s and shall permit placin! of the full width and len!ths of concrete show. 3verdepth excavation "elow foundin! level and overwidth excavation "e#ond the lateral limits shown on the *rawin!s shall "e "ackfilled with the same class concrete as for the foundation and will "e poured with the foundation.%n soil< or . 2hen unsuita"le material is encountered at foundin! level$ over excavation and replacement with Suita"le "ackfill material$ concrete will "e executed.%n (ock<. 3verdepth excavation "elow foundin! level "# the En!ineer. +o foundation or "lindin! concrete will "e placed prior to approval of the excavation "ottom "# the En!ineer. (ocks or "oulders of an individual si. After pilin! is completed$ loose and Work Method Statement for Str !t ra" E#!a$at%on & Ba!kf%""%n' Page 6 of 16 iii. PHASE 1 7+. %n an# individual structural excavation where more than @0 A of the total volume removed is classified as (ock$ all the excavated material will "e desi!nated as (ock for pa#ment purposes. 2here piled foundations are to "e used$ excavation for the file cap will "e completed "efore the piles are installed. (emovin! or disposin! concrete pavement$ cement sta"ili. The necessar# depth of over excavation and the suita"ilit# of the proposed "ackfill material will "e approved "# the En!ineer prior to commencement of the work. 2here rock is exposed at foundin! level the excavation will "e prepared "# trimmin! and removal of loose rock fra!ments "efore "lindin! with concrete. CONSTR-CTION METHOD 6.tion Re7-i!e0ents a.ed "ase course or concrete pavement$ of thickness more than 100 mm will also "e classified as >(ock Excavation? unless removal and disposal of such asphalt or concrete la#ers is covered under separate pa# items appearin! in the ill of 4uantities. Excavation will "e taken to the level shown on the *rawin!s. Const!. vi. *rillin! and "lastin! re&uired in an# foundation excavation will "e completed prior to placin! foundation concrete. iv.( Mate!ia5s • • • Structural Excavation will "e classified as .

.. %f trenches are du! too wide$ the pipe culvert will "e "edded in a concrete cradle. The# will "e sufficientl# lar!e to !ive eas# access to all parts of the excavation and will "e of dimensions not less than those for which pa#ment for excavation is made. Excavation and Backfilling for Culverts. b. /ipe "eddin! will "e either !raded a!!re!ate 12 mm nominal si. 7ranular material for pipe "eddin! will "e compacted to the minimum "ed thickness shown in ta"le 2.. 2here rock$ or similar material is encountered in the excavation "ottom$ it will "e removed for a depth of 1@0 mm. Selected excavated material or approved !ranular fill will then "e placed and compacted a"ove the pipe for the full trench width to not less than =00 mm finished thickness.2. PHASE 1 displaced material will "e removed$ leavin! a smooth solid "ed to receive concrete. iv. 'offerdams will "e used whenever water6"earin! !round is encountered a"ove the level of the "ottom of excavation. %n6Sit# concrete pipe culverts shall "e cast in trenches cut into previousl# constructed and compacted em"ankment from the su"!rade or from an Work Method Statement for Str !t ra" E#!a$at%on & Ba!kf%""%n' Page 7 of 16 .in* T%i &ness #i"e Dia0ete! 8009 E=00 =00 to @00 F@00 v. /ipes will "e laid so that the lower portion of each pipe is supported for its entire len!th to a depth at least e&ual to D the external diameter. Storm Sewers and Ducts i.. @0 mm less "eddin! ma# "e provided under the sockets of spi!ot and socket pipes. Exposed concrete "eddin! will "e cured for a minimum of = da#s. 9nless otherwise noted on the *rawin!s$ trenches will "e no wider than the external diameter of the pipe plus =00 mm on each side.e to Ta"le 1 of S CC2$ or concrete 'lass 12 shown on the *rawin!s.BATINAH COASTAL ROAD PROJECT SECTION 1.* 8009 1@0 200 2@0 vi. + Se)e! #i"e Be. The# will "e fitted and matched so that when laid in the trench the# form a pipeline with a smooth and uniform fall invert. iii. The extra excavation will "e "ackfilled with a properl# compacted !ranular material. Ta25e . /recast concrete and steel pipe culverts and pipe ducts will "e installed in trenches cut into previousl# constructed and compacted em"ankment either from the su"!rade or from an em"ankment hei!ht at least twice the nominal diameter of the pipe. 7ranular "eddin! material will "e placed and compacted in uniform la#ers on "oth sides simultaneousl# to @0 mm a"ove the top of the pipes. vii. ii. Mini0-0 Be.

%f earthworks pro!ress is not inte!rated with the draina!e structural work to the point where the road em"ankment dams the natural draina!e$ the En!ineer ma# order the 'ontractor to open ade&uate temporar# water structure throu!h the roadwa# at locations where draina!e structures are to "e installed. ii. I@ mm maximum 1@ A maximum 10 minumum 100 Jn minimum +o cast in place concrete structures will "e su"8ected to pressures from "ackfillin! until = da#s after expiration of the period desi!nated for removal of forms. %n addition$ "ackfill for metal pipe culverts will contain less than 1. %f specified$ the side walls of the pipe will "e increased to fill the channel width. PHASE 1 em"ankment hei!ht at least twice the nominal diameter of pipe.BATINAH COASTAL ROAD PROJECT SECTION 1. 2a &:i55 "!o"e!ties /article si../ + Se5e te.= Ta25e . 2orks will "e scheduled so that no excavation is left in an exposed condition for a period !reater than =0 da#s.@ A of com"ined chlorides and sulphates. ackfill placed around the culverts$ a"utments and piers will "e Work Method Statement for Str !t ra" E#!a$at%on & Ba!kf%""%n' Page 8 of 16 . ii. Selected "ackfill$ which will "e su"8ect to the prior approval of the En!ineer$ will consist of well !raded natural sands and !ravels$ crushed !ravel and crushed rock G"ut excludin! ar!illaceous rock t#pesH with the properties shown in Ta"le 2. %f forms are used and trench wider than specified is excavated$ "ackfill to the hei!ht of the external haunch of pipe will consist of "eddin! concrete class 12.e 0aterial passin! I@ mm sieve 9niform coefficient 10 A Fines value iii. c. d. 3verdepth excavation will "e compensated for "# increasin! the thickness of concrete "ase or as otherwise instructed "# the En!ineer. 3nl# selected !ranular materials that will produce a sta"le$ dense$ "ackfill will "e used for structures. Scheduling Excavation for Structures i. Backfilling For Structures i. The trench width will "e no !reater than the external diameter of the pipe plus =00 mm each side when external forms are elected to "e used or plus C0 mm each side when external forms are elected not to "e used. *ama!e to the roadwa# caused "# water passin! throu!h these openin!s will "e repaired. viii.

=2 in 7eneral Specifications for (oads will "e that of the net openin! of the culvert. The cross sectional area of the "ox culverts referred in clauses 206.0 m2$ "ox culvert win! walls$ head walls$ toe walls and aprons$ manholes$ pump houses and su"6stations./ Met%o. iii.ontal Work Method Statement for Str !t ra" E#!a$at%on & Ba!kf%""%n' Page 7 of 16 ii. o: Meas-!e0ent i. %f the top of the culvert extends a"ove the ori!inal !round line$ ackfill operation will continue to the top of the culvert and for a width of = m on each side of the culvert to the full width of the roadwa# em"ankment. viii. vii. v. 'atch pits$ manholes$ inlets and other structures will "e "ackfilled in accordance with methods specified in the specifications.0 m2 or less$ no measurement will "e made for excavation of a"utments$ win! walls$ headwalls$ toe walls and aprons etc$ unless the excavation is declared >in rock?. At "rid!es "ackfill will "e completed to piers and a"utments to the level of ori!inal !round or to the top elevation of an# ad8acent em"ankment if appropriate. ix. 'are will "e taken to prevent an# wed!in! action a!ainst the structure. %f the top of the culvert extends a"ove the ori!inal !round line$ "ackfill operation will continue to the top of culvert for a width of 1 K times the maximum external width of the culvert on each side of the centerline of the culvert to the full width of the roadwa# em"ankment. ackfill around retainin! walls will "e compacted to the finished level shown on the *rawin!s. For pipe culverts and "ox culverts of net openin! are of 1. vi. %n no case will an# la#er "e uniform and within the optimum moisture ran!e. At "ox culverts "ackfill will "e completed to the level of the ori!inal !round line and to the full width of the excavation area. The pa# volume of structural excavations will "e that within a plane prism "ounded "# a lower hori. For "ox culverts 1. iv. At pipe culverts and storm sewers Gincludin! metal pipe and metal arch culvertsH "ackfill will "e completed around the culvert as specified to the level of ori!inal !round line and to the full width of the excavation area.=1 1 206. PHASE 1 deposited on "oth sides to approximatel# the same elevation at the same time.ontal plane$ vertical planes and an upper hori. .BATINAH COASTAL ROAD PROJECT SECTION 1. Each la#er will "e compacted to B@A of the 0** measured accordin! to AAS-T3 T160 Gmethod *H. Slopes "oundin! the excavation will "e stepped to prevent such wed!e action. 0easurement of Structural excavation will "e limited to excavation for foundation for "rid!es$ retainin! walls$ "ox culverts or cross sectional area exceedin! 1. 0aterials will "e placed in la#ers and compacted "# means of rollers$ vi"ratin! plates or mechanical rammers.0 m2 or less$ pipe culverts$ storm sewers and ducts$ measurement of structural excavation in rock will "e made. 6.

• !iscellaneous Structures Excavation measurement for retainin! walls$ win! walls$ head walls$ toe walls and other miscellaneous minor structures will "e accordin! to the methods descri"ed for "ox culverts.0 m2H at the same location$ onl# that volume of soil which lie "etween the outer face of the existin! culvert wall and the limitin! vertical planes as descri"ed under section 206.== in 7eneral Specifications for (oads will "e measured for pa#ment.BATINAH COASTAL ROAD PROJECT SECTION 1. The upper plane will "e the mean of the existin! !round level over the plane area of the culvert floor sla"$ includin! apron sla"s and toe walls. PHASE 1 plane. • Box Culverts The lower plane will "e the underside of the "lindin! concrete and the vertical planes are planes @00 mm outside the floor sla" dimensions in plan$ includin! apron sla"s and toe walls. The vertical plane will "e the minimum excavation limits as shown on the drawin!s or =0 cm from the outer face of the culvert. • Box Culverts within Existing "oad 2here structural excavation is carried out for installin! a new "ox culvert within existin! road$ excavation "elow existin! "ituminous la#ers will "e classified as structural excavation for the len!th of that section of culvert which lie within existin! road L em"ankment. 2here there is a si!nificant chan!e in !round level over the culvert len!th$ the volume of excavation will "e calculated "# dividin! the culvert into several smaller len!ths. (emoval of existin! "ituminous la#ers will "e paid under relevant pa# items appearin! in the 34. 9nless otherwise shown on the *rawin!s$ the limitin! planes will "e defined as follows) • Bridge Foundations) The lower plane will "e the underside of the "lindin! concrete and the vertical planes are planes @00 mm outside the foundation dimensions in plan. Work Method Statement for Str !t ra" E#!a$at%on & Ba!kf%""%n' Page 10 of 16 . An# excavation "elow natural !round within %rish crossin! walls for road construction as shown on relevant drawin!s will "e classified as roadwa# excavation and measured under relevant pa# items of 'lause 20= in 7eneral Specifications for (oads. The upper plane will "e the existin! mean !round level over the plan area of the foundation at the time when fill possession of the site is !iven. • 2here structural excavation is out for replacin! an existin! "ox culvert Gwith net openin! area exceedin! 1. Excavations for toe walls "elow the !eneral level of the floor sla" will "e measured as the actual ori!inal volume of material excavated. • Excavation for %rish 'rossin! cut off walls will "e measured net$ without an# additional space alon! "oth faces of the cutoff wall. 2here the culvert is located in an em"ankment$ the upper plane will "e as descri"ed a"ove irrespective of whether or not the em"ankment has "een constructed in advance of the culvert.

vii. 3ver"urden will "e paid for as >Structural Excavation in Soil. The excavation will "e done to the formation level for the full construction width. 6.? v. The unit rate per cu"ic meter in the 34 for >Extra 3ver for Structural Excavation 9nder 2ater? will "e full compensation for sheet pilin!$ pumpin!$ dewaterin!$ materials$ e&uipment$ la"or and other items necessar# for the proper execution of the works related onl# to the presence of water in the excavation.BATINAH COASTAL ROAD PROJECT SECTION 1. Work Method Statement for Str !t ra" E#!a$at%on & Ba!kf%""%n' Page 11 of 16 . iv. The material that is excavated "# excavator will directl# loaded to the dump trucks and transported to the fill or deposit area. The prepared formation will "e in such condition that it will "e well drained all times. ii. All necessar# clearin! and !ru""in! and topsoil excavation Gwhere necessar#H will "e completed prior to the "e!innin! of the excavation.1 St!. Ba &:i55 E. vi. The distur"in! and spoilin! material and ve!etation outside of the expropriation limits will "e avoided to the extent possi"le. For further 20 cm the existin! material will "e scarified$ watered as necessar#$ mixed and compacted. v. %n a mixed soil and rock strata excavation$ when the soil la#ers are less than @0A of the total excavated thickness$ the entire volume excavated will "e paid for as >Structural Excavation in (ock?. viii. PHASE 1 iv. The excavation will start either with "ulldo. avation an. iii. 2here the percenta!e of the strata classified as >Structural Excavation in Soil? is !reater than @0 A of the total thickness "elow the stripped over"urden$ the soil and rock la#ers will "e measured separatel#.ers or excavators to!ether with the construction of the slopes. 2hen !round or tidal water is encountered durin! structural excavation$ onl# the ori!inal volume of material excavated "elow water level shall "e measured "# cu"ic meter for pa#ment under >Extra 3ver for Structural Excavation 9nder 2ater? Excavation$ "eddin!$ "ackfillin! for pipe culverts and ducts and "ox culverts of cross sectional area 1 m2 or less will not "e paid directl# "ut will "e considered as su"sidiar# work to other related items in the ill of 4uantities except for excavation in rock. The amount of completed and accepted work$ measured as provided for a"ove will "e paid for at the unit rate per cu"ic meter for Structural Excavation in Soils and Structural Excavation in (ock in the 34 which rate will "e full compensation for execution$ clearin!$ compaction of "ottom of trench$ side support$ removal of an# portion of existin! structures "elow !round necessitated "# construction of the new structure$ trimmin!$ cleanin!$ "ackfillin!$ compaction$ disposal of surplus materials and suppl#in! e&uipment$ tools$ la"or$ and other items necessar# for proper completion of the works.e -tion #5an i. The location will "e demarcated to show the limits and depths of the excavation.t-!a5 E.

vii. All slopes$ lines and !rades will "e true$ and accurate and accordin! to those on the drawin!s or otherwise directed and approved "# the En!ineer. HEALTH AND SA2ET5 Work Method Statement for Str !t ra" E#!a$at%on & Ba!kf%""%n' Page 12 of 16 . x. The material excavated "# "ulldo. The material will "e hauled to fill or waste areas. The excavation will "e performed with "ulldo. xv. %f fill material is too dr# and havin! moisture "elow its optimum content$ water trucks shall "e utili. The material$ which is tested and defined$ as unsuita"le material will directl# hauled to the disposal areas that is approved "# client and stored properl#. xiii. 8+. 'ompaction direction shall "e from lower elevations to hi!her elevations and passes shall "e performed so that drum of the roller will overlap its previous pass "# A10.ers and h#draulic excavators. /rovided that tar!et de!ree of compaction is reached$ same procedure shall "e followed for the next strip of fill. %f the weather condition is not suita"le for fill operation$ the excavation will continue as mentioned a"ove however the material will "e transported to the deposit areas defined "# the client.ed so as to attain optimum water content. xi. ix. Fill material shall "e deposited to site "# dump trucks and spread either "# a do. (ollers shall perform their last passes without vi"ration so as to attain a smooth finishin! surface. For the ad8acent fill strips$ material spreadin! process shall "e performed so that one fill strip overlaps the ad8acent one to assure sta"ilit# and uniform "ehavior of fill la#ers. PHASE 1 vi. 'onstruction of fill la#er consists of spreadin! of appropriate non6cohesive fill material "# la#ers and compaction to the re&uired level specified "# desi!n. xvi. 'ompaction of material shall "e handled usin! sin!le drum smooth6pad rollers andLor sin!le drum padded rollers. or a motor !rader so that the spread la#er will have a thickness accordin! to the t#pe of the material.ers will "e loaded to trucks "# loaders. +ext set of passes shall not "e performed unless a set of passes is completed on all lanes. xii. 3nce the re&uired num"er of passes is performed on the entire strip of the fill$ the de!ree of compaction shall "e measured at a num"er of randoml# selected points so that the num"er of test points represents the strip accuratel#. The excavators will load directl# from the excavation to the articulated dump trucks and the trucks will haul the material to the fill or waste area. The material which is tested and defined as suita"le material however not proper for fill operations due to water content or climate conditions will "e loaded$ hauled and stored in the deposits area.BATINAH COASTAL ROAD PROJECT SECTION 1. viii. %n the case that fill material has a moisture content a"ove optimum$ material shall either "e ripped and aerated or "e waited until excess water self6drains or evaporates till optimum water content.

A ke# feature of this is our dedication to the philosoph# of . Each person on the pro8ect is considered a stakeholder in this -SE commitment. %+'. This standard shall "e communicated to all those persons involved in this pro8ect$ irrespective of nationalit# or lan!ua!e. %+'. %+'. The participation of the total pro8ect team$ includin! mana!ers$ supervisors$ emplo#ees$ and su"6contractors in the -SE /lan are the critical success factor for the pro8ect. -SE /olic# StatementH. Additionall#$ ever# two weeks the 0AJ6 M3: '3. %+'. work scope will "e mana!ed in line with 0AJ6M3: '3. The next level is the -SE 0anual GproceduresH that specifies our safe s#stems of work. Safet# /ro!ram will consist at a minimum of the followin!) • 0ana!ement commitment in writin! Grefer to 7eneral 0ana!er?s 0AJ6M3: '3. PHASE 1 0AJ6M3: '3. 0AJ6M3: '3. %+'. Safet# :ine +ewsletter Work Method Statement for Str !t ra" E#!a$at%on & Ba!kf%""%n' Page 15 of 16 . 2e achieve this "# adoptin! a Nero Accident philosoph#$ "# ensurin! the health and welfare of our workforce$ and "# insurin! that the care for the environment receives the hi!hest priorit#.ard Anal#ses G. %+'. This is accomplished and controlled "# deplo#in! our >-SE is not an optional extraO?? concept as the pro8ect culture..ero accident< which will "e linked to the compan#?s . 0ana!ement "elieves that all accidents are preventa"le. The foundation$ which is fundamental$ is 0ana!ement 'ommitment. The commitment made is that -SE has e&ual priorit# with an# other aspect of our "usiness. This is detailed in the polic# statement overleaf$ which is si!ned "# the 0AJ6M3: '3. This value "ased approach ali!ns with 'ompan#?s -SE perception and 0AJ6M3: '3.o" -a. %+'. %+'. %+'. The fourth level in the -SE mana!ement s#stem p#ramid consists of . will strive to meet and exceed the client?s expectations "# providin! a proactive$ dedicated mana!ement structure and leadership in all aspects of -SE 0ana!ement. 'onstruction 0ana!er write a column in the 0AJ6M3: '3. 7eneral 0ana!er.-AH where work6packa!e or task "ased upfront activities is the "asis for dail# site activities. %+'. Finall#$ the pinnacle of the p#ramid is %nnovation. # this$ all 0AJ6M3: '3. 7eneral 0ana!er and the 0AJ6M3: '3. A pro8ect specific construction risk assessment and procedures that are tailored to "e directl# relevant to the work to "e performed comprise the third level. %+'.?s -SE 0ana!ement s#stem$ which can "e viewed as a p#ramid that has five la#ersP The -SE mana!ement s#stems p#ramid is "uilt from !eneric to specific.%ncident and in8ur# free< philosoph#. shall appl# the same approach to our su"6contractors so that the# adopt and implement similar values. The 0AJ6M3: '3. emplo#ees and su"6contractors shall conduct themselves and execute their work in a safe and health# manner and esta"lish the same approach for the protection of the client propert#$ as well as the natural environment.BATINAH COASTAL ROAD PROJECT SECTION 1.

PHASE 1 that focuses on ke# safet# issues of the da#. 2ork /ermit courses will "e held in addition to the client trainin! pro!rams to emphasi. At no time durin! the life of this pro8ect will cost or schedule concerns supersede -SE priorities. Strive for continual improvement. mana!ement representatives and action on an# noted discrepancies will "e acted upon Work Method Statement for Str !t ra" E#!a$at%on & Ba!kf%""%n' Page 16 of 16 • • • • • • • • . safet# orientation and trainin! prior to startin! to work. "elieves that excellent -SE performance should "e a core value of an# 2orld 'lass 'ompan#.BATINAH COASTAL ROAD PROJECT SECTION 1. %+'. (emove "arriers that cause incidents and accidents. (esources Gmone#$ human and hardwareH will "e dedicated and provided to this pro8ect in support of the -SE mana!ement s#stems. /ositive$ reinforced feed"ack and reco!nition for the correct "ehaviors will "e hi!hli!hted and reco!ni. %+'.e and enhance the understandin! and the value of the use of work permits as an inte!ral part of the pro8ect safet# pro!ram. %+'. will continue to dedicate skilled resources to this pro8ect enhancement.ed. Safet# Task Anal#sis will "e prepared and updated as re&uired and used as "asis for dail# work talks and in the execution of dail# 8o" performance. Safet# in execution will "e the num"er 1 priorit# on this pro8ect. has alread# committed resources for trainin! and has o"tained approval to conduct in6house trainin! for specific pro!rams. %t will "e used as an ad8unct to the dail# tool"ox talks. 0AJ6M3: '3. %+'. Each foreman and lead hand will keep on his person a cop# of the STA for his assi!ned tasks. firml# re&uires that line mana!ers accept accounta"ilit# for safet# and this philosoph# and extends throu!h the pro8ect. %+'. A pro!ram of dail# o"servations$ weekl# and monthl# site inspections and re!ular audits will "e implemented with 0AJ6M3: '3. -SE pro!ram on the pro8ect will "e led "# Site 0ana!er and supported "# Site -SE 0ana!er. %+'. 2eekl# site meetin!s with supervisors and workers will "e the focus on two6wa# communication and will hi!hli!ht potential road"locks to . 2hilst measurin! reactive indicators is an essential element in an# -SE /ro!ram the main focus proposed "# 0AJ6M3: '3.?s mana!ement commitment. 0AJ6M3: '3.%ncident and %n8ur# Free< workplace. All personnel will successfull# complete all re&uired 'ompan# trainin! re&uirements and will receive an additional two hours of 0AJ6M3: '3. This is in addition to the construction risk assessment and will "e a ke# focus for leadership on the 8o" site. Extensive 2(/ Gwork responsi"le personH trainin! will "e deplo#ed to enhance the &ualit# of the first line site supervision. -ands6on leadership "# visits to field sites and "# speakin! at scheduled safet# meetin!s on commitment to safet#$ health and well "ein! of the workers on this /ro8ect are also ke# to the 0AJ6M3: '3. 0AJ6M3: '3.Nero Accidents< and . %+'. is on esta"lishin! and measurin! a ran!e of proactive Je# /erformance %ndicators GJ/%?sH that will "e implemented "# the pro8ect team$ in order to achieve an %ncident and %n8ur# Free environment. %+'. 0AJ6M3: '3.

6-ALIT5 CONTROL < accordin! to %T/ re&uirements • Earthwork inspection and testin! criteria has "een esta"lished in the reference technical specifications. ehavioral ased Safet# will "e emplo#ed and will "e extensivel# covered in all trainin! and safet# sessions. An# incidents and near misses will "e reported promptl# and rapidl# investi!ated to determine root cause and to identif# an# deficiencies in procedures or execution plans. Specific inspections$ field tests and la"orator# tests with testin! criteria shall "e identified "# listin! and descri"in! on the Earthwork %nspection and Testin! 0atrix. PHASE 1 promptl#. The 0atrix checklist shall specif# the re&uired inspectionsLtests$ provide reference to the test method$ and indicate scheduled tests and inspection test result. Work Method Statement for Str !t ra" E#!a$at%on & Ba!kf%""%n' Page 15 of 16 • • • • • • 9+. Safe tools and safe e&uipment will "e utili. %nspections identified on the matrix are performed "# 4ualit# 'ontrol %nspectors with direction provided "# the 4' En!ineer. (esults are pu"lished and used as a part of the weekl# -SE "riefin! to inform the workforce of !ood and poor points. :a"orator# testin! shall "e performed in accordance with approved la"orator# procedures and appropriate standard or code of practice.ed on this! additional copies. Safe 2ork 3"servations Teams will "e initiated within the pro8ect work force. Tests shall "e performed in accordance with the specifications$ when necessar# "# detailed field or la"orator# procedures. 2eekl# -SE inspections results will "e used the next mornin! as the "asis for weekl# -SE meetin!s. This includes dail# safet# checklists for all trucks and heav# e&uipment. All e&uipment and hand6tools shall "e inspected$ checked$ and recorded. *ata will "e collected and reviewed dail#. *ail# Tool"ox Talks and weekl# -SE meetin!s will "e a normal part of the pro8ect work activit#.BATINAH COASTAL ROAD PROJECT SECTION 1. Additional inspection items of detailed routine earthwork activities performed "# construction ma# "e added to the check list at the discretion of the 4' En!ineer utili. Tests and inspections shall "e performed as outlined on attached partiall# completed checklists and as directed andLor expanded "# the 4' En!ineer. • • • • . Su"contractors -SE /erformance will "e reviewed and assessed re!ularl#. Each emplo#ee will "e "riefed on the results and the findin!s will "e openl# discussed. This pro!ram is a further expansion of the ehavioral ased Safet# /ro!ram. The focus of this pro!ram is to insure that all personnel understand the conse&uences of satisfactor# and unsatisfactor# "ehavior on this pro8ect. %tems re&uirin! color6codin! will "e properl# documented.

The deficient condition and su"se&uent verification of resolution shall "e recorded on the applica"le %nspection and Testin! 0atrix form. The result of the Earthworks Tests shall "e availa"le for use "# the 'lient. +on6conformance shall "e resolved in accordance the specifications.+.e. Su"se&uent testin! and inspection fre&uencies shall "e in accordance with re&uirements of applica"le Standard?s and Specifications as directed "# the 4' En!ineer. All Test (ecords for construction &ualit# control shall include the location of the test$ elevation and source of material. (elated la"orator# and field tests shall "e performed in accordance with existin! or speciall# created$ approved la"orator# procedures. +on6 conformance prior to 4ualit# 'ontrol acceptance of material and Earthwork activities. out6of6spec. 11+. These tests and inspections shall "e outlined on checklists prepared and processed in accordance with this procedure. densit# tests or lift thickness inspection resultsH need not "e recorded on a formal +on6conformance (eport$ "ut the condition shall "e corrected and re6 testLinspection results shall "e satisfactor# "efore on!oin! work is allowed. JOB HA:ARD ANAL5SIS INSPECTION TEST PLAN • • • • • • • • • 1. %nspection shall "e recorded and reported usin! a standard inspection report and inspection checklist Gwhen applica"leH to the Site 4' 0ana!er. Work Method Statement for Str !t ra" E#!a$at%on & Ba!kf%""%n' Page 16 of 16 . The summar# sheets shall "e supplied to the 'lient on a monthl# "asis and shall "e accompanied "# a summar# of the actual results so that statistical anal#sis ma# "e carried out. *eficient conditions noted durin! in6process work Gi. 4ualit# 'ontrol %nspector shall monitor Earthwork activities to assure that "oth the material and Earthwork methods are accepta"le.BATINAH COASTAL ROAD PROJECT SECTION 1. PHASE 1 • Additional earthwork or related material inspectionsLtests ma# "e developed "# the 4' En!ineer "ased on new or revised specification re&uirements or as directed "# the 4' 0ana!er. The tests or inspection reports for resolution shall "e referenced to the failed reports. Acceptance or re8ection shall "e noted on the applica"le checklist. Tests data and results shall "e recorded and reported on appropriate test reports to the Site 4' 0ana!er.