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Grand Canyon Tours from Las Vegas: Deciding to Visit the West Rim or the South Rim

By Keith Kravitz © 2011 |

Deciding on whether to visit the Skywalk or Grand Canyon National Park while staying in Vegas? That's a tough one. Both attractions are worth the tri . !owever" there are a #ew logistical and $udgetary di##erences $etween the two that can hel solve the dile%%a #or you. &or your consideration' Trip Duration The one(way drive ti%e $y $us #ro% Vegas to Grand Canyon )est is *.+ hours and +.+ hours to the South ,i%. Both tri s take a #ull day. )est ,i% $us tours will have you $ack on The Stri $y -. .%. while South ,i% $us tours will get you $ack to your resort(hotel $y . .%. How Far s t! The driving distance #ro% /as Vegas to the )est ,i% is 0*1 %iles and *2. %iles to the South ,i%. Both are #ull($lown road tri s. &ortunately" today's %otor coach has all the

i% is you are looking #or thrills and attractions. !igh(end dining 4and cocktails5 can $e had at 9l Tovar !otel. &ine art can $e urchased on the <$otto%< #loor o# =ol$ Studio. ensive side5. So%e include a hoto sto at !oover Da%. !ere are s eci#ics' South im ( View Points The National Park is loaded with #a%ous lookouts like 3ather Point" 6aki Point" !er%it's . 3aswick /odge o##ers ca#eteria style. The gi#t sho at Bright 8ngel /odge" Verka% 's" and /ookout Studio are ideal #or souvenirs. 3ost tours include lots o# rest sto s where you can get o## the $us and stretch your legs.i% i# you are looking #or s ectacular scenery.i%. !o i !ouse s eciali:es in Native 8%erican cra#ts 4can $e on the e. Visit the South .estaurant. ( Dining Plenty o# casual dining here. Go to the )est . Near 3ather Ca% ground is a su er%arket with deli" #ried #oods" and i::a.a%enities" including lush seats and a clean $athroo%. Gi#t Sho s There are %e%entos #or everyone. The in#rastructure 4dining" lodging" a%enities5 is %ore develo ed at South . 3y #avorite is the restaurant in the Bright 8ngel /odge" which serves u huge ortions o# a##orda$ly riced ho%e(cooked #ood. Things to do !ere's where the ri%s di##er. .est" 6ava ai 7$servation Station" and %ore. There is a s%all snack $ar $ehind the /odge .

degrees.i%" so antici ate cooler te% eratures. ( /ookouts 9agle Point is the rinci al lookout #or the )est .degrees. 8verage low' @. 7ct.degrees.' 8verage high te% erature' 0>+ degrees.tre%e weather conditions. !ere are annual te% s $y ri%' #$a"" Bridge/!e"t im 9levation is @"2>> #eet.iver. That said" $oth ri%s are ho%e to e. ( 3arch avg. 3ore than 0 %illion eo le have <walked the sky< since the $ridge o ened in *>>2. South im 9levation is -">>> #eet.i%" elevation 2">>> #eet" is 0"+>> #eet higher than the )est . /odging is availa$le #or overnight stays. Bus tours include a delicious BBB lunch re ared $y the !uala ai.degrees. Culy ( Se t. ( !uala ai . !elico ter #lights take visitors to $otto% o# the Canyon. Can. So #ar" there's a souvenir sho .!e"t im ( The Glass )alkway /as Vegas' %ost o ular outdoor attraction is the Glass Bridge. low' 2. high' 2> degrees. Be warned ( There's no guardrail.tends 2> #eet over the Canyon" wherein you're sus ended @">>> #eet a$ove the Colorado . ( Dec. ?nside" the #acility is nicely su lied with souvenirs and snacks. low' -+ degrees. ?t's a terri#ic structure' 3ade o# s ecial glass" it e. 8verage low' @D degrees. 8vg. The Weather The South .' 8verage high te% erature' 2. 8 ril ( Cune' 8verage high te% erature' . 8vg.i% is a work in rogress.anch ?ncludes a realistic western town with live gun#ights. !orse riding and river ra#ting starts here. . Stunning views are to $e had.estaurants The )est .. There's also an ?ndian Village where that includes tee ees" native ho%es" and an outdoor a% hitheater where the !uala ai share their culture through dance and singing er#or%ances. ( Souvenir Sho sA.i%.

How $uch Does t Cost! Grand Canyon )est ri% e.i% tours at G1>.+ #or adults and G**. ?t really co%es down to how %uch ti%e you have and your $udget. South .i% and wear ants" shoes and a Eacket 4it's not unco%%on to see eo le in shortsF5. Tickets to the Grand Canyon Skywalk cost G*.. 8verage low' D. Culy ( Se t.@. ( 3arch 8verage high te% erature' @+ degrees. 8verage low' *0 degrees. Count on winter snow at the South . high te% . During the su%%er %ake sure to $ring sunscreen and lenty o# water in order to stay hydrated.' 8verage high te% erature' +* degrees.' 8vg. Let%s Go& )hich ri% is #or you? The South .Can. degrees...' 1* degrees. ( Dec.. Both are stunningly $eauti#ul and o##er lenty o# things to do. ?# you evaluate a ri% tri $ased on these two criteria" ? assure you that you will #ind the Grand Canyon tour that $est %eets your needs.cursions start at G. Tour rices are all(inclusive and co%e with all entrance #ees" lunch" and guide.i% or the )est . 8vg. Travel writer =eith =ravit: reviews $us" helico ter" and air lane tours to the Grand Canyon.. 8 ril ( Cune' 8vg.+ #or kids. low' *2 degrees. Book online #or the a$solute $est rice. What to Wear " What to #ring )ar% layers in the winter %onths and wind(resistant" cool clothing during the war% %onths..' -. Hse this link #or his $est Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas. 8verage low' +* degrees.i%? !%%%. degrees. 7ct. . high te% .