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ELEN 3293 – Fundamentals of Material Science and Engineering GUIDE QUESTIONS Lesson No. 4: Ceramic Materials 1.

Explain why ceramics typically are processed as powders. How is it similar to or different from the processing of metals? 2. Plastic deformation due to dislocation motion is important in metals; however, this is not a very important consideration for the properties of ceramics and glasses. Explain. 3. Can ceramic materials show superplastic behavior or are they always brittle? 4. What mechanisms of diffusion play the most important role in the solid-state sintering of ceramics? 5. What do the terms ‘apparent porosity’ and ‘true porosity’ of ceramics mean? 6. Can glasses be formed using metallic materials? 7. What does the term ‘glass transition temperature’ mean? Is this fixed temperature for a given composition of glass? 8. What are the advantages of using glass-ceramics as compared to either glasses or ceramics? 9. What are the advantages of sol-gel coatings over other ceramic coatings? 10. Is there a ceramic material in processed milk?