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Lesson 19 - The Star

The symbol of the star is mentioned in all mystic schools, reaching far back to the beginning of time. It influences our lives as well as the whole cosmos.

We do not intend to go into astrology, there is much written on it for those interested. However, we do indicate, as shown from Spirit, that there are Guardian Deities and Planetary Lords. We are under the direct influence of our zodiacal sign that we entered the realms of Earth with and there is a Lord of the Ray or Sign under which we are born. Until each veil is torn apart we cannot confront this Great Being, but once the final veil is lifted then we may be ushered into His presence.

The primitive man recognised the stars, grouped them into patterns and knew of the deities ruling these Rays. But then humanity became clever and forgot about truth, evolved scientific data, but forgot the deep esoteric truths that lay behind the form.

From time immemorial man worshipped facing the East, noting the grouping of the stars before sunrise and again in the evening, facing West, again noting the formation of the stars.

Most stars of habitable zones have around them water and gas, which can be held in as atmosphere and radiation can be received in warming wavelengths. Astronomers do not doubt that life must have evolved around millions of the 100,000 million stars in the Milky Way.

There are planets of certain stars that harbour life in the form of a more highly evolved species than we know today.

The Chinese and Indians have the belief that the direct influence of stars on human affairs and determination of stars of quality of human fate and appropriateness of human action, where it is said that the bestowing power of Heaven, that is, Heaven's power to bestow Grace or disgrace on human affairs, is distributed among all the stars. If a person is to be great, he or she will be great. If to be common, he or she will be common - and so on.

The heavenly bodies emit electro-magnetic radiation. As you evolve spiritually, take note of the words, electricity, magnetic and radiation. Your body will change, the electro-magnetic radiation will be felt and in turn you also will emit this naturally, though on a much smaller scale.

passing through their own particular cycle. As the stars are a force field of pure energy. stars live and die. The Stars and Man/Woman are connected with each other by identical chemical radiations. There is a remarkable analogy in the double meaning of the word Spirit. Then they divided and became as many as the grains of sand. ALL ARE REPLACED. The stars look down from the region of purity and stillness on the world of man and they influence the fortunes of man. WE ARE THE MICROCOSM OF THE ABSOLUTE.10: 'The Lord your God hath multiplied you and behold ye are this day as the stars of heaven for multitude. All stars shine by their own light. and that of the Chinese word "sing" (star). A man or woman is the smallest complete Cosmos in the Universe. Some evolve as twins. SO BELOW. AS ABOVE. some singly. From the high planes (skies) come vibrations. Deuteronomy 1. We can be a strong force field or a weak one. so are we a force field of pure energy. WE ALSO SHINE BY OUR OWN LIGHT. depending on our ability to withstand the power. wisdom. It is told by the ancients that God made souls equal in number to the stars and assigned each soul to a star. love and knowledge of the Self. we have all nature and all elements. They were regarded as having divine attributes. powerfully influencing their development.WE ARE A FORCE FIELD OF PURE RADIANT ENERGY. Man/Woman and energy are inter-related." . others shrivel or burn. Stars and energy are inter-related. Within us. each growing in definite stages. Fixed stars are the essence or soul of matter. the sublimated essence of matter is denominated a star. A living soul. Like cells. We contain the substance of the Solar System and the energies of the Stellar World. These stars and essences became Gods. meaning soul and essence. In Greek and Japanese legends the star Gods are mentioned as Divine Spirits within the souls of humanity.

but it is not impossible that all humanity will eventually identify and become the perfect race. This takes the shape of man.” The ancient knowledge of the East is signified by the symbol of Asia with the five-pointed star.2.3. intuitional and spiritual. Nah: 3. 8. 37. 1 Co: Heb: Into being then . 1 Ch: 27.We list for your further study of this subject the following verses in the Western Bible as this Holy Book is more readily available than the Eastern Holy Books. Job: 12. 6.3. Jer: 31.41. 24. But all contain similar knowledge.10.25. 10.7. Gen: 1. We come to an important symbolic sign. standing firmly and squarely on two legs. Rev: 1. Joel: 2. Judge: 5. He has then fulfilled himself and has become perfect. 4.13.22. Luke: 21. Dan: 8.16. with arms stretched out. Isa: 13. Amos: 5. he becomes the perfect man.3.4.16. Master of Himself and the five worlds and planes in which he has his being.10. physical. mental.5.4. 22. 136.1. Psalms: 8. in all his glory.26.10.25. 12. 2. 147. 2. 22.12 FIVE-POINTED STAR. Mark: 2. 28. 1. 9. Obod: 4.1. 3.4: 148. the five-pointed star. Eccl: 12. “the teacher. 14.3. We were given this symbol from Spirit for our Order and also the name of the Order. 12. the Adept. 8.23. 27. When all these parts of his nature are perfectly developed as far as is possible in a human state of existence. Numb: 24. Matt: 2.16.17. 3. 38. 9. 15.7. Deut: 1. 9.9. 22. 25. to educate.11.20.13. 2.1. 8.20. Neh: 4.1. The five pointed star in Egyptian Hieroglyphics signifies rising upward toward the point of origin and forms part of the words “to bring up”. Acts: 7. 26.23.5. Exod: 32.15. Identification with the five-pointed star is possible only for the chosen few. 2. Man is a five-fold being. This is the perfect man.9.12. emotional.

but what a wonderful Master to work with. The right thing at the right time. the most giving. Truly the ways of Spirit are strange. SPACE INFINITE SILENCE TIMELESS THE ABSOLUTE . The right work to be done at the right time. trust and obey our Heavenly Master. and the most lenient.came the Star of Asia Teaching Order. The right knowledge for the right person. Who would want to work for anyone. All truths unfold in a given time. providing we wait. but also the most loving. but the highest? God is the hardest taskmaster. undergoing registration as a charity to be used to further the ancient wisdom and help the planet and humanity to evolve to a higher state of being.