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My Top 10 Raw Food Breakfast Recipes

Quick and Easy
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Oatmeal; Vanilla Coconut yogurt; Fresh Fruit Smoothie; Banana Pancakes; Fresh Carrot Juice; Green Juice; Young Coconut ater; Granola; !""le !#ocado $ousse; Fresh %ruit or %ruit salad&

- Raw Food Breakfast Oat Meal
Ser#es '

' a""les ( )anana ( ta)les"oon golden %la* seed ' teas"oons cinnamon Pure +ater

Put the %la* seeds in the "uri%ied +ater and let sit o#ernight& Peel the a""les and cut them in smaller "arts ,%or the )lender-& Peel the )anana en )reak in "arts& .inse the %la* seeds& Put all ingredients in a )lender& /his can )e a hand )lender or high s"eed )lender such as Vitami*& !dd (01 cu" +ater2 3ust enough to let the mi*ture )lend +ell& Blend all ingredients until smooth& You may +ant to add a little more +ater i% it4s too thick&


nuts and raisins& You can "re"are this reci"e the night )e%ore .)ut "ut the )anana in there in the morning-& Es"ecially +ith nuts and dried %ruits in it2 it +ill only taste )etter5 /his is my daughter4s %a#orite )reak%ast& She has )een eating this %or more than three years almost e#ery morning& 6 like this )reak%ast )ecause it has healthy ingredients that are easy to get7 es"ecially2 the %i)er2 good %ats and "rotein o% the %la* seeds& to s+eeten& .Raw Food Breakfast Hemp Berry !moot"ie Ser#es ' Ingredients ( ' ( ( )anana ta)les"oons hulled hem" seed )ag o% %ro8en )erries cu" "ure +ater Directions Put all ingredients in a high s"eed )lender& !dd enough +ater so that all ingredients are co#ered& Blend +ell& You may +ant to add a little more +ater i% it4s too thick& You may )lend longer i% you %ind it too cold& Tip /his is such a yummy and easy )reak%ast reci"e& /his is the other )reak%ast my daughter lo#es2 )ut +e drink this %or lunch too& /he hem" seeds "ro#ide good %ats and su"er "rotein& 9em" seeds are the only seeds that ha#e no en8yme inhi)itor and there%ore don4t ha#e to )e soaked in +ater )e%ore eating& 6% the )erries are sour2 you may add a %e+ dro"s o% .You make make this reci"e e#en )etter )y re"lacing the +ater +ith almond cream or %resh 3uice& You may also add a ta)les"oon o% hem" seeds& $y daughter likes to add .

.Raw Food Breakfast #arrot $%ice Ser#es ( Ingredients ' "ounds carrots (0' lemon Directions ash the lemon and cut most o% the "eel o%%& Juice the lemon and the carrots& .Raw Food Breakfast &o%ng #ocon%t 'ater Ser#es ( Ingredients ( young coconut Directions O"en the coconut +ith a clea#er& /alking a)out easy2 :uick and healthy5 .eady5 Tip Personally2 6 like to scra"e the carrots2 )ecause 6 don4t like the earthy taste +hen 6 don4t& 6% 6 take this 3uice %or )reak%ast2 6 %eel so good the rest o% the day& 6t gi#es me instant energy& 6 also like to 3uice a)out a (0' )unch green lea%y #egeta)les +ith the carrots %or e*tra alkali8ing minerals& Carrot greens2 kale or lettuce are a good choice& !""les2 celery and %ennel also go +ell +ith carrot 3uice& 6% you4re a )eginner2 start to add only one or t+o lea%s o% greens to make sure you still like it& Greens are an ac:uired taste and it may take some time %or you to get use to& .

Raw Food Breakfast (reen Drink Ser#es ( Ingredients ( scoo" green "o+der (< ounce "ure +ater Directions !dd one scoo" to the +ater and mi*& .Tip You may "our the +ater in the 3ar o% a high s"eed )lender and some or all o% the milk& Blend and you get yoursel% coconut milk& You can also "our some o% the milk into ice cu)es .eady5 Tip You can "ut this in a +ater )ottle and take +ith you& 6% you don4t like the taste o% the green "o+der2 you may add some lemon 3uice or add to another 3uice& .Raw Food Breakfast Banana )ancakes Ser#es ( Ingredients ( )anana ' ta)les"oons coconut meal or dried coconut %lakes cinnamon Directions . and +hene#er you make a smoothie you can add some coconut milk ice cu)e %or an e#en more delicious smoothie& Es"ecially :uick %or )reak%ast& . it %ree8es really easily .

Raw Food Breakfast *anilla yog%rt Ser#es ( Ingredients .see reci"e )elo+-2 almond milk or a""le a#ocado mouse& !nother yummy )reak%ast reci"e& .a+ Granola Vanilla yogurt Directions 6n the >S you can )uy ra+ granola at most health %ood stores& You may eat this +ith #anilla yogurt .Raw Food Breakfast (ranola Ser#es ( Ingredients .$ash the )anana +ith a %ork in a )o+l until #ery smooth& !dd the coconut meal and some cinnamon to taste& $i* +ell& Flatten the )anana0coconut dough and make small "ancakes o% them =ea#e out in direct sunlight %or a)out ( hour2 %li" o#er and lea#e %or another hour& You may also use the dehydrator or o#en& But then it +ill take longer to dry them& /hey don4t ha#e to )e dry2 3ust on the outsides& /hey4re so good any+ay that they4re usually gone )e%ore 6 +ant to ser#e them& Tip 6% you make them the night )e%ore2 you can take them to go %or )reak%ast in the morning& .

ocado Mo%sse Ser#es ' Ingredients ( a#ocado ' a""les (01 cu" "uri%ied +ater Directions Peal the a""les and take out the core& /ake the a#ocado meat out o% the a#ocado& Put the t+o ingredients in a )o+l& $i* +ell +ith a hand mi*er& Tip /his is another #ery sim"le ra+ %ood reci"e2 that 6 eat almost daily .Raw Food Breakfast +pple +. or you can add a %ruit o% your choice& /hink o% "each2 stra+)erries2 mango or "ear& So good5 ! %antastic re"lacer o% yogurt made %rom dairy& 6t4s delicious as a yogurt desert2 %or )reak%ast +ith granola or you can "ut in in your ice maker machine and you get delicious ice cream& .(0' cu" coconut +ater ( cu" coconut meat (0' teas"oon #anilla e*tract Directions O"en the coconut +ith a clea#er& Pour the coconut +ater in the 3ar o% a high s"eed )lender and some or all o% the milk& Blend +ell& You should get the consistency o% yogurt& Tip You can drink it as is . a %a#orite o% my ( year old )a)y )oy .