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To Whomsoever It May Concern

I have known Sai Srinath since 2010 when I taught him ‘Computer Programming and Problem Solving’. The most interesting aspect about him was that even though he had a fairly reasonable idea of the subject to begin with, he did not limit himself to the syllabus nor what was taught in the classroom. He would always strive for knowledge which he believed would help him at some point of time in the future. He is a quick learner and possesses exceptional coding abilities. I have seen very few who can code so well in my tenure as Professor in this university. He would always take up tougher problems and try to solve them. His enjoyment in learning the subject and coding was very evident.I have always enjoyed teaching him. I would definitely rate him among the top 5 percentile of my class. When he came to me earlier this year and informed me about his decision to pursue a masters program in Computer Science, I knew instantly that he had made the right choice.I am also his mentor and guide for his final year project on ‘Data Mining and Warehousing’ which he will pursue in his final semester at the university.His interest in taking such a subject and pursuing an interdisciplinary undergraduate project is rare and shows his enthusiasm and determination.I have full confidence in his working ability and his work ethics.

He is also very active in student body activities and is an active member of various student chapters such as the English Literary Association and the Quiz Club apart from playing soccer actively for the university. He has also attended various workshops held in the university such as Web Designing and Sound Mixing to name a few. His knowledge is not limited just to a few academic fields but goes beyond the boundaries of the classroom and he is a very versatile individual. I feel Sai Srinath is a suitable candidate and would strongly recommend him for the program. I look forward to seeing him as a part of your esteemed institute. Sincerely Prof.Ramani S