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Ethonal Generation Plant Using Sweet Swargam.


Alcohol generation using sweet swargam is an interesting topic in today’s research world. Because alcohol is used in many types of product in pharmaceutical industries. Many methods are adopted for alcohol generation. In distillery plants alcohol is generated from molasis which is a by-product of sugar cane in sugar industries. Alcohol generation from sweet swargam is our project. Sweet swargam is a new variety of swargam. or achieving the result of this project! the sweet swargam juice is to be fermented and distilled. "hus we are to mi# the yeast as the fermentation agent $ the fermentation process re%uired &' hours. After fermentation the solution is distilled in a distillation plant. At ())degree * (+,degree -elsius the steam is generated from the boiling solution. "his distillate will be the alcohol product.

The block diagram of alcohol generation can be given below:
4east ./ 0elay "imer 2 3 M 2 / " . 3 0istillation -olumn -ondenser Bloc5 0istillation Alcohol

Sweet swrgam 1uice

6t-()) Sensor

.n 0elay "imer

Signal -onditioning

Analog -omparator


./. "emp sensor 8 6"-()) tan5 for fermentation. "his li%uid will be alcohol. .The block diagram consist of the actual lant consist of different tanks.. of steam is sensed. !orking rinci le:"he sweet swargam juice and the yeast are allowed to mi# in appropriate proportion and the mi#ture is 5ept for &' hours. "he reference setting will be done at (+. 7eater 8 (!))). Initially the temp. . ..f the fermented product is near to the ambient temp. 3ange 8 ) to ())degree -elsius the steam will be coming out from the distillation column.. 3elay 8 (+9!(')2!(-:.0istillation column pot. "he heater will be .)9 A-. . At (+. or distillation column temperature controller is tan5 for strong of swargam juice. . After &' hours the fermentation ta5es tan5 for yeast. Basic product 8 sweet swargam juice.-ondenser * pot. It controls the temperature of the solution in the distillation column. inal product 8 alcohol. "imer 8 . "he temp./-delay timers are used! for mi#ing time of the sweet swargam juice and the yeast./. In addition! the temperature control circuit and . . of the juice will go on increasing.. "he steam is then condensed in the condenser to convert it into li%uid. the temp. . "his solution is then allowed to pass in the distillation column. Technical s ecification:Supply 8 +./ delay timer! -elsius.0istillate collector. "emperature controller is .