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Barudan BESR User Manual



Control Panel Keys • • • • • • • • • • • • PRODUCT: Shows stitch counter. Is reset by pressing + and - simultaneously. FUNC: Edits function codes of a design in memory. + AND - KE S: To increment or decrement parameters. TEAC!"#: To program the color change sequence. TS: cti!ates thread trimming at color change or stop codes. Toggles on and off. SCA$E: "esi#ing of the design. $se the % and & 'eys. ROTATION: "otation of the design. $se the % and & 'eys. MIRROR: (uic' mirror of the design. Toggles on or off. TAPE: To bypass memory and sew one stitch at a time from tape. NE%: To store a design in memory. ADD: To add to a design in memory. & KE : To delete a design.

E mode. $se the %. MENU KE * (MIDD$E): To change the tape code. Press MENU KE * on the upper middle until the menu says U.& 'eys and the O KE to configure machine.hold down to de&acti!ate.n $oadin. $oad a ne. ). MENU KE + (RI#!T): To rotate design by )* degrees. 8. /ar switch and button 0under table1 • BAR S%ITC! $EFT: Pull bar to the left to stop sewing. Parameter setting • PARAMETERS: +old down the O KE for one second to enter parameter settings. 6. Press the NE% 'ey.n in 0e0or4 .desi. Press to acti!ate. The download will start. Press the DRI. 2inished9 Select a desi.E: cti!ates and de&acti!ates DRI. MENU KE ' ($EFT): To change the current design number. ORI#IN: +old down shortly to cause frame to see' origin point of design. F$OAT: . DRI. • BAR S%ITC! RI#!T: Pull bar to the right to start sewing.then hold down DRI. 2rame mo!e • ARRO% KE S: To manually mo!e the pantograph. /ro0 t1e Ta2e Reader or USB Reader3 3. /e sure you are not in DRI.E mode.hen toggled on the design will mo!e through the design without sewing.E until stops beeping.• • • • • • • • SET: To accept a parameter. If the 4"I5E light is on. 7. O KE : To change between absolute or incremental frame mo!ement information. Press MENU KE ' on the left until you ha!e chosen the memory location to store in.E 'ey. *.

n in 0e0or4 3. Press DRI. :o!e the pantograph to your design start location.then hold down DRI. desi. I00ediate t1read tri00in. Choose the DE$ETE option by pressing MENU KE + on the upper right. *.E mode.3. The display will scroll to the ne=t color.E until stops beeping. Press DRI. If the light is on. There is not usually a color change at the beginning. 8.then hold down set the color manually before sewing. *. 6. $se the + and .E until stops beeping. If the 4"I5E light is on.E until stops beeping.e 3. ?.'eys to select the design to erase.E mode. 6. . 6. 7.E to set the color. 8. 4one9 Settin. Press the DRI. .press button to turn it off. 8.ou will now be at a delete menu. /e sure you are not in DRI.then hold down DRI. +old down TEAC! button until it starts flashing and beeping continuously. Erasin. If the 4"I5E light is on. *. Press the & KE .E 'ey. 7. /e sure you are not in DRI.'eys to change to the desired needle number.E button. . ).E mode. :a'e sure the TEAC! button is <22. Press the + and . >. .ou will see on option for Thread Trim. Press the SET 'ey to delete the design. color c1an.and for DE$ETE. Pull the bar switch to the right. ). >. /e sure you are not in DRI. Press MENU KE ' on the upper left until you ha!e pic'ed a new design. Switch to the design you wish to program color change for by pressing MENU KE '.and repeat until the end of the design. If the 4"I5E light is on. 7. ).ou should hear a beep.

which is to the right of the @) slot. 7. Pull the underneath bar to the right to acti!ate immediate thread trim. Contact our repair department if you suspect damage.@) boards with power off.3.E mode. ). lso chec' the chun'y bar transistor. • E6 READER: The tape reader is not seen. Choose the T!READ TRIM option by pressing MENU KE * on the upper middle.hen color change turret is off position. If unable to control pantogram.@7. The display will show BAR START 55 8. Error codes • E* MANUA$ S%: 2or roll to roll operation • E+ UN$OCK: . Press the & KE .and for DE$ETE.or not at its sensor home position. .or delete a design from memory. • E8 NO DESI#N: . • E: FU$$ DE$ETE: The memory is full. 6. DESI#N REFUSED: "eload the design.hen tape reader data is incorrect. Chec' if the pin is in the 5&shaped groo!e on the heads. • E. If the 4"I5E light is on. *. • E9 MEMOR ERROR: This memory location has been deleted. /e sure you are not in DRI.then hold down DRI.E: <ne of the hoo' grabbers underneath the head is stuc'. • E'< S$IDER INACTI.hen a memory location with no design loaded is chosen.E until stops beeping. .ou will see on option for Thread Trim.delete some designs.then chec' your @6. • E7 TAPE ERROR: .