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Minutes from the PTC Special Action Committee Meeting Monday December 30th, 2013

Started at 7:35pm Introduction by Special Action Committee president, Dan Dugal: 1. List of things that have been done since Mr. Wetterauer was removed from the school:  Within two days, we gathered 100 people to the school for the emergency PTC meeting.  The Special Committee was created by the PTC  Established four forms of communication to distribute information: o Public Facebook Page: Charter Oak Friends o Website: o Twitter: @wetterauerwarriors o Email blast via Mail Chimp- if you are not receiving the emails please contact Dustin Mayer- and he will add you to the list.  Released two press releases to media  Packed December school board meeting at Von Stuben with Charter Oak support  Organized speakers  Had t-shirts made  Made and distributed hundreds of “Wetterauer Warrior” buttons  Placed hundreds of phone calls and letters to school board members, city council members & congressmen (ongoing) 2. The Press Coverage that we have gotten thus far:  9 articles in the Journal Star  4 WMBD Radio Stories  9 CI proud stories  2 Public Radio Stories  4 WEEK stories  7 blogs have been written from local bloggers 3. While all of this was taking place the Charter Oak PTC was able to accomplish the following:  Kept up the school store  Helped with the Conduct Celebration  Organized Room Parties  Started Book Fair Preparation 4. Additional thoughts:    If we had not acted so fast Mr. Wetterauer could possibly have already been fired. Please keep sending letters and emails and making phone calls to the board and elected officials. The media will not cover the story until new information is made available.

Thoughts from the gallery:   Because of the attention we brought to the situation, Dr. Lathan responded with two emails, when she might have otherwise remained quiet. There are several petitions going around; the one by the “Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club” is not related to the Charter Oak PTC and/or the Special Action Committee. It is a “No Confidence” petition to get Dr. Lathan fired. While our focus is on getting Mr. Wetterauer back at school, he deserves his due process. Start emailing the ISBE. Focus on how well the school has been run and how it works like clockwork. Based on research by the SAC, there have been 33 cases of test irregularities reported to the ISBE in the past 5 years. The state has always deferred to the local School Board to decide on disciplinary action. The Board may want the ISBE to make the decision to take the heat off of them. No cases where found where personnel were fired. Dr. Lathan’s comments in her letters about closing the school or the school district are very unrealistic. Theresa is still waiting to hear from ISBE on whether or not they are have received the district report to officially begin on the investigation. The communication from our school board has been very poor. We need to start attending City Council Meetings and inform them of how bad the situation has gotten. We should get in contact with Terry Knapp, he could be a great resource. Everyone is encouraged to attend the next school board meeting on January 13th at 6:30. Teacher's no longer have access to the building except when a custodian is present. We need parents to create a phone tree and take a classroom and make calls to other parents and get them on board and attending the School Board meeting on Jan. 13th at 6:30. Contact Theresa to volunteer. Several classrooms are still available.

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