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MT4 navigational tips and techniques

[NEW MATERIAL IN RED TYPEFACE] Hi all The following post used to be a sticky in the MetaT ade fo u!" but it appea s to ha#e been lost$ Hence I%! e&posting it he e$ Use of the ouse and ouse!heel" and thei# $e%&oa#d equivalents

'c#olling the cha#t Hold down the left !ouse button and d ag the !ouse in the !ain cha t a ea" to sc oll left' ight$ ( you can also si!ply oll the !ousewheel down'up" o use the left' ight a ow keys" to likewise sc oll the cha t #iew left' ight$ To sc oll a whole sc een at a ti!e" use Page Up )sc oll left* and Page Down )sc oll ight*$ To eposition to the left!ost ba on the cha t" p ess Home$To eposition to the !ost ecent ) ight!ost* ba " p ess End$ To step fo wa d one ba at a ti!e" p ess F12$ To step backwa d one ba at a ti!e" p ess Shift-F12$ +c olling a cha t beyond the leftmost bar will add histo ical ba s to the beginning of the cha t" until no !o e a e a#ailable f o! MT,%s histo ical database$ Moving di#ectl% to a ce#tain date(ti e To e&position i!!ediately to a ce tain date" p ess Enter" then type in the date in the fo ! --$MM$..and p ess Ente again$ Leading /e os can be o!itted )e$g$ to !o#e to , 0uly 1223" type ,$4$3*$ To e&position to a ce tain date'ti!e" use the fo !at HH5MM o --$MM$.. HH5MM )e$g$ to position to 6524a! T(-A. on a 7&!in cha t" si!ply type 654*$ )e#tical *oo and #e+scale .ou can e&scale the cha t #e tically by !o#ing the !ouse into the #e tical a8is a ea at the ight of the sc een" and then d agging downwa ds )with the left button held down* to co!p ess the cha t ba s" o d agging upwa ds to e8pand the!$ -ouble click to eset the cha t to its o iginal scale$ ,o#i*ontal *oo and #e+scale +i!ila ly" you can ad9ust the width of the p ice ba s by !o#ing the !ouse into the ho i/ontal a8is a ea at the botto! of the sc een" and then d agging ight )/oo! in* o left )/oo! out*$ ( si!ply use the :;: and :<: keys to achie#e this$ -ndicato#s

-ouble&click on o nea indicato s with the left !ouse button" to call thei pa a!ete setup windows$ Right&click to call the indicato %s conte8t !enu$ If the sc een is clutte ed with o#e lapping indicato s and'o ob9ects" !aking it too difficult to select the desi ed indicato " p ess Ctrl-I to call up the Indicato s dialog window$ -ouble click )o click the Edit button" o Alt-E* on the indicato to edit its p ope ties )pa a!ete s" colo s" etc*" o click the -elete button )o Alt-D* to e!o#e it f o! the cha t$ .: > the height of the shape in pips$ Right&click on a selected ob9ect to open its conte8t !enu$ If the sc een is clutte ed with o#e lapping indicato s and'o ob9ects" !aking it too difficult to select the desi ed ob9ect)s*" p ess Ctrl-B to call up the (b9ects dialog window$ Left click the check bo8es on'off to select'deselect ele#ant ob9ect)s*$ -ouble click )o click the Edit button" o Alt-E* on an ob9ect to edit its p ope ties )pa a!ete s" colo s" etc*" o click the -elete button )o Alt-D* to e!o#e it f o! the cha t$ To ?uickly delete a whole block of ob9ects" epeatedly p ess Alt-D o hold it down )ca eful" they disappea athe ?uickly@* . left click on a selected t end line to d aw a pa allel t end line )c eate a channel*$ Aan also be used with #e tical and ho i/ontal lines$ .ou can use At l&click to add indi#idual ite!s to a selection" +hift&click to add a g oup of consecuti#e ite!s" o p ess Ctrl-A to select all ite!s$ Then click the Edit button )o p ess Alt-E* to edit all ite!s in the g oup consecuti#ely" o the -elete button )o p ess Alt-D* to delete all selected ite!s si!ultaneously )ca eful@*$ Alte nati#ely" f o! the cha t window" p ess Bac !pace epeatedly to delete the !ost ecently added ob9ect)s* on a last&added&fi st& e!o#ed basis )useful if you want to ?uickly check out a Bibo o eg ession channel" then e!o#e it*$ Then p ess Ctrl-" to undo any accidental deletes" in e#e se o de $ ( p ess the Delete key to e!o#e ALL +ELEATE.ou can use the Home" End and Page'arrow Up'Down keys to na#igate up'down the list$ .&/ects -ouble&click on o nea an ob9ect )line studies" te8ts" a ows" geo!et ic shapes* to select the ob9ect$ (nce selected" you can !o#e an ob9ect by left clicking on it )o in the case of o t endline o shape" it%s cente handle* and d agging it to the desi ed destination$ +hapes" t endlines" channels etc !ay be e8tended by d agging the handles on the ele#ant edges$ The nu!be :='.ob9ects$ Pa#allel T#endlines At l .: appea s" whe e :=: > the width of the shape in candles" and :.ou can use the Home" End and Page'arrow Up'Down keys to na#igate up'down the list$ Alick on the %Na!e% o %-esc iption% heading a ea to so t by na!e" o desc iption" especti#ely$ Left&click to select an ite!$ .

&/ect selection options D ess Ct#l+. here is something extremely useful that I haven’t found in the on-line help While in c osshai !ode" hold down the left !ouse button and d ag the !ouse to obtain a ule &type tool that !easu es #e tical )nu!be of pips* and ho i/ontal )nu!be of ba s* .Duplicating o&/ects [New5 Ap il 3"1226C The %Da allel T endlines% concept e8tends to A00 ob9ects )#e tical" ho i/ontal and t end linesE shapes & t iangle" s?ua e" ellipseE te8t and labelsE a ows and sy!bolsE and studies like channels" Bibo" Fann" Ditchfo k" etc*$ He e%s how to duplicate any ob9ect5 && +elect the ob9ect by clicking on itGG && While holding down the Ct#l key5 !o#e the !ouse o#e any one of the ob9ect%s handles" and" holding down the left button d ag the !ouse to whe e you want the duplicated ob9ect to be located This sho tcut also duplicates all of the p op ties of the pa ent ob9ect" e$g$ if you ha#e ed" g een and blue ob9ects" and you want to c eate a g een one" si!ply duplicate it$ This is ?uicke than c eating a new ob9ect" and then changing its colo to g een$ GG . and then select the %(b9ects% tab$ && :Select object by single mouse click: & if checked (BB" you !ust double click to select an ob9ect" and ight click to !odify its p ope ties$ If checked (N" single click to select an ob9ect" and double click to !odify its p ope ties$ && :Select object after creation: & if checked (N" any ob9ect is auto!atically selected i!!ediately afte you c eate it$ && :Show properties after creation: & if checked (N" the p ope ty !odification window fo the ob9ect is displayed" i!!ediately afte you c eate the ob9ect$ (R D ess Ct#l+1 to display the ob9ects list$ Alick on the checkbo8 )at left* fo each ob9ect you want selected$ -nfo# ation 1u&&le Ho#e the !ouse cu so on o o#e an ele!ent" ob9ect o indicato to see the p o!pt )help info !ation bubble*$ C#osshai# ode" and #ule# tool Alick the !ousewheel to switch cu so to the :c osshai : !ode$ This can also be achie#ed by p essing Ctrl-F" o selecting the c osshai icon f o! the toolba $ The c osshai s also display #e tical )p ice* and ho i/ontal )date'ti!e* co& o dinates at the ight and botto! of the cha t$ +i!ply left&click to e8it c osshai !ode$ Now.

ou can also use this facility to count p ice ba s ) eading :A:* between any two dates'ti!es$ Refe#ence and ancho# points At the lowe left of the cha t the e is a da k colo ed a ow$ .f o! the cente of the c osshai s$ The tool displays counte s in the fo ! :A'H'A: whe e A is the nu!be of ba s ight o left of the c osshai " H is the nu!be of pips f o! c osshai to cu so " and A is the p ice at the cu so $ I find :H: e8t e!ely useful fo !easu ing the nu!be of pips between any two points" thus5 7* !o#e the !ouse to the point you want to !easu e f o! )the :ancho : point*E 1* click the !ousewheel to ente c osshai !odeE I* then hold down the left button and !o#e the !ouse to any nu!be of destination points" to see the nu!be of pips between the ancho point and the cu ent !ouse destination$ This sa#es ha#ing to calculate this distance !anually" as the diffe ence between two p ices$ D etty cool@ .ag it left o ight with the !ouse to set the location fo the last )!ost cu ent* ba on the cha t )i$e$ set the a!ount of e!pty :whitespace: at the ight of the cha t*$ 0ist of hot$e%s The e a e !any othe useful hotkeys$ He e is a co!p ehensi#e list5 #eft arrow J sc oll cha t to the leftE $ight arrow J sc oll cha t to the ightE Up arrow J ?uickly sc oll cha t to the left o )if the scale is defined*" sc oll cha t upwa dsE Down arrow J ?uickly sc oll cha t to the ight o )if the scale is defined*" sc oll cha t downwa dsE %&mpad ' J esto es cha t #e tical scale to its o iginal default$ If the scale was defined" this etu ns the cha t back to its #isible angeE Page Up J sc oll a whole sc een to the leftE Page Down J sc oll a whole sc een to the leftE Home J !o#e the cha t to the sta t point )fi st ba *E End J !o#e the cha t to the end point )last" i$e$ !ost cu ent* ba E .agging it with the !ouse sets the efe ence )ancho * point fo the cha t$ Now when you /oo! in o out" o e#en change the ti!ef a!e" this point e!ains ancho ed at its e8isting location$ At the uppe ight of the cha t the e is likewise a da k colo ed a ow$ .

:(: J /oo! out )the e a e K le#els of /oo! a#ailable*E :): J /oo! inE Delete J delete all selected ob9ectsE Bac !pace J delete !ost ecently added ob9ects" on a last&added&fi st& e!o#ed basisE Enter J open'close the fast na#igation windowE E!c J close any dialog windowE F1 J open the on line help :Lse guide:E F2 J open the :Histo y Aente : windowE F* J open the :Flobal Ma iables: windowE F+ J open MetaEdito E F' J switch to the ne8t p ofileE F.J call the p ope ties dialog window of the e8pe t attached to thei cha t window" in o de to change its settingsE F. J call the :Teste : dialog window fo testing the e8pe t attached to the cha t windowE F. J call the cha t setup dialog window" allowing basic cha t pa a!ete s" colo s" etc to be changedE F/ J call the :New ( de : window" allowing the ent y of !a ket" li!it" stop o de sE F10 J open the :Dopup p ices: windowE F11 J enable'disable full sc een !odeE F12 J sc oll the cha t one ba to the leftE Shift)F12 J sc oll the cha t one ba to the ightE Shift)F' J switch to the p e#ious p ofileE Alt)1 J display the cha t as (HLA ba sE Alt)2 J display the cha t as (HLA candlesticksE Alt)* J display the cha t as a line )closing p ices only*E Alt)A J copy all test'opti!i/ation esults onto the clipboa dE Alt)1 J call the cha t !anage!ent windowE Alt)F+ J e8it the p og a!E Ctrl)A J a ange all indicato window heights by defaultE Ctrl)B J call the :(b9ects List: dialog windowE Ctrl)C o Ctrl)In!ert J copy to the clipboa dE Ctrl)D J open'close the :-ata Window:E Ctrl)E J enable'disable the attached e8pe t ad#iso E Ctrl)F J switch to :A osshai : !odeE Ctrl)2 J show'hide the #e tical'ho i/ontal g idE Ctrl)H J show'hide the (HLA lineE Ctrl)I J call the :Indicato s List: dialog windowE Ctrl)# J show'hide #olu!e data on the !ain cha tE Ctrl)3 J open'close the :Ma ket Watch: windowE .

Ctrl)% J open'close the :Na#igato : windowE Ctrl)4 J open the :+etup: windowE Ctrl)P J p int the cha tE Ctrl)$ J open'close the :Teste : windowE Ctrl)S J sa#e the cha t p ices )(HLAM* in a file ha#ing e8tensions5 :A+M:" :DRN: o :HTM:E Ctrl)5 J open'close the :Te !inal: windowE Ctrl)1 o Ctrl)F+ J close the cha t window that%s cu ently in focusE Ctrl)6J show'hide date )pe iod* sepa ato sE Ctrl)" o Alt)Bac !pace J undo ob9ect deletions in the e#e se o de they occu edE Ctrl)F.E B F H I 0 O L M N ( D P R + T L M W = . J switch to the ne8t cha t windowE Ctrl)F/ J open the :Te !inal J T ade: window and switch the focus into it" allowing t ading ope ations to be ente ed #ia the keyboa d$ Attaching indicato#s to indicato#s outside of the ain p#ice cha#t . featu es is that it has a co!p ehensi#e but f iendly p og a!!ing language that allows custo!&defined indicato s" sc ipts and e8pe t ad#iso s to be w itten$ He e%s how to i!po t an al eady w itten indicato into MT.%s cha ting facility5 7* Fo to a web esou ce that has the sou ce code fo the indicato $ A good one is http5''www$8eat ade$co!'t ading'77$ht!l Note the :N A H A . Q: inde8$ +o if you want to add )fo e8a!ple* the DDAI indicato to you cha ts" click on :D: to see all the custo!&de#eloped indicato s sta ting with a :D:$ Left&click on the DDAI hype link$ The sou ce code fo DDAI appea s in the !iddle of the .ou can attach !o#ing a#e ages and othe indicato s to indicato s on othe than the !ain cha t$ Bo e8a!ple" if you want to use a !o#ing a#e age to s!ooth R+I" do the following5 7* A eate a lowe window with R+I in the no !al !anne $ 1* (pen the na#igato window )p ess Ctrl-%*$ I* Alick on the :Indicato s: heading in the Na#igato window" if necessa y" to e8pand it$ .* Mo#e the !ouse to the :Mo#ing A#e age: ite!" then )holding down the left button*" d ag it )a ectangle appea s unde the a ow cu so * into the R+I window$ 3* In the ensuing dialog bo8" got to the :Apply to: d op down" and set this to :Bi st indicato %s data:$ This will cause the MA to be attached to the fi st indicato in this window" i$e$ the R+I$ K* Ad9ust othe pa a!ete s as desi ed" and p ess Enter$ N!"#5 To c eate an indicato in a sepa ate window" ight&click on its na!e in the Na#igato " and select :Attach to a cha t:$ To c eate an indicato in the sa!e window as anothe " d ag it%s na!e into the ele#ant window$ Adding custo +defined indicato#s to MT4 (ne of the !ost powe ful MT.

. +c ipts: o :MP." the new custo! indicato should auto!atically appea both in the Na#igato " and also unde the !enu option :Inse t R Indicato s R Austo!: if you p efe to add it to you cha t in this !anne $ .sc een$ Left&click inside this window" then p ess Ctrl-A to select all of the te8t" then CtrlC to copy it$ 1* Retu n to MT.* Now left&click in the body of the sc een" p ess Ctrl-A to select all the te8t" and then p ess Ctrl-7 to paste the te8t you copied back in step 7" co!pletely o#e w iting the p e#ious te8t$ 3* Then p ess F' to sa#e and co!pile you indicato $ Hopefully" the !essage :$ error%s&. e8tension$ Bo e8a!ple" if you decide that you no longe want to use DAAI" delete file DAAI$E=. That will effecti#ely e!o#e DAAI f o! the custo! indicato s list in MT.ou can also add sc ipts and e8pe ts in the sa!e way$ In step )7*" select the :MP." igno e the othe fields" and click Ne8t$ (n the final dialog window" igno e all fields" and click Binish$ . $ warning%s&: will appea " indicating a :clean co!pile:" i$e$ that the p og a!!e w ote the sou ce code co ectly" without synta8 e o s$ D ess E!c to close the dialog bo8$ D esto@ If you now etu n to MT. file into the ele#ant folde " and then )e8it and* e&sta t MT." and p ess F+ to load the MetaEdito " a tool which allows to c eate and co!pile you own indicato s" sc ipts and e8pe ts$ I* In MetaEdito " p ess Ctrl-% to c eate a new indicato using the E8pe t Ad#iso Wi/a d$ +elect the :Austo! Indicato : adio button" and click Ne8t$ Type in the na!e )e$g$ DAAI* that you want to use to efe ence you indicato in MT. E8pe ts: hype link in the left !enu$ In step )I*" select the app op iate adio button$ Note that these ob9ects a e sto ed in the following folde s5 E8pe ts5 c23p#og#a files3 etat#ade# 43e4pe#ts +c ipts5 c23p#og#a files3 etat#ade# 43e4pe#ts3sc#ipts Austo! indicato s5 c23p#og#a files3 etat#ade# 43e4pe#ts3indicato#s N!"#5 As an alte nati#e to the abo#e" if you si!ply copy the $MP." the e8pe t" sc ipt o indicato will auto!atically be eco!piled" and appea in the Na#igato $ Anothe good sou ce of indicato s is the /ip file attached to post N7 he e5 http5''www$fo e8facto y$co!'showth ead$phpSt>K1411 If you want to delete an e8pe t" sc ipt o indicato )AAREBLL@*" use Windows E8plo e to go to the app op iate folde " and delete the ele#ant file with the E=.

The file DAAI$MP. file is the e8ecutable code that was c eated when you did you co!pile back in step )3*$ If you want to e&instate the indicato " all you need to do is eload the sou ce into MetaEdito )p ess At l&( and open the ele#ant file*" and then p ess F' to co!pile it" which e&c eates the e8ecutable file used by MT. contains the sou ce code fo DAAI )which you copied f o! the web esou ce*" the DAAI$E=.$ .