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Cabbage Soup Recipe

We call this soup "Wonder Soup" to be consumed each day of the diet:
Consume “Wonder Soup” each day. This is a vegetable cabbage soup rich in fiber, vitamins & minerals and can be consumed in unlimited quantities throughout the day period. ! ! ! ! ! ! "# o$ %&liters'(ater %add more if needed' )" large onions )& green peppers )* (hole tomatoes + cabbage + bunch celery ! add herbs and seasoning as desired.

,oil all ingredients together for #- minutes on medium flame and eat.

Benefits of Cabbage Soup
/ou must remember you mother al(ays saying to you to eat your vegetables. She (as right. Cabbage is one of those vegetables that come pac0ed (ith rich nutrition and almost no calories. 1 cup of green ra( cabbage has only &+ calories and has no fat, lots of vitamin and only &g of carbohydrates. 1 cabbage soup is also good for cleansing your body and can help you (ith your goal to achieve a full body deto2. 3any people (ho have tried this cabbage soup have seen good results during the diet and often come bac0 to this site 4ust to get the recipe again to incorporate this soup as part of their meal plans. 5n4oy this soup every day and see the results for yourself.

Full Nutrition Facts of Raw Green Cabbage
Serving Si$e: + Cup Calories: &+ Calories from 6at: ).77

81/ 9:5

ecause of the variety of flavors and te2tures that vegetables offer. @egetables have a moderate quantity of carbohydrates ! but more importantly. /ou can also have the ?Wonder SoupB. add your choice of vegetables cut up into bite si$e pieces. 6ruits have multiple benefits . you (ill (elcome the stir!fry ! you might not even miss the rice=bread. Apto one teaspoon of olive oil can be used as salad dressing today. The potato ensures you have energy for the day as (ell as energy to continue to remain on the diet. This (ay you don<t get bored eating 4ust oranges or apples. apples or pears. honeyde( or cantaloupe since these are very filling. they are rich in minerals and vitamins. 1n effective (ay to get the right balance of taste and nutrition is to use a lot of flavour enhancers to your stir!fry. as much as you (ant. The fibre activates your system for the deto2 process. This day starts off (ith a ba0ed potato since all you have had the previous day is fruit (hich is easily digested. 6or lunch and dinner you can eat an assortment of oranges. . Start the day (ith one ba0ed or boiled potato to ma0e up for loss of energy from 8ay 9ne. 6ruits also flush out the system thereby enhancing the deto2 process. @egetables can be steamed or lightly stir!fried. Tips to make a! $ successful# 5at as many vegetables as you can today. Cn one teaspoon of oil add lots of garlic and finely chopped onions as (ell as parsley and shallots.6ruits. 8on>t forget that you can have ?Wonder Soup as (ell. 1dd a fe( tablespoons of (ater if you find the vegetables stic0ing to the pot. this day should not be difficult. . 81/ TEF55 6ruits and vegetables . 1fter eating only fruit on 8ay +. The vegetables you (ill eat today are for fibre as (ell as nutrition. 81/ TW9 @egetables. 1ll fruits are allo(ed e2cept bananas The first day starts (ith fruit because it is a natural (ay to normali$e the body and prepare it for the upcoming days of the diet. they are fat free and are lo( in calories compared to other foods most of us normally eat. The stir!fry is one of the 4oys of this diet. :o bananas and no potatoes . Try to start your day (ith a fruit=fruits in the melon family such as (atermelon. To this.erries of any 0ind are really beneficial too since they are very high in antio2idants that assist the body in preventing certain types of cancers. 5ither stir!fry or salads. Tips to make a! " successful# 5at a variety of fruit. Stir fry for -!D minutes stirring lightly.

Start your day off (ith & bananas and a glass of mil0. you can also have ?Wonder SoupB today. e2cessive sodium and artificial flavour enhancers and additives. 1lternately.8ay * is an effective (ay of combining days & and * and getting the benefits of both days. Start your day (ith Wonder Soup or slices of tomatoes (ith salt and pepper. 6or lunch. 81/ 6C@5 Grotein and Tomatoes. /ou can have a piece of meat=fish either grilled or ba0ed for lunch and dinner (ith tomatoes. /our body is getting completely natural nutrition . it is a great (ay to get some natural sugar into your body for energy for 8ay *. you (ill get your share of 9mega * 6atty acids (hich do (onders for health. /our body chemistry is changing because you are not getting any refined carbohydrates. The vegetables in the soup (ill give you a sensation of feeling full. Today is the day to ma0e up for all the protein in your system. /ou can have another banana for desert today. have a bo(l or t(o of the soup. /ou can have this (ith the ?(onder soupB. 81/ 69AF . have a mi2ed salad (ith a balsamic and oil dressing %using no more than one teaspoon olive oil'.(ill go by smoothly if you en4oy eating meat or fish. you might not have the craving to eat all the bananas. 6or lunch and dinner you can grill or ba0e the meat=fish=tofu. 1lthough you are allo(ed to have D bananas today. you can have the vegetable stir!fry %as described in 8ay &'. (hich (ill optimi$e the (eight loss process. The meat (ill give you protein and if you consume fish. in addition to bananas and mil0. potassium %from bananas' and carbohydrates and fibre %from bananas'. The tomatoes give you fibre and minerals . 9mega * 6atty acids are one of the fe( compounds that the human body does not produce on its o(n . 8o the same for dinner. 5ating the tomatoes (ill also aid in flushing out the system Tips for making a! ' successful# 8ay . 5at any fruits of your choice e2cept bananas. both of these are e2cellent sources of protein and contain the high levels of 9mega * 6atty acids beneficial to the body. Try to eat cold (ater fish such as Salmon or Tuna . Ct is a really good supplement to your lunch=dinner vegetable stir fry. Tips to make a! % successful# Start the day (ith fruit. :ot only is fruit a great (ay to start your day even (hen you are off the diet. 8on>t forget to eat the ?Wonder SoupB (henever you (ant. in particular lycopene (hich is a super!food for the human body.ananas and mil0. @egetarians can substitute (ith tofu (hich is a rich source of high quality vegetable protein. 6or lunch. /ou can eat upto D bananas and * glasses of s0im mil0 to restore potassium levels 8ay # is meant to ma0e up for the reduced levels of calcium %from mil0'. saturated fats. Tips to make a! & successful# Femember.

green 4uice (ith spinach. .erries ma0e a tasty and convenient snac0 %blueberries and stra(berries'. . you can eat fruits. Start your day (ith an assortment of fruit . pears. apples. /ou can also have unlimited quantities of vegetable 4uices . The change (ill be in the functioning of your body (hich (ill be operating in an enhanced manner due to the deto2 process. 6or dinner. Tips to make a! . 6or lunch. Today.. () S*+ Grotein and vegetables. vegetables and vegetable 4uices. 9nce in t(o months (ould be an efficient and healthy (ay to lose a fe( pounds that creep up on you (hen you are not paying attention. and affect more than the number you (ill see on the scale the ne2t morning or the difference in the fit of your clothes. you must follo( this last day carefully.hence it is essential to get it from an e2ternal rice is optional but not recommended if you (ant to see (eight loss. /ou might feel a little (ea0 this morning because your body has not consumed too much carbohydrate in the last & days.successful# Cn order to ma0e sure you end on a high note achieving your target of (eight loss coupled (ith a full body deto2. Consume an assortment of fruits. ma0e sure you have enough fruit to last you through the day in case you feel li0e snac0ing. Ealf a cup of bro(n rice is optional . 0ale. /ou are no( on your last day of the diet. vegetables and vegetable 4uices. .y no(. . 1lso. but not recommended. 81/ 6ruits. melons. Tips to make a! . only that you need to eat as many vegetables instead of restricting yourself to tomatoes. your body is (ell under (ay (ith the (eight loss and you (ill notice a difference in the (ay you feel and ho( your clothes fit today. Same as 8ay 6ive e2cept. you can either eat fruits or a salad (ith Wonder Soup. The 4uices do (onders for deto2 as (ell as provide high quality concentrated nutrition. Femember to eat "!D fresh tomatoes today. (atercress and ginger or carrot 4uice (ith (heatgrass. add more vegetables either in salad or stir fry form 8ay " is a lot li0e 8ay . days and thin0 about your strength and The benefits are tremendous . successful# /ou can eat your meat=fish=salmon (ith vegetables %stir!fry or salad' and ?Wonder SoupB. you can eat a salad (ith a balsamic and oil dressing %not more then one teaspoon olive oil'.efore you go to bed tonight. /ou can repeat this diet almost once a month if you choose. . reflect on the last perseverance to stic0 to this diet. oranges or berries. vegetables and 4uices.