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Arcellaine C. Chan ED 229 Fr. James A.

O Donnell and

September 1, 2012 r. arc !. "ernande#

I thank God every time I remember you - Phil 1:3 $ame% A&e% 22 years old 'rade (e)el *eacher in% Grade 1 S+b,ect-s *eacher in% Mathematics and Makabayan S+b,ect atter .co)ered in classes obser)ed/% Colors, ha!es, Positions, "umbers # $ %# and "umber &ords 'ero to (i(ty )includin* se+uencin*, com!arin*, and odd,even numbersSchools 'eneral 0hilosoph1% &e are a teachin* institution that shall serve the country by buildin* a community o( leaders imbued .ith Christian values and attitudes, kno.led*e and skills and .ho shall nurture .hat is best in the /ili!ino0 Departmental Ob,ecti)es .1st 2+arter/% 1he child is able to develo! basic conce!ts !ertainin* to ob2ect constancy, s!ace, time, +uantity etc0 and uses these as basis (or cate*ori'in* materials in his,her environment0 1he child is also able to read and .rite numbers # $ %# and number .ords 'ero to (i(ty0 Source: BEC Philippine Elementary Learning Competencies I( you ha!!en to see a youn* lady o( avera*e hei*ht .ith shoulder len*th, curly black hair, .hose smile can bri*hten u! one3s day, then you must have seen Ms0 4e Gu'man $ a hard.orkin* .oman .ho kno.s .hat she .ants and .ho .ouldn3t take no (or an ans.er0 he is al.ays ener*etic and bubbly0 he is very o!timistic because she sees every !roblem as an o!!ortunity to learn and *ro.0 he kno.s .hen to be humble and .hen to ask (or hel!0 In return, 2ust as .hat 5runo Mars sun*, one can also count on her like 1, 2, 3 and she3ll de(initely be there0 he is a dedicated educator, a !ro(essional collea*ue, a true (riend, and a *ood !erson0 he !ossesses a !ure heart (ull o( *ood intentions0 he is no doubt a blessin* that everyone must have thank God (or* such a .onder(ul !erson like her0 I .ould also like to use this o!!ortunity to e6!ress my *ratitude to her (or acce!tin* my (avor o( observin* her in a heartbeat0 I( 7elen o( 1roy could launch a thousand shi!s, Ms0 4e Gu'man could de(initely touch more than a million hearts0 83 May more blessin*s and o!!ortunities be u!on her0 he deserves it0 1

It .as 9uly 2, 2#12 .hen Ms0 4e Gu'man and I had a mutual a*reement o( hel!in* each other0 I told her that I .ill visit her class anytime .ithin 9uly 3 $ 9uly %0 I e6!lained that she doesn3t need to make any s!ecial !re!arations but 2ust one chair at the back .ith her lesson !lan on the arm rest0 I also said that I .ill not observe the .hole sub2ect but rather I .ill 2ust stay (or about 2# minutes0 I !lanned to visit her on 9uly %, 2#12 )1hursday-0 Came this day, I .aited (or the mornin* assembly to be done and .aited (or another 1# minutes be(ore I *o to her Mathematic class0 I did this because as I estimated the time it .ould be the time .hen she .ould !resent her lesson (or the day and that is .hat I .ant to see and observe (rom her0 :s I entered the back to avoid disru!tions, I .as very ha!!y to see an em!ty seat at the back .ith a blue !lastic (older labeled ;<esson Plan in Mathematics 13 on the arm rest0 1he students *reeted me .armly and I res!onded to their *reetin*s ha!!ily0 I sat do.n and bro.sed her lesson !lan so that I kno. .hat to e6!ect0 I am no e6!ert in makin* a lesson !lan but I3m !retty sure she has a .ell !re!ared !lan (or the .hole +uarter0 It .as com!lete .ith all the necessary details I could think o(0 7er lesson !lan includes the date and day, conce!t, tar*et skills, motivation, (lo. o( !resentation, hone activities, evaluation (or the day and assi*nment0 :ll activities are !ro!erly *iven a title .ith the directions and criterion under0 I !ersonally (eel that I could do it in my o.n !lannin* and that .ould hel! a lot in my delivery0 5elo. is the sam!le o( .hat I sa. in her lesson !lan0 E)al+ation% 'ame% 3o+nd robin 4irections: 1he class raises the blue (la* i( the is correct and the red (la* i( the is not correct0 Criterion: 1he =2 !u!ils are e6!ected to *et 3 out o( % correct ans.ers0 In !resentin* her lesson, I didn3t (eel that she is nervous but rather I (elt her con(idence0 he kno.s the lesson very .ell0 he can all students3 +ueries about the inte*rated lessons in colors, sha!es, and numbers0 In (act, she encoura*es students to ask +uestions0 he also maintained eye contact all throu*hout0 he moved around the room but till the middle aisle only0 7er voice is .ell modulated and her smile never (ades0 he has a very creative .ay o( kee!in* her students in their seat by usin* ima*inary seatbelts0 I also admire ho. she related the lesson in real li(e0 he used situational e6!eriences that make the students think dee!er0 >6am!le: i( you have si6 round, oran*e oran*es and you sa. a hun*ry child in the street, .hat .ill you do? &ith re*ards to visual aids used, they .ere a!!ealin* and bi* enou*h0 he .as also or*ani'ed in usin* them0 he didn3t (ail to *ive instructions .ith their use like students should hold it !ro!erly .ithout (oldin* them nor crum!lin* the materials0 he also looks e6tra beauti(ul every time she smiled more (or correct ans.ers .hich is accom!anied by either stam!s or the .ords very *ood or *ood0 2

Ms0 4e Gu'man and I started .ith a !rayer durin* our Post con(erence (or the !o! $ in visit0 :(ter, .e e6chan*ed *reetin*s o( a .onder(ul a(ternoon to each other0 I (irst asked her i( ho. .as her day so (ar and she said it .as *ood but 2ust a little bit tirin*0 he then asked me ho. .as mine and I said that .e !retty much have the same0 5e(ore (ormally startin*, I asked her ho. she thinks did she !er(orm0 he lau*hed and said Pretty much okay? I lau*hed as .ell and I said @kay then, let me share to you .hat I had observe0 I reiterated to her that (eedbacks (rom my !o! $ in visit is to hel! her and not to brin* her do.n or anythin*0 I sho.ed her the 1@A or the 1eacher @bservation Ae!ort0 I e6!lained the reasons .hy there .ere no ratin*s yet0 I said it .as because that .as the (irst !o! $ in visit and because I .asn3t able to observe her (ull !eriod class0 he nodded .ith understandin*0 I thanked her (or !re!arin* the chair !ositioned at the back .ith the lesson !lan on it0 he smiled and said that it .as no bi* deal0 :(ter, I e6!lained the 1@A !art by !art or !er number0 /or the !re!aration o( lesson, I commended her (or havin* a .ell !re!ared and very detailed lesson !lan0 I also asked her i( I can *et some ideas .hich I can im!lement in my o.n lesson !lannin*0 "o hesitation she said sure and .e e6chan*e our *ratitude (or that0 /or the or*ani'ation o( materials, I told her that I admired her (or bein* or*ani'ed0 /or the !resentation o( lesson, I !raised her con(idence and mastery o( sub2ect matter0 I commend her (or bein* able to all +uestions and that it .as really *ood that she encoura*ed students to ask and not be a(raid o( doin* so0 In terms o( her visual aids, I told her that she did a *ood 2ob because they .ere a!!ealin* and bi* enou*h to be seen by the .hole class0 /or the choice o( challen*in* learnin* situation, I *ave her t.o thumbs u! because she .as able to connect it .ith li(e and it is inte*rated .ith values0 /or student !artici!ation and ra!!ort .ith students, I admired her beauti(ul smile .hich can3t be .ashed a.ay0 I told her to retain that as .ell as her .ell modulated voice, eye contact, calm and !leasin* !ersonality0 I shared that to her that it is really a challen*e (or us teacher to mana*e the behavior o( the class that is .hy .e should al.ays stretch out our !atience to avoid usin* our loud voice because there are various strate*ies .e can do or im!lement to aid us in mana*in* our class0 1his .as the reason I !raised her mana*ement o( classroom details because she .as creative to mana*e her class usin* ima*ination by (astenin* themselves to their chair usin* the ima*inary seatbelt .hich only the smart and an*els can see and do0 I told her that overall she did not 2ust !retty much okay but a *ood 2obB /or the commendable (eatures, I said that I really admire her very *ood lesson !lannin*, creative !resentation, a!!ealin* visual aids and a ha!!y atmos!here .hich results to a conducive environment (or learnin*0 /or the su**estions !art, I reiterated that this aims to hel! her0 I su**ested that be(ore startin* the lesson, she must (irst state the thin*s to do (or the day so that the student .ill have an idea o( .hat to e6!ect and .hat is e6!ected o( them0 &e ended our con(erence .ith a !rayer and .ith ha!!iness in our (aces 3

Ms0 4e Gu'man and I met a*ain (or our !relim con(erence to (ormal visit0 :s .e al.ays do .e started .ith a !rayer and had a minute o( chit chats0 I be*an by sayin* thank you (or her su!!ort and time0 he smiled and told me to have no .orries0 he is ha!!y to hel! and be hel!ed in return0 5e(ore (ormally startin*, I (irst e6!lained the di((erence o( !o! $ in (rom .hat .e .ill be havin* the ne6t time .hich is the (ormal visit0 I be*an by askin* .hen the best time I can visit her class0 I told her that this time it is announced0 I also said that com!ared to the !o! $ in visit, I .ill not observe (or 2ust t.enty )2#- minutes but I .ill observe the .hole !eriod0 I added that this time she .ill also be rated or *raded0 he said she .as nervous0 I told her she doesn3t need to be because I3m not there to 2ud*e but to hel!0 :lso this .ill not a((ect her !er(ormance in school0 It .ill 2ust be (or both o( us and /r0 @3 4onnell0 &e both smiled0 &e set the date o( (ormal visit on 9uly 1C, 2#12 )1uesday-0 &e *o over her .ell !re!ared lesson !lan0 1he to!ic .ill be numbers 11 $ 3# )se+uencin*, com!arin*, and odd,even numbers-0 1his is tau*ht to teach children ho. to read and .rite numbers, com!are values and identi(y i( the number can be divided in t.o e+ual !arts )(airness is hi*hli*hted in this to!ic-0 I asked her ho. she visuali'es in !resentin* her lesson0 he said that they .ill (irst start .ith their !rayer (ollo.ed by their .arm *reetin*s0 he .ill then !ro2ect a video !resentation as her motivation0 :(ter, she .ould ask students to re!eat a(ter an audio she 2ust do.nloaded usin* di((erent kinds o( voice like bi* voice, small voice, etc0 he .ill then *rou! the class in to t.o (or them to arran*e in order number 11 $ 2# (or the (irst *rou! and numbers 21 $ 3# (or the second *rou!0 ince there are 21 students in her class each *rou! .ill consist o( 1# members each holdin* a (lash card and .ill arran*e themselves in order0 @ne student .ill act as the re(eree and the checker i( the arran*ement o( the *rou! is correct0 1hen, they .ill revie. com!arin* by sin*in* the son* ometimes I have more than you, more than you, more than you0 ometimes I have less than you0 ometime .e have the same0 1hey .ill also be !layin* the Pacman Game0 /or the odd,even numbers, she said they .ill recall the story o( Mr0 @dd and Ms0 >ven .herein the value o( bein* *ood and (riendshi! are hi*hli*hted0 :(ter, she .ill commend her students (or !artici!atin* and asked them to revie. at home and !ractice everythin* they learned (or the day0 1his .ill be her closure !art o( the lesson0 1hey .ill !ray a*ain and *reet each other *oodbye and see you tomorro.0 I .as smilin* throu*hout the time because she .as e6!lainin* it .ith much enthusiasm0 I told her that she really ins!ires me to be more !assionate .ith our chosen vocation0 I 2ust reminded her not to (or*et to tell the thin*s to do so that she could set the e6!ectations (or the day0 I said that I3m really lookin* (or.ard in observin* her class and that I ho!e she .ill continually radiate her o!timism and may her smile be a virus that .ill s!read to everyone0 he told me she .as touch by .hat I am sayin* and I said that someone should ta! someone3s shoulder i( one did a *ood 2ob0 &e ended our con(erence .ith a !rayer0 D

Came the day o( the (ormal visit, I arrived 2ust on time0 1he classroom is clean and !ro!erly ventilated0 1he tem!erature is neither too hot nor too cold0 1here .ere also a!!ealin* .all decorations related to the to!ics in di((erent sub2ects0 In Math, (or e6am!le, there is a !ocket chart .ere cards about sha!es and colors .ere !laced in and numbers 1 $ 1# are !asted on the .all )1hese .ere their lessons last time-0 In terms o( seatin* arran*ement, the students are arran*ed .herein they are not too close to the board nor too (ar that may be a cause (or inattention0 I am ha!!y that even .ithout remindin* her, an em!ty seat at the back .as !re!ared .ith the blue (older Mathematics 1 lesson !lan in it0 :*ain, it .as a .ell !re!ared lesson !lan0 :ims are clearly stated and .ell e6!lained to the students0 1he teacher .rote the thin*s to do on the board and tell .hat the e6!ected behaviors (rom them are0 1hese actions *ive students a !icture o( .hat to e6!ect and .hat are e6!ected o( them0 In !resentin* the lesson, she sho.ed con(idence and mastery o( the sub2ect matter0 he maintained eye contact, moved around the room and al.ays .ore a smile0 he .as able to use di((erent materials such as a video !resentation* numbers # $ 3#0 1his !art .as her motivation .hich .as e((ective because most o( the students3 eyes .ere *lued on the screen0 1he number (lash cards to be arran*ed in order .ere their *ame0 1he students had (un in doin* so0 1his 2ust !roves that children really learn more .hen they active !artici!ants o( the learnin* !rocess0 It also sho.s that teacher should be creative in !resentin* the lesson because to deny a child to !lay is to deny a child to live0 I really like the son* about com!arin* .ith actions0 It is a (un .ay o( lettin* children learn com!arin* easily0 1he (aces o( Pacman used in ans.erin* i( the *iven .ere more than, less than or e+ual to .ith the other is a creative .ay o( a!!lyin* the learnin* throu*h a *ame0 I love the story book about Mr, @dd and Ms0 >ven0 It makes the lesson understandable and at the same time a!!licable to everyday li(e and teaches a *ood morale (or the students0 1hese .ere all hel!(ul to catch the attention and interest o( the !u!ils0 1here .ere also o!!ortunities !rovided (or individual and *rou! activities0 tudents .ere able to most o( the +uestions correctly .hile some .ere incorrectly ans.ered .hich the teacher corrected and (urther e6!lained0 he encoura*es askin* o( +uestions and maintains a (riendly atmos!here0 he ended the class .ith a reminder to revie. and !ractice at home0 1hen, they !rayed and bid *oodbye0 :(ter the !eriod, I le(t a letter on the !a*e o( the lesson !lan (or the day sayin*: 1hank you (or lettin* me observe your class0 I en2oyed .atchin* your class0 =ee! u! the *ood .orkB %

&e had our !ost con(erence about the (ormal visit the ne6t day0 Ms0 4e Gu'man and I started .ith a !rayer then have a (e. minutes o( ;kumustahan30 &e .ere in her room and seated beside each other0 I be*an by* the tan(ord 1eacher Com!etence :!!raisal Guide0 I e6!lained the ratin*s !art by !art0 /or the (irst !art o( clarity and a!!ro!riateness o( aims, I commended her (or the .ell !re!ared lesson !lan0 :ims .ere clearly e6!lained to the students .hich set them .hat is e6!ected and .hat is e6!ected (rom them0 /or the second !art .hich is !lannin*, the or*ani'ation o( the lesson .as *ood but it .ould be better to e6!lain to them .hy they need to learn the conce!t so that they may reali'e its im!ortance0 /or the selection o( content and material, I told her that she did a very *ood 2ob because the content, aims, method, and materials are connected to each other0 I !raised the di((erent strate*ies and audio visual aids used0 1hey surely hel! in the learnin* !rocess o( the children0 &ith re*ards to the third !art .hich is !er(ormance, I commend the motivation or the be*innin* o( the lesson because eyes .ere *lued on the screen .hich is si*n that it is an e((ective motivation0 1he clarity o( !resentation is *ood but I can still be im!rove by usin* another techni+ue or method so students .ill not say :yan na naman teacher0 1he !acin* o( the lesson is also *ood but it .ould be a *reat hel! to e6!lain the reason .hy they should be learnin* it0 1he !u!il involvement and attention !rovided individual and *rou! !artici!ation0 1his is really a *ood .ay o( lettin* them do it by themselves and learn to interact .ith other0 7o.ever, activities must make sure that all students are !artici!atin*0 I( one seems to be inattentive or day dreamin*, one may *ive that !u!il more motivation to coo!erate0 1he endin* o( the lesson is also *ood but it .ill be better i( a summary o( .hat .as learned .ill done0 /or the teacher $ !u!il ra!!ort, kee! u! the *ood ra!!ort by maintainin* eye contact and by al.ays .earin* a smile0 Aetain the (riendly atmos!here and conducive environment (or learnin*0 @verall, I commend the very *ood lesson !lannin* and aims that .ere clearly e6!lained to the students0 Aetain the di((erent activities .hich .ill !rovide (or both individual and *rou! .ork0 =ee! u! the *ood ra!!ort by maintainin* eye contact and by al.ays .earin* a smile0 I also commend the di((erent strate*ies and audio visual aids used0 I3m assured that students are learnin* because they .ere able to most o( the +uestions correctly0 7o.ever, i( students .eren3t able to *ive the correct, it .ill be hel!(ul to use !robin* and,or !rom!tin* techni+ue until they reach the correct ans.er0 1hen, you may no. (urther e6!lain the to!ic0 Eou may also summari'e .hat .as done to re(resh them or .hat trans!ired (or the day0 &e ended that con(erence .ith a !rayer and I !ersonally said hank you (or lettin* me observe her class and that I en2oyed .atchin* her class0 May she continue to kee! u! the *ood .ork and may my su**estion be o( hel!0 he said thank you too and that this really hel!s her to be a better educator0 F

4urin* my con(erence .ith Ms0 4e Gu'man last 9uly 2%, 2#12, .e (irst started .ith a !rayer0 1hen, .e had a (e. minutes o( chats (or ;kumustahan30 :(ter, I told her the !ur!ose o( our con(erence0 I said that .e no. have to do a clinical visit to the same teacher .e had observed durin* the !o!Gin and (ormal0 I e6!lained .hat clinical su!ervision is and that its !rimary !ur!ose is to help teachers0 &ith this, I asked her o.n o!inion o( .hat skill does she .ants to im!rove on0 he said she thinks she needs to im!rove on classroom mana*ement since there are times that she really is havin* a hard time to mana*e the behavior o( the students0 o, .e have a*reed on the skill0 1he skill she .ishes to im!rove is Classroom Mana*ement0 1he techni+ue I chose .hich I think .ould best hel! her mana*ement style is the eatin* Chart 1echni+ues )Movement Pattern-0 1his techni+ue .ill make the teacher move around the room (* the arro.0 :(ter* her ho. the techni+ue .orks, I thank her (or her o!enness and time and she thanked me (or the su**estion0 5e(ore .e ended, .e !rayed a short !rayer0
1eac her3s 1able

5oard 9ohn Gabriel Maeve :n*el


Mary Grace

















<e*end: $ tartin* Point 4irection

G 4iscussion Point

4ate o( @bservation: 9uly 2C, 2#12 It3s no. the time (or my clinical visit, and as be(ore, even .ithout remindin* Ms0 4e Gu'man, she already had an em!ty seat !re!ared at the back .ith her lesson !lan on the arm rest0 I really like this attitude o( Ms0 4e Gu'man because she takes the initiative to act0 he doesn3t need to be told .hat is to be done every time0 I ho!e this rare breed o( res!onsible individual multi!ly and ho!e(ully not become e6tinct0 1hey started the class .ith a !rayer then a lively *reetin* to each other0 he (irst e6!lained the thin*s to do (or the day0 he then started the motivation .hich is a *ame titled Inside the 7oo! .here a *rou! o( student .ill *o inside the correct hoo! .ith the correct ans.er0 he did this .hile stayin* at the startin* !oint as .hat .e had talked about0 1his *ave her a *ood vie. to .atch everyone !layin*0 he then !resented the lesson *oin* in (ront to his le(t side0 1hen *oin* at the back a*ain then to the ri*ht side to center aisle to the ri*ht side in (ront and back to the !lat(orm0 he had a very smooth (* lesson because she .as able to a!!ly everythin*0 /rom the (irst ste! o( e6!lainin* the thin*s to do, to e6!lainin* .hy and makin* students reali'e the im!ortance o( learnin* such conce!t, to usin* di((erent strate*ies in !resentin* the lesson, to summari'in* .hat trans!ired (or the day and lastly (rom movin* (rom one side o( the room to another0 4oin* such set e6!ectation (or both the teacher and the students0 1hey seem to be more ea*er to learn because they kno. the im!ortance o( the lesson0 It also increased the coo!eration and !artici!ation o( the students because they are e6cited o( the innovative and (un ne. .ays their teacher is !resentin* to them0 1hey .ere also able to stuck .hat they learned (or the day because o( the summary0 <astly, their behavior as a class *reatly im!roved0 "oise is decreased .hile !roductivity increased0 I .rote a letter once a*ain and !lace it on the !a*e o( the lesson !lan o( the day0 1his is .hat I .rote: 4ear Ms0 4e Gu'man, Good dayB 1hank you (or lettin* me observe your class0 <ike be(ore, I en2oyed .atchin* your class0 Eou ama'ed me by bein* able to a!!ly everythin* that .e had talked about0 1hank you (or your o!enness and time0 Eou had *reatly ins!ired me to .ork harder and strive harder to be a better teacher0 =ee! it u!B Eou are on the ri*ht track o( !ursuin* your dreams to be the best teacher you can be0 Eour students are very lucky to have a second !arent like you0 God bless you al.aysB <ove and Prayers, Ms0 :yin Anal1sis% Hsin* this techni+ue sho.ed im!rovement (or both at $ task students and classroom mana*ement,disci!line0 I

It .as 9uly 3#, 2#12 .hen .e had our !ost con(erence (or clinical visit0 Ms0 4e Gu'man and I !rayed (irst and had a (e. minutes o( talk about !ersonal li(e and .ork0 5e(ore I be*an, she thanked me (or all the hel! I have e6tended (or her0 he (elt that as the days !assed, she *reatly im!roved as a teacher0 he said that (or the (irst time ever she (elt that she really had im!arted the kno.led*e and skills to her students0 he (elt e((ective and e((icient at the same time0 he told me that she .as e6tremely *rate(ul (or lettin* her kno. in a .eekly basis thin*s or areas .hich she can im!rove on0 he learned ho. to say .ords in a more encoura*in* .ay because that3s ho. I treated her0 :ccordin* to her, I .as also her ins!iration o( strivin* and .orkin* hard to be the best a !erson can be0 he advised me to kee! it u! and she .ishes me i( not an administrator, an o.ner o( my o.n school0 I am dee!ly moved by .hat she has said that tears almost (all do.n (rom my eyes but I mana*e to control it0 I told her that I am as *rate(ul to her0 I told her that i( you .eren3t o!en and coo!erative none o( these .ould have been !ossible0 I thanked her (or acce!tin* my o((er in a heartbeat and (or her time0 I also said that I learned a lot (rom her as .ell0 7er .isdom, humility, o!enness, and o!timism have in(luence me a lot not only as an educator but also as a !erson0 &e lau*hed to*ether and in mutual a*reement .e said <et3s start0 I be*an by con*ratulatin* her (or a 2ob .ell done0 I told her that I am really ama'ed o( the *reat im!rovements she has sho.n last time0 he .as doin* everythin* that .e a*reed u!on0 I told her that everythin* done .as creatively and e((ectively done0 ince our main task is to im!rove on the skill o( classroom mana*ement, I *ave her a round o( a!!lause (or this0 I con*ratulated her (or she .as able to do the eatin* Chart 1echni+ues or the Movement Pattern correctly0 he .as able to mana*e the behavior o( the class !ro!erly and increase attention o( students .hich yields to the result o( im!rovement (or both at $ task students and classroom mana*ement,disci!line0 5e(ore .e ended, she *ave me a letter .hich reads: 4ear Ms0 :yin, I am truly ins!ired by your dedication and hard .ork0 I am e6tremely thank(ul to God (or lettin* me kno. someone like you0 May you continue to hel!,ins!ire others 2ust like .hat you did to me0 I am al.ays here (or you0 God bless and more blessin* to comeB J<ots o( <ove, Ms0 :n*el I thanked her (or the letter and .e *ave each other a hu*0 &e !romised to continually im!rove (or our chosen career !aths0 &e ended .ith a !rayer but .e be*an a ne. 2ourney as im!roved teachers0 K

4in 5 4in
I( there .ould be t.o .ords that .ould best describe .hat .e both *one throu*h, it3s the .ords you could see at the to!0 I !ersonally tau*ht it .as one $ sided, but I .as .ron*0 It is a t.o $ .ay relationshi! bet.een the teacher and the observer0 9ust as the coin has t.o sides but the only di((erence is, (or this situation, both sides are !ositive0 Ms0 4e Gu'man .ins because (rom the !o! $ in she3s the teacher .ho doesn3t *ive the thin*s to do (or the day .hich a((ects ho. a student behave in an activity, to a teacher (rom the (ormal .ho *ives .hat is to be e6!ected (or the day and .hat is e6!ected to the students and someone .ho needs to *ive more !rom!tin* or !robin* +uestions, to the teacher (rom the clinical .ho is doin* everythin* correctly as a*reed u!on and is no. more con(ident than ever in im!artin* the kno.led*e and skills she .ishes to0 I .in because I .as ins!ired to !re!are my lesson !lan .ell like the .ay Ms0 4e Gu'man does it0 I .in because I learned di((erent strate*ies and techni+ues I may a!!ly in my o.n class0 I .in because I .as able to understand that all teachers also under*oes throu*h dilemmas that is .hy I shouldn3t be too hard to mysel( es!ecially i( I (eel that I3m not that e((ective0 >very teacher, at some !oint, (eels that .ay0 1his is the reason .hy one must learn .hen to ask (or hel!0 I learned that here0 &e .in because .e .ere able to hel! each otherJ to hel! and to be hel! in return0 &e .in because .e didn3t only *ain .isdom (rom one another but .e *ain (riendshi!0 &e .in because .e .ere able to have a mutual relationshi! as collea*ues0 &e .in because .e .ere able to (ind a reason to .ork harder and strive harder0 &e .in because .e created a conducive .ork!lace0 &e .in because .e became more e((ective and e((icient0 &e .in because .e im!roved0 &e .in because .e became more con(ident0 &e .in because .e (ound more burnin* (uel to kee! us in the *o o( ma6imi'in* our !otentials in moldin* the youn* heart and minds that are also the (uture o( this *eneration0 I am really thank(ul (or this .onder(ul o!!ortunity0 I *et to *ain a (riend and learn the !erson better0 I *et to im!rove as a teacher and be more dedicated and com!etent to my .ork, my chosen career .hich is also my chosen vocation0 1hank you (or lettin* me e6!erience this incredible 2ourney0 I ho!e others .ill also be able to e6!erience this .in $ .in story o( mine0 May you also continue to ins!ire others .ith your e6cellence and dedication0 God bless you al.aysB 1hank you so much (or the time, kno.led*e and ins!iration you im!arted to us0 I .ill be (orever *rate(ul more than you .ill ever kno.0
Your greatest contribution to the teaching profession is: to be sure there is a teacher in every classroom who cares that every student every day learns and grows and feels li!e a real human being"# $p"%&'(


Your greatest contribution to the teaching profession is: to be sure there is a teacher in every classroom who cares that every student every day learns and grows and feels li!e a real human being"#

:rcellaine Chan >422K tudent