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Shane Cornwell Miss Domske English 1 10 May 2012

Marshall Bruce Mathers III

Marshall Bruce Mathers III aka Eminem is a white rapper who grew up moving from house to house and in a house with a single Mom. I choose Marshall Bruce Mathers III because he is my favorite rapper. He relates to everyday things that go wrong in his life. He usually raps about his self, his kids, ex-wife, Mother and other really important people to him. Marshall got the name Eminem from his initals “M & M”. My Dad also was a big fan of Eminem and that’s how I started listing to his music and I was hooked. My favorite song is “Till I Collapse.” In my paper your will learn how Marshall Bruce Mathers III became famous and some of his problems, life challenges and awards.

Marshall Bruce Mathers III was born October 17, 1972 in Kansas City, Missouri. Marshall Bruce Mathers III wrote his first rap song “I’m Bad” at the age 14 and sold it to LL Cool J. He attended Lincoln High School in 1986-1989. He won Wake Up Show Freestyle Performer of TheYear in 1997. In late 1998 that year Dr. Dre signed Marshall Bruce Mathers III to his After Math Label. The Slim Shady EP was released in 1998. Marshall Bruce Mathers Mother saw an 11 million dollar pair of defamation law suit against her son in August 2001. Mathers signed a $25,000 settlement in May 2002. The Eminem Show was just released May 26,

2002 and was number one of the bill boards. In 2002 was a big year for Marshall it was the same year he started acting. He teamed up with director Curtis Hanson to create 8 Mile. Marshall played Jimmy Smith aka B-Rabbit in 8 Mile. Marshall Bruce Mathers has 3 children which are all girls Hailey Jade Scotte, Lanie Mathers, Whitney Mathers. Marshall Bruce Mathersremarried Kim Scotte in January 2006 in Michigan.

Marshall Bruce Mathers was my choice to write a report on because he is really important to me. He’s like me in the way he doesn’t let no one walk over him. People booed him thinking he wasn’t good enough. Marshall Bruce Mathers came above that and all his life problems and showed them what he could accomplish. Even though I knew a lot about Marshall Bruce Mathers there were a few things I learned. It was a shock to learn he had three kids, I thought he only had one daughter. Also I did not know that his Mother sued him and even though she didn’t get the settlement she was looking for that she still for $25,000. After knowing he had got a divorce I never seen or heard in the news where he had remarried one of his daughters Mothers.