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REGISTERED MASTER ELECTRICIAN Licensure Examination Friday, March 1 , !

"1" 1#"" $%m% & '#"" $m ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( TEHCNICAL SUBJECTS

INSTR)CTI*N#Se+ect the correct ans,er -or each o- the -o++o,in. /uestions% Mar0 on+y one ans,er -or each item 1y shadin. the 1ox corres$ondin. to the +etter o- your choice on the ans,er sheet $ro2ided% STRICTL3 N* ERAS)RES ALL*4ED% )se $enci+ No% 1 on+y% M)LTI5LE C6*ICE 1% A 7(2o+t +ead(acid 1attery has an interna+ resistance o- "%"1 ohm% 6o, much current ,i++ -+o, i- the 1attery has a short circuit8 a% 7"A 1% 7""a c% in-inity d% 9ero !% A 1inary a++oy o- co$$er and 9inc% a% :ron9e 1% :rass c% A+nico d% Stee+ d% decreases

;% The resistance o- a conductor ,hen its tem$erature is increased, a% increases 1% remain constant c% 2aries

<% A 2o+ta.e source o- !"= is a$$+ied across the termina+s o- a !%'(ohm rheostat% Ca+cu+ate the $o,er dissi$ated in the rheostat8 a% 17"4 1% 1""4 c% 1'"4 d% 1>"4 '% )nit o- e+ectrica+ $ressure is a% ,att 1% am$ere c% ohm d% 2o+t

7% T,o resistors o- resistances ' ohms and ? ohms are connected in series across a 7"(2o+t source% 4hat is the $o,er a1sor1ed in the '(ohm resistor8 a% '" ,atts 1% !' ,atts c% 1!' ,atts d% 1"" ,atts ?% 4hen usin. ohms +a,, E di2ided 1y I ,ou+d so+2e -or a% ,atts 1% am$era.e c% 2o+ta.e >% In resistance co+or codin., red co+or is assi.ned to a 2a+ue a% ; 1% " c% ! d% resistance d% 1

% An e+ectric iron ta0es ; @ am$s% I- the heatin. e+ement has a resistance o- <" ohms, ,hat is its $o,er consum$tion8 a% "%<' 04 1% "%< 04 c% "%;' 04 d% "%'1 04 1"% Another name -or a secondary ce++% a% 4et ce++ 1% Stora.e ce++ c% Dry ce++ d% Dis$osa1+e ce++ A% 4hat is

11% T,o resistances o- > and 1" ohms res$ecti2e+y are connected in $ara++e+ and ta0e a tota+ current othe current -+o,in. in the >(ohm resistance8 a% ' A 1% < A c% 7 A d% ; A

1!% 4hat is the resistance must 1e connected across a <(ohm resistor in order to .i2e an e/ui2a+ent resistance o- ; ohms8 a% 1" ohms 1% > ohms c% 1! ohms d% None o- these 1;% 6o, is 2o+tmeter connected in a circuit8 a% Connect in short circuit across the +oad 1% Connect in shunt across the +oad c% Connect in series across the +oad d% Connect in o$en circuit ,ith the +oad 1<% Com$onent o- an atom that doesnAt ha2e any e+ectrica+ char.e% a% E+ectron 1% 5roton c% Neutron 1'% A +ead(acid ce++ is constructed in mu+ti$+e -or the $ur$ose o- BBBBBB% a% increasin. the em- o- the ce++ 1% increasin. the ca$acity o- the ce++ c% increasin. the interna+ resistance o- the ce++ d% a++ o- these 17% A measurin. instrument used to measure the diameter o- circu+ar ,ires in mi++s% a% Micrometer 1% Mi++imeter c% 4ire .au.e d% Mi++iammeter 1?% The e+ectron in the +ast or1it o- an atom are ca++ed a% 1ound e+ectrons 1% -ree e+ectrons c% 2a+ence e+ectrons d% char.ed e+ectrons 5a.e 1 d% None o- these

REGISTERED MASTER ELECTRICIAN Licensure Examination Friday, March 1 , !"1" 1#"" $%m% & '#"" $m ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( TEHCNICAL SUBJECTS
1>% A <"" MCM ca1+e has ;? strands% 4hat is the diameter i- each strand in mi++s8 a% 1"%>1 1% 1">1 c% 1"< d% 1"> 1 % The co$$er -ie+d coi+s o- a motor ,as measured at !1 oC and -ound to ha2e a resistance o- 7> ohms% A-ter the motor has run -or a .i2en time, the resistance is -ound to 1e " ohms% 4hat is the hot tem$erature o- the ,indin.8 a% 1"7%;7oC 1% 177%;"oC c% 1";%77oC d% None o- these !"% A secondary ce++ is char.ed ,ith a constant current o- 1" A -or 1" hours% 6o, much char.e is accumu+ated8 a% 1"" cou+om1s 1% ;7",""" cou+om1s c% 1"",""" cou+om1s d% 7",""" cou+om1s !1% A ce++ ,hose em- is 1%<' = has an interna+ resistance o- < ohms% 4hat current ,i++ -+o, i- this ce++ is connected across a 1 & ohms resistor8 a% "%< A 1% "%! A c% "%' A d% "%; A !!% 4hat is the diameter o- a co$$er ,ire ha2in. a cross sectiona+ area o- ;, 7 CM8 a% 1%7 mm 1% ?%> mi++s c% "%7 inch d% None o- these !;% 4hen n e/ua+ resistors are connected in series to a source o- em- E 2o+ts, each ha2in. a resistance o- R ohms, ,hich o- the -o++o,in. statements is true8 a% The 2o+ta.e dro$ across one o- the resistor is e/ua+ to ECn 1% The e/ui2a+ent resistance o- the circuit is e/ua+ to nR c% The current throu.h each o- the resistor is the same d% A++ o- these !<% Gi2e an exam$+e o- an e+ectrica+ conductor% a% :rass 1% As1estos c% S+ate d% Latex

!'% A sma++ 1u+1 ,ith a resistance o- 1""" ohms is connected across a 1!"(= +ine% 4hat is the current throu.h the 1u+18 a% 1%! A 1% "%1! A c% "%"1! A d% 1! A !7% 5ractica++y a++ 1atteries ha2e a nomina+ ratin. 1ased on the BBBB hour rate o- dischar.e% a% > 1% !< c% 17 d% 1! !?% The ener.y stored in an e+ectro+ytic ce++ is a% an e+ectrica+ 1% a ma.netic c% a mechanica+ d% a chemica+

!>% The most common usa.e o- resistors in e+ectronic circuits is to BBBBBBBB% a% +imit a current 1% introduce a 2o+ta.e dro$ c% .enerate heat d% a++ o- these ! % A !""(= +am$ has a hot resistance o- <"" ohms% The $o,er ratin. in ,atts o- the +am$ is a% 1"" 4 1% !"" 4 c% 7"" 4 d% !'" 4 ;"% A 1attery is char.ed at 1' A -or 1" hours% I- the 2o+ta.e is 1!" =, ,hat is the cost at 1%"" $er 04(hr8 a% 1' $esos 1% 1> $esos c% 1! $esos d% !" $esos 31. 6o, much current is $roduced 1y a 7"(= source connected across a 1!(0 resistance8 a% ' A 1% ?%! A c% !" mA d% ' mA ;!% I- 1> resistances, each o- a 2a+ue o- ;7 ohms, are connected in $ara++e+, then the tota+ resistance is a% ;7 ohms 1% ! ohms c% 7<> ohms d% '< ohms ;;% A ,ire ,hose resistance is r ohms is 1ein. cut into -our e/ua+ $arts% I- these $arts are to 1e connected in $ara++e+, ho, much is the e/ui2a+ent resistance in ohms8 a% rC1! 1% rC17 c% rC> d% rC< ;<% The resistance o- the materia+ in in2erse+y $ro$ortiona+ to its a% 1% tem$erature c% cross(sectiona+ area d% a++ o- these ;'% An ammeter is connected BBBBBB% a% across the +oad 1% in series ,ith the +oad c% in series($ara++e+ across the +oad d% none o- these 5a.e !

REGISTERED MASTER ELECTRICIAN Licensure Examination Friday, March 1 , !"1" 1#"" $%m% & '#"" $m ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( TEHCNICAL SUBJECTS
;7% I- the num1er o- 2a+ence e+ectrons is exact+y -our, the materia+ is a% a conductor 1% a semi(conductor c% an insu+ator d% a su$erconductor ;?% Commercia+ unit o- an e+ectrica+ ener.y% a% Dou+e 1% 4att(hour c% Me.a,att d% Ei+o,att(hour

;>% 4hat is the resistance that must 1e connected in $ara++e+ ,ith a 1%"(ohm resistance to .i2e an e/ui2a+ent resistance o- "%! ohm8 a% "%?' ohm 1% "%!' ohm c% 1%!" ohm d% "%'" ohm ; % 4hen a 1attery is dischar.ed in use, its 2o+ta.e is BBBBB the theoretica+ 2o+ta.e% a% >7%?; 1% 7 c% 7;%?> d% ?;%>7 <"% A ,ater heater ta0es !%' A at !;" =% 4hat is its hot resistance8 a% !" 4 1% >" 4 c% '"" 4 d% !"" 4

<1% An e+ectric iron dra,s 1' A at !!" =% It is desired to reduced the current to 1! A 1y connectin. a series rheostat% 4hat is the resistance o- the rheostat8 a% ;%77 ohms 1% <%'' ohms c% '%1! ohms d% 1%>7 ohms <!% The a1i+ity o- a conductor to a++o, current -+o,% a% Resistance 1% Coe--icient o- resistance c% Conductance d% 5ermea1i+ity <;% :+ue is assi.ned to ,hat 2a+ue in the resistance co+or code8 a% ' 1% 7 c% ? d% <

<<% Three 1!"(ohm resistor are connected in series($ara++e+% The e/ui2a+ent resistance o- the com1ination is BBBB% a% ;7" ohms 1% >" ohms c% 1>" ohms d% <" ohms <'% A !'(4 incandescent 1u+1 rated at 1!" = and o$erated on a 1!" = +ine has 1urnt out and has to 1e re$+aced as soon as $ossi1+e% There are se2era+ +am$s a2ai+a1+e 1ut not o- the same ratin.% 4hich o- the 1u+1s 1e+o, shou+d 1e used to a$$roximate the $o,er consum$tion o- the 1usted 1u+18 a% !" ,atts, 11" 2o+ts 1% 1"" ,atts, !<" 2o+ts c% '" ,atts, !<" 2o+ts d% ?' ,atts, !!" 2o+ts <7% A resistor o- ; ohms is connected in $ara++e+ ,ith one o- !(ohm resistance% I- the com1ination is connected in series ,ith a <(ohm resistor, ,hat is the e/ui2a+ent resistance o- the ,ho+e com1ination o- three resistors8 a% 7%< ohms 1% '%> ohms c% <%' ohms d% '%! ohms <?% A su1stance that cannot 1e decom$osed any -urther 1y a chemica+ reaction% a% Ion 1% E+ement c% Mo+ecu+e d% None o- these <>% A resistance o- < "hms is connected in series to a $ara++e+ connection o- t,o >(ohm resistance% The tota+ resistance is a% 7 ohms 1% !" ohms c% > ohms d% 1! ohms < % *ne horse$o,er is e/ui2a+ent to ho, many ,atts8 a% ?<7 1% ?7< c% 7?< d% None o- these

'"% A resistor o- <(ohm resistance is connected in $ara++e+ ,ith a series com1ination o- t,o resistors, ;(ohm and 1( ohm res$ecti2e+y% 4hat is the e/ui2a+ent resistance o- the ,ho+e com1ination8 a% > ohms 1% ; ohms c% ' ohms d% None o- these