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Good afternoon class Good afternoon Teacher How are you today? We are fine Teacher. Allright then. Well, you can take your seat now.

(All students sit down except Samdol) Teacher Samdol Teacher : : : Ok class, I would like to revise..Eh! Samdol! What are you doing? Why are you holding your chair like that? Just now you said “take your seat”. So I am taking my seat lah teacher. (sigh). Samdol, samdol…No wonder you are called Samdol..The name suits you very well.. When I said “take your seat”, it doesn’t mean I want you to hold your chair like that. It means “sit down”, OK?? Oh..I see…



(Samdol sits on the floor) Teacher : Allright class, now we can begin our lesson about… Eh!! Samdol! Now what are you doing?? Why are you sitting on the floor?? Samdol : Just now you said “sit down”. Down means “bawah” kan teacher? So I sit down lah… Teacher : Oh! My Goodness! What’s wrong with you today Samdol?? Sit down doesn’t mean sit on the floor. It means sit on your chair! Look behind you! Can’t you see where all your classmates are sitting? They don’t sit on the floor, right? Samdol : Oh..I see… Now I understand..Now I am sitting down on the chair.. Sorry teacher..

I see… Forefinger. Just answer my question. not “F.Teacher : Class : Teacher : Pupils : Teacher : your book last night? Harjit : Teacher Harjit Teacher : : : It’s ok Samdol.. can you show me where’s your forefinger? (Harjit thinks very hard & ask his friends) Harjit : Aha!! I’ve got it. Don’t waste my time. Oh yes..R. That’s not your forefinger! Have you forgotten what I taught you yesterday?? Think carefully…where’s your forefinger? Thousand apologies Madam. no Harjit. excuse me.! that’s your forefinger. That’s good.But here are my four fingers. no. Thousand apologies. Now. Let me see….3.I read a book last night..O. I studied my lesson last night. not MY finger! Ok. Did you read the notes I gave you yesterday? Have you done your homework? Yes Teacher Very good. What about you Harjit? Did you read Thousand apologies Madam. (Harjit shows his four fingers) Teacher Harjit Teacher : : : No. That’s not your forefinger! Here’s your forefinger! (Harjit stare hard at the finger shown) Harjit Teacher Harjit Thousand apologies Madam.U. not FOUR finger.” finger. STOP IT!!! (Harjit almost cry. ok? Now do you understand? Thousand apologies Madam. Here are my four fingers.) Teacher Harjit Teacher Harjit Teacher : : : : : Now listen to me Harjit.) Harjit : Oh.. ok???? (Harjit blinks and nods his head….E. but that’s YOUR finger. but ONE finger… : : : . Of course you can ask me Madam.R. Did you study last night? Be honest with me! Thousand apologies madam.1... Ok.O... The story is about a crazy man who likes to eat chicken shit STOP IT! I don’t want to hear about that story! I want to know whether or not you read the notes I gave you yesterday? Thousand apologies Madam.Ok. the spellings are different! Forefinger is spelled “F.2.. Four fingers! Thousand apologies Madam.” finger. excuse me.. Excellent! Now I want to ask you orally. but I only see there’s only ONE finger. Now can we revise the previous lesson about parts of our body? No problem Teacher. Next time please don’t do that again. Harjit. see.But the story was very very nice… It was about.. Ok class. Now. can I ask you a question about the lesson we learnt yesterday? Thousand apologies madam. Yes Madam.4.. Thousand apologies Madam.thousand apologies… Teacher : Oh My God!! Harjit…although the sound of the words are the same.

. now please repeat this sentence after me. Teacher : That’s good.t. Say “RRRRRRR” Mei Ling : ALLLLLLLL… Teacher : “RRRRRRR” Mei Ling : LLLLLLLLLL (teacher & Mei Ling repeat the letter. Teacher : Mei Ling…That’s not correct. I hope we can continue our lesson peacefully after this. Try to say “LLLLLLLLLLL” “RRRRRRRRRR” That’s correct!! Vely good! Ishhh!!! Very good. Now. Now. “I READ THREE STORY BOOKS EVERY WEEK TO IMPROVE MY ENGLISH” Mei Ling : I lead thlee stoly books evely week to implove my English. Mei Ling. Not “LLLLL”. Please stand up... Then teacher stops and thinks) Teacher Mei Ling Teacher Mei Ling Teacher : : : : : Ok. can I ask you a few questions? Mei Ling : yyyyyyeeeessss tttttteacher… Teacher : Ok.tteacher… I. Say “RRRRRR” Me Ling : ALLLLLLL….Ok then. Please say “R” correctly. Now repeat after me “ I LEAD THLEE STOLY BOOK EVELY WEEK TO IMPLOVE MY ENGLISH” I RRREAD THRRREE STORRRY BOOKS EVERRRY WEEK TO IMPRRROVE MY ENGLISH excellent! . let me see… what about you Mei Ling.Teacher : (sigh). Did you read the notes I gave you? Mei Ling : yyyyyessss…t.. Teacher : No Mei Ling.I…hhhhave llllead tttthe nnnnotes aaalleady.t.I.

Hashimoto says HAITT…) Teacher Hashimoto Teacher Hashimoto Teacher Hashimoto Teacher Hashimoto Teacher Hashimoto : : : : : : : : : : OK!! STOP IT!! THAT’S ENOUGH! HAITTT!!! Yessooo!! I yoo readdoo theoo lessonnooo lastooo nightooo!! HAITT!! HAITTT!!! Ishhh!! What are you saying??? I don’t understand at all!! HAITTT!!! I ooo Read ooo the oooo lesson oooo last ooo night ooo! Oh.. I see… you read the notes I gave you. right? That’s good.. HAITTT!! Haittt!! Ishhh!! Would you please stop that!! HAITTT!!! Ok.. teacher says HAITT. ok…that’s enough! Back to my question. go.. Hashimoto say HAITT. Can I ask you some questions?? (Hashimoto says HAITT…teacher says HAITT.Teacher : Now let me see… what about you Mr Ajinomoto. You can go now. Hashimoto : HAITTT!!! ThankOOO youOOO veryOOO muchOOO…HAITTT!!! Teacher : HAittt!!! Ishhh!! Go. teacher says HAITT….OPSS!! sorry…Mr Hashimoto! Can I ask you a few questions about the previous lesson?? Did you study last night? (Hashimoto stands up & say HAITT.) Teacher : Ok. Allright. now can you show me… HAITTT!!! excuseOO meOOO madamOOO!! MayOOO Iooo go to theOO ToiletOOO!! HAITTT!! HAITT!! Ish!! What are you saying?? Please speak properly mr hashimoto!! I don’t quite Teacher : understand you! Hashimoto : HAiTTT!! ExcuseOO meOOO madamOOO! Haittt! I wantOO to go too theOOO toiletOOO! Haittt!! Teacher : HaiTTT!! Ish!!! Ohhhh…you wantOO to go too the toiletOO…ishhh! Why can’y you speak properly without the “OOOO” for each word.. go now!! Don’t waste my time entertaining your weird language!! GOOO!!!! (hashimoto runs out) .

I see…Sorry teacher…hehehehe..I seeeee…... Once upon a time. Minah… I didn’t mean that..right teacher? Oh my God…!! Minah. Once upon a time. could you please give me a said “give me a hand”. can you give me a hand.. In a kingdom above the clouds (Teacher looks behind & is shocked to see the students) Teacher students Teacher Students Teacher Class : : : : : : Hey!!! What are you all doing behind my back??? Just now you said “follow you”. would you please. Once upon a time. Can you. now please take out your textbook And turn to page 75. There lived a beautiful princess..huu…huuu… Hey Minah! Who wants to cut your hand? What’s wrong with you??? Just now .NO… I didn’t mean for all of you to follow me like that! What I meant was for all of you follow what I was reading! Understand!? Ohhh….Teacher : What a relief… Ok class.!! I don’t want to give you my hand…Don’t take my hand… Don’t cut my hand…!Pleaseeee….. so we follow you laaa… NO.! Ilove my hand very much…... You want my hand lah…. There lived a beautiful princess.. Now. (Minah scream and cry) Teacher Minah Teacher Minah Teacher Minah Teacher Minah : : : : : : : : Minah! Hey Minah!! What’s wrong with you?? Why are crying? Are you hurt or something?? Huuu.we understand teacher.! I’m going to get heart attack if you all behave like that throughout our lesson.! Ok then. When I say “give me a hand”.? can you please pick up the book? Yes teacher...NO.. Now please follow me. of course! Teacher : (sigh)…My let’s start all over again. (the students follow the teacher walking) Class Teacher Class Teacher Class : : : : : Once upon a time.huuu. (the students take out their books) Teacher : Allright class..Please don’t do again Minah.. Opppss!! (a book falls down) Teacher : Minah. Now do you understand?? Ohh…like that aaahhh… oh.... Follow me please. it’s another way of saying “can you help me”. Ok class. .. Please teacher…pleaseeeee…. In a kingdom above the clouds. let’s continue with our lesson for today. Now.

ok.arrghhh!! I must go to the toilet now teacher…arrgghhh… Yacccht!!! So disgusting! Go now and come back fast! thank you teacher.. Ok then. I hope there won’t be any more disturbances. ok?? Ok teacher… Allright.. bye! Bye!.Teacher Class Teacher Class Teacher Class Teacher Class Teacher Class Teacher Class Teacher Class Teacher : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : There lived a beautiful princess.! Don’t follow that one! Will you please stop it??!! Will you please stop it??!! Oh! My God…what’s wrong with you today?? Oh! My God…what’s wrong with you today?? Please stop it. arrrgh…arrgh…may I arrgh…go…arghhh... In a kingdom above the clouds... repeat after There lived a beautiful princess. (Samdol has a stomachache) Samdol Teacher Samdol Teacher Samdol Teacher Students Teacher Students Teacher : : : : : : : : : : Excuse me teacher. arrghhh… last night I ate durian cicah sambal belacan.. Can we continue with our lesson? Yesssss teacherrr….?? You want me to get heart attack?? Yesss! Don’t follow that one! No..NO…!! we want to learn English.. Once upon.. they run back to their seats) Teacher Class Teacher Class Teacher Class Teacher : : : : : : : (sigh)… What’s wrong with all of you today class.OPSSS!!! NO teacher.. There was a (Mei Ling stands up) Mei Ling : Exxxxccccuuusssseee memememe tttttttteacher… (Teacher gets angry) Teacher : YES MEI LING!!!!! WHAT DO WANT NOW?????? . Now let’s begin again.. Ok class..!! I’m warning you! please stop it...!! I’m warning you! STOP IT!!!!!!!! (the students are really shocked. Please follow what I am reading from the textbook.. Can we continue with our lesson? Yesssss teacher… Ok. In a kingdom above the clouds That’s very good! That’s very good! No.... Once upon a time… Once upon a the…arghh… toilet? Now what’s wrong with you Mr Samdol? I have a stomachache.

Yes Madam.I I I I I I I I I wwwwant tttto ggggo bbbback nnnnow.YOU”RE ALL MAKING ME SICK!!! GOOOO!!!GOOO!!! GOOO!!! All of you!!! GOOOOOOO…...Mei Ling Tacher Mei Ling Teacher : : : : So so so so…... not anymore. WHAT???? You want to go home?? WHY???? MMMMy gggglandmother is ggggetting want to learn English Mr hashimoto…? GO NOW!!!! FIND ANOTHER TEACHER!!!! I DON”T WANT TO BE YOUR TEACHER ANYMORE!!! Teacher Hashimoto Teacher Hashimoto Teacher : : : : : (Hashimoto runs! Teacher stare at other students in the class) Teacher Harjit Teacher : : : What about you Mr Harjit! And you samdol!!! You really want to learn English from me?? Thousand apologies.!!!!! (students run out) . Iooo wantooo to learnooo englishooo.. I I I am nnnnot ppppulling yyyour lllleg…nobody is ppppulling yyour lllleg but I mmmust go nnnnowww… mmmy gggglandmother iiiis vvvely vvvelly vvvvely old…I I I I OH STOP IT!!! You’re lying!! So you want to go back huhhh?? GO NOW AND DON”T COME BACK TO MY CLASS!!!!! HAITTT!!! Excuseoooo meooooo Madamooooo!! Mayooo Ioooo enterooo tho classoooo!! HAITTTT!!!! HAIT!!! Ishhhh!!! OOOOooooo!! Youoooo wantooo to enterooo tho classsooo??? Yesss oooo. Your glandmother ISHHH!!! Grandmother is getting mallied ISHHH!!! Married???? Are you trying to pull my leg??? (Mei Ling looks at teacher’s leg) Mei Ling : Nnnnnnooo nnnoooo teacher...HAIT!!! Haitt!! Ishhh!!! Grrr!! Oooo.soli soli teacher…. Well.. I am wanting to learn English from you! Thousand apologies.