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Sahiba Duggal 3rd Semester,MLA


The quantitative aspect of water is such that water covers 71% of the Earth's surface. Niagara falls . and is vital for all known forms of terms of diversification of plant and animal life example corals.VARIOUS FORMS IN WHICH WATER OCCURS IN NATURE AND HOW IT CHANGES THE CHARACTER OF THE LANDSCAPE.These natural forms in which water occur supports a diverse variety of sea animals and plant life.jelly fishes which is an exquisite example of nature’s creation. Our rivers and oceans have resulted into creation of beautiful riverfronts and has given human diverse opportunities to explore life under water.

HOW MAN MADE WATER FEATURES ACCENTUATE A PARTICULAR LANDSCAPE IN MANY WAYS. . Hot Springs Natural valleys and lakes are also resultant of water’s dynamism in nature.Ripples of water. water falling in the form of drops. Any landscape with the potential to hold a water body that can be easily maintained brings out the special quality of landscape than a landscape without water. In today’s world where technology and resources have reached to any remotest place.flowing water. it has become relatively easier to incorporate water as an element in our landscaped environments for many reasons.Lake Ouachita. The various reasons for incorporation can be: Physical attributes: Role that water plays in creating spatial organizations better in a particular concept where the presence of water holds a particular relevance in the whole landscape concept.water in creek are some of the examples of how water used in different forms produces different effects.

2. 3. Cascading water. Static Forms 1. Lake 2. generates feeling of enthusiasm and creates positive wave of mental well-being. Spouts. Spouts: Gives a healing effect as the intensity of flow of water is slow. .the intensity is higher. Water falling: The sound of water creates the magic and also due to fall of water. Fountains Still Water: It gives a feeling of calmness and serenity which soothes the senses gives a feeling of relaxation. Still Water.TYPES OF MAN MADE WATER FEATURES Dynamic Forms 1. Fountains: It is more vibrant in natureas well as appealing to the eye.

Spouts Aesthetic Appeal: Cascading water The aesthetic appeal of water is such that the blue colour and the smooth texture of water appeals to the eye and imparts a soothing effect. 1. More interactive Environment. Relaxation to the mind 4. Microclimate: Presence of water bodies in any landscape setting changes the microclimate by decreasing the temperature. 2. Sensual Effect. Cooling. Visually pleasing. 3. Mood enhancing 3. Therapeutic effect of water in landscape: Physical health Mental health 1.Closeness with nature . 2.

The belief that viewing vegetation. Three main kinds of health effects have been identified in the study:  Short-term recovery from stress or mental fatigue. China and Greece.  Fasterphysical recovery from illness. Links between landscape and health have been observed for a long time and in many different cultures and societies. strong and gentle gives us a feeling of exhilaration and relieves our inner stresses both mental and physical. Cooling A brisk walk by the lakeside with cool breeze blowing refreshes us by virtue of the visual magic of water and the waves produced by the blowing wind. . Looking at water in the form of waves. Visually pleasing. Example: In the Middle Ages.Sensual Effect. A landscape with natural coast line is always a visual and psychological relief to the eye and senses as compared to the dry and arid landscape with scarce water. the first hospitals in Europe were infirmaries in monastic communities where a cloistered garden was an essential part of the environment used to bring relief to the ill. water and other natural elements can ameliorate stress and is beneficial for patients in healthcare environments dates as far back as the earliest large cities in Persia.

Apart from that the set up tends to become more interactive as water pulls people both children and other age groups near to it. Water thereby plays a crucial role in creating a meaning full and lively environment in landscape designed spaces and thus water should be used wisely as a tool to enhance user’s physical and psychological health. Long-term overall improvement on people’s health and makes the set-up playful and vibrant making people stay for longer. ROLE OF WATER IN MENTAL WELL BEING MORE INTERACTIVE ENVIRONMENT An urban set-up is accentuated by adding water element. Example: Lakesides .If water feature produces sound .

Thereby the mind releases out stress.decision making. Our inner self relates instantly with the ambience and one feels in a better state of mind when surrounded by water.Presence of water and greenery in our daily routine starting from our home to office place makes our working capacities better and efficient in comparison to the monotonous office environments and other places. The sound of waves besides the sea soothes our ears and we feel the difference it makes to us as in today’s world stress and noise has taken a toll on human and one really need the magical play of water to reduce the stress levels and help us to recuperate ourselves and build strengths of concentration.MOOD ENHANCING We all recognise the calming effect of a walk alongside a water body. CLOSENESS WITH NATURE With rapid urbanization it has become a difficult task to establish contact with nature in our day to day lives. especially water stimulates the senses. whereas nature is an integral part of our existence. RELAXATION TO THE MIND Water effects the senses in a positive way as the environment created breaks away from the noisy areas.focus. . they respond in a better way when with nature.As human beings have evolved in intimate contact with nature.