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As a Wordpress user, you must be aware of some of the most common errors prevailing in it.

There are many other errors which are rare and are very unlikely to occur. It really becomes very frustrating if you have just installed a new plugin or is just going to publish a newly written post, and an unexpected error comes up to trouble you and waste your time. Thankfully, most of the Wordpress errors are solvable. Not only errors, but there some really very common mistakes that most of the Wordpress users and developers often tend to do. aking a mistake is not something immoral, but we should take lessons from them such that we don!t repeat them in future. In this article, I have compiled a list of the most common Wordpress errors and mistakes faced by most of the Wordpress users. I have also tried to find and mention the simplest and easiest possible solutions to these problems.

Most Common Wordpress Errors That Troubles Us
"# $mail %etrieval of &ost Admin 'assword Not Working
I felt worried when I lost my Wordpress password for the first time and the “Lost your Password ! was also not working. I had put my email I( on the email retrieval form and clicked on “"et #ew Password!, but no email reached my inbo). I felt as if I had almost lost my entire site but fortunately found a solution to this problem right on time.

$olution% The solution to this problem is *uite simple. +ou can manually reset the password by logging in to php yAdmin in the c'anel. ,ere are the steps for you"# &ogin to your c'anel and open php&y'dmin option under (atabases. .# /elect your particular database and click on 0rowse option under the 1wp2users3 row. 4# There will be two important columns, user(login and user(password, which are your matter of interest. 5# 6ind your username in the user2login column and then change or reset your password simply by entering a new value as password.

7# 8nce you have done this, you need to encrypt it using menu.

(7 under the )unction dropdown

.# Tackling with the 1Warning- 9annot modify header information : headers already sent3
+ou might have seen this warning being displayed to you right after any Wordpress update or any plugin or theme update. +ou can also invite this warning, if you have wrongly messed up with your wp*config.php file and have left some unnecessary spaces, line breaks or other junks inside it.

$olution% The solution to this problem is really very simple. All you need to do is just clean up your wp* config.php file a bit and you are done. ,ere are the simple steps for you"# (ownload the wp;config.php file using your favorite 6T' program, like 6ile<illa. .# 8pen the file and remove any white spaces or line breaks before the 1 + php code!. 4# (o the same thing for the end of the file after 1 ,!. 5# If the warning mentions some other specific file name, then you can repeat the same process with the other files too.

4# The White /creen of (eath
This is an error that mainly occurs due to various ',' and (atabase conflicts . -he White $creen of .eath is nothing but your blog!s homepage and the admin pages showing a white page and nothing else. This generally occurs after a fresh Wordpress install or any update. The Wordpress community loves to call it by the name of, Wordpress White $creen of .eath.

$olution% The solution to this problem is *uite simple. All you need to do is remove the plugin and theme conflict issues and viola, problem solved. "# &og in to your server using any 6T' program you want, and locate the folder, wp* content/plugins and rename it to wp*content/plugins(changed. This will deactivate all plugins that you currently are using and will remove any 'lugin conflict issues. +ou can try reloading the site once again to see if it!s opening properly.

.# If that doesn!t work for you, then you can log in again to your server using 6T' and locate the wp*content/themes folder and rename it just the way you did before. This generally happens if you have installed and activated any new theme which have resulted in any conflict.

5# $rror $stablishing (atabase 9onnection
The warning itself is *uite self;e)planatory. It simply means that there is a connection problem with your database. There can be many reasons for this particular problem and detecting the correct cause is really tricky and once detected, solving the problem will not be difficult at all.

$olution% 01 2orrect the errors in the wp*config.php file 8pen your wp;config.php using 6T' and check if the (atabase Name, =sername, 'assword and ,ost are correct. If there is any mistake then make the corrections immediately. 31 4our .atabase 5uota 6xceeded +our web host can also be the reason for this problem. $ither they can have some internal problem of their own, due to which the database connection is not getting established properly or your database *uota may have e)ceeded because of which your web host has suspended your database. Try contacting with your web hosting provider to solve the later problem.

71 4ou have been hacked The database and the wp;config.php file are often the favorite targets for most of the hackers as they contain many sensitive information about your Wordpress installation. If the first and the second point are not the actual cause of the problem, then it is *uite obvious that the security of your blog have been compromised. +ou can contact your web host to suspend your current account and use a backup >that you have already created# to reset your entire Wordpress installation.

7# /olving the 9onnection Timed 8ut 'roblem
19onnection Timed 8ut3 warning is displayed by Wordpress, when your Wordpress is trying to do more things than what your server can handle. I first e)perienced this error a few months back while adding a new post and was just on the verge of hitting the 1'ublish3 button. -he main reason for this problem is that your server is limited enough to give enough resources to all Wordpress processes to operate properly.

$olution% "# (eactivate all your plugins at once and then re;activate them one;by;one and investigate which plugin is taking high resources and causing the problem. .# $dit the root .htaccess file of your site and place the following code inside itphp_value memory_limit 64M

If it doesn!t work, try contacting your hosting provider to increase the memory limit. 4# The theme may also be a problem, but it is *uite rare I guess. /till you can give it a *uick check, by deactivating the theme once and switching to a lighter theme instead.

?# (ealing with the

emory /i@e $)hausted $rror

+ou might have seen this “)atal error% 'llowed memory si8e of 7799::73 bytes exhausted! mainly while trying to upload any image in your Wordpress, because of limited memory resources available to Wordpress. 0ut fortunately, this problem is also not unsolvable. +ou can follow the simple steps mentioned below to solve it successfully.

$olution% "# 6irstly, you can edit the root .htaccess file and add the following line of code anywherephp_value memory_limit 64M

.# +ou can also edit the php.ini file and increase your memory limit. Try adding-

Memory_limit = 64M;

This simply means that the ma)imum amount of memory available to a particular script is ?5 0, but if the error message shows ?5 , then you can try increasing it further to ".A . 0ut if you are in a shared hosting, then you may not have permissions to edit this file.

Try contacting your hosting provider to get your problem solved.

Most Common Mistakes That You Must Avoid
"# Not Taking %egular 0ackups
any Wordpress users are known make this mistake and later repent for this. “2rashes! are ;uite common in Wordpress, rather they are inevitable. Anything can happen anytime. $ven with the increasing interest of the hackers in Wordpress, the risk factor is increased considerably.

/o, it is very essential for the Wordpress users to take backups regularly and also in a very systematic and well*planned way. +ou need to set which day is fi)ed for which backup : )ile <ackup, .atabase <ackup and =&L <ackup. +ou also need to configure cloud storage to store your backups remotely.

.# =sing c'anel 6ile

anager instead of 6T'

I have seen many Wordpress users still using the c'anel 6ile anager to transfer files to their server. c'anel 6ile anager is *uite slow and sluggish as compared to popular 6T' programs like 6Ile<illa. Not only that, you will also invite fre*uent crashes while uploading files resulting in an overall poor e)perience. +ou should download a free )-P program which will make your life a bit easier while uploadingBdownloading files from your server and editing them.

4# Not 0eing /erious About Coogle Authorship
As the face of /$8 is changing rapidly and the search engines are putting more and more focus on social signals, especially on CoogleD, forgetting to verify "oogle 'uthorship for your blog is a big mistake. +ou must have seen the profile photos of authors appearing in the /$%'s. These eye;catchy, profile photos will not only help you to increase 9T%, but will also help you to boost your rankings through Author%ank. If you have not verified the Coogle Authorship for your site yet, then it!s not too late. ,ere is a fantastic guide, to guide you through the process in detail. +ou can also install this simple yet effective plugin, Author/ure to implement Authorship in your site with ease.

5# Wrongly Adding Too

any 9ategories, and Eery &ess Tags

any Wordpress users still don!t understand the real meaning of 2ategories and -ags properly. And mostly tend to mi) these things up. 2ategories are used to divide or segregate your posts into broad sections, while -ags are like sub;sections attached to posts and pages for easier filtering and searching. It is a mistake to add too many 9ategories every time you publish a new post. Typically, you should not have more than 5;? categories in your blog, but you can have any number of tags you want. It is always a good idea to add .;4 tags optimally, to each of your posts or pages.

7# /till Not =sing a 9(N
It!s obviously a mistake, if you are still not using a 9(N to boost up your site!s speed. There are enough reasons to justify the importance of speed of your Wordpress site. Not only does it enhances the user e)perience, but it is also known to improve the search engine rankings. &ong back, 9(N!s were only for the elite websites, but now;a;days almost any website can avail 9(N services for free or with a small fee per month.

9(N!s makes a copy of your entire site and distributes it all over the world making your website load drastically faster than before. $ome of my favorite 2.# service are a)9(N, 9loud6lare and Net(NA. 0ut if you are hosted in W' Web,ost, then you probably don!t need to get one.

?# Neglecting the

obile Eisitors

any of us do not pay much attention in making our sites mobile optimi8ed for the vast mobile users. Now;a;days, the mobile user audience is increasing day;by;day. To make our site mobile optimi@ed, we should go for a >esponsive theme, which means that these designs will automatically adapt to any device to give the visitors the best user e)perience or we can also build a separate mobile;optimi@ed version of our site for the mobile visitors. %esponsive design is the best and the most ine)pensive solution to make your site look good across multiple devices. $ven Coogle recommends implementing responsive web design to your site.

'bout the author% DAritra %oy, is a blogger and freelance writer, who believes in the power of written words to educate, influence and inspire people.